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Summary: James has been going after Lily for 2 years. On their seventh, James stops, thinking that their love wasn't meant to be…and Lily finds herself wishing he didn't. But now, Lily can't quite bring herself to tell James how she feels, let alone talk to him.

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You're Hurricane, You're Fine in the Sun

By: kaleidoscope0 0eyes (Pat)

Chapter 8: Lily Plays Hide and Seek

Reason and love are sworn enemies. - Corneille


Early morning the next day, Lily found her way to the Great Hall, and approached the group of laughing boys once more. Only one thing was on her mind that moment and it was 'Get his list and flee!'

"Lily!" James greeted in newfound happiness. Ah, that note that Sirius showed him gave him sweet dreams last night.

"I need the list, Potter." she said as sternly as possible. Her eyes betrayed her though; it looked wide nervous, not at all angry.

But James didn't flinch at the mention of 'Potter' instead of 'James'. He knew the truth now, and he was ready to tell Lily how he felt.

"Here it is." he said, pulling out a roll from his red school bag.

"Thank you." she replied, grabbing the roll.

"Lily? Can I talk to you for a second? In private?" James asked her hopefully, already motioning to stand up.

Lily's eyes grew wider and her legs stiffened. Did he know she liked him? Was he going to confess the feelings she thought he had? No! She wasn't ready!

The answers to her questions she wouldn't know, because Lily mumbled an excuse ("I think I hear my mum calling!" – which was highly impossible, because her mum's never been to Hogwarts) and dashed out the Great Hall.

"That went well" said James sarcastically, feeling a bit disappointed.

"She's probably just scared." Sirius suggested.

"Yes." agreed Remus. "She probably thinks she's not ready, even though she's more ready than she could ever be."

Sirius and James nodded somberly. "I don't get it." Peter said, scratching his forehead. "James? You like Lily? And Lily likes you?"


The days drew on and on slowly for James. As much as he didn't want to pester and pressure Lily, he really wanted to let her know how he felt. But every time they met, she would always dash off and mutter some made-up excuse. He didn't know whether to tolerate this or not.

"This is crazy!" he yelled, when he was in his dormitory, together with Remus and Sirius. "We both like each other! So why aren't we together?"

"Calm down, mate!" Remus said.

Sirius and Remus looked at each other with great worry for their friend. At any moment, James could have an emotional breakdown. And that definitely wasn't healthy. They missed the fun-loving, nonchalant friend they used to hang out with, now they were left with a nervous wreck. In a silent agreement, they concurred that it was time to interfere.


Lily was sitting on a large wet rock, near the edge of the Great Lake. It was a dark, gloomy day and the wind howled sadly, blowing her hair away from her face. She looked around and found herself alone there for the moment.

She wanted to be alone. When she was alone, she felt whole and secure. When she was with other people, she felt lonely and vulnerable. It was quite a weird situation.

Again, the wind caressed her, sending shivers down her spine. And, again, childhood dreams flew her way, as she gazed at the gray clouds above her.

"Lily." someone said in a low voice.

She froze for a minute, but then realized it wasn't James. She turned her head around, and to her relief (or so she thought), she found Remus and Sirius looking at her from behind.

Their noses were red, probably from the chill, which stood out from their pale skin and their hair flew around their face from the unforgiving breeze. She had to admit, they both looked staggeringly striking, Remus with his wavy blonde hair messed up, strands dangling over his concentrating blue eyes, and Sirius, although always looking attractive, seemed a lot more eye-catching when he had a slight scowl on his face instead of his usual boastful grin. They could both sport James' disheveled hairstyle.

"What can I do for you two gentlemen?" she asked politely (normally, she would change her accent into something of a Brit to make her more proper, but seeing that she is a Brit already…).

The two boys moved closer to the rock she was sitting on, and leaned on it, opposite each other, Sirius at her right, and Remus at her left.

Lily pulled her bent legs nearer to her chest and gulped apprehensively. It wasn't customary for someone to be surrounded by two sought after bachelors. Most girls would've called her lucky, but Lily was mortified.

"Yes?" she said. None of them had said a word since they arrived.

Remus looked straight across the lake and sighed. Sirius, on the other hand, faced Lily and said: "Peter found your note, Lily. We know."

"My note?" Then realization dawned on her and her eyes widened. "The note! Oh my gosh!" She had already gone red, not that they could see since it was so dark, and covered her face from embarrassment. "You all know?" she asked in a muffled tone.

"Yes." Remus said. "But you must know that James has been trying to contact you…"

Lily looked at him guiltily. "I know."

"Give him a chance." Sirius said, patting Lily on the back, then for the first time in the conversation, he grinned mischievously. "If not, you'll never know what you're missing out on."

"Look Lily" Remus said. "I know we haven't been the closest of friends, but we just want you to know, that because of your affiliation with James, we'll always be there for you."

"Just think of us as your big brothers, okay?" Sirius said.

Lily nodded and smiled sweetly at the thought. Ever since before she had always wanted a big brother, now she had two. She no longer felt uneasy, she felt at home, and something inside her told her that the only thing missing was James. Then her life would be complete.

With that, Sirius gripped her hand tightly and gave Lily a bear hug, while Remus left with a kiss on her forehead. "Don't be afraid. James doesn't bite." And they left, leaving Lily, alone again, with nothing but her thoughts.


The next day, Lily woke up to the recollection of last night's events, and a large grin fell on her face. She had gone back to dormitory late at night, for once not paying attention to the school's curfew and taking advantage of her Head Girl badge.

Then she remembered, it was December 24 -- her birthday! She rubbed her eyes awake and stretched out her arms, yawning loudly. Then she stuck out her white, flawless legs, dragging her light blue nightgown on the floor, and let her feet feel for her fuzzy bunny slippers. Slowly, she drew open the curtains, and screamed when she found her dorm mates smiling broadly at her.

"Who are you robots and what have you done to my friends?" she asked after she calmed down.

"Haha. Very funny." a girl, identified as Mary said.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" they greeted her in chorus.

"Thank you!" Lily said gratefully, standing up from her bed to her dresser. She sat down there and looked at her friends through the mirror as she brushed her tangled web of hair.

"Remember in James' birthday, they threw this great celebration" Alice said, not noticing Lily flinch at the mention of his name, "well, for you, they decided that they would act all appropriate and not give you a hard time."

"Wow." Lily said, still grinning, "that's a nice gift!"

"That's not all!" another friend, Attalla, shrieked, "Since there're no more classes, we'll all meet in Classroom 124 for a little celebration with cake and all, then we can go back to our common room and get ready for the ball –"

"I'm not going to the ball." Lily cut in, not looking up.

"Why not?" they asked, thoroughly surprised.

"Lily! What about the dress?" Alice reminded.

Lily kept her head low. She didn't know why she wasn't going. Yes, she had a dress, a beautiful one at that, and she had many people come up to her and ask her to be their date. But, why did she turn down each and every offer that came her way? Who exactly was she waiting for?

Deep down, she knew the answer. She wanted to go with James. Even though, he hadn't asked her (how could he, she was running away from him the whole time), and it was probably too late now.

Lily slapped her forehead in disgrace, while her dorm mates looked at her inquisitively. "Uh, Lily, why'd you do that?"

"Huh? Do what?" Lily asked.

"Slap your forehead." Mary said.

'I slapped my forehead? I thought I was doing it mentally.' "Oh, nothing." then she side-glanced at Alice, and Alice gave her a warm knowing smile.

No matter how terrible her love life was, she was always blessed with the wonders of loyal friends.


"Yum!" Lily rejoiced, licking her lips. "Chocolate cake!"

The four girls were in Classroom 124, and had just finished singing the Birthday Song. They gathered around the table, and stared longingly at the sweet, brown chocolate mousse cake, dribbling with savory dark chocolate icing, and embellished with hazelnut spread. In white frosting were the words 'To the Lovely Lily', and the eighteen pink candles that stood on the delectable baked goodness, immediately flashed fire again.

"Magical candles." Attalla explained sheepishly before Lily blew out the candles 12 more times until she gave up and put a spell on them to stop from lighting.

Each of them had a slice of cake and were eating away happily when a knock came at the door.

"I'll get it." Lily declared, and proceeded to the door.

"James!" she shouted when she opened the access and found herself face-to-face with him.


Before James could say anything, she shut the door on his face, and started running around the room frantically. "I'm not here!" she said to them and hid behind a long royal purple curtain.

"Lily" Alice said, "he saw you already. And this, after all, YOUR birthday."

"Sh!" was all that came out of the curtain.

James opened the door again, and peeked inside. "Where's Lily?"

"Not here!" they said simultaneously, a little to fast.

"I just saw her."

"Well, she disappeared." said Mary

"Or you saw wrong." Attalla suggested.

"No. She's here." He walked around the room casually, hands behind his back, and stuck his head into all possible hiding places.

It was then that he noticed a pair of polished black school shoes, sticking from under the curtain. He stopped there, and quickly pulled the curtain open, and saw the redhead closing her eyes. "If I can't see me, you can't see me." she muttered.

"I can see you." James said, smiling at her.

In a flash, Lily opened her eyes, and dashed out of the room, like she always did on countless occasions. "Bye!"

Without a thought, James pushed his way out of the door after Lily. This time, he wasn't going to let her go.


James called after Lily's fleeting stature. She had a far lead, and the only thing that he could see was her fiery waving hair. The corridors were crowded with bustling students, happily chattering about the ball that night. James tried his best to be painstakingly patient in telling the people to move, but in the end, he ended up pushing everyone aside. All he could see were Lily's red hair, moving farther and farther away from him. He couldn't stand it.

"Hi James!" someone called, pulling his cloak back. "Save me a dance for the ball won't you."

He pulled away, without caring to look at who spoke to him. All he knew was that that girl delayed him, and he could just see Lily's body disappear in the Astronomy tower.

His robes flapped wildly against the wind, dragging and sticking against his chest. He ran up the stairs, two steps at a time, and squeezed his way through a wooden plank that prohibited students from going in. It was off-limits during winter breaks, but he went through these boards on countless occasions, when he was younger, for good snogging sessions.

The place was pitch black and the only source of light was the beaming ray that peeked through the opening of the double doors, which led to the balcony.

His muscles tensed as his eyes roved around for her. He slowly set foot inside careful of knocking anything down. His heart beat loudly but steadily; he didn't know what he was doing, and he wasn't taking into account what the consequences were, he just wanted to see her, be near her.

A loud sob sounded from the balcony, startling James. His hands latched unto the golden knobs and he soundlessly pulled them open.

There she was – he held his breath. The fading sun reflected wonderfully on her, and outlined her sitting figure. She continued staring at the vivid sunset, and pulled her legs closer to her chest. He took in her appearance, and saw a twinkle at her cheek – a tear.

"There, you are." he whispered, taking a seat next to her. It was the first time he had seen her cry. It hit him hard, it felt like a strong whip had belabored at his heart.

Lily's shoulders stiffened at the sound of his voice, and wiped her cheeks with her sleeve. She found no voice to speak.

They gazed at the picturesque scene of the day's end. The sky was smeared with all the colors the world could possess. It looked like the sun was sinking in the mouth of the Great Lake where they sat, and it looked the largest than they could ever imagine.

Lily desperately wanted to run away again, but this was her sanctuary. This was where she went in times of deep sadness.

She couldn't stand silence. To her it was completely uncomfortable. "Are you here for one of you snogging sessions?" she asked lamely.

James gaped at her disbelief. "That hurt, Lily. You know why I'm here."

Lily nodded. Ah. She knew. She knew why she was emotionally suffering. She knew what she was supposed to do to fix it. Yet, she was still scared. She knew James liked her, and she knew she liked him. Yes, she knew. She knew she was being a coward.

"If you aren't going to talk to me…" James dragged on, "I came to be near you for once, now that I have been in your presence, I can leave…" he pushed his hands against the floor and motioned to leave. If Lily was so obstinate that she would forever refuse to show her feelings for him, then it really wasn't meant to be. He couldn't push her.

Lily sighed deeply. It was now or never. She had to make the first move this time. Lily felt James body moving toward the door. She dug her nails in her fingers and shook her head regrettably. "Wait!" she called after him, but still looking at the sky. "Don't leave."

James froze in thought, and gratefully walked back.

"J-James" she said, gathering up all the courage she could muster, "remember that day you said you loved me?" She could feel her cheeks burn but she tried her best to ignore it.

"Yes. Why?" James asked.

"Do you really know what love is?"

James stared at the night sky, deep in thought, careful of the words he might say. It was a very sensitive subject. "Each morning I would wake up, you would be my first thought, my reason to smile. Lily, you don't know how much it plagued me when you didn't answer me back." he said. His hands shook, and he was no longer as imperturbable as Lily thought he always was. "'Doubt that the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love.'"

"That's from Shakespeare, a muggle poet." Lily said, and looked at his face for once.

James shrugged. "I heard it somewhere."

Lily gulped and nodded meekly. "It all happened to so fast." Lily said, out of the blue. "All my years in Hogwarts were spent throwing insults at you, that's what my mouth was practiced to do. Even our horoscopes agreed that we were meant to be enemies! Oh, you must know how much conflict was going on in my heart, when I realized… it's just that …what I mean to say …oh, gosh, how do I say this…is when I realized…"

She paused and looked deeply into his eyes, before she whispered, "…When I realized that I love you, too."

James insides rejoiced at hearing those words escape her luscious pink lips. He placed his hand on her chin and pulled himself closer. "It would be immature for me to say: I love you because I need you – " he said, pulling his face even closer, "when, in truth, I need you because I love you."

Lily and James were locked in place at the gaze of each other's eyes, when Lily broke into a smile, and moved one more inch closer, placing her lips on his.

A charge exploded at the feel of his soft lips. At first she was hesitant, instigating a shallow kiss, but he responded and so did she.

It was the kiss that both had yearned for since the beginning, the kiss that spoke to the other's soul. Living in their fantasies, it seemed like eternity. They never wanted to stop.

"They were right. There are fireworks, only you can't see them. Just feel them." Lily said as they pulled away. She smiled happily and rubbed her nose against his nose.

James looked at her as if to ask what fireworks were, but decided against it. He looked at the time and stood up quickly. "Come on, we can still make it to the ball!" He reached out his hand for Lily to take it.

Lily looked up at him, absolutely baffled. "B-ball?" She stared at the floor. "I can't. I don't have a dress."

"You lie!" James said. "I know you have one!"

"How do you know?"

"Because I do." he shrugged. "Lily, this is our last ball at Hogwarts. And I want to spend it with you."

Lily broke into a warm smile and took hold of his hand to pull herself up. "Okay."

"Okay." he whispered in her ear, repeating her words. Lily felt the shivers tickle her spine and her stomach do a flip-flop, but this time she rather liked it.

Together they walked inside, hand-in-hand, and squeezed their way through the wooden planks. "By the way" James grinned, "did I mention you're a damn good kisser?" The two laughed their way back to their dormitories to get dressed.

At last, Lily wasn't hoping for her childhood fantasies to come true. She was living in the moment, her dream, and having a damn good time!

A/N: I know! They're finally together! Yay! From here on out, it's fluff-ful! Ah! Only 2 more chapters to go! ::sob:: Chapter 9 will be the ball, then chapter 10 the …no…ending! Ah! Wah!

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