Title - To Consort With The Devil 1/?

Rating – PG-13

Disclaimer – I own none of this, it all belongs to Rowling.  I just have the honor of using her creations in my story.  No sex, slash or profanity.

Summary – Discovered by Voldemort to be a spy, Snape is punished in the most unusual way.  Now Dumbledore must help him learn to live and trust again as he struggles to adjust to his new life.  Will feature vampire!Snape and fatherly!Dumbledore. 

A/N – This is a plot bunny that came into my head several months ago and I just got around to posting.  It's my response to the many Snape-as-a-vampire stories that are out there, but I hope mine will be unique and manage to capture your attention.  I will not abandon this; however don't expect frequent updates until mid-summer at the earliest as my other Harry Potter fics (and I have several going at the moment) have first priority.  That being said I do look forward to seeing what you make of this strange fic of mine.  It starts off during the summer between Harry's 6th and 7th year.  All reviews, corrections, suggestions and questions are welcome!  Read and enjoy!

To Consort With The Devil

Chapter 1

          He knew something was bad was going to happen when the two dementors dragged him into the crowded throne room.   

          Despite the white masks on their faces, Severus Snape could feel the accusing eyes of every summoned Death Eater focused on him - the traitor, the spy.  He sensed his former associates' excitement and anger and a few already had their wands out ready to use.  Whatever was planned for that evening was not going to be pleasant. 

          Before his exhausted mind could begin to comprehend this strange behavior he was tossed in front of an ornate gold throne, landing hard at someone's feet.  He painfully shifted to his knees; if he was going to meet his end it was not going to be cowering like some animal.  Unfortunately his beaten, numb body would not let him climb fully to his feet so he settled for defiantly glaring up at his former Lord.

          Lord Voldemort gazed down at the traitor and smiled coldly.

          Thanks to carefully planted information and a letter from their own informant within Hogwarts confirming the betrayal, Voldemort had revealed Snape to be a spy for that muggle-loving fool Dumbledore a little over one week ago.  Snape had been held in a cell deep within the vast dungeons of Malfoy Manor since that moment of truth with no light, a few scraps of food and only a glass of water every other day to sustain him.  The Dark Lord also gave specific orders for a pair of dementors to be Snape's only company as they stood guard outside his cell door.  Although many of his Death Eaters expressed a desire for revenge against the traitor, Voldemort clearly outlined what the punishment would be for anyone who dared disobey his orders and the desire had immediately faded away.  The dementors would have the pleasure of tormenting the spy first, for reasons Voldemort revealed to only one other person – Lucius Malfoy.  Malfoy had been absent for two days now, on a mission of great secrecy and importance and had returned just that afternoon, disappearing into the depths of his Manor without a word to anyone.  Voldemort had something very special planned and no one else but him would have the honor of delivering the final act of punishment to the traitor.

          The Dark Lord let the silence linger for a few more minutes then asked in a low, amused voice,

          "Severus, my crafty serpent.  Tell me, did you enjoy your stay with my dementors?"

          Snape, still struggling to focus on the here and now after so many days with dementors, was caught off guard by the seemingly innocent question.  He had expected a grand, theatrical speech about betrayal, loyalty and death before Voldemort executed him in the most painful way possible.  Now he was making small talk?  Sneaking a worried glance at the two dementors now waiting in the shadows, Snape licked his dry lips and answered,

          "They were wonderful hosts." He spat sarcastically, "We had a grand time together."

          Voldemort laughed.  He had always enjoyed Snape's sharp wit and acidic tongue and would miss both when the Potions master was gone.

          "Ah Severus, you never cease to amaze me.  Facing certain pain and torture and you are still as defiant as ever." He said with a smile.  Snape remained silent, curious as to what his former master had planned.  Another quick glance around the throne room revealed nothing out of the ordinary, just a group of angry Death Eaters thirsting for blood – his blood.  Snape's gaze lingered just a few seconds too long on the dementors and unfortunately Voldemort noticed this.  His red eyes glowed maliciously as he leaned forward in his throne and laced his fingers together under his white chin, "Useful creatures, dementors.  Their very presence can break a wizard's defenses and make the bravest soul quiver in terror and cry in desolation.  They invade your dreams and memories, taking what they need and leaving your mind weak and open for the taking."

          Black eyes widened slightly at that and Voldemort knew Snape was testing his own mental shields to see if they had been penetrated.  While the Dark Lord had been tempted to enter the spy's mind and see all of the Order of the Phoenix's secrets and plans, to do so would likely break Snape's mind and drive him insane – something Voldemort did not yet wish of the traitor.  So he held back and let the dementors work on weakening the magical shields guarding Snape's private memories.  For that was what Voldemort really wanted – access into the personal memories of Severus Snape.  One can learn many things from records and interviews, but sometimes it is better to obtain the truth right from the source.

          "Do not worry too much Severus, I could not enter your most protected thoughts even when you were delirious with fear." Snape visibly relaxed until Voldemort uttered his next words, "However, there were certain memories within easy reach, brought to the surface of your mind as my dementors fed upon you."

          Snape's face became guarded as he warily looked up at Voldemort.

          "What sort of memories?"

          "Memories I'm sure you didn't want anyone else to see.  Memories of Hogwarts – as a student and now." The Dark Lord paused dramatically, "Memories of your childhood perhaps?"

          Inhaling sharply, Snape frantically began to wonder which childhood memories Voldemort was talking about.  He avoided thinking about his early childhood years unless he absolutely had to, but it slowly dawned on Snape that there could only be one memory that Voldemort would find interest in.  There was one memory in particular that the dementors would quickly uncover and feast upon and the prospect of this memory being in Voldemort's hands made Snape cringe inwardly.

          "It has taken me many years to figure out what Severus Snape is truly afraid of.  To finally know what haunts your nightmares and make you tremble in fear.  I searched and questioned those who might have the slightest clue and was eventually rewarded with the confirmation of a few rumors regarding an unfortunate incident involving a young Snape in the countryside." Voldemort rose from his throne and began to idly circle the tense wizard at his feet. "You do not fear failure, or rejection, or even death.  Your greatest fear is not of werewolves or dementors or of me." He stopped and waited until those empty black eyes rose to meet his own.  The Dark Lord smiled, "I learned many interesting things from your unguarded memories my Severus.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered you are afraid of vampires.  Vampires!"

          A few of the Death Eaters chuckled.  Snape?  Afraid of vampires?  The dark arts prodigy who could list all the ways to fight or dispose of vampires and could list all the uses of vampire parts in potions was frightened by those same creatures?  Several shared amused glances, eager to find out the cause of this irony and see what their Lord planned to do with it.

          Snape, for his part, was not amused.  He had closed his eyes and sighed softly; the only outward signs of his emotional distress were his tightly pressed lips and paler than usual face.  Inside, however, he was filled with a terrible sense of foreboding and an overwhelming dread.  Taking a deep breath Snape summoned the last of his waning strength and prayed to Merlin that he would be able to survive whatever torment had been devised for him.

          Voldemort ignored the whispers of his Death Eaters and remained focused on Snape, red eyes sparkling in unholy glee.

          "Yes, you harbor a great fear of vampires – a fear that suddenly developed during your unpleasant childhood years.  You were only ten years old at the time of the attack, poor child.  Shall we show them the incident of which I speak Severus?"

          Snape barely suppressed a shudder and opened his eyes to glare at the Dark Lord.  He could not stop Voldemort if he wanted to reveal the source of his fear to the assembled Death Eaters and knew that was what the dark wizard was going to do when Voldemort smiled evilly.  He would humiliate him in front of everyone before delivering the fatal blow.  Although what that blow would be, Snape had not yet figured out.  So he waited anxiously as Voldemort reached into his robes and withdrew a small silver sphere.

          It was a Memory Orb - a portable pensieve designed to temporarily hold one memory and one memory only.  Snape stared at the swirling silver gas inside the glass orb and this time he could not hide his shiver.  He desperately wanted to leap up and knock the orb to the ground, shattering it and the memory within, but his weakened body would not respond.  Fear, long buried and ignored, bubbled up from the depths of his soul and Snape ruthlessly stomped it back down.  Now was not the time to panic, for Snape had the sneaking suspicion there would be time for that later.

          Tapping his wand against the Memory Orb Voldemort released the gas inside and directed it to play against a bare stone wall.  The gas floated up at his command and slowly coalesced into a startling clear picture.  Death Eaters stepped closer for a better view even as Snape cowered and looked away.

          "Pay attention my dear Severus.  I want you to relive this as well." Voldemort scolded and Snape felt an invisible hand grip his head and turn it until he was again facing the wall.  The magical hold would not let him turn away and forced him to watch the one childhood memory he had tried to forget.

          Lord Voldemort smirked at the traitor's obvious discomfort and waved his wand to begin the memory.  The picture on the wall began to move like it was a window into the past and Snape groaned quietly as he was compelled to watch his worst nightmare come to life.

          *To Be Continued*

Chapter 2 will be a flashback to this childhood memory and reveal why Snape is so afraid of vampires.  I would greatly appreciate it if you could please leave a little review telling me what you thought of this first chapter and if you would be interested in reading more!  Thanks!