AUTHER NOTES ON: The Guilty Show No Mercy.
Now, I know. This series is old news, compared to some of the brilliant new stuff out there, sort of lame. But I decided to take a stab at doing some auther notes for each chapter I did. I must credit Zachere (NYAH!! NYAH NYAH NYAH!!!!!! erm I mean.. ignore that!) for the idea. Meaning: She did it to her own, so now I'm doing it to mine. Okay, now insert the NYAH!! bit from above :)

No one knows (whine) but the first chapter isn't connected into the whole storyline. It would make more sense if it was, but since I played around with the chapter system, it screwed up, and I only got chapter 2 through Alternate Vision in a whole. If you have't read chapter 1, go do that NOW. I'm demanding aren't I? The reason for my start on this story, was that since I adore Quistis/Seifer pairings (let's face it, those two rock) I wanted to create my own vision of the aftermath, show how each one of them, the SeeDs + Rinoa and Irvine grew together. How everyone changed after Ultimecia. Some said that Squall sort of acted on drugs, but hey, I've never actually attuned to Squall himself. I've always felt more of an attraction to Seifer, and since the story revolved around him, I just said "Squall, do this." And kept it that way. If you don't feel up to reading chapter 1, chapter 2 will suffice. I just wish I hadn't lost the 30+ reviews for it.

Laguna told Quistis about Squall and their connection. I tried my damned hardest to try and make it emotionally appealing. Laguna is an open hearted individual, who will tell you how he feels. Also, I see him as a sort of a good goofy guy, but with the heart of a lion, like his son. In the game, no one decides to tell Squall hey, look it's your daddy! so I knew this was a nice way to bring in Laguna. I liked Raine too. Sorta. We didn't get to know her very well, unfortunetely, but we do know that she gave birth to the Lion harted one we know today. I also decided to make everyone sort of.. well, stupid to the matter as well. I mean, come on, that wouldn't make very good show now will it?

Ah, the meeting. Brought it on a little too soon if I say so myself. Like I said before, i made the characters mature a little bit after Ultimecia. It takes place a year afterwards, so they've gotta grow up sometime. Seifer + Esthar works for me, because Esthar was such an enhanced city, due to the poor dude's wounds he would have to need some advanced care to live. Seifer's additude is still intact, well most of it throughout the story, and I tried my best to make him a polite amnesia lad. Near the end of the chapter, he mutters about feeling unwelcome. Instinct is a given. Use it.

First bathroom scene. The story needed humor. Something to laugh at, cry at, love. It's a daily part of normal life to laugh and have fun, so it had to be included. All the guys were acting out of charactor, but I digress, remember my words about them maturing and learning from their adventure. Zell always seemed the kooky cool one outta the group, so I gave him his shaving cream fetish. Squall, of course, Mr. Lone Wolf, I hope I stead in his own way. Irvine, well.. Come on people. He's cute. He's adorable. But the way he treats women? He's male scum. But the cute and adorable part make up for it.
Seifer arrives. Everyone mad. Some said that Rinoa wouldn't exactly want to kill him, but the chick grew balls during Ultimecia. She'd kill him. you know she would. Zell, of course being Mr. hot head, irvine scared outta his wits (I forgot, Cute, adorable, perverted, AND a chicken!) and Fujin and Raijin, although back in Garden, relieved to see him alive. Squall gives ultimatum. Seifer confused in his own sexy way. Yay.

Week after incident,. Squall still at the Garden. Who me, make the Lone Wolf walk out? not like him, of course, so he stayed. 'Sides, who doesn't love Squall? Anyways, Seifer shows some compassion here, which I like him showing. I wrote this chapter this way because I liked the way it came out. Quistis finally beggining to understand Seife rhimself more, and the human nature of things. I made Seifer get frustrated during her questions, because hey, even though you don't remember a damned thing, would you want to be constantly reminded of how much of a screw up you are? I know I wouldn't. Of course I KNOW I had Zell in character here. Well, somewhat. I even added Selphie in here making a crude joke. Hehe.

Bring on the romance. It still feels rushed. But it works, apparently. I don't like this chapter much. It still doesn't flow with me. It did the job, however, and so far so good. Seifer finds the files Quistis left behind while talking to him the night before. Damn, forgot the part. Ohwell, all anyone cared about was the kiss. I admit, it was my first time ever writing a romantic scene, so it shows, and it wasn't easy. Trust me.

Garden Festival building day fun. Judging Quistis' character I frowned a little, wondering on how she would react for expressing herself so freely like she did. And that's what I came up with: Pass Amnesia Lad onto someone else. Running away from the problem. A minor one, but still. The confrontation with the rest of the SeeDs and an apology was quite boring, so I wrote it that way just to get it over with. Fujin and Raijin need to be in here SOMEWHERE, so since I like them so much, I tossed 'em into the festival, since they simply had to get somewhere, anywhere near Seifer to talk, I made 'em helpful little munchkins. Work my little monkeys. Hurrah!
But, since this is MY story, and I wanted to write a Quifer, I tossed Seifer back with Quisty the easiest way I could.

Seifer had to relearn his skills sometime. So why not now. After aknowledging that he had spent some time in Esthar, I figured the boy could have learned a little from that magical Wizard of Oz like continent. Toss in an earthquake and you've got magic, even with out the ability of a GF. I made the mistake there, but I reasonably like how this chapter came out. The discussion on the kiss I thought was semi alright as well. And the brand new clothing he recieved.. Seifer never packe dhis bags before turning scape goat on Garden. Where did his wardrobe go? Into storage. Attempting a couple in the making, I made those cute lil' kids go at it again in the end, making Quistis finally realize it. And what better then a personal new years from the Garden? 20 years in the making baby!

Laguna reveals to Squall. I still don't know if I played this chapter right. When I read it, I tilt my head to the side and go "Oh." I always wondered Squall's reaction. I've seen Hatred ("No! How could you! Asshole! I hate you!") and Love ("Daddy!") but neither of those seemed to fit well. So I did a lil mixture. Toss in a ittle bit of Seifer being the guidance counciler and Quistis' hopin' for a permanant change and you got chapter 9. I still don't like it much. But it's my first FF story. So far, so good.

Gave Laguna bad habit. Made hm talk to Seifer. Brought the REAL Seifer back. Wondered about how I could keep this a keeper/quiefer with out breaking up my favorite couple, so I planned this one out for a few days before actually putting it down in wordpad. Toss in a little mystery and let simmer for a few days, bring in new enemy. Boom, you're done.

I'm sorry. This chapter made almost no sense in the making, but for some reason it fit.I didn't like how I broke the two of them up with out an explanation, but I did it because Seifer for some reason feels unworthy (poor fool) and feels that somehow he'l hurt her. She see's it as a rejection, and takes it like a pro. Made Quistis drop Red Scorpion, her old whip for a reason that tells itself later on. I even made Raijin and Fujin nice. And they are kinda cute aren't they?

Dragged time along two months. Heh! But anyways.. This chapter was one of the HARDEST to write. Dragged Edea and Cid into it, because they noticed a change in Quisty, and it wasn't good. Fujin+Raijin=good couple. Some have claimed them brother and sister, but nooo way. Made their 'love' blosson here. Gotta love it. Some people said it wasn't like Quisty to shoot herself. But as with all my stories, the chapters will hold a cliff hanger in them some where, and unanswered questions. I liked this chapter. Seifer made SeeD in it. I didn't feel like writing out a whole damned Field Mission.

Shocked you here, didn't I? I know I made Seifer too sappy. But I liked this chapter. Made Irvy have a damned brain too! One of my fave's. Maybe.

Human nature is a sexual one. And this story needed some spice to it. So I tossed in Seifer doing that thing. I always had it planned out, Quistis' past life. From wathcing her, and thinking hard, I put together what exactly happened. I posted it in a review, so I'm not going to bother to repeat it, but it all fits the signs of sexual and physical abuse. So I made it. And I don't regret it. It made the story more real. And it got to the point.

I don't like how I did Seifer's reaction in the beggining. I just didn't exactly know how to make it. At this point, I was seriously wondering on whether or not to continue Guilty. But I decided Oh alright. I liked how I made Quistis tell him though. Lights out everyone, and let's speak to the K/Night..

One simple word. SEX. Nuff said. No, that's not it..
I ried to make it beautiful and pure, like making love should be. But instead it got a lot of raunchy repose. But I didn't mind. My story. Nyah.

I don't know how people react after sex, so I did it strictly from the movies *snicker!* Gave Quisty BC. Made Seifer call her the new nickname. Aww's here people. I wanted some action, so I gave some spice into it, but didn't want to reveal anything, so I made the caller call her Quistical. I also figured out some bits ahead of the story, so I decided that I needed some way to bring it about.. and did it.

What DO people say after sex? Especially for two virgins? I think I LOVE how I handled it here. I hope I did. And I do wish people got the "Irvine's magazines and handlotion" joke. I thought it was kinda funny. About Quistis' reaction. when coming to Esthar: Put her in your place, and imagine yourself with those kickass Blue magics. I'd do the same thing.

Seifer doesn't understand. He couldn't possibly. Sure, he hates the guy for what he did to his woman. But he's more practical now. And besides, Quistis hit him. And I've known for a long time what i wanted to do with Rinoa. Mweh heh heh!

I hate this chapter. Purely for it's content. But I like how I wrote it. I know a LOT of people hate me for it. But guess what? All the flames, the angry people who yelled at me for it make me happy, simply because I now know I hit nerves with it. It touched them, and that makes me proud. MonCapitan, thanks dude.

Bathroom scene! I like bathroom scenes, don't you? I even got Squall into the act, even if he was OOC. Poor Seifer though. I knew what I wanted. And I wrote it. This is one of my favorite chapters. Except for the end part...a bit tooooo mushy. But ah well. People change.

It was hard to write in the emotions one feels when confronting a friend who has been hideously scarred and raped. But I loved the flashbacks I've seen in some other stories, and decided to include some here. I wanted to show Squall's feelings for Quistis, like a younger brother acting like an older brother. And Seifer's demeanor I thought was sort of excellent. How do you react whe something like that happens to the woman you love? And I made Quisty strong in spirit, if weak in the body. Cool.

Blood on his coat. Scars on his soul. It's almost as bad as if he was the one violated. Poor Seifer, feeling so helpless. So he drudges back into his shell. Since he is acting like such a doofus, Squall fears for the mission. And his OWN loved one. But we needed a sweet ending. So I gave it. Awww.. And Quisty needed a new war suit. I like purple.

Seifer acts like a total unrelenting ass, as if pressuring Quistis the way he did with Squall.. Squall betrays the team. I needed to throw the readers off. And I did. In the beggining, the pouch was handed, giving the reader sort of a teaser. And Rinoa pinning Quistis as the 'next one' to die, live, be forgotten, etc.. who knows until next chapter? or if ever? Fight scenes are hard for me to write. So feel blessed I even wrote this one.

Little team deception here. Frustration and guilt all rolled into one sweet little bun. I think I portrayed this chapter pretty alright. Quistis and Seifer's talk I liked writing. They're a cute couple. Don't disagree. SOme where confused about the ending of this chapter. That made me smile. They didn't know who hit whom :) Mystery is such a spice in the variety of life.

Give two kids who are in love fireworks and whatta ya get? Cute flashback! I like how I did the flashback here. Not much to say. Except Squall reveals his true side. Seifer and Quisty promise, which I thought the timing was right for.

Selphie talks to Quisty. I wondered at first who will be the one to slap the girl's head outta her ass, and thought, why not Selphie? And toss in a little Selphie background material/embarrassing Irvine material and I've got a good chapter. Bring Rinny back. Decide her fate. I liked how I did that :) And the flashback with Cid and Edea was sort of my good work. Rally-kupo, kupo, rally-kupo.

Kept it sorta short and sweet. I looooved the flashback with Squall talking about it. I seem to like flashback scenes and writing them In this scene, however, Quisty is obviusly be more afraid of her mother then father. I didn't want it that way, but then I thought and wondered how to make it work. So I just kept it as it was. Again, I loved the fashback scene. Sometimes I shock myself.

Seifer finally pops the question fully. (well not finally, after all, it's only been a week.) I thought it was relitivly touching. Now. Fight time. I wondered for an hour about how to do this. It came so easily, I was smiling: By insinct.

You don't know how badly I wanted to write this one differently. But I couldn't. It came to the point where the story had to end, and I chose this one. I thought on how to end it, and then I realized it. The perfect way, actually. The only way, to grab people's hearts and thoughts, something they didn't expect. So, I did tis. The fight scene is my best work yet. Yep yep yep..

I didn't want it to end this way. But it seemed the best way to go forth.. It was more.. catching that way. Touching, I guess you can say. Made you wanna kill me in every way possible. But very few people got the connection between Laguna, Ellone, Ward and Kiros' usage of the white flowers. Just because of that I'm not going to tell you. If you want to know, e-mail me. And yes, I own that poem. Unless noted, I don't use any one else's work in my fics.

I don't like this chapter at all, but then again, I do. Vendrin was absolutely correct when she wrote that I only wrote it to please the masses, and she was right. I made a mistake when I wrote Alternate Vision, but in some ways, I'm proud I did. I did the second most important thing: Pleased the readers. But the first most important thing is for the auther to be pleased with her own work. So this chapter is a teaser, to let the reader choose his or her own ending, or both if they wish. I like having choices, so for now, I'm going to give the reader a choice on how they want the story to end. Either way, I'm happy, they're happy, and the world is full of roses again.

Thank you for lsitening to my Author Rant and reading my Author Notes. This is Malice Shaw, signing off to write up the next chapter to Day of the Strong, the sequal to this little diddy I did. And that you, to everyone who reviewed for doing so. Each review made me work hard on the next chapter of The Guilty Show No Mercy, and kept me going until I saw the end to it. Thank you. If it weren't for you, none of this would have happened.

Au Revior! (That ain't spelt right..)