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Summary: James has been going after Lily for 2 years. On their seventh, James stops, thinking that their love wasn't meant to be…and Lily finds herself wishing he didn't. But now, Lily can't quite bring herself to tell James how she feels, let alone talk to him.

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You're Hurricane, You're Fire in the Sun

By: kaleidoscopeeyes

Chapter 1: Nothing But a Bullying Toe rag

Lily looked longingly out her window, as drops of water trickled down the glass protecting her from the outside world. It would be her last year at Hogwarts, her second home, her refuge, and her life. She didn't know where to turn to after this, seeing that her parents died in a car crash, leaving her older sister, Petunia, to hate her for the rest of her miserable life.

But Lily's life wasn't all that bad. She was brilliant, beautiful, and had a ton of friends. She wasn't much of a socialite, choosing to hang out in the library instead. Some people may have regarded her as a bookworm in her early years, but through all her scholastic achievements, saw through her studious traits and met her friendly demeanor. Her red hair cascaded down her back elegantly, in contrast to her bright emerald green eyes that shone even in the darkest of nights. Her one flaw was her pride, yet, she managed to remain modest and humble, but she had the hardest time admitting she was wrong.

But there were instances, even amidst her chattering, laughing group of friends, she felt lonely. And she didn't know what she was missing.

"Lily?" Alice, her best friend said, breaking Lily out of her reverie, "What are you doing in this corner all alone? Don't tell me you're worrying about the future again… you know how you can be sometimes."

"I don't know. It's just-" Lily paused looking intently at Alice's concerned brown eyes, "-Oh never mind! You're right! We should do something together and have fun!" she exclaimed, pushing all thoughts of sadness at the back of her mind.

"What should we play?"

"Up for a game of Exploding Snap?"

"Oy, James!" Sirius called, tackling his best friend from behind. "Only 45 more detentions left for me to break the Hogwarts record of Most Number of Detentions! Just landed myself in another weeks worth."

"That's nice." James replied, dully.

Sirius looked at James curiously, then at what James was staring at.

"I can't believe I'm being ignored by my bestest friend over some girl!" Sirius complained, sounding like a 6 year old.

James snapped his head facing Sirius. "She's not just any girl. She's the girl!" Then, he leaned his back to catch sight of her again.

He could see her laughing with her friends, strands of her hair covering her sparkling eyes. He had the sudden urge to come over there and hug her, or at least speak to her if he was lucky. Ever since 5th year he had been going after her, trying different tactics, yet always failing miserably. He tried the get-me-coz-I'm-hot ploy, the I'm-unreachable ploy, the I'm-smart-even-if-I-don't-study ploy, the persistent ploy, the pity-me ploy, the I-prank-you-because-I-love-you ploy, the jealousy ploy and many more.

'What does this girl want?' he asked himself quietly. It's been 2 years, and this thought has been plaguing him ever since.

'It's only the beginning of seventh year, I promise myself I'll get her by Christmas.'

The Marauders entered the Great Hall with everyone's eyes on them. It was normal, seeing that they were the most eligible bachelors in Hogwarts.

First came in the James Potter, his hand moving up to ruffle his messy brown hair. Not only was he good looking, he was witty, funny, rich, and intelligent. What most people didn't know was that he could be the bravest, most sincere, trustworthy friend anyone could get. Every girl fell in love with his hypnotizing hazel eyes and his warm lopsided smile. Every girl that is, except Lily, she just thought his eyes were feces colored, he didn't know how to smile properly, and that he was an arrogant prat.

Like his best friend, Sirius Black had top marks, charming humor, and stunning beauty (A/N: in a manly way). He thought of himself as the Dog Star Sirius, a star (A/N: in other words, a ball of hot gas), but he definitely wasn't serious Sirius. His features sharper then James, he was the top bachelor, looking stylishly handsome without even trying.

Remus Lupin, was more of the brains then the beauty. His sandy brown hair and friendly demeanor could get him anyone. Although, there were times when he looked tired and sick, and every month, he would disappear. Later on his friends discovered he was a werewolf, and decided to transform themselves into animagi. James into a stag, thus the nickname Prongs, Sirius, a black dog, he's called Padfoot, Peter, a rat, thus Wormtail, and of course Remus, called Moony.

Peter Pettigrew was the most different from his friends. Short, fat, and cowardly, he was only known because of who he hung out with.

The girls swooned over them as they went to find their seats. But all James cared about was looking for this certain redhead …

"Oh Frank! You shouldn't have!" Alice squealed as Frank Longbottom, her boyfriend of 1 year, surprised her with a bouquet of white roses. She, then, pulled him into a passionate kiss.

Lily tried to not watch the display of affection in front of her, but she couldn't help wishing she had someone to do those little things for her. Although Frank didn't exactly look like the knight in shining armor, she observed the way Alice leaped every time she saw him, smiling every time she felt his presence. He brought her happiness. Lily wanted that feeling.

"Hello Lilykins!" said a voice so arrogant, she knew who was behind her.

"Hello James." she replied tonelessly, "What is it you want to ruin our day with?"

"My! Such unpoliteness!" he feigned hurt, "I just wanted to be next to you." He said in his normal tone, snaking his arm around her waist.

Lily quickly pulled his arm away from her body, and came face to face with him. Normally, any girl would just faint being so close to him, but not Lily.

"Don't you ever, ever touch me again!" she said in her deadliest tone, "You hear me? Or, I swear on the grave of my dear uncle John, you will pay!" And with that, she stormed out of the Great Hall.

James remained unfazed. All he could think off was kissing her, being so close to her lips. He, most likely, missed out on what she said.

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