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Lily gave her parents a hug before trudging through the barrier that led her to platform nine and three quarters. As she leaned into the barrier and appeared on the other side, her train of wavy red hair swished gracefully. Her emerald eyes sparkled as she spotted her fellow seventh year Gryffindors and best friends, Devonny and Veronica. Devonny had long, pin straight brown hair and bright blue eyes. She had a rail thin body, and smiled playfully as some boys walked by. Veronica Skyy, Lily's other BFF, had bright aqua eyes and long dirty blonde hair that was always up in a sloppy bun. She was average height, with an athletic build from playing quidditch. She was also known for a bit of a short temper. Her and Devonny were the only two American girls in Hogwarts.

"I missed you soo much Lily!" yelled Veronica as she pulled her friend into a tight, bone crushing hug.

"I missed you too. Can you please let me breath now?" gasped Lily as Veronica let her go.

"Sorry Lils." said Veronica, not realizing her own strength at times.

"Hey Lily." said Devonny as she stepped forward to give her friend a quick hug.

The girls began giggling and catching up on summer events as they boarded the Hogwarts Express and began to search for an empty compartment. Veronica pressed her face to the glass of the last compartment on the train. She smiled as she saw that it had two occupants had three occupants, James Potter, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin. James and Sirius were the two pranksters of the school,

"Who is in there?" asked Devonny as she stood on her tip toes to see clearly over Veronica's head.

"it looks like, ugh, Potter and his mates." said Lily as she squeezed her face next to Veronica's in the window.

"He isn't that bad." said Veronica as she turned sideways to look at Lily. As she did so, Devonny lost her balance and fell, pulling Veronica down to the floor with her. Lily lost her balance as well, and landed on top of Veronica.

"How lucky are we, Padfoot, to have three lovely damsels in distress lined up at our doorstep?" asked James. James had unruly black hair and playful brown eyes. He was quidditch seeker for Gryffindor house.

"The only distress I have is you being here." said Lily in a semi irritated way.

"But you don't really feel that way?" asked James as a hurt expression masked his usual grin.

"Don't be so sure." snapped Lily. She was beginning to get fed up with James for constantly annoying her and asking her out, since the fifth year.

"Well you can have the compartment, we have better things to do." smiled Sirius devilishly. He had long brownish black hair and sexy brown eyes. He was very fit looking.

"all right thanks." said Devonny as she walked in.

"Just don't get into to much trouble, ad please leave Snape alone." sighed Lily.

"Kind of a harsh proposal, but I will try to pull some strings." smiled James.

"Suave man language for, ÔSorry girl but no such luck, the stupid grease ball is too much fun to torture'." said Veronica matter of factly.

"Something like that." said Lupin.

"See you later than." said James as he winked at Lily. She scowled and walked into the compartment with Veronica.

"James potter is so annoying, and scarily persistent." said Lily. "Especially after someone who hates their guts."

"You know you don't hate him." said Devonny with a smile.

"Oh yes I do!" said Lily defensively.

"Whatever, it doesn't matter. just try not to let him got to you this year, Lils." said Veronica.

"Ok, I will be calm, cool and collected." said Lily cheerfully. Just then, there was a loud bang and hysterical laughing in the background. She poked her head out into the hallway, and her face turned red with anger.

"JAMES POTTER!" she screeched. There was a strange looking lawn gnome wiggling in the middle of the hallway. It was Severus Snape, the Maurader's favorite prank victim.

"She definitely went for the play it cool approach." said Devonny.

"What did I tell you about hexing him 5 minutes ago?" asked Lily in an irritated way.

"I don't remember." said James with a devilish smile.

"Well this year I am head girl and I won't tolerate any of your stupid pranks!" said Lily.

"So what I am head boy." smirked James.

"Dumbledore must've been high on crack when he made that decision." scoffed Veronica.

"I don't see you wearing the badge so be careful where you step. I can give you a detention little miss big mouth." said James mockingly. Veronica raised her eyebrow ironically, and she was about to reply, But Lily talked over her.

"How long will that curse you put on Snivelly last?" asked Lily.

"Don't fret Lil. He will sadly transform back into his sad, not to mention slimy, self any minute now." said Sirius.

Just as Sirius had predicted, the gnome started to shake and it grew taller until it assumed the form of Snape.

"Hey Snivelly." teased Dev.

"Hello...." he muttered inaudibly.

"Sorry Potter turned you into a garden dwelling freak. It was uncalled for." said Lily while shooting a death glare at James. Snape muttered and walked into a compartment.

"See you later at the feast." said Sirius as he winked at Veronica.

"Later." replied Veronica as the three girls walked back into the now empty compartment. They were just sitting around when there was a knock. The door opened and Tori Brummet and Adele Shine walked in. Tori was a blonde punkish teen with multiple piercings and blue streaked hair that matched her eyes. Adele had brown hair and red streaks and hazel eyes. These two were fellow Gryffindor 7th years, from England (Adele) and Canada (Tori). Both were friendly.

"What's cookin good lookins??" joked Tori.

"Nothin. How goes it Adele?" asked Veronica.

"It goes well, thanks. Mind if we sit?" asked Adele.

"Go ahead." said Devonny. The girls were soon engaged in a game of BS, the card game.

"Bullshit. I have all of the fours." said Veronica with a look of triumph.

"Darn." said Lily as she pulled the card pile towards her.

"So the cards don't blow up like exploding snap?" asked Tori.

"Nope. Good old muggle game." said Devonny as she put down a card.

"Did I hear muggle, as in second rate?" asked a cold voice. The cold voice belonged to the evil Slytherin, Lucius Malfoy. His blonde girlfriend Narcissia Black sneered at his side.

"Tu est un bete pampelmousse." said Tori.

"I know they speak French in that icebox you call Canada, but we usually speak English in this neck of the woods." said Malfoy.

"She called you a stupid grapefruit. Now leave before you get into trouble." said Adele.

"I am Head girl, and I think a detention is in order." said Lily cooly. Narcissia's sneering ceased.

"Well well. How convenient. You think you are so smart you mudblood." said Lucius angrily. WHAM! Veronica's fist was beating Malfoy's stomach.

"SO YOU THINK YOUR STUPID BLOOD MAKES YOU BETTER! WELL LETS SEE HOW PURE IT IS WHEN IT SPILLS ALL OVER THE GROUND!" screamed Veronica. Her aqua eyes flashed dangerously and she was struggling from Devonny and Tori's strong grip.

"That's what you all are. Filthy mudbloods." sneered Narcissia as she grabbed Malfoy and pulled him out of the compartment.

"LEGRAVARSE!" screeched Veronica as she managed to point her wand at Lucius. Blue light hit him in the back and he screamed in pain as he struggled down the corridor.

"Who hit prat boy with the Legravi curse?" asked a smiling Remus as he walked into the compartment. He had sandy brown hair and gray eyes that sparkled in the light.


"Lily gave the git a detention and he called us mudbloods." said Adele with a frown. "Then Veronica hexed him."

Veronica stopped struggling and her two friends let go of her, allowing her to drop onto the seat. "Well we sure showed him." smiled Veronica.


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