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The summer is slowly fading away. You can see it in the evenings, how the sun is sinking faster with every day, everything is all in bloom and so right which is only giving indication that something is bound to go wrong. Soon, the days will grow even shorter and grow cold. Kids will be trapped in a brick building once more, in for another ten months of hell. But for some reason this year is different, autumn is coming, and I couldn't be happier.

I lay sprawled out on the bank of the lake now, a small placid smile on my face as I watch Ryou sleep next to me in the grass, flowers petals fluttering by, managing to be caught up in his long, silken tresses. The lake has the tiniest of currents today from the high winds blowing in, causing everything to blow with it. The wind feels good on my face though, especially on a hot evening like this.

A colorful butterfly whisks his wings past my fingertips landing in Ryou's hair for a few seconds, making him look as beautiful and gentle as ever. I can just imagine Ryou in a whole field of butterflies, fluttering around him, who'd ring of sweet laughter, running around happily. My fingers lightly caress his hair, intoxicated by the unnatural lushness of the strands.

We finally managed to get some alone time today since everyone's out school shopping, and Duke left for Canada. Ryou and I have had this wonderful summer day all to ourselves, and I don't think I could think of a better way to end a week, this has been a truly amazing Sunday, and I couldn't have spent it in the arms of anyone better.

My fingers brush against Ryou's cheek gently, causing him to stir, a small moan escaping from his pink lips. He swats my hand away, and scoots closer, nestling into my chest.

"Ryou?" I say in a hushed tone, wrapping an arm around his slim waist. He just lies there, slumbering still, basking away in his dreams. I peer to my watch and find that it's 6 pm. I can't believe we've been lying here since 2 pm, doing nothing but talk and sleep. My grip tightens on Ryou as I realize he has to be home in two hours, and I really don't want him to go. The weird feeling I always get when I'm around him will subside, and I want it to stay.

Bright, sleep-hazed eyes blink open, a small smile gracing my Ryou's lips as he reaches out to hug me.

"Afternoon Kura," he says happily, yawning. I smile and take in the scent of his hair, amazed how it always smells just the last bit like coconut every single time.

"Heh, afternoon? It's about evening now, you slept so damn long." Ryou giggles and scoots closer, closing his eyes as he moves in for a gentle kiss.

"Gotcha!" he chimes cutely, laughing as he rests his head back down next to mine, nuzzling his nose against mine.

"You wish you had me!" I retort, sticking my tongue out at him.

"Whatever Kura. You're just mad 'cause I'm the better kisser!" He exclaims, kissing my nose. I snort, and roll my eyes, and crawl on top of him, pinning him down in the soft grass.

"Oh is that so Ryou?" I purr, smirking at the blush that creeps across his face as he nods, curious green eyes staring up innocently at me.

"Well, I guess I'll have to prove you wrong then, no?" I grin as I lean in close and capture his tender lips in a sensual, passionate kiss, tongue slithering across his lips, venturing into his hot cavern, tasting what no one else has, savoring the nectarous moans that emit from those juicy lips, ears ringing with the sweet pleads. It's almost too much for me to take… I kiss him until he's breathless, and pulls back; breathing harshly against his lips, which still desire more.

"So do I win?" I ask, raising an eyebrow as I prop myself up upon my elbows, careful not to let them dig into his chest too much as I stare down into his stunned, love struck eyes.

"Yeah, yeah I think you did." I grin ferally, and roll over, pulling him on top of me, laughing slightly. He snuggles into my arms, resting his head on my shoulder, purring quietly as I run my fingers through his hair some more, smiling at the easiness around us.

"Ryou, we should go to my house and get something to eat, I'm hungry!" Ryou sighs.

"But I'm tired Bakura and this is too good to leave…" I smile.

"Fine, we could go to the diner instead… I'll even carry you to my house and drive us there! Please Ryou, please?" I hear a light groan.

"Fine, but only if you buy me an extra large chocolate shake!" I grin and pull him up to kiss him.



A fiery haired woman sighed as she walked out the electronic doors with two plastic grocery bags in her hands. She still wasn't exactly sure what to make herself and her son for Supper. She knew he hated fish, and he knew she hated pork, so those were both out of the question. She could make spaghetti, but erg! The woman huffed and whacked her forehead, recognizing she'd forgotten to get the right kind of noodles. She was quite the picky eater, and refused to eat the angel haired pasta they had sitting idly in a glass jar at the house. It was much too stringy, anyways.

'Hm…' She thought as she trotted along the dusty town road, smiling back as a young family beamed at her, little children dancing and jumping about. 'I remember when Ryou was that young… He wouldn't stray from his father's side at all. 'Such a daddy's boy,' she mused, exhaling triumphantly. It had been over six months since she'd last seen her husband, and she really missed him. She didn't understand why he never came home anymore. It was never like this until a few years ago, when Ryou was about ten. Ever since then, he'd come home randomly. It used to be Thanksgiving, Christmas, and his son's birthday, but over the past two years, it was only Thanksgiving, maybe Christmas if they were lucky. She'd tried talking to her husband about it, but he'd just avoid it altogether and say he was just really busy on a dig, and would be home sooner then she knew.

…But if that was true, then why hadn't he called? She knew Ryou missed his father too, and sometimes wondered if she was too hard on the boy. The stress of having to raise a boy that wasn't hers wasn't always the easiest thing to cope with, especially now that he was growing older. She wanted him to go to school and be a doctor or a lawyer, like any mother, and be a total success. There was never a doubt in her mind that he was going to get into an Ivy League school, and possibly attend Harvard, or Oxford. She'd dragged him to every possible college preparation ceremonies, even ones two to three hours away, just to make sure that they knew enough information about it. Now that her son was a sophomore, it was time to get serious. He was already in all the possible highly capable classes she could get him into, and was even active in a couple of clubs. One time her son had told her he really didn't want to do that for a living, but it didn't matter, she'd know in the future, he'd thank her for being there and forcing him to do it.

The woman grew tired for it was quite a hot day, though cooler than it had been. She was starting to wish she would've driven to the store rather than walked, but she knew she could use the exercise. Besides, sitting at the house waiting for her husband to phone wasn't always the most exciting thing to do. She gazed into the windows of the local diner; Bob's Burger Barn and licked her lips, thinking about the extra thick ultra chocolate shakes they sold. She'd kill for one right about now, it sounded so delicious! She could just imagine how nice the cold liquid would feel as it slid down her throat, possibly giving a brain freeze.

…But… She had just spent all that time exorcizing, would getting a shake really be the best idea? She shook her head, knowing it wasn't. But it did sound really good though…

She peered into the decorated windows, squinting her eyes as she gazed inside. They had air conditioning too… She bit her lip and gazed around a bit more, blinking as her eyes watered and she saw a blur of white in one of the windows. She got a bit closer to get a better look, having a sneaking suspicion it was Ryou. She frowned slightly seeing that it was indeed him, and he seemed to be having a great enough time. He was talking, laughing, and grinning a mile wide. Well, she guessed she wouldn't have to worry about cooking for him then… She squinted once again. But who was he with?

She leant to the right a bit, seeing another boy lean in to sip form the shake that sat on the table. Her frown immediately grew. Bakura. Had she NOT warned her son about him before?!? Boys like Bakura were no good at all! She didn't want her son hanging around with some loser like that! He'd probably corrupt her A-student, and make him forget all about schooling! Gasp! He probably was already all over the girls, and had dragged her sweet little boy with him, playing disgusting games like seven minutes in heaven! Maybe she was too easy on her son! After all, she let him stay out all the time pretty late; he could be doing anything in that time! Her eyes glowered as Bakura dipped a finger into the creamy chocolate shake and wiped it on Ryou's nose, making the boy's mouth widen in surprise, doing it right back, laughing. Ms. Ishiro bit her lip. Was it her or where the two just…

No doubts in her mind were left as the older boy closed his eyes, reaching across the table to plant his lips against the other boy's, giving him a full-on kiss. Her face paled.


What was Ryou doing?!?

Suddenly her good mood crumbled away into nothingness, and her bags dropped.

Ryou wasn't…

Wasn't gay was he?

Her eyes glowed with anger as she grabbed her bags and stomped away to her house, forgetting all about the milkshake and being too hot. Oh, she was going to be having a word with that young man when he got home…

And if she had it her way…

He'd NEVER see Bakura…



"Kura!" The boy cried giggling as his boyfriend clung to his frail waist, nuzzling into his hair, absolutely refusing to let the fourteen-year-old go. "Lemme goooo!"

"Aw, why? Ryou-bug! I don't want you to go though, then no one will be here to drive me crazy!" Bakura protested, showing his boyfriend's face with harsh, playful kisses. Ryou laughed a little harder wrinkling his nose. It tickled when Bakura kissed like that!

"Just go to Seto!" Ryou retorted, still trying to squirm away. Bakura snorted, drawing him closer, still refusing to let the boy he adored so much leave his car and go into his house.

"Nah, I like you better. You're cuter, and you blush more!" Ryou felt the unforgettable pink already rising to his feathery soft cheeks, slapping his boyfriend playfully, pouting.

"I do not Kura, you meanie!" he protested, smiling once more as Bakura kissed him gently on the cheek.

"You do too Ryou, but it's okay, cause your still mine." Ryou rolled his soft green eyes, kissing his boyfriend's cheek back.

"Possessive." Bakura purred softly at the kiss gazing to his car clock. Erg, already 7:57?! Man… Why did Ryou's mom have to send him in an hour earlier now? This was really becoming an inconvenience! Slowly but surely, Ryou's mom was taking Ryou away from him. He didn't want to be able to be with him an hour less! He scowled; they'd better have lots and lots of classes together, or else someone was going to be hurt!

"Mmm, I hate to say this, but you really do have to go now," Bakura said gently, arms retreating back to his sides. Ryou frowned, still hugging his boyfriend in a tight embrace, not wanting to let go just yet.

"But I don't want to." Bakura kissed his forehead, ruffling his hair, eyes peering to the boy admiringly.

"It's not like I want you to either, but I don't think your step mom would feel the same." Ryou huffed and rolled his eyes.

"She ruins everything, doesn't she?" Ryou pulled away from Bakura, gazing into his love's eyes longingly. He couldn't describe how much he didn't want to go into that house. He just wanted to go home with Bakura, and live with him and be with him forever. It sounded so enticing; much better then living with the lonely, strict woman he had gotten struck with.

"Meh, sometimes. It's okay though, cause I still won't stay away. You sleep good, okay Ry-Ry? Call me later if you want. I hate that your cousin is staying over, I really wish you could come back out!" Bakura sighed, "All well though, at least I'll have you once again tomorrow." Ryou smiled, eyes peering down to their now conjoined hands.

"Yeah, but it won't be like today. Everyone will be with us and we'll be bugged to no end." Ryou blinked as warm hands cupped his chin, tilting his head up to look into loving russet eyes.

"Yeah, but I promise you, we'll have another day like today, promise. Now get that cute little butt of yours out of my car so you don't get in trouble!" he demanded playfully, kissing Ryou gently. Ryou smiled and kissed back, happily letting the other boy's tongue into his mouth, moaning softly.

"Mmm," he purred, gazing up to Bakura with glazed eyes, sighing. Damnit, Bakura always made him feel so helpless!

"Go!" Ryou blinked, coming out of his daze, and kissed Bakura once more.

"Kay, call you later Loser!" he chirped, hopping out of the car, and waving as Bakura drove away, blowing a kiss to him. Ryou beamed, shaking his head, and turned around, treading up the staircase to his front door, smile slowly fading. His little cousin Jacklyn was spending a few days over because of a fight with her parents, and would tease and bug him to no avail. She was thirteen and a horrible brat. Even his stepmother couldn't stand her, but let her come over anyways because she loved her sister and would do anything for her, even if it were watching her horridly stuck-up daughter.

He opened up the door quietly and stepped inside, surprised to hear the TV on. Usually his stepmother would've been up in her room, and his cousin would be in the guest room or out with some of the neighborhood girls. He shrugged it off, and padded into the living room, soft emerald eyes gazing around the room, surprised to see his stepmother sitting there, eyes set o him already. She seemed…mad? He didn't understand, he was home on time. Gulp. What could he have possibly done to make her look at him like that?

…Sometimes it felt like the fact that he was born was enough.

"Uhm…good evening Mother," he said softly, avoiding her intense glare, messing with the fabric of his shirt. All of a sudden, he wanted to close his eyes and imagine Bakura was there with his arms wrapped around him, so he could lose himself in the older teen and burrow into the male's arms, feeling safe once more.

"Hn. A good fucking evening indeed. Do you happen to know what I witnessed this fine evening son? DO you have any idea? DO YOU?!" She screamed, glaring at the nervous boy with misted, angered eyes. "Sit down and let me tell you Ryou!" The boy stood there, shaking slightly, too afraid to move. He hadn't a clue what his mother was talking about! "SIT!" The boy hurried and did as followed, hands folded into his lap, trembling increasing by the second… What could she possibly want!?!

"Well, when I was on my way home getting food for me and my son that I thought was loyal and loved me, and obeyed me, I walked by a restaurant! And do you know who was in that restaurant Ryou, do you?!" Ryou blinked; a restaurant? He was at the diner with Bakura but his mother never went by there! That wasn't what she was talking about, it just couldn't be! He shook his head gently, eyeing the carpet once more. "Well, it was you! And you weren't alone Ryou god damnit!" Her fist flew up in the air, knocking over a vase on the table next to her, glass clattering to the floor, dirt covering her white sundress. "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU EVER THINK YOU WERE DOING KISSING THAT DIRTY BASTARD YOU HORRIBLE CHILD!" Ryou gasped. No.. She, she didn't know, she couldn't know! Tears started to form in his innocent green pools, hands rising to his mouth in bewilderment.

"Bakura, Bakura's not a bas-tard… he, he's he's a nice person mother! I swear!" He cried, standing up, tears flowing freely. Bakura was no bastard! He was… everything to Ryou…

"Not only did I find out my son was gay, but that he dated the one male I could never stand! The one I disobeyed you from seeing, Ryou, why would you so something so horrible? Do you even know where that boy's been! I bet you fucking don't, and you just sleep with him because he tells you he loves you and feeds you all sort of bullshit! You little slut!" She screamed, jumping to her feet and grabbing her son's frail wrist.

"I would never do something like that! How, how could you accuse me of that! I told you I, I would never… and he, he's so wonderful! Why do you hate him so much? He's not what you think! Ack- Get your hand off of me!" He wailed, trying to pry himself away from his mother's wretched fingers, sobbing. "Let me go!"


"This isn't your house, and you're not my mom! Let me go and don't you ever call my boyfriend that! He's better and I won't stay away from him!" He tore his wrist away from his mother's hands, fists clenching.

"Yes, I fucking am your mother and you'll do what I say! I'll tell your father what a horrible child you are, that's what I'll do! He won't stand for this either!"

"Why, because I finally found someone who makes my life worth living, who's worth living with you for? For someone so wonderful that no matter how mean you are and how cruel you are to me, he always manages to make me smile! I love him and I, I won't stay away from him no matter what you say!" he screamed through his cries, backing away from his mother.

"You don't love him and you won't go near him boy! Listen to your mother you little twit! No wonder your mother died, probably from stress from you!" He flipped her off and ran away, hurling open the door and running away from his house, mother following after him. He outran her by meters, wiping away his fallen tears. Why, why did she not want him to see Bakura? He didn't understand! The boy was not half that bad! He never murdered anyone, he never abused anyone, so what was wrong? Bakura didn't do drugs, and didn't smoke cigarettes! He was a perfectly nice boy, and Ryou was not about to let him go..

He needed Bakura, needed him more than anyone else in the world, and he was determined to hold onto him as long as possible.

His feet led him to Bakura's house, face flushed from a mix of crying and running, almost ready to pass out from exhaustion. He ran up the mini stairway and banged on the door, a surprised face answering seconds later as a disheartened white haired fourteen year old latched onto his waist, digging a pretty nose into his chest.

"I'm not letting you go!" Bakura's dark ember eyes blinked in wonder, arms instantly encircling around the crying boy's waist. What was a matter with Ryou? He scowled in displeasure, eyes fuming with rage. It was his mother undoubtedly. That devil woman with the fiery hair, oh how she made him sick. What could she have possibly told her angelic son this time?

"It's okay Ryou-chan, it's okay," he cooed softly, a hand running through feathery locks, trying to soothe him. He picked him up, Ryou relaxing in his arms as he was carried to the back bedroom, Bakura's own, and gently placed on the messy bed full of clothing and other junk. Bakura pushed the stuff on the floor and crawled on the bed too, cuddling up with Ryou, letting the boy weep, tears and snot covering his t-shirt. He didn't care though, he just wanted to do whatever it took to make Ryou smile again.

"Baby, what's a matter?" he whispered, nuzzling his nose into Ryou's tresses, kissing the crown of the boy's head. The boy sniffled and nestled against the elder teen, eyes opening slowly, kissing Bakura's clothed chest.

"Sh-she she… she told me to stay away from you and that I was a, a slut! She.. She, she hates that I'm with you and she said as long as I'm under her roof I'm not aloud to go near you!" he vented, trying to hold himself together. "She's not my mother, Bakura! She's not!" Bakura petted the boy gently, hugging him a little tighter.

"Sweetie, I know she isn't. She's a horrible woman and she doesn't know what she's doing," he voiced gently. 'Why would she even do such a thing? I'd never stay away from him, especially not because of what some nasty fire crotch said! Like hell I'll stay away from him! How dare she fucking call him a slut, that nasty cock licking bitch! He's nothing like that! Oh if it weren't illegal I'd go show her a piece of my mind in an instant!" he thought, absolutely enraged at Ryou's stepmother. What was his father thinking marrying a woman like that!?

"Yea-yeah, I know but… Bakura, what am I gonna do? I don't want her to hate me and I don't want to stay away! I think I'm… I think I'm falling in love with you, and I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't be in your arms! I want to stay with you forever!" Bakura smiled slightly, kissing Ryou's face repeatedly, soft butterfly kisses making the sad boy smile slightly.

"Ryou, I'm not going anywhere. And don't worry, she'll live with the fact that we're together sooner or later, and if she's still a witch then… Maybe, well… Maybe you should move in with me," Bakura said thoughtfully, scooting down to be face to face with Ryou, nuzzling his nose against the boy's. Ryou sniffed and smiled tenderly, kissing the soft, welcoming lips across from his own.

"You're so… you're so wonderful Bakura. I, I started yelling at her… I knew she would disagree with us being together but I yelled at her mostly because… She insulted you. You're not a bastard no matter what anyone says. You're, you're one of the best things to ever happen to me, and she's not taking you anywhere!" Ryou protested, making Bakura grin at how possessive his shy partner was.

"If she gives you any shit, I swear I'll beat her! For now, you're staying with me tonight. You guys both need time to cool off before seeing each other, and most of all, I need to cuddle with someone, and Ryou pup was too rowdy," Bakura smirked, "Now come here you and give me a real damn hug! I know you can kiss better than that Ryou!" he teased, sticking his tongue out at the boy. Ryou giggled and gave Bakura a tight squeeze.

"Shush you! You're such a bully! Just because I can't kiss right!" Ryou pouted slightly, smiling up with glazed eyes at his Bakura. "…But you do know, I'm always willing for lessons." Bakura grinned, leaning in and taking the offer happily, smashing their lips together and caressing Ryou's with his tongue, plush lips opening in a second, bidding him entrance into the hot, moaning mouth. They shared a passionate kiss, tongues gliding and lips crushing against the other, and cheeks burning. Bakura kissed Ryou gently once more before retracting, breathless. Half-lidded chocolate eyes stared into emerald, huge smiles playing across their faces. Bakura's swore he could've kissed him like that for hours and never gotten bored. It was so different kissing Ryou compared to kissing everyone else. He'd never gotten a rush like he had when his lips met Ryou's, and never had that feeling before; he felt whole with the boy, and was absolutely taken aback that anything so beautiful, gentle, lovely, and perfect could ever even think of falling in love with him. He never did admit it that day, but he was falling in love with Ryou, too. He savored that day and milked it for all it could've ever been worth, finding it hard to believe how great his life was, and thanking everything for the day he moved to that remote, peaceful town. He didn't know why it was he deserved something so great but for what ever reason, Ryou was his, and his friends were his, and if he truly admitted it to himself, he'd had the best time of his life over the past three months, and was almost sad to see such a wonderful time end. He wasn't too disheartened though, since he did have years left, and two more summers before things would really be different. For now, it was all smooth sailing and tons of love for his baby, his Ryou.


"HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYOU-CHAN!" Everyone shouted as the boy walked through the door, surprised to see all his friends gathered around Bakura's house, almost making his boyfriend's hand go numb from the boy's surprising grip.

"Oh my!" he said, grinning, laughing as he launched himself onto his boyfriend, hugging him tightly. "I can't believe you guys did this!" he cried, Seto and everyone laughing.

Bakura smirked, kissing Ryou's nose. "Haven't I told you I 'd do anything for you? It's your fifteenth birthday Ryou-chan, and we ran low on ideas so we thought a slumber party was a great idea!"

"Yeah, it's just too bad Malik and Marik couldn't have stayed longer and Duke too!" Anzu exclaimed, running over to hug her friend. "Happy birthday Ryou!"

"Yeah, now you can smash Bakura's car all the time and it will be legal… well, almost anyways," Seto snided, leaning against the wall coolly. Ryou giggled, blushing slightly.

"That was Bakura's fault you know!" he protested, nose wrinkling at the sloppy kiss his boyfriend gave him on the cheek.

"It's okay Ryou, at least you're cute! So what if you can't drive!" Bakura pouted as Ryou slapped him on the head. "Meanie," he muttered, going to sit on the couch, checking what kind of game Joey and Yugi were playing.

"So Ryou, are things okay with your mom now?" Serenity asked sipping at the fruit punch Seto had made. She really had to give props to Seto; he could make one mean pitcher of punch! It of course had taken him a couple of tries, but he'd gotten it right. Apparently, Seto didn't follow directions well…

"Well, not really. She's still really mad at me, but I wasn't grounded for once so that's something to celebrate about! Somehow, I don't think she's ready to give up on us yet. I know she can' t stand that we're together, and she'll probably think of something, but Bakura and I will get through it!" He chimed, thanking Mokuba as the boy gave him a cup of punch.

"Hm, well, what is she going to do then? Just let you be with Bakura?" Ryou nodded happily.

"She can't do anything. I told her if she tried to, I'd leave and go and live with Bakura. I think that scared her enough, so she'll back out for a while." he shrugged, "All the trouble is worth it though, trust me. Bakura might be a childish jerk sometimes, but he's my jerk, and I don't plan on giving him up just yet!" Serenity laughed, twirling some amber-hued hair around her finger.

"Well, I'm happy things worked out for you then! Seto is too." Seto snorted, rolling ice blue eyes.

"Meh, whatever. As long as I don't hear Bakura bitch and moan all the time. He's no fun to bug when he's in a bad mood, he doesn't get mad enough," Seto chided, strolling over to Serenity and pecking her on the cheek, making the girl blush and smile. Seto had never really been affectionate in public, even after Joey knew they dated. Joey glared endlessly at the tall, handsome

brunette, turning his head timidly when icy blue met his own. Sigh; Seto had won… His sister's heart, and the staring contest. Then Duke and Tristan had forgiven him, though Tristan was harder to forgive, but eventually, even he gave up the grudge. Joey on the other hand well… He was getting by, but barely.

Mai grinned and strutted over, chest jiggling in her tied-up blouse, obviously forgetting a key clothing item. 'Oops.' Eye roll. She hugged Ryou, giving him a small, friendly kiss on the cheek. "Happy Birthday kiddo! Fifteen huh? I remember when I was your age! Ack, it's scary to think I'm a senior this year! Aw, and you all are little sophies! How cute!" she teased, winking at Ryou who laughed.

"Yeah, but if you try and pick on me, I'll send my dog on you! Huh Ryou?" The dog in return jumped up, wagging his tail fiercely. Ryou laughed and bent down to scratch the pup behind the ears, getting a lick.

"Aw, you brought your lovechild Ryou?" Tristan teased, snickering as the puppy looked at him curiously. Ryou blushed and stuck his tongue out at Tristan, giving his puppy a hug.

"Yeah, maybe… He's got all Bakura's characteristics though I'd say!" A pillow was thrown at Ryou's head, hitting dead on.

"I heard that you know!" Bakura shouted, scowling. "Yatzee! Hah, I beat you Yami, HAHA!" he cackled, hugging himself. No one ever beat Yami at anything! Yami in return rolled his amused crimson orbs, hugging his Yugi.

"That's because you switched the dice around, Bakura. I saw you do it. Just because me and Yugi were kissing doesn't mean my eyes aren't looking at you, you cheater." Bakura snorted.

"I did not cheat! I won fair and freakin' square buck-o! It's not my fault you have to make up excuses just because you lost!" He yelped in defense, crossing his arms. Yugi smiled, tugging on the now slightly miffed Yami's arm.

"It's okay Yami, Bakura won 'fair and square'. Just let it go. After all, you still won my heart, isn't that enough?" Seto and Bakura started to cackle. How pricelessly cheesy, just like Yugi. Yugi blinked, puzzled. What was so funny? He gazed up at Yami innocently, smiling as he saw the male was eyeing him too with a smile on his face.

"Fair enough, but only for a kiss!" Yugi giggled and nodded, leaning up to claim his boyfriend's lips in a tender, quick peck, making him blush slightly. They'd been together for a while, but sharing kisses in public was still embarrassing!

"So, Ryou darling, why don't we open presents now huh?" Seto suggested, walking hand in hand over to the huge pile of gifts from all of Ryou's friends. Ryou nodded and ran over to it, waiting for all his friends to gather around.

"Oh my, that's a lot of stuff! You guys know a present or two would've been fine! Heck, a party was just fine enough!" Ryou chimed, sitting in a chair at the table, next to Dess and Nolbz, who were eating some pizza.

"Heh, yeah right! Only if we were really lame friends! Nah, we'd rather buy you a whole store full!" Yugi chimed, smiling and he ran over to the table hand in hand. Bakura came over too, wrapping his arms around Ryou's neck lovingly, kissing the boy's cheek.

"Mmm, stop being so modest and open the presents already!" Bakura said, nudging into his boyfriend's hair. Anzu smiled, kneeling down next to them, and grabbed a present, handing it to Ryou.

"It's from Seto!" she chimed, admiring the daintily wrapped present, undoubtedly Serenity's doing. Ryou took it, eyeing Seto with gratitude.

"Thank you Seto!" He started unwrapping the gift, revealing a plain cardboard box. He ripped open the top, finding it full of different things. He first opened a folded piece of paper, squinting his eyes to read the neat font.

D stands for dandy which Bakura thinks Ryou is

E stands for how Ryou gets him excited

N stands for nose bleeds Bakura gets when Ryou's around

I stands for in love and that's what Bakura is

A stands for awesome which Bakura would think if he saw Ryou naked,

L stands for lie and that's what Bakura's doing because he's in denial, yeah, DENIAL!

"Uhm, Seto?" Ryou smiled, laughing, "What is this?" Bakura's eyes widened and he ripped the paper away from Ryou, a scowl crossing his lips.

"You didn't you asshole! I can't believe you wrote that piece of shit down!" Seto cackled venomously, laughing.

"Well, I thought since you avoided me singing it to him, why not write it down and give it to him myself? After all, the song was such a hit, like everything else I do." Bakura glared at the ambiguously cocky man, curling a fist.

"I'll get you for this, I swear I will!" Ryou smiled to himself.

"I think it's cute kinda!" he chimed, placing it back in the box. There was also money, candy, and a picture frame of Bakura covered in chocolate cake. Ryou laughed, staring at the picture fondly.

"When is this from, and Kura, why are you covered in cake you loser! Cake's supposed to go into the pan, not in your hair!" Bakura pouted. It wasn't fair; Seto had gotten him twice in the same gift! Stupid jackass…

"It was when I spent the night there a few weeks ago and Duke decided to dump a cake we made on me. Jerk," he muttered, crossing his arms. Ryou smiled and stood up, hugging Bakura, and giving him a small kiss. "You're so cute Loser…," he cooed, making Bakura blush hotly.

"Uhm…" Bakura forgot his words, surprised Ryou had liked it. Everyone 'awed' as Ryou giggled and sat back down, grabbing the next present from Duke. He ripped the package and it behold; condoms… and lubricant. Blush; how expectant. Fits of laughter broke out as they stared at the items in the innocent boys hands.

"Sick fuck," Bakura uttered, kneeling down to rest his head in Ryou's lap, closing his eyes and purring as the boy pet him. He wrapped his arms around his delicate waist, sighing softly. It ruled to be in love… Serenity's soft eyes stared at the two, unable to keep from feeling extremely happy and jealous for Ryou. Seto never did that for her! They were so lucky to have found each other, and she was sure it would last a long, long time.

Ryou finally got to the last present, a box hideously wrapped. The card read in sloppy handwriting: To Ry-Ry. He opened the card and read the bottom name, unsurprised to see it was his Bakura's name.


It's so stupid to say the obvious, but… the summer's ending. It rather scares me… I don't know what school will be like or what will happen for us, but I'm sure it'll be great, whatever it is. I'm so happy I've met you and everyday with you is better than the next. I'm only sad I couldn't give you the world, because someone as wonderful as you deserves no less. I hope you have the best of birthdays and remember no matter what happens, I'm all yours.



Ryou's melted, it was so… sweet. He gazed down to the boy who dozed in his lap, glazed eyes peering at him in wonder. Why had Bakura chosen him? He knew it probably took Bakura a lot of thought to just write the short, but sweet paragraph on the card, and knew the boy would be embarrassed if anyone read it, but Ryou. He smiled and his it so no one else could see, repeating the words over and over again to himself in his head. Geez, he loved Bakura so much…

He opened the box to find a pretty silver bracelet with emeralds adorning it, not too girly, but beautiful nonetheless. He clipped it around his wrist, and kissed Bakura's head, whispering an 'I love you' to him. He never heard, nor did anyone else… It sounded so right on Ryou's tongue though, like those words were blessed to utter from his lips. He smiled and pulled out photographs, and a box of creampuffs.

"Oh so that's why Bakura kept his present in the fridge, I was wondering why!" Joey exclaimed, smacking himself on the head. Tristan laughed.

"Idiot." Joey hmphed and sighed when he found his wrists covered by Mai's hands, a warning look in her eyes, saying to not ruin Ryou's party. He complied and turned his attention back to the happy boy.

"Thank you everyone!" he chimed, "This has been the best birthday ever!" Serenity smiled.

"You deserved it all Ryou! It's just a shame school starts tomorrow!"

"Yeah I know! It's a freaking Friday, and they're sending us to school for one day? How bogus!" Tristan sputtered, crossing his arms. He smirked, eyeing Joey mischievously. "I bet you get detention more than me!"

"Hey Joey, maybe you'll actually pass a class with more than a D- this year!" Mokuba joked, giggling with Dess, giving his blue-eyed friend high five.

"Ohhh, you just got burned by a ten year old!" Nolbz uttered, snickering. Joey scowled, pouting.

"School was hard last year! Plus, you guys know Ms. Matsuko had it out for me!" Anzu rolled her eyes.

"Joey, that's because you called her a big haired gorilla when she was standing right behind you. It's not like you didn't deserve it!" Yami laughed.

"Yeah you did do some pretty horrible things to her! It took so much groveling to even pull that D!" Ryou ignored their chatter, and gazed to Bakura lovingly, still petting him, running fingers through his hair, smoothing out the tangles. Bakura's hair was actually quite luxurious and soft when he actually brushed it. He jumped slightly as he heard a low groan, smiling as he saw Bakura's head raised.

"Is it time for cake yet? I'm tired and hungry…" Ryou giggled, leaning down to kiss his dense boyfriend's head.

"Have I told you how much I adore you Kura?" h chimed, kissing him again. Bakura smiled lopsidedly, yawning.

"Yeah, it kind of scares me, because I still don't understand why you like me so much." Ryou grinned, resting his forehead against the other boy's.

"What you don't know can't hurt you, and you'll learn sooner or later anyways. Thank you by the way. The bracelet is beautiful." Bakura smiled ears perking, glad to know he had done a good job. He gazed into Ryou's eyes, seeing the same admiration as always.

"…what about the card?" Ryou kissed his boyfriend's clueless lips.

"Loved it, loved everything." Bakura nodded, smiling, kissing him back.

"So, my darling, what now?" Ryou put his fingers on his chin in a thoughtful manner, tilting his head.

"A quick walk? Pwease?" He extended his lower lip out, giving Bakura a puppy pout. Bakura nodded, kissing his nose.

"You're too fucking cute. Yeah, besides I think Ry-pup needs to go outside anyways." He gazed to the golden retriever, who ran over and nuzzled against his owner, obviously wanting attention. Bakura pet him, and gave him a hug, standing up with Ryou, and calling the dog as he walked towards the door.

"Be back in a little bit guys, okay?" Ryou called to the living room.

"Okay, don't take to long, we want some cake!" Ryou giggled and walked out the door, hand in hand with his boyfriend, eyes still entranced by the two's youthful hands conjoined. He still had a hard time believing he was in love, and just how wonderful and blessed he was to have someone like Bakura there for him.

"So, Birthday brat, where to?" Bakura asked playfully, smirking as he gazed at the beautiful green-eyed boy next to him.

"Uhm, I dunno, just around and to the lake. 'Sides, Ry-Ry likes it there! Don't you boy!" he exclaimed, beaming down to the happy retriever. Bakura nodded, glad to be able to escape the house and all those people anyways. He loved his friends, but right now, he was in a mellow mood and just wanted to spend a little alone time with Ryou, because he knew he wouldn't get anymore for the whole summer.

"Okay, that works I suppose. So, how does it feel to be older?" Bakura asked nonchalantly, gazing up to a cawing bird. Damn crows…

"The same I suppose! But at least now I don't feel so young being with you!" he chimed, stopping to peck Bakura on the cheek. The wind blew, rousing the two's hair, feeling nice and gentle against their skin, feeling great to be out on another crisp evening, the last evening of the summer.

"Why would you feel young? It's only a two year difference bug," he said, eyes gazing to the boy softly. Ryou smiled, nodding innocently.

"Yeah I know, but it just seems so far off! I can't believe summer is over though… Gee, it feels like only a couple of days ago you came here!" Bakura sighed, agreeing with Ryou.

"Oi, I know… It'll be weird huh? And don't you even think just because we're in a big crowd of people, I'm staying off of you!" Bakura purred, grinning. Ryou blushed glaring softly at his boyfriend.

"Kura! You'd better! It'd be so embarrassing!"

"Aw, you don't love me anymore? So much for our marriage…" Ryou giggled, 'awing' and hugging his pouting boyfriend.

"It's not like that, I'm just… not ready for that, you know? I'll get used to it though, promise! You just gotta gimme some time to get used to being publicly affectionate I suppose. But if you're expecting Marik and Malik kinda junk, you've got a big smack coming Mister!" Bakura snickered, nuzzling his nose into Ryou's hair.

"Naw baby, I wouldn't even think of that. They're downright nasty sometimes. You don't know how many times they been thrown out of school for 'inappropriate and sexual behavior'. Malik has a detention slip for making inappropriate gestures at Mariku's crotch in fact!" Ryou laughed; amused by the fact that anyone could have a detention for something like that.

"Good then, because I know my step mom wouldn't be proud of that!" Bakura smiled and peered into Ryou's eyes, brushing his long, silky bangs behind his ears.

"Mmm, how is she anyways? I hope she hasn't been too hard on you." Ryou shrugged and huffed, kissing Bakura gently. The older boy kissed back, liking the feeling of the plush lips against his own.

"Well, she is dealing with it, but she hasn't said much to me really. She's really pissed Bakura… she really does hate me being with you. I'll live with it though, trust me. It's all worth it really." Bakura smiled warmly at the sweet boy, kissing his forehead.

"I hope so you know. Don't let her get the best of you, okay sweetie? Don't think you're ever alone in this. It is most likely my fault after all, and I don't want her to do anything to hurt you. If she tries, please tell me, kay?" he said seriously, nuzzling his nose to the boy's. Ryou beamed and nodded.

"Don't worry Kura, I will, promise. Mm, I kinda can't wait for tomorrow you know?" Bakura cringed at the idea of school resuming. What if Ryou found someone else and they drifted apart? Bakura was afraid to admit it, but he was a little scared. He didn't want things to change, and he didn't know what it would be like since he'd been with the same kids since elementary school. But he had to live in the present, and he had great friends, and a great little sweetheart who he hoped would always be there. Whatever happened tomorrow happened. For now, he lived in the present, and the present was good enough.

"Yeah, me too Ryou! It'll be sort of nice I suppose. I'll miss doing nothing for countless hours though. I know I will miss not having to do any work too. But at least I'll have you!" Ryou laughed, nuzzling against him.

"Meh, you'll be okay! You have me to help you now! Besides, next summer isn't too far off and it'll be just as fun as this one!" Bakura nodded, kissing Ryou once more, gazing down to the pup rolling in the grass fondly.

"Well, it better be or you're getting a good punishment! Now come on weirdo, and let's go and walk the dog! We'll worry about summer when it comes… and besides, the last one to the lake has to be thrown in!" Ryou gasped as his boyfriend darted off with the dog not far behind, pouting.

"Bakura, you know that's not fair, you run faster damn it! Erg, I hate you sometimes you know that loser!" He cried, darting after him.

"Actually I changed my mind; the last one there has to go in naked!" To that, Ryou's eyes widened.

Ryou won.


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