Ulrick, Yumi, Od, and Jeremy were walking down the street on a Friday afternoon when they saw a small carnival for the junior high.

"Why don't we check it out?" Od asked.

After a few minutes of arguing, they all decided it was a good idea.

"I wanted to check up on Aelita…" Jeremy muttered.

"You can talk to your girlfriend later." Od said pushing him forward.  

"Well I wouldn't say she's my girlfriend…" Jeremy said blushing.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Come on lets get something to eat." Od ran in front of the others, accidentally bumping into another teen that was dressed in a jacket and baseball cap.

"Sorry." He said

"No problem." A hoarse voice crocked from behind the collar of the jacket.

"It's summer." Ulrick said as the teen ran off, "So why is he wearing a jacket."

"Who knows." Yumi said with a shrug, watching the teen run off.

"Hey why don't we split a funnel cake?" Od said, "I'll treat."

"Are you feeling alright Od?" Yumi asked

"Maybe we should see if Xana's switched him" Ulrick laughed.

"Haha, very funny." Od said, "I'm just trying to be nice."

"I say we accept his offer." Jeremy said.

"Thank you. Someone thinks I can do something nice." Od reached in his pocket for his wallet, but it wasn't there.

Od searched all of his pockets and in his shoes, but there was no wallet.

"Hey Ulrick," He said, "did I give you my wallet?"

"You've had your wallet all day buddy." Ulrick replied.

Od's eyes widened when he heard this, because he realized where his wallet had gone. He had a flash back of when he bumped into the teen.

"That little punk!" He exclaimed running in the direction he saw the teen run. "If you see the kid that ran into he's the one that has my wallet!"

Od ran for about five minutes before he found the person who ran into him.

"Hey!" He shouted.

The person turned slightly and saw him out of the corner of their eye. The person began to run as Od chased after them. Od quickly caught up with the person and grabbed their jacket. The person easily ducked out of their jacket and into the ally. Od Fallowed the person through the ally and over a fence before he caught them by the arm. He turned the person around and ripped off their hat.

Long fiery red hair fell from the hat as sapphire blue eyes met dark brown eyes.

"A girl?" Od said aloud.

"Yeah that's right." The girl said trying to get free of his grip, "Mind letting me go?"

"Mind giving me back my wallet?"

"What wallet?"

"The one in your hand."

"This?" She held up the wallet

"Yes. That's wallet's mi-"

He stopped when the girl kissed him. Her lips were soft and warm against his own. It sent a chill of excitement up his spine. Od couldn't help closing his eye's as he lost himself in this sweet kiss. He loosened his grip on her arm and that's when the kiss broke.

The girl was now running away as Od was left their in aw and shock.

The girl was long gone by now; Od knew she had stolen his wallet, but she had also stole his first kiss……