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~*~ She stood there in her kitchen, staring into the refrigerator that still had not magically produce something that she wanted to eat. Even two years later she could sense him, he was coming, closing in on her.

As she closed the door and twisted around she knew he would be there, directly behind her. She turned her gaze on him; he looked just as she remembered him.

"Kagome," he breathed.

"Hello, Inuyasha," She have a small smile, "I never would have expected you to show up here."

"Feh," he blinked, just as confident as ever.

Kagome had now turned on back on the half dog, busying herself with a search through the cupboard

"What are you looking for?"

"These," she responded tossing a bag of potato chips at him, "you used to love them"

"... Thanks"

"So, what are you doing here? Everyone is ok, right? Shippo's not sick? Kaede is still alive? Sango and Miroku are ok?" panic filled her eyes

"Relax, Shippo is fine, he's grown a full foot since you saw him last. Kaede is fine too, old hag's too stubborn to die anyway. Sango is fine as well, but I can't say the same for Miroku," he grinned at this.

"What?! Why?!"

"Don't worry, he's just finding his harder then he expected to care for a pregnant woman."

"Oh... wait! What did you just say?"

"Kaede said the baby isn't due for about seven or eight months, poor kid, stuck with Miroku for a dad."

"Like you would be any better" she coughed.

Before Inuyasha had the opportunity to dispute the statement a new voice sounded in the house.

"Kagome? Are you home, darling?"

"In the kitchen!" Kagome hollered back.

"Who...?" Inuyasha's face crossed with confusion. He didn't like the sound of this guy, and the strong odor that accompanied him was not much better.

"Be nice," Kagome mouthed at him.

"Well hello, beautiful!"

Kagome blushed a flaming red as the intruder scooped her into his arms, landing a kiss on her cheek. The happy moment dissolved quickly as a low continuous growl was emitted from the hanyo sitting across from her.

"And who's your friend here? Nice costume! Those ears seem a little out of place though, like something out of a cartoon.

Kagome coughed, attempting to hold back a giggle. "I've always thought they were cute!" she grinned reaching up to touch one. The amusement in her eyes grew as he fought, trying not to twitch them, or jerk away.

"Yamazaki, this is my friend, Inuyasha"

"Dog demon? Interesting nick name"

"Yea, he's um going to work for grandpa at the shrine, you know grandpa and his schemes to draw in tourists. Inuyasha here is going to put on a show of the demon that was pinned to the goshinboku"

"I...," Inuyasha began, but under Kagome's glare he decided it was best to agree. "I am, but first I wanted to catch up with Kagome here," he smiled. "There's no way she is ditching me for this guy," he thought.

"Well I can see you're busy tonight, excuse me for interrupting. You two catch up, I just wanted to see you at least once today honey." Yamazaki gave Kagome a bright smile, "have a good time." He caught her up in a kiss, breaking away after a moment. "Nice to meet you Inuyasha, maybe I could borrow those ears sometime." Inuyasha grimaced. "Bye Kagome!"

The door closed, "I don't like him," Inuyasha growled. "Is this supposed to surprise me? You hate any guy who is remotely interested in me. It's kind of funny, two years later and here you are trying to be my protector, still. I survived two and a half years with you and another two without. I think I can handle a claw-less, sword-less man," Kagome huffed.

"Feh, what kind of man is that?" he scoffed. With the intruder now gone he returned his attention to the bag of chips she had given him, swallowing the contents in two bites.

She stared at him; it had been eight months since she had last seen him. After defeating Naraku she has only stayed long enough to see everyone healthy again. She had returned to the feudal era since then, but not much. There had been Sango and Miroku's wedding, a few random visits to check up on Shippo and Kaede. During longer vacations she would spend a week or two in the village. Other then that she would stay in her time, she did after all belong there. The sound of Inuyasha rummaging through the cupboards in attempts to find more food brought her back to her senses.

"Let's put you in some street clothes and go out to eat. I don't feel much like cooking even if it is only Ramen," she grabbed the sleeve of his haori, leading him upstairs. "You're too big for Souta's clothes, but dad's old ones should fit. I hope mom kept them. Go wait in my room, I'll be the in a second."

"What's wrong with Ramen," Inuyasha grumbled, "Me having to change and then walking there will take twice the time. Maybe it would be easier to just tell her why I came and leave. Do I even know why I'm here anymore? I was going to ask her to seal the well, but after seeing here can I really commit to never seeing her again..." his vocal ponderings trailed off into silence.

The hope that she might return had kept him awake many nights. He had spent days at that well, waiting, praying that just maybe the smell of vanilla and jasmines would waft into the air. Then Kagome would climb, smiling, out of the well and, with any luck, into his arms.

Footsteps drew him from these thoughts, "Feh," he cleared his mind. The door opened and Kagome walked in, a bundle of clothes in her arms.

"Here," she handed him the bundle, "Get dressed." She scanned the room before grabbing a hat from the shelf. "Can't forget this," she placed it on his head. With that she turned and walked out, closing the door behind her.


The noises of the city drove him crazy, the smells were worse. Kagome's world always drove his senses mad, but then again, hadn't Kagome always done that too?

He stared at the girl, he had grown so much in the past four years. Four years... had it really been that long? Four years since she had freed him, since their journey began, since Shippo, Miroku, Sango, and Kirara had joined them. They had all grow and changed so much, but had Inuyasha done the same?

"You know you've changed" Kagome commented. He looked at her, amazed. "I was just thinking about everything," she explained. "You've changed a lot since we first met," she smiled, "It's been a long time, I guess we all have. Four years can do a lot."

Inuyasha nodded. It was like she could read his mind, too bad he couldn't read hers. A scent, stronger then the others, drew his attention. It was the same small that was loosing its cling on Kagome.

As his nose began to twitch it attracted Kagome's interest, "Smell the food?" she inquired.

"Your friend from earlier actually," He replied. She saw the detest growing in his eyes. It was the very same look he got whenever Kouga showed up to visit 'his woman'.

"So, where is he? Maybe it's not to late to join him..."

A growl came as he pointed to a walk in restaurant, across the street from the Wacdonald's she used to stop at with her friends after school.

Inuyasha followed her into the building, not really paying attention to where he was going. When she came to an abrupt halt he nearly toppled them both over.

"Kagome?" his gaze followed hers. The sight before them made his blood boil. "That bastard." ~*~

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