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Reintroduced .............................

Torn opened his eyes and took in his surroundings. He was in his room at the Krimzon Guard Fortress. Slowly he sat up and felt his face with the tips of his fingers in disbelief. His skin felt thin and tender from the new tattoos that had been etched into his flesh. His neck, ears, cheeks, and forehead burned like there were small streams of fire traveling over him. He had been in the guard for a year and now that he was old enough, 21, he had been given the 'privilege' of letting everyone know of his loyalty to the baron.

"Torn? You awake?" a female voice called from the other side of the door. When he didn't answer, the door slid open and Ashlien, Torn's best friend, walked in. "You look good." She commented.

Torn let out a small grunt and looked into a mirror. "I feel like shit," he replied.

The Baron's daughter looked sympathetic for a moment before she replaced the expression with a look that just screamed: I'm gonna kick your ass if you mess with me!!!! "You've got prison duty today."

Torn sighed and nodded. He would have it for at least two weeks. Even while his face was healing, he had to work. Guards were limited so the Baron wasn't giving any breaks. Looking in the mirror again, he noticed that his face wasn't really bruised too badly. There was a long red mark that went from his forehead, down his right cheek, and around his neck, but that was about it.

Ashlien walked over to her friend and wrapped her slender arms around his bare chest. "You okay?"

He shrugged softly and moved away from her. "Just a little sore", he murmured quietly.

She nodded. "I'll get you in an hour and walk with you." She handed him a few pills. "I know it must hurt like hell." He took the pills and smiled thankfully at her.


"Who's he?" Torn looked over at Erol who was working on a machine that had just been built in the prison quite a while ago. Torn didn't know exactly what it was for but he had heard rumors of a "Dark Warrior Program" and it didn't sound pleasant.

The Krimzon Guard commander sneered over at the blonde boy in a cell on the west side. "Just a prisoner. He's going to help us out with our little toy here."

Torn raised an eyebrow and looked at the boy. "What did he do?" The blonde looked so young. What could he have possibly done to deserve prison time?

Erol growled in frustration at the loss of concentration. "He didn't do anything as far as I'm concerned. The baron wanted him so now he's here."

Slowly Torn made his way across the prison to the cell. Opening the door, he slipped in to get a better look at the young boy. The blonde backed up and glared up at him. His blue eyes seemed out of place among the grey walls that surrounded him.

"What's your name?" Torn asked quietly. There was silence for a few moments before the Krimzon Guard sighed. "Do you talk?" This time, the blue eyed boy shook his head.

Torn exited the cell and walked back over to Erol. Baron Praxis was with him now. Torn saluted him and watched as the larger man tapped the end of the injector with his finger, a small smile creeping across his lips.


Jak watched the older man leave the cell and shivered as the cold air swept over his body with the closing of the metal door. The manned seemed kind enough, almost regretful about his situation...but what was his situation?

Praxis was talking to Erol by the odd looking machine. The two elves had introduced themselves earlier that day and now Jak knew better than to even look at them with even a trace of sarcasm. That didn't mean he wasn't going to piss them off every now and then, though. He wasn't that submissive or weak.

The taller man from before began walking towards the cell again. He looked uncertain as he walked into the small cage again.

"I don't know what's going on," he muttered to Jak. "But I'm not sure I like it. Just be careful. Those two can be bastards." He whispered the last part and the blond smiled at him. "Come on", Torn ordered and grabbed Jak's arm. He was surprised by the boy's muscles. He looked so small and almost feminine. He led him to Erol, who then forced the boy down on the table and strapped him down.

Cries of protest filled the room as the other prisoners realized what was happening. Ignoring this, Erol started the machine and laughed as the cries went silent.

Torn had never seen a sight so horrific that he would cry for nights. Actually...he had never seen something horrible enough to even make him cry. But after this, that would definitely change.


Jak cried in pain as dark eco was forced into his body for the first time. Tears streamed down his face and into his sweaty hair as he struggled against his bonds. It had been going on like this for only ten minutes but Jak felt ready to just die.

Torn stepped back a bit when Jak glanced up at him, his eyes pleading...begging for help! He had trusted him! This boy had followed him right to Praxis and now, that same child was withering in pain, starring up at him. A look of betrayal.

Erol smirked up at Torn and raised the power settings, making the blond jolt around in absolute agony.

"Stop it! What the hell are you doing?!"

Praxis glared over at him, the metal mask on his face reflected the purple eco as it lit up the room. Crossing his arms, the baron looked back at his 'experiment', unconcerned about his well-being.

Torn hissed and stepped forward, determined to stop Erol. With a swipe of this hand, Praxis pushed the thin man over, onto the metal floor. The red head glared up at him and kicked fiercely at part of the machine, knocking the loose computer over the edge.

"Damn you!" Erol cried. Torn smirked over at him, a small dribble of blood escaping his lips. His grin widened as Erol raised his foot over his head. At least the boy was okay for now. Then...darkness.


Jak curled up in the back corner of the cell in which he had been tossed. He was in his cell again but now it seemed darker and bigger. Shame tore at his heart. I should have been able to fight! I'm a hero! REMEMBER?! I'M A HERO! This can't happen...

The door slid open and Torn walked in with a small plate of food. It was amazing, but the Baron allowed Torn to stay around because he didn't want a lot of people to know about the experiments. Without a word, he set it down next to Jak and got down on his knees in front of the boy.

"I'm so sorry" Torn whispered. "I didn't know. You trusted me and that happened as a result."

Jak looked away for a moment and then looked back. His face was still moist with tears and ...blood? How had that gotten there? It didn't matter. He would probably be dead soon anyways.

Torn reached over and brushed the liquids away from his eyes. Jak froze for a moment before breaking down into a fit of sobs and buried himself into the other man's chest. Torn didn't hesitate to take him in his arms.

They sat like that for about five minutes before Torn realized the younger elf had fallen asleep. As he lied the youth down on the bed, he watched in slight amusement as he groped the air for the warmth that had left his body. Watching him like that, Torn made a decision. He didn't know the boy very well but he did know this wasn't right and he had to make it up to him.


"Get up," an angry voice snapped coldly at Jak. "Get up, you little freak!"

Jak opened his eyes and glared up at Erol. What the hell did he want now? Slowly, he rose up. Too slow. Erol grabbed a hold of Jak's hair and yanked.

"I said move!" he half carried, half dragged Jak by his hair to the machine.

No! Not this again! Please not this! Damn it! No!

He was thrown onto the table and strapped down. Erol chuckled down at him. It hadn't been easy to gather all of the pieces to the computer that Torn had knocked over.

"What? Did you think he could save you?" Erol grinned wickedly as he pulled the lever.

Jak trembled in anticipation. Around the injector, he could see swirls of dark eco forming and twisting around the metallic point. Closing his eyes, he simply wished that it would be over soon.


Torn watched Jak sleep and sighed softly. He didn't even know the boy's name and yet, he felt bad for what he was about to do.

Jak opened his eyes and starred up at him. His eyes grew wide and he jumped back in surprise, crying out in pain as his back smacked up against the wall. He had to be in pain if that hurt.

"Whoa, calm down." Torn gingerly placed a hand on Jak's shoulder. "It's just me."

As his eyes adjusted to the dim light, Jak slowly leaned forward towards the man and smiled. At least, there someone around here who would talk to him. Let him know it was okay.

That was so pathetic. One of the deepest wounds Torn had ever received. "I can't do anything for you." He looked down. He just wanted to say this. Get away. That look, this was all too sad. "I'm going to quit the guard."

Jak looked at him, a confused look on his face. Even he had heard what happened to traitors. There was no quitting the guard.

"I'll fight against the Baron," Torn continued. "I'll get him back for what I know he did to you and.." He paused to look around at the other prison wall. "To many others before you."

Jak's eyes filled with terror and he gripped onto Torn's arm tightly. He didn't want to be alone. He was so scared with him around. With no one else...what would happen to him? What were they doing?

"If I stay here, they'll probably make 'me' do that stuff to you!" Torn argued. Wait a second...he could understand this boy? Jak released his arm and looked down.

"Be careful," Torn raised his head by the chin. "Be careful of who you trust. They might hurt you...even indirectly or on accident. Always be cautious. I don't know who you are or where you come from but it's obviously not here."

Jak leaned forward and gripped the man tightly around the neck. Torn sighed and pulled him closer into a tight hug. It felt like it had been years since Jak had felt a kind touch. Seen a kind face.

Regretfully, Torn pulled back and stood up straight. Jak grabbed his hand but the Krimzon Guard pulled away from him. Goodbyes were over.

"Stay alive.", Torn whispered and disappeared into the dark prison halls. Jak jumped off of the bed and ran to the cell door, listening carefully to the light taps of the nameless man's footsteps until they could no longer be heard.

Hiding in the shadows of the prison, Erol smirked as Torn walked right by him. When the taller man was out of sight, the racer made his way to Jak's cell.

Jak jumped away from the door as Erol walked in. 'Torn', he thought. 'You just made a huge mistake by leaving him alone.' Shoving the blonde into a corner, he smirked devilishly. "And you," he continued out loud. "Made a big mistake by coming here."


Two Years Later

"We're looking for a guy named Torn. Kor sent us." Jak tilted back as a red haired elf leaned over him. "Um...are you...Torn?"

Daxter jumped up between the two. "Maybe this guy's a you use to be."

Torn sneered at the ottsel. A mute? Could it be? No. "New faces make me nervous," Torn warned. Jak shivered. He knew that smell...but from where? "Word're out to join the fight for the city." The taller man circled around him. "You know...picking the wrong side could be". He leaned forward again. "Unhealthy."

"We want to see the Shadow."

Torn laughed mockingly. "Not likely. If you want to join something, why don't you and your pet go join the circus?" Daxter's fur ruffled up a bit. "Unless you've got the fur for a really tough challenge."

Jak growled deep in his throat. He could tell that this was the beginning to a wonderful relationship. Now if only he could convince the voice in his head not to kill this guy...everything would just be peachy....

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