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The vines in the well had become over grown, hanging down every which way in a confusing tangle. The bottom of the well was dark, the evening light unable to reach the cold dirt floor.

Kagome carefully balanced her old yellow backpack and began to climb towards the light, Rin following close behind.

The two walked towards the village in silence neither sure of what to say.

"One last time and I leave this era for good," at that thought a lump arose in her chest.

She had done this already, hadn't she? She had sealed the well and that chapter of her life, but somehow he had found some way around it. Somehow he had reopened this can of worms from the past.

The first stars began to appear in the sky as they approached their friends home. Darkness began to swallow the sky.

"Sango-chan! We're back!" Kagome called out to the opened door.

Shippo was the first to appear leaping through the door to catch both Kagome and Rin up in a hug. He and the latter immediately launching into a discussion on the events in their separate weeks.

"How was is?" Sango had silently come into view just within the doorframe.

"It was wonderful, Sango-sama" Rin nodded respectfully before rushing inside behind Shippo.

"It was good," Kagome smiled at her friend trailing the pregnant woman into the hut.

"It was wonderful but she decided to come back" Sango cocked an eyebrow.

"I didn't really give her a choice..." Kagome looked down guiltily.

"Why not?"

"She might enjoy it there but her home, her life, is here"

"You mean Sesshomaru is here"

"Well that too"

"If that's you're decision then she's more then welcome to stay here, though if Sesshomaru is looking for a proper woman then he's sent her to the wrong place"

"I think he's just looking for her to be happy, and live as a human girl"

"That I can do," Sango smiled brightly.

"I know you'll look out for her." She returned the smiled and looked around the room, "Where's Miroku and Kohaku?"

"They're in a neighboring village performing a demon exorcism. They should be back tomorrow morning"

"Did Inuyasha go with them?"

"No, I believe he went off into the woods to sulk some more"


"Go ahead and say your good bye, he hasn't been back from his tree in two days" Sango said knowingly, "I'll go set up the two extra beds we'll be needing tonight"

"Are you sure..."

Sango had already vanished behind the bedroom wall.

Kagome nodded and noiselessly turned marching out of the hut and into the woods.

(page break)

Inuyasha sat in his tree, on his branch, his eyes closed and his ears remarkably still.

"Self control" his mind chanted over and over again.

He knew she was back; he caught her scent the moment she came through the well. Even now it lingered on the cool breeze, growing slightly stronger by the second as she slowly made her way to him.

She was nearly there.

All week he had waited, he stayed near the well as much as possible, barely ate, and the few snatches of sleep he had gotten had been filled with dreams of her. Dreams of the meeting that was about to take place. And now, after all that, he was not ready.

He couldn't do it.

So now he would sit there, unmoving, as if he was asleep.

She entered the clearing, he could hear her, but refused to twist his ears in her direction. He could feel her eyes on him, but refused to open his own.


Her voice had the power to send chills up his spine, but for once self-control won out.

"Are you sleeping?"

"I guess so," she sat down on a large root, "Maybe this will be easier to say while you're sleeping, though that kind of defeats the purpose," She gave a heavy sigh, "I did this already, I know I did, it nearly ripped my hear out. It took me forever to work up the courage to leave, to move on, well, to leave at least. I said my good byes.

"I'm not coming back after I leave this time. I can't, it hurts too much. So I'm going to give the jewel to Rin. I know she'll keep it safe, not that it's in much danger anymore. Besides it would be nice if she visited every once in a while."

Inuyasha chanced a look down; Kagome was staring of into the empty forest as she made her speech.

"I guess I have to accept that you don't return my feelings again. I don't think I ever got over it the first time. It's stupid though, just a school girl crush that won't let go."

He began to shift at this statement until her soft pleads of "Don't wake up. Don't wake up" reached his ears. He settled back down into a comfy position, eyes still firmly closed.

She let out a breath that had been held in. "You know, I think I'll miss this most, sitting under a tree with you sitting in it. It's always made me feel safe to know that you were watching over me."

She looked up, fully aware that he was conscious, "Alright I think I've said everything. You can be awake now"

He wondered briefly how long she had known that he was awake before he pushed off the branch landing gracefully in front of her.

"So, I guess this is good bye," she looked up into his eyes.

"Feh, not until I say what I need to"

"Should I pretend to be asleep?" she teased.

"Very funny," he responded irritably.

"Just wondering"

He sat down next to her among the roots, his amber pools locking on her own brown orbs.

"I... I've thought about this a lot. Probably since the day Kikyo came back to life, maybe even sooner..."


"Hey! I didn't interrupt you"

She nodded mutely, watching as he sat silent, unsure of how to continue.

"You see..." He began and abruptly stopped.

"Damn it! This is hard! Look, I've been waiting all week to talk to you, I've been waiting years to tell you all this. I just didn't know it before," He sighed, "Here goes:

"I loved Kikyo, she was a very special part of my life. I know I loved her, I'm fairly sure that we were soul mates actually..."

Kagome took a sharp intake of air, tears began to fill her eyes. She braced herself for what she was sure would follow that declaration.

"It's not that," his voice was uncharacteristically tender, he reached for her had, his own shaking.

"It's not her soul anymore," he explained, "She's dead, and I've got to move on. I already have really. So did her soul. It's you, and you are not her. You are the one and only Kagome. Our souls are searching for each other, and I don't want to turn them down.

"I love you, body, mind and soul."

She was dreaming again. That was the only explanation that this wasn't real. There was no chance in hell Inuyasha could talk like he had, would say those things. He never cared, he kept his emotions bottles up.

"Well, are you going to say anything?!" he demanded.

"Huh? Oh...yeah." That was the Inuyasha she knew.

He dropped her hand, anticipating rejection, not that he didn't deserve it. He had put Kagome through her own personal hell and he didn't deserve her now.


"What?!" the irritation returning to his voice.

"I'm...I'm not dreaming this time, right?"

"What the hell are you talking about? Does this look like a dream to you?"

"Well yes..."

He mumbled something crude under his breath

"I didn't mean to ask that... I mean... I guess what I want to say is; I love you too"

"You do?!"

"I do," she beams and allowed herself to be pulled into his warm embrace.

"So, that means that you're not leaving any more, right?"

"Nope, I'm not going anywhere."

(one last page break)

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