"Dimensional Exchanges"

by XyoushaX

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Sigh. "Dimensional Exchanges" is finally coming to an end. Wow.

I wrote "Dimensional Exchanges" to be a coming-of-age story of Sakura, and to be a full story in itself. That's why it ends on the place where Sakura resolves her friendship to Sasuke, and returns home. Yes, it was rather unrealistic that Sasuke actually decided to go home, but he was kind of desperate at the moment. And it won't make the sequel as interesting.

All in all, fifty chapters was exhausting, fun, and an educational experience. The story got in over 250 reviews on chapter 48. To all those who had no time or the effort to drop a review, but read to the end anyway: it has been cool. Thank you. Peace.


'Inner Thoughts'

(( Flashback ))


Chapter 50: Starting Over

The morning sun broke through the windows of the Hokage's office. The sound that came out — not many people expected, especially so early in the morning.

"You want me to do WHAT?" Tsunade exclaimed. She was not sure if she heard it correctly from Sakura.

"Yes. I want Uchiha Sasuke to take my place in the next Chuunin exams." Sakura combed her fingers through her hair. "And for the last time: I am in my right mind now, thank you very much."

"Yes, I know that perfectly well but... Sasuke, of all people?" Tsunade was baffled.

When Sakura had come back, Tsunade had planned to put her with Naruto and Hinata on the same three-man cell for the upcoming Chuunin exam. Sure, Hinata was the only one of the four who did not work with the others. But Hinata deserved the chance, and Sakura and Naruto were trustworthy.

Sasuke was the deviant. It was politically incorrect to let the likes of the Uchiha to represent Konoha. Some sort of punishment on the boy would be presumable. It was illogical for him to take the exams. So why was Sakura even bringing up the issue?

"I haven't trained as a ninja for over a year now, Tsunade-sama," Sakura stated. The young lady's face was serious — much too serious for the Hokage's tastes. "Sasuke has devoted his heart and soul to the Shinobi Arts. The best way to keep him calm in Konoha, would be to challenge him. Putting him in the exams is an opportunity, both for the state of the village and for him. Naruto can control Sasuke, especially when Sasuke is rather weak." She swallowed. "And... Hinata deserves to take the exams with Naruto." Saying that resurfaced past disappointments. But it was the truth. "She is more capable than I am for the position."

Tsunade wanted to rip her hair out. "This is outrageous! Do you expect me to comply with that? Honestly, your devotion to this traitor—"

"I don't expect you to comply with anything I say, Tsunade-sama. I am merely requesting this for myself."

Tsunade understood now. 'She's afraid,' she realized. 'Sakura is afraid of Sasuke. Although, I think it has more to do with their friendship rather than their difference in strength...'

Sakura breathed. She knew perfectly well how ludicrous this sounded. But her argument had its merits, and she wanted to show it. "Should Sasuke... snap, and attack Naruto, at least it would be a member of the Hyuuga clan backing him up instead of me," Sakura said. "From what you told me of Hinata, she has medical expertise. Plus, she has the Byakugan, something that the Sharingan cannot catch. I am not qualified to take the Chuunin exams at present. This is not self-sacrifice on my part. It is self-interest."

Tsunade's tight fist loosened on the desk. "You are certainly wise to tell me this without Sasuke in your presence. He would not be impressed at all."

"Few things impress him." Sakura bowed. "Thank you for your time, Tsunade-sama." With that, she walked out of the room.

The morning birds chirped, their sounds dancing into the building. A silver-haired jounin stood in front of a dark-haired boy, who was now sitting in a chair.

"So you escaped Orochimaru," Kakashi mused.

Sasuke made a brief "hmpf" before going back into his usual silence.

"And you ran into Itachi."

Another "hmpf."

Kakashi twitched. Sasuke had not changed one bit.

The older man sighed. This was going to be hard to explain — it was a good thing Naruto was not here yet. Sasuke needed time to get used to Konoha again. And considering what Tsunade had planned...

"The Hokage gives you an assignment, Sasuke. Do the recovery program Tsunade recommends — and take the next Chuunin exams with Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuuga Hinata."

Sasuke's head shot up. He wondered whether he had heard that correctly. Why did the Hokage want him to take the exams? And why Hyuuga Hinata and Uzumaki Naruto, of all people?

Kakashi read the expression on Sasuke's face. "Sakura, right? Well... After what you did, we can't possibly put back everything the way it was before." Kakashi refrained from telling Sasuke that it was Sakura herself who asked the Hokage to do this.

The jounin's tone slipped into that of a lecturing father. "The Haruno household only recently got their daughter back after a year of her abduction. They would not want her to take the Chuunin exams in such a short period of time — especially alongside a boy who abandoned Konoha, mastered the Sharingan, and associated himself with Orochimaru."

Sasuke looked down. Of course he was not allowed to be with Sakura. Sasuke was too strong; he was a monster in people's eyes. Even now, conversing with Kakashi, there were at least two jounin in the hallway, monitoring everything Sasuke did.

Kakashi shook his head. His returned pupil was visibly upset about the ordeal. "With Orochimaru training you, your skills are at least Chuunin level. The Hokage judged that the best way for you to adjust would be to represent Konoha in the next exams, along with Naruto and Hyuuga Hinata."

Personally, Kakashi did not approve of the team combination. It was unbalanced to a high degree. Two out of the three kids had doujutsu in their eyes. The one who didn't have a doujutsu had instead a nine-tailed fox-demon sealed in his belly button. An over-powered team, if there ever was one. But Kakashi had no say in this case; it was the Hokage's orders.

Sasuke frowned at his now-official mentor. "Aren't you afraid like the others that I'm a double-agent for Orochimaru? Or that I might attack Naruto?"

"I can tell that you're rivals," Kakashi said. He turned to Sasuke. "But I know something. You had the perfect chance to get the Mangekyou Sharingan when you faced off against Naruto. It's what you needed to tie with Itachi. And yet..."

Sasuke turned away. Now he understood.

The hyperactive blond ninja was the only genin who knew Sasuke enough to be civil with him — and yet beat him to a pulp if he made the wrong move. After all, Sasuke was powered up with the curse the last time they met, and he did not have that brute strength anymore. Naruto was being tutored by Jiraiya, a rival of Orchimaru. The blond shinobi also had Hinata, the heiress of the Hyuuga clan, to back him up. The plan had the guise of rehabilitation, but there was also cruel enforcement in every detail.

Kakashi's one visible eye trailed on the side of Sasuke's neck. The black marks were faint, almost nonexistent. "Tsunade and her medical specialists confirmed that your curse is gone. And there are no records of you killing Konoha ninja or innocent civilians. Those are the two primary reasons why you are eligible. But still, you should be grateful for the Hokage's generosity: she's giving you a chance."

"Sakura gave me a chance, not the Hokage," Sasuke said.

"If Sakura gave you that, then don't waste it," Kakashi gravely retorted. There was a stern pause. His tone smoothed out. "I'll help you start retraining. Your body suffered exhaustion when you escaped Orochimaru. And although you've mastered the Sharingan, that alone is not enough for your full potential." Kakashi turned around to leave. "For our first session, meet me on the bridge at ten, tomorrow morning."

Sasuke stared. A hint of an old smirk traced his lips. "I'll kill you if you're late."

"Be careful when you say that, Sasuke," Kakashi said in light humor. "There'll be people watching." Something of a smile crinkled through his mask. 'Damn, it will take a hell of a time to make him loosen up a bit. Maybe puberty will help.'

Sakura was a little annoyed with the prevailing theory of her disappearance. The investigators concluded that she, Haruno Sakura, had received a powerful genjutsu or lost her memory when she was abducted. Once she came to her senses, she managed to come back to Konoha on her own.

It was the only valid theory the interrogators could come up with. When Sakura calmly told them that she had been taken to another world, that marked the end of the interview. Her answers were sincere; that much they knew — but the jounin could not accept them. The citizens of Konoha were extremely sensitive when it came to theories of monsters or demons. They would laugh the truth off, at the very least. It was safest for the official report to say that she had been under an illusion.

Sakura was only a genin, after all. She had no proof that she went to an entirely different reality. Her wind-jutsu did not work well without a katana, and the angelic exorcism was useless because it only affected zombie-like curses or creatures. Not that she wished to give any proof.

'Oh well, I might as well look at the bright side of it,' Sakura thought with amusement. 'I'll have more privacy than in some other places.' She remembered the attention she got in Ramah Village after she stopped that elfin arrow. Although flattering to a certain degree, the pink-haired girl was not so stupid as to willingly put up with that again.

Tsunade and her team checked that she was physically and mentally Haruno Sakura. But nobody could guess where she had been. Not even the hunter-nin had spotted her. 'That's because I wasn't here, you idiots!' Sakura desperately wanted to scream.

It was unwise to tell Tsunade that it was her who removed Sasuke's curse. Nobody needed to know about that. If one person got wind of this, and the secret managed to spread across the networks of shinobi, Orochimaru would have one more reason to annihilate Konoha.

Although somewhat improved, Sakura's ninja skills were still mediocre. She had to train more. It would be best if she laid low for now — all the more reason to decline taking the upcoming Chuunin exams.

Sakura curled up within her bed sheets. Mrs. Haruno sat next to her, lovingly brushing away some strands of pink hair.

"I'm so happy that you're alive," Sakura's mother whispered.

"I'm happy that you and Dad are still alive." Sakura crawled over, and squeezed her arms around her mother's torso. She had been secretly afraid that one, or both, of her parents had been killed while she was gone in the other dimension. They usually performed C-rank missions, B-ranked in times of need. There was always a risk involved with being a ninja. There was always a risk in living, period.

Mrs. Haruno sighed. She had never felt so relieved and overjoyed when the Hokage's office sent the message of her daughter's return. The muscles in Sakura's arms were firmly built, and new confidence seemed to radiate from the girl's aura. Not only did she safely return — she came home a little more mature than before. Her green eyes showed a new sadness, but also the hint of wisdom.

"Sakura, you really did go to another world, didn't you?" Mrs. Haruno said.

Sakura looked up. "You heard the interview?" The girl bit her lip, observing her mother. 'And she BELIEVED me?'

Mrs. Haruno giggled. "Of course. I was right behind the two-way mirror when they were talking to you. Just because the interrogators were skeptical doesn't mean that you were lying."

"A year-long genjutsu on me," Sakura grumbled. "Nice idea they came up with."

"It doesn't matter. All that matters is that you're back."

The pink-haired girl heaved a sigh as she cuddled in her mother's arms. This was her mother. She only needed one.

Mrs. Haruno picked up what looked like a pile of trash. Her daughter's red dress with the white Haruno symbol was totally ruined. Flecks of dirt and blood blotched it, like paint on a canvas. 'Terrible,' she thought. Little did she know that some of the hardened blood came from a certain Uchiha boy. "Sakura, you're going to need some new ninja clothes," she said. "I think we'll need to throw this away. And you can't walk in the streets in your pajamas."

Sakura groaned. Her hand traced the soft pajamas hugging her. "I like walking around the house in nothing but a T-shirt and boxers." She snuggled into the pillow. "Maybe I can wear it outside the house as well..."

Mrs. Haruno laughed. "That is sure to attract unwanted attention. Especially when your hair has grown so long and..." She declined to say the word 'beautiful'. The older woman sat up from Sakura's bed, and walked out of the room. "I'll go and make dinner while you rest, okay? Dad will come back from work soon."

"Mm'kay," Sakura chimed.

Mrs. Haruno shut the door with a gentle click.

The sky was a refreshing blue. Sakura got up, and opened the window partially to clean out the stuffy air. A gentle, flowery breeze followed. Sakura stretched her body over the bed, living the moment to wonder about things.

She planned to visit Sasuke the next day to check up on him. She was now his only friend in the village. Kakashi was working as Sasuke's mentor again, but it was obvious that he was cautious around the boy. Naruto was currently away with Jiraiya.

The pink-haired girl looked out the window. She breathed in the scent: this was her real world.

'I'm home. I'm finally home.'

A pink flower petal danced through the wind outside. It brushed past the windowsill.

But Sakura never saw it: she had already fallen asleep.













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