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Bakura's Point of View

I really don't understand why we ever moved here. It's absolutely pointless. I mean one day I'm living the life in a big city and I've got tons of friends and a hot girl-friend. Oh, so my friends were hoodlums, and my girlfriend was a crack whore, but I wasn't complaining. Then next thing you know, I'm living nearly 300 miles away in the middle of no where with no friends, and no whore girl-friend either. There's nothing but meadows, flowers, and farms for miles. I mean yeah sure there's a mini-town about a mile from my house, but the town doesn't have shit. There's a grocery store, barber shop, two diners, some mini shops, a town hall (if you'd even call it a town), and a police station. Gee, what a place.

There's so many people in this town that the school is k-12th grade. I bet that place is booming, let me guess, 10 kids per class? Wa fucking hoo. I want to go home to Domino. It's too freaking quite here. No cars or busy street life; Just birds, and stupid cows. I hate cows. I don't even know why we moved here, this place has no job opportunities. I mean what is my mom going to do? My dad is some big CEO of some stupid company that's headquarters is in New York City, Paris, and any other major city. He has no time for my mother and me since he's always gone. I don't even think he knows I'm in high school yet. Loser.

It's just my mom, me, and my sister. Well actually, my sister absolutely refused to live here so she moved in with her boyfriend. Lucky bitch, living the life in Domino. It totally blows that she left. She's pretty much the only one worth talking to in my family. She said I could come visit, which would be great so I can see my friends again.

"Bakura honey!" My mother calls.

"Yeah." I say dully as she enters my room. Her brown hair is up in a pony tail, and she's wearing a nice summer dress. Wow, she's already taking on a hick look.

"Did you finish unpacking?" She asks in her calm, girly voice. I nod, gazing at her from my bay window seat. Too bad there's no bay for miles. She moves closer and sits on my un made bed.

"Sweetie, I know you're still angry with me for moving here, but I promise, it was for the best."

"Mm." I mumble looking back out my window.

"It's such a beautiful June day… Why don't you try going for a walk?" She asks.

"Because I hate walking." I retort.

"Besides, I need some thing from the store." She replies. Cause I really care.

"Can't you just drive?"

"Yes but you desperately need something to do so go." She demands. She is right; I am absolutely bored out of my mind. There are no friends to steal with or girl to violate.

"Fine." I admit in defeat. She hands me a list and sends me off.

"I hate the sun." I groan as I walk down the path way.


I've been walking for quite some time and haven't seen a damn thing besides rows of corn, and tall grass. Ok, I lied; so there was a house with two o three kids running through a sprinkler. Civilization after all I guess.

Man oh man I hate this place. If I were at home right now, I could be making fun of people with my blonde haired Egyptian buddies Marik and Malik having the summer of our lives. Nope; stuck all alone for nine weeks with my mom. Besides, it wouldn't really matter if school was in session anyways, I'd just ditch all my classes like last year. It's a good thing I only got held back one year, because I really want to just hurry up and graduate and get the hell out of this place.

I want to go spend my days living the life in the Bahamas on the sandy beaches enjoying fruity alcoholic drinks and doing absolutely nothing. Malik and Marik and I agreed that's what we're going to do when we get old enough; I just hope we're still friends by that time. I never really told them, but I especially don't want to go alone. I mean sure I had that girlfriend, but she's only good for one thing and it isn't talking. Muah.


Well as usual town is booming. I'm shocked there are actual a few people walking about.

"Good day!" A middle aged obese lady says to me.

"Shove it." I reply, stomping away. I hear her mumble some incoherent phrases but I just keep walking.

"Hey Ryou!" Some kid calls as I walk into the grocery store. The oak haired boy seems to be running towards me.

"Ryou!" He hollers. Who's 'Ryou'? The kid finally catches up.

"Hey Ryou!" He says, beaming at me. I stare at him.

"You, your not Ryou!" The genius says.

"No shit." I snap, "And just who the hell are you?" I ask the rather tall teen who's wearing faded jeans and a white t-shirt.

"Tristan and you?" He asks.

"Bakura." I reply sharply.

"Nice to meet you; you new?"


"Oh, then welcome!" He announces, grinning.

"Tristan!" I see two girls yelling a street away. One's shorter with long brown hair, dressed in shorts, and a pink tank top. The other's taller with long, wavy thick locks who's wearing a short purple mini skirt and lilac corset.

"Hold On!" Tristan hollers back.

"Well I got to go but I guess I'll be seeing you around!" He chirps before running off.

"Not if I can help it." I mumble before walking into the store.


So my mom needs donuts and cottage cheese. Weird. I find the donuts right away but must search for what seems like forever for the stupid cottage cheese.

"Damn it, where is the freaking cheese hiding it's self!" I roar, making the people next to me glare. I just walk off. OW! I crash into a short kid with a spiky hair do.

"Whoa, watch where you're going!" I snap, rubbing my bruised arm.

"Sorry… oh my gosh! You remind me of someone I know! By the way, I am Yugi!" He exclaims, talking a mile a minute. Didn't anyone ever tell him to not talk to strangers?

"Bakura." I greet coldly.

"You look almost exactly like-"

"Ryou?" I counter. His eyes open wide.

"Yeah! Are you-?"

"Related? Nope, never seen the kid in my life." I say truthfully.

"OH then you must be new! So, how do you like it here?" He asks happily.

"Not one bit." I retort.

"Yugi!" A taller look-a-like of Yugi's summons.

"Hey Yami!" The boy says, grinning and waving.

"I couldn't find that kind of juice you wanted- oh hey, you're new!" The taller teen replies smartly.

"Bakura." I hiss.

"Yami!" He replies, holding out his hand for me to shake. I peer to it and take it reluctantly.

"Yeah, doesn't he look like Ryou?" Yugi asks his friend.

"Mhm!" He muses, scanning my face.

"Well, Yami and I should get going but if you ever want to hang out, we're usually by the lake this time of evening! We're three blocks off Devire Street!" Yugi chirps.

"K." I reply coolly. I live right on Devire Street and know where the path is to the lake, but they don't need to know.

"Well bye Bakura!" Yugi says waving. Yami smiles and waves too. I just stare. I think I really need to meet this Ryou creep they're talking about.


I pay for my stuff and head out the door. Funny, there's two people smoking a clown bong on a bench. Man is this town dead.

I trample down the path for what seems like hours. I see a red sign which means I'm only about ten minutes from home now. Good. There are all sorts of black berry bushes around on this path-a-way.

About twenty feet away, I see someone picking some. They're on their knees wearing white shorts that are longer than their knees and a periwinkle blue t-shirt with a golden whicker basket in their hands. I can't tell if the figure is a boy or a girl from here, though they do like kind of pretty. The person has layered, snowy white hair that trails down their back and somewhat resembles mine, but tamer. Could that be the kid? I get closer, cracking gravel under my feet. Said person looks my way, emerald eyes sparkling in the sun. OH my gosh, he's adorable! He has pale, white skin, and the most angelic face I've ever spied. A cute smile plays across his face.

"Hello." He says in a soft, shy voice.

"Uh, hi." I reply, a little nervously. Ok, why am I going soft and feeling all gushy, especially for a guy? Too creepy, I'm not gay!

The boy stands up, revealing he's about four inches shorter than me. He dusts off his hand and extends it my way.

"I'm Ryou!" He says, giggling. He even laughs cute… how wrong!

"Bakura." I reply chastely. This kid does look like me, and it's pretty freaky.

"I've never seen you before." He says, scanning my face.

"I just moved here." I say flatly.

"Oh, I see. So, have you made any friends yet?" The boy asks randomly. Why in the fuck would he care…?

"What's it to you?" I snap. He looks kind of hurt at my remark.

"Oh, I was just wondering because I was going to ask if you wanted to come with me tonight to meet up with some of my friends so you could get to know some people." He said simply, starring innocently at the ground. I give him a strange glare.

"People around here are way too friendly." I mutter. He smiles.

"Isn't that a good thing?" He asks sweetly. I just shrug.

"So, do you want to?" He questions, a look of hope in his eyes. Why does he want me to come so bad?

"Maybe." I reply.

"Oh, well, if you do you know where to find me." He says, pointing to his house which is close to the bushel of blackberries he's picking.

"So, why are you picking black berries?" I ask, curious.

"Oh, because my step mom was going to make a black berry pie." He said knowingly.

"Oh, ok." I say blankly.

"Well, I'd better get to picking. I'd ask you if you wanted to help, but you look a bit busy. So, I see you tonight then, maybe?" He asks.

"Maybe." I say, and walk off. I almost want to stay and pick berries with the kid no matter how idiotic that sounds. Sigh. I trudge down my rock way path which leads to the door of my home.


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