. A Story with No Name .

Pancakes and Phones

Summary - With the chaos of Buu far behind them, the Z warriors have settled down to their relatively normal lives. However, worries begin to surface and problems quickly follow. People suddenly go missing overnight, and others are found dead. Those still standing are at a loss for what happened, but Vegeta has a lead that will change everyone's lives. For the worst.

AN – This is my first dbz fic, and I've actually editted it and changed it quite a bit since I first started. Which is a good thing, I promise. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this as much as I've had writing it.

A new dawn sent forth its luscious light, stirring the humans that had rested so peacefully throughout the night. The warm, rich rays consumed the earth and fed its chilled hunger, instantly basking everything within its path with warmth and pleasant simplicity. Streams of pink and orange clouds stretched throughout the sky, bidding farewell to the night and welcoming the new dawn with open arms. Life began stirring, and the humans were now leaving the safety of their homes and sifting through traffic, crowds, and the massive buildings of metal that they considered moral.

These same golden rays spilt through the pale curtains that draped over the kitchen window of the Brief residence, instantly filling the room with the pale warmth of a new day. The lead woman of the household bustled around the kitchen to prepare her family's breakfast. Her husband, Dr. Briefs, renown for his inventions, sat at the table and peacefully consumed an omelet his wife had just made. He held a newspaper with his free hand, reading over the various articles whose topics revolved around Wall Street and the brewing tension between several distant countries. Just as he flicked the newspaper straight, his daughter casually walked into the room. She walked past her busy mother and took a plate that had previously been prepared.

"Hey Mom. Hey Dad."

With this, she carried her plate to her seat beside her father and sat down with her natural grace. Dr. Briefs didn't lift his eyes and casually bubbled out a reply.

"Morning dear..."

Her mother, as cheery as ever, fluttered happily at her daughter's greeting, and instantly abandoned her cooking to give her a loving hug.

"Why, good morning Bulma! Did you sleep well?"

Mrs. Briefs always had a tendency to care either too much or too little, and yet the way she said it always stayed the same. It was one of the biggest reasons Bulma hated her mother, but at the same time loved her. Bulma gave her a hug back, but with Bunny's question, Bulma's eyes shifted to a solemn aura. She sighed and looked back to her pankcake-laden plate, remembering how well her sleep wasn't. Vegeta had waken up, rather violently at that, and hurried off before she could stop him. By the time she had gotten out of bed, he had already disappeared and left her alone. It wasn't that nightmares like that were uncommon for the saiyan Prince, but the look on his face told her something was different about that dream.

"Mostly, except Vegeta woke me up in the middle of the night. It was probably just a nightmare, but I'm worried. He acted funny, and I haven't seen him since…"

Bunny had already continued cooking, but with Bulma's reply, she laughed for a moment and turned her head to see her daughter. She nodded quiantly.

"Yes, he was acting strangely earlier this morning."

Bulma straightened up at her mother's response.

"What? You saw him? When? What was he doing?"

Mrs. Briefs pivoted on her heels to face Bulma and tilted her head in thought.

"I saw him a few hours ago. He seemed a little shaken, so I was going to make him an early breakfast to make him feel better. But, of course that boy was too excited to stay long enough for me to make him anything."

Bulma looked down to her food, concern washing over her again with the new information.

"What was he doing? Where did he go?"

Bunny placed her hand underneath her pale chin and rested her head as she thought up a reply.

"Hm…well, I think he went outside. Haven't seen him since, though. Sorry Dear, but maybe he just went out for a walk."

Mrs. Briefs spoke with a cheery, carefree tone that had irritated Bulma on so many occasions. Bulma sighed, a bit agitated with her mother's lack of knowledge, but she brushed it aside and looked towards the window. Bunny's ever-cheery voice chimmed in.

"Bulma, don't you worry about him. He'll get hungry and come in eventually."

Bunny turned back to her cooking, and Bulma simply nodded softly to herself and turned her attention back to breakfast. Then, almost as though on cue, Vegeta entered the room with a silence that had become one of his most recognizable characteristics. After grabbing a few plates, he made his way to the table, as graceful as ever, and sat down dutifully. Bulma glared daggers into the side of his face as he was moving, but he didn't seem to take notice and calmly began eating his meal. Bulma's impatience grew with his 'cold shoulder' treatment, and she snapped at him.


Her beautiful blue eyes had captured a look that could terrorize children, and she folded her arms as she waited for some sort of acknowledgment. Her hopes were dashed when he grunted indifferently and replied boredly.

"Well what?"

Her rage began to boil at his indifference, all her concern having gotten her riled up.

"You know what! Where did you go?"

He calmly lifted his gaze from his food, and his composure only irritated her further.

"Why would that matter?"

"It matters because I have to know if I'll be visited by an angry mob today."

He laughed and shook his head calmly, speaking with a slightly higher tone then before.

"Well, no worries about all that. All I did was take a little walk around the city."

"Which is exactly what I'm afraid of."

Mrs. Briefs suddenly placed a few more dishes of food before the Saiyan.

"Thank you."

Bunny giggled gaily and nodded

"You're so very welcome! Sweety, you really shouldn't overreact like that. He's such a polite young man, why would he lie?"

With this statement, Vegeta smiled politely, and rather flagrantly, and shook his head softly.

"I'm just being polite, I thought that was customary?"

Bunny giggled again and waved a hand at Vegeta.

"See? He's too nice of a man to be lying, so if he says that all he did was take a walk, then I'm sure that's all he did."

He smiled politely up to Bulma's mother again, and she promptly returned to her cooking. The second Bunny's back was turned, he flicked his gaze to Bulma and morphed his sweet, gentile smile into a triumphant grin. Bulma glowered darkly at the manipulative Prince, yet his demoting smile stayed unchanged. She rolled her eyes and continued eating. She didn't even really care where he had gone. She had just hoped that he would answer, and that maybe she would figure out what was wrong.

Dr. Briefs stood and picked up his plate. He carried it monotonously to the sink and washed it off quickly, but before he left the kitchen, he paused by his wife and gave her a thankful hug from behind and a quick smooch on the check. Vegeta and Bulma sat in silence at the table when the phone suddenly rang and interrupted the quiet. Vegeta grumbled in irritation, yet he ignored it and continued eating. Bulma watched him for a few seconds, but when another note pierced the air, she moaned at his laziness and quickly dashed to the phone.She plucked the reciever from its place.



"Oh! Hey Chi! Didn't think you'd call, but I'm glad you did. Just a second, let me go upstairs and we-"

She was about to hang up the phone up when she suddenly stopped, obviously listening to what Chi-chi was saying. When she finally finished with whatever she was saying, Bulma smiled and cried out.

"Really? My gosh, Chi! We think so alike! How about…oh, say ten-ish? It's eight-thirty right now, so maybe you can get Goku and Goten over here by then."

She then burst into laughter at Chi-chi's reply and nodded to herself. After a few short words, she bid a quick adieu to her friend and swiftly returned the receiver to its home. She turned to Vegeta with a devilish smirk resting upon her face and folded her arms arrogantly across her chest.

"Guess what, Vegeta?"

Of course, he did nothing but grunt in reply to her pointless inquiry. Nonetheless, she continued, knowing well that the information she had would certainly piss him off. To ensure the torture had its greatest effect, she slowed her speech and raised her voice.

"Well, Vegeta, Chi-Chi just gave me a brilliant idea. Do you know what it is?"

She paused, hoping to irk him by taking so long to speak, but instead he stayed silent.

"…well, she suggested we had some sort of get-together. We haven't seen each other ever since that whole ordeal with Buu, and I miss everyone. So, since my place is much bigger…"

At this, Vegeta rolled his eyes because he knew what she was insinuating. However, he didn't make a grunt or moan of dissatisfaction like he normally would have, but either way, she continued on.

"I suggested that everyone should come here. And they will. So could you make a bunch of hotdogs and hamburgers for everyone Mom? We'll need a lot."

Bunny laughed lightly and nodded. She had just finished cooking the last pancake and lathered it in butter and warm syrup. She placed it aside for whenever Trunks woke up and turned to face Bulma.

"Alright. I'll have them ready by noon, is that fine Bulma-sweety?"

Bulma nodded.

"That'll be perfect, Mom. Thanks loads."

With that matter resolved, she quickly returned to her breakfast in hopes that it hadn't gotten cold. She glanced at Vegeta out of the corner of her eye, noticing that he didn't seem the least bit angry like she thought. He hated get-togethers like these, and yet he didn't seem to mind so much this time. She couldn't help but feel a small twinge in the back of her head that something must be wrong. However, she shook her head softly, and convinced herself that he was just edgy because of his dream earlier that morning.

She smiled.

Yes. It was only because of a dream.