. A Story with No Name .

Sweet Meeting

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From the first night when the girls were discovered missing, a total of three weeks and six days had passed. Nearly a month traveling in the depths of space, constantly worrying over whether or not their quest would end in vain. The two boys had so much pent up energy that they would break into fits of giggles at the smallest thing, and it was obvious that the four older beings were lingering a little too close to insanity's edge. However, on the sixth day, Vegeta suddenly appeared from the depths of the control room. Compared to Goku and Krillin, he seemed much better off (seeming not so brain-dead from long hours of simply staring at the wall). Goku sat up when Vegeta walked in and watched him curiously.

"What's up, Vegeta?"

Vegeta glanced towards Goku and couldn't help but smile.

"We are about to make contact with the ship the girls are in. I've already set up preparations for port."

Krillin jumped to his feet, obviously overwhelmed with joy.

"Are you serious? You mean, we can finally go back home?"

The boys watched the grown-ups curiously, not sure what to think of the situation. However, when Krillin exploded with joy at the thought of going home, the two jumped to their feet. Goten ran up to Vegeta and laughed.

"Are you for real, Uncle Veggie-boy? We're gonna go home, and Momma's coming with us!"

He cheered and turned to Trunks who laughed and nodded.

"The first thing I'm gonna do when I get back is finish that new video game."

Goten nodded vigorously.

"And eat a gallon of ice cream!"

"And watch TV!"

"And eat 10 boxes of cookies!"

"Yeah, and then we can–"

"Damn it, Boy. Hush!"

Vegeta's harsh words silenced the easily excitable duo, and they timidly turned their attention to him.

"Look, just sit there for a moment and wait. I need to complete the final sequences."

The boys grinned and nodded obediently, ecstatic with the news. Goku smiled up at Vegeta.

"So our little space trip is over?"

Vegeta allowed his eyes to fall down upon Goku. He paused at the question, recalling how Nappa had expressed his wishes to speak with him. What ever it was, Vegeta could tell it wasn't good. However, he thought it would be best not to worry the others with it, and Vegeta nodded.

"Besides the trip back."

Goku's lips flew into an even wider smile as Vegeta quickly turned away and walked back into the control room. Krillin grinned and looked to Goku, who in turn looking to him.

"So we finally found um."

Goku nodded.

"Told you we would."

Krillin nodded, his smile still strong.

"Yeah, you did."

Goku poked Krillin in the side and softened his voice.

"You still think Vegeta's using us?"

Krillin chuckled and shook his head.

"Not ever since seeing Bulma and all them yesterday. And seeing Nappa alive proves that what he said back on Earth was true. I still have a funny feeling though…like he's got something else in mind."

Goku grinned and shook his head softly when a soft click and the sound of gears suddenly hummed near the door. All eyes drew towards it curiously when Vegeta appeared once more. He walked towards the door, causing the other five to start, and he pulled the door open to reveal a small, crude tunnel that led a small distance to yet another door. They quickly covered the distance and once they were before the door, Vegeta pushed a button on the side of the metallic frame that caused the final obstacle to pull away.

The group walked in quickly and the door shut behind them. Before them was a group of people lounging around a collection of chairs and couches. They all started abruptly and every single person jumped to their feet at the unexpected visit. Rick and Korta instantly set into a defensives stance, yet both froze as their eyes captured the identity of the group.

Bulma and Chi-chi screamed and flung themselves at the group. The two mothers fell to their knees before their children and readily embraced their sons. Chi-chi squeezed her youngest son tightly, nearly crying through her joy. Goten warmly returned her embrace.

"Oh, Goten! My Baby, you're alright!"

He laughed to himself and hugged her tighter.

"You were the one kidnapped Momma, not me!"

At this, Chi-chi's wails of joy strengthened, as did her hold upon her selfless child. Meanwhile, Bulma wrapped her arms around Trunks. At her sudden show of affection, he stiffened up and tried to pull away.

"Aw, Mom…come on. You're embarrassing me…"

She pulled back and smacked him upside the head.

"Trunks, I'm your mother. Give me a hug! I haven't seen you in a month!"

Vegeta and Goku watched their wives with pleasant smiles resting upon their faces. Piccolo had quickly skimmed the group until finally spotting Gohan standing, still dazed with surprise, next to Sarmock. He nodded a greeting and Gohan instantly relaxed and threw the old Namek a smile. Krillin ran up to 18, overwhelmed with joy, and threw his arms around her in a loving embrace. She blinked, surprised at first, but his strong hold caused her to smile. She knelt down and returned his desperate hold. When she did so, Krillin instantly planted a longing kiss upon her lips, eyes closed tightly as he showed her how much he had missed her. He had lived so long without her, and his worry had burned away his soul. Now she was in his arms again, and he wasn't about to let go anytime soon.

The three warriors stood in silence, bewildered by the sudden explosion of emotion. Sam and Rick couldn't pull their eyes away from Goku, entranced with the same fascination that one may have when meeting a godly creature after years of reverent worship.

Bulma pulled away from her son finally and stood, walking over to Vegeta. She smiled at him as he turned his head to glance at her for only a fleeting moment. Any watching would have thought his sudden stiffness and cold demeanor meant that he found a high disgust in her presence, but Bulma knew he had missed her even more then she had missed him. When he had glanced at her, their eyes had lingered together for a moment, and she could see the joy and love that lingered in his eyes. He seemed, to her alone, so happy at simply knowing that she was safe and tangible. She knew he had spent days without sleep due to his worry. He was like that. Paranoid to a point where it interfered with everyday life, yet he never admitted to it and was very secretive about it.

Goku smiled at Gohan and waved, receiving a warm smile and a nod in return. Chi-chi finally unleashed her death-hold on Goten and walked up to Goku. A smile glistened gently on her face and Goku opened his arms to receive her. She leaned in and he held her for a long moment.

"Oh, Goku…"

He smiled, resting his head on hers, when he suddenly noticed that a small collection of strangers wouldn't stop staring at him. He looked up curiously and blinked.


Sarmock withdrew, but quickly took a few steps towards him.

"Are you…really Kakarot?"

Goku nodded curiously.

"Yeah, but call me Goku."

Sarmock blinked, but quickly nodded.

"Of course, whatever you wish."

Goku stared at him for a moment before Chi-chi pulled away. He smiled down at her and scratched the back of his head.

"So, how have you guys been?"

Bulma looked to Goku and smiled.

"Better off then you guys, I'd bet. I feel sorry for Piccolo."

Goku grinned a cheesy smile and scratched the back of his head again.

"Aw, now why you say that?"

Bulma laughed.

"Why? Because he just spent the past month in a little ship with you, Krillin, Vegeta, and the boys. I can only begin to imagine what sort of crazy stuff you five got into."

Goku laughed.

"Aw…I see how much you love me. What about these guys? You didn't introduce us last time."

Bulma glanced over her shoulder.

"That's Takirhare, and those three are Sarmock, Rickaron, and Korta. They all helped save us."

Goku smiled towards the four and nodded.

"Uh…thanks, I guess."

Rick walked right up to Goku.

"No problem. So, Goku was it?"

Goku nodded, watching Rick curiously.


"So, you got in with Chi?"

Goku raised an innocent eyebrow.

"Yeah, so?"

Rick laughed and pat Goku's shoulders.

"How'd you get into that pair of skin-tight pants?"

Goku blushed furiously at the comment, which caused Rick to laugh even harder. He beat Goku's shoulders in a friendly manner and grinned.

"Aw, lighten up. She's just so finicky, I don't see it happening."

Goku's blush stayed strong with the thought of 'getting in her pants', but Krillin soon walked over and poked Rick's leg, trying to help his long-time friend. Rick looked down at the up-turned face, and instantly exploded into a fit of adoring laughter.

"Holy shit! Hey Tak! TAK!"

He dropped to his knees as she rolled her eyes.

"What the hell you want Rickaron? And don't yell. I'm right here."

"Get over here! You won't believe this!"

She leaned to one side in order to glance towards Rick.

"What? What is…"

Her eyes fell onto Krillin and she gasped suddenly. She ran up to Rick and pushed him out of the way, kneeling down and looking at Krillin. The bald man glared indignantly at the unintentional offense she had made, but he couldn't stay angry upon seeing the look of adoration that donned the woman's eyes. Of course, it wasn't as though he was the kind of guy to stay angry at a beautiful face either.


"Say something cute!"

Krillin blinked and glanced towards Goku, who just shrugged. Krillin looked back to Tak and stepped away from her.

"Look, I donno what your deal is, but stop. It's degrading…"

She blinked, watching him confusedly for a moment.

"But you're cute. Just say something that's completely adorable, and I'll leave you alone."

He glared indignantly.

"I'm not cute. I'm hot and irresistibly sexy."

She exploded into laughter and clapped her hands together.

"Oh my god!"

She leaned forward and gave him a hug, making extra sure to puff out her chest for the desired effect (for a reason he didn't understand), and giggled.

"You're so adorable! Just like they say."

She stood up, leaving a bewildered Krillin staring at her in confusion. Tak glanced towards 18 and threw her a playful glare.

"Lucky. You got the best guy."

18 gave her a dead serious look.

"I know."

Tak couldn't help but laugh at the seriousness the other woman had. She suddenly turned on her heels to face Rick.

"Damn. Maybe we should move to Earth. I might be able to find that Prince Paza guy and fall madly in love with him. What you think?"

The two laughed at the joke that none of the Earthlings understood, until Bulma straightened up upon remembering something. She walked towards a hallway, seeming to completely ignore the fact that others were present. Tak and Rick watched her go, and stood to follow her curiously. Chi-chi and 18 watched them leave, glanced at one another, and joined Tak and Rick. The rest watched and soon followed, obviously not sure what they should do. Bulma had unconsciously led the majority of the ship to where Nappa was sitting in the hallway sleeping. She kicked him lightly in the leg, and in response he grunted and groggily looked up at her.


He soon recognized her and straightened up, pushing aside his drowsiness.

"Ma'am! What is it?"

She grinned playfully.

"Guess who showed up?"

He blinked and looked behind her to see a much larger group then what had previously resided on the ship. He instantly jumped to his feet and stared towards the new people. He easily recognized Goku and Piccolo, and he blinked in confusion. It suddenly clicked, and he quickly glanced about the faces and caught sight of the one he sought.

"Prince Vegeta, Sir."

Any who stood in front of Vegeta moved to allow the two a perfect view of one another. The group that had been on the ship were more than eager to discover how the two would react upon seeing one another after so long. They had gathered that Nappa thought highly of Vegeta, even after being murdered by the younger man. They didn't know what to expect. Some fantasized a warm, heartfelt reunion, while others thought of a more realistically cold one. None, however, were ready for what actually happened.

Nappa straightened up and took a step towards Vegeta, still not believing that fact that he was alive and well. His eyes were wide with the light of hope and undying love.

And there Vegeta stood. Before him as real as the ground beneath his feet, yet…

Nappa narrowed his eyes suddenly, the previously cheery air dying instantly.

It wasn't him.

It looked like him, but it wasn't the same man he had known all those years ago. This man wasn't the child he watched grow under Frieza's clutches. Nappa's eyes narrowed the slightest touch as true sorrow engulfed his mind.

His elegance was lost. His old, true pride, gone. The sight sliced through his soul, simply at seeing this shell of what used to be his cherished Prince. Vegeta had lost his devilish gaze, his glamour, his magnificence, his vigor. The fire within his eyes had been smothered, the vivacity of his spirit dampened eternally with a dark cloud. Even under Frieza, Vegeta had always kept that spark of perfection, of regality, of supremacy. He never allowed himself to loose that flame, but those eyes of ebony were simply empty. No fire, no cruelty, no hatred, not even his natural prowess flickered within those dead, black orbs.

What happened?

That single question blinded his psyche, its need to be answered too great to be ignored. Nappa's mouth fell agape the smallest measure due to his shock and confusion. Vegeta folded his arms expectantly, and Nappa bit his inner lip. Even the way he carried himself was different. The bald warrior drew his gaze quickly to the floor due to the burning paranoia that seeped over his soul. Vegeta narrowed his eyes as he watched Nappa's actions and growled harshly.

"What the hell is your problem?"

That was it. Nappa's eyes closed tightly, scrunching his face in the futile effort to close out the reality that tortured his heart. Vegeta's voice was cold, only cold. Yet deep within it's rugged vibrations, it held a queer softness as well.


No, no no no no! This couldn't have happened! The fear began to consume him, and he struggled with himself to keep face before this stranger that now stood before him. He drew a deep breath and reopened his now saddened eyes. He almost seemed as though he were about to shed tears, yet he easily kept his sorrow at bay.

"…nothing, Sir."

His voice barely dragged itself from the depths of his barrel-like chest, and its weakness was all-too obvious to those watching this confrontation. He met with Vegeta's eyes, staring straight into the dark abyss that now ruled the prince's psyche. It was so empty…lacking in so much of the sole power that kept him alive all those years ago. Nappa's eyes narrowed once more in sadness, noticing how bare his use of recognition felt, yet brushed it aside when he felt no anger resonating from the prince.


Vegeta's voice had that queer, background softness in it again, and Nappa winced unconsciously. That softness, Nappa knew, didn't emerge from Vegeta seeing him after all these years, but from a much deeper change.

Of mind, Nappa guessed.

…No, not of mind…

Of heart.

Nappa's eyes regained their usual strength and he narrowed his eyes the slightest measure as the thought entered his mind. He closed his eyes and clicked his heels weakly. He drew his hand across his chest and dipped his torso so his eyes graced the ground.

"Aye, nothing. Please excuse me, Sir."

With that, he turned with the same punctuality he had always presented to his prince, and quickly walked away, turning around a corner before any could oppose his departure.

He stopped and leaned heavily against the wall, slowly sliding down to sit with his knees bent before him. He rested his arms on his knees and dipped his chin to his chest.

What could have happened? Why was he so different? Where was his Prince…?

Nappa closed his eyes and rubbed his temples with a heavy hand. That man couldn't have been the same child he watched grow in a world of oppression. That man couldn't have been the same rebellious teen who snickered at Frieza's follies and pulled prank after horrendous prank, even while knowing the consequences. This man couldn't have been that same boy who never completely accepted his fate, and always stayed steadfast to the damn legend of the Super Saiyan. This man was not the same young man who led attacks with that queer light sparkling within his eyes. This man was not the same person who had held so much pride that he would have rather died a thousand times then voluntarily look away from another creature who made eye contact with him.

No, this was someone else entirely.

There was no cruel amusement, no glistening pride, no recognition towards his power and heritage, nothing.

Nappa furrowed his brows and dipped his head further, taking no heed to a single tear that slid down his thick face.

Vegeta no longer had that beautifully enigmatic mindset of some artistic soul; he no longer held the creativity that fueled his missions. The once darkly fascinating mind had now worn down, so much so that he no longer resembled the pride and peak of the Saiyan blood. He was…


Nappa's eyes scrunched tightly as his wandering hand finally supported his head from falling in despair.

Just when he need him the most, his old Prince no longer recognized that deathly important title. Perfect. Just perfect. Just when he thought everything was going to finally work in their favor, Vegeta had to go and change on him.



Everyone blinked in confusion at the awkward situation, and a few glanced back to Vegeta curiously, expecting for him to be just as confused. However, Vegeta had a sad look resting on his cold face, almost in a piteous air that felt guilt in Nappa's actions. Krillin blinked and finally spoke the question that all wondered, yet none dared ask.

"So, what the heck is with you guys? First you're just partners, then you guys were just stuck with each other, then you guys are friends, and now you guys are acting like nervous ex's. I don't get it."

Vegeta 'hmphed' and looked at the ground. He barely spoke out to answer the shorter man's question.

"I've never known."

With that, he walked after the massive warrior and turned around the corner out of sight. The group stood in silence for a moment and glanced about each other, not quite sure what to do. Takirhare, however, tapped those around her and started walking back into the main area of the ship. Once they regained a semi-comfortable position, Goku looked to Tak for answers.

"Do you know?"

She stretched calmly in her chair and looked at Goku.

"Know what?"

He glanced at the hallway and back to her.

"What the deal is with those two. Vegeta killed Nappa without a second thought. I thought they didn't like each other."

Tak smiled and shrugged.

"And what makes you think I'd know?"

Goku shrugged.

"I donno, you just seem like you know him a little better then anyone else."

She blinked, shocked for a moment until he scratched a small itch on his chest, making his gi shift and drawing her attention to it. She regained a smile and nodded, more to herself then anyone else.

"Well, you've got a good eye then. I know Nappa's been real anxious about finding Vegeta. He's definitely missed the guy, but he seems kinda worried about something too. He hasn't told me what, though."

Bulma blinked.


Tak strengthened her smile.

"I don't see why, but Der Nappa loves Prince Vegeta like a father would a son. He doesn't have a reason though, from what I've heard."

She glanced back over her shoulders at the hallway.

"But whatever the reason, it goes real deep. So deep that Der Nappa didn't care about Vegeta killing him. Instead, he told me that he was sad on Prince Vegeta's behalf. Something weird about being able to leave while Prince Vegeta would have to stay. I don't know, Saiyans are weird. Let alone the high-ranked ones."

She laughed softly and shook her head.

"I donno, but whatever it is, it stemmed from Frieza's ship. Maybe…20 years ago, if I were to guess. Nappa talks a lot, but he hardly says a word about that."

She shrugged.

"You'd probably have to dig around the mobile base to get anything."

Goku blinked and nodded thoughtfully, yet suddenly flashed as mile and leaned back. At his relaxation, the Earth group relaxed as well, settling down comfortably within the company of strangers.

"So, what happened with you guys?"

Bulma smiled at her oldest friend.

"A lot. It all started when…"

And so the group shared their own tales, enlightening one another as to what they had gone through during the past month.


Vegeta found Nappa sitting on the floor. He knelt down in front of Nappa, yet he stayed silent as he watched his oldest companion. It was quiet for a long time until Nappa sniffed deeply and looked up at his Prince.

"Why'd you change?"

His voice was so sad, and definitely didn't seem as though it came from a grown man. Vegeta sighed and sat down, leaning against the wall opposite of Nappa. He bent his knees and rested his arms on them tiredly.

"I've been through a lot more then you'd think."

Nappa tipped his chin towards his massive chest.

"You're different."

Vegeta closed his eyes.

"I know."

"But how? You were always such a stick in the mud. Why'd you up and change like that?"

Vegeta looked up calmly at the bald titan before him.

"Well, I did, and there's no changing anything about it now."

Nappa blinked at the uncharacteristic remark, and he leaned forward suspiciously.

"What the hell?"

Vegeta sent him a weak glare, yet suddenly turned his attention to the doorway that led back into the main part of the ship. Nappa noticed this and knew what he was insinuating, and as Vegeta turned his head back to Nappa, the taller man nodded absently.

"Huh…so the girly, huh?"

Vegeta's eye twitched unconsciously at the phrase, yet he ignored it and simply nodded in reply. Nappa laughed.

"Damn, you musta been going through Hell to have fallen like that again."

Vegeta's gaze darkened and he narrowed his eyes in anger.

"Well, if you didn't know, Kakarot was the one who defeated Frieza, not me."

Nappa blinked, then chuckled softly and shook his head.

"Well, that doesn't mean he was the Super Saiyan, now does it?"

Vegeta gave Nappa a look that proved him otherwise. At this, Nappa blinked in confusion, and upon seeing this, Vegeta explained.

"The Super Saiyan changes physically. He bears golden hair and eyes of turquoise."

Nappa straightened up in surprise.

"Woah, you mean you like, transform?"

Vegeta nodded and Nappa looked towards the main area.

"So, why's he like that then?"

Vegeta sighed.

"If you don't destroy yourself it seems as though you can control it like you would your power. You know, like I did."

Nappa nodded thoughtfully.

"So he changes in a fight?"

Vegeta nodded curtly.


Nappa blinked.

"Huh…I'd love to see that."

Vegeta's eyes twitched calmly in mild anger at the thought, but he doused his anger for the sake of his past guardian. Nappa focused back onto Vegeta.

"Man, that musta sucked."

Vegeta coolly glared at the bulkier man.


Nappa chuckled softly.

"Aw, don't get sarcastic on me now."

Vegeta grinned.

"Sorry, can't help it."

Nappa chuckled and kicked Vegeta's foot idly.

"You're still a fucking brat. Thought you'd grow up."

Vegeta just strengthened his grin.

"You always expected too much."

Nappa smiled a huge grin when Vegeta looked up to him.

"You…had something you need to tell me?"

Nappa perked up, remembering at Vegeta's question.

"Oh, yeah!"

His gaze then darkened and he diverted his gaze to the ground.


Nappa sighed and looked straight into Vegeta's eyes.

"Well, I probably don't need to tell you, you're so dang smart."

Vegeta narrowed his eyes in apathetic warning.

"What? That Frieza's alive?"

Nappa shook his head without once removing his gaze.

"No. You're father is."

Vegeta's eyes widened the slightest measure as he stared back at the old guard, eagerly awaiting details.

"Is he, now?"

Nappa nodded.

"Yep. Well and kicking."

Vegeta diverted his gaze thoughtfully to the ground.

"So…his subjects?"

"Have returned as well."

Vegeta narrowed his dark eyes.

"And the planet?"

"Good as new. Or, at least, only two years have passed since Frieza blew the crap outta it."

Vegeta looked up.

"Two universal years?"

Nappa nodded and in his reply, Vegeta narrowed his eyes and snapped his head downwards.

"What else?"

Nappa shrugged.

"Well, any Saiyan that's died since then has been brought back too."

Vegeta snapped his head up in pure shock.

"All of them?"

Nappa nodded.

"Every last one."

Vegeta narrowed his eyes thoughtfully. He suddenly smiled and shook his head, changing the subject as though they had only just been talking about the weather.

"How'd you do it?"

Nappa blinked, not understanding what had caused his sudden mood change.

"Do what?"

Vegeta looked at him again.

"Keep those freaks in line."

Nappa blinked.

"You mean Gohan and the girlies?"

Vegeta nodded and Nappa just stared at him.

"They weren't trouble at all. Why you say that?"

"I was more questioning how you were able to convince Kakarot's insane mate that you wouldn't hurt her baby boy."

Nappa laughed at that and nodded.

"Yeah, she is kinda crazy, ain't she? I mean, she's a good woman, cares 'bout her family and all. Great cook too. But crazy as fucking hell."

He chuckled and Vegeta nodded in agreement.

"Yes, good wife. Bad purging partner."

Nappa smiled and nodded.

"At least you still remember that."

Vegeta closed his eyes as Nappa straightened up. Vegeta quickly reopened his eyes and watched Nappa carefully.

"I am supposing that is all you wanted?"

Nappa froze and stared at Vegeta.

"Uh…not really…"

Vegeta waved his hand for Nappa to continue.

"Uh…well, it's just that, ever since it was restored, Planet Vegeta's been in an uproar. You know, people keep looking at King Vegeta and they're blaming him for what happened. Nearly every village is against King Vegeta since he gave in to Lord Frieza's demands. There are rebel groups all over the place hiding in the jungles and stuff. There's mass chaos about to break out, and you know what it is they call for?"

Vegeta had been watching the ground thoughtfully all the while as Nappa paused at his question. Vegeta stayed silent, as he should have expected, and so Nappa continued.

"They're calling for you, Sire. They say that you've earned the throne since you were forced into Frieza's army at such a young age. They say you are the rightful keeper of the throne because they think you defeated Frieza."

Vegeta looked up slowly, shocked and appalled at the information.

"What? But, why?"

Nappa shrugged.

"Hell, that's what I thought till you told me different."

"But why? I was in hell right before he died! What the hell makes them think I did it? I thought the whole damn universe was worshiping the almighty Orange Angel for that reason."

Nappa shrugged lightly again, trying to ignore the cold sarcasm in Vegeta last statement.

"I donno. I think they all know the truth, but in their minds, you were their savior, not him. I donno, maybe one of the higher-ups in the media were part of one of the rebel groups and wanted to glorify your image."

Vegeta sighed and sent a troubled glare to the ground.

"I'm supposing that you wish for me to return, then? To a land I hardly remember? And rule it as though I had lived there my whole life?"

Nappa nodded.

"It's in your blood. You were born to be–"

"The Prince of all Saiyans. I know. I've told myself that a million times when the only Saiyan alive, other than myself, was some dim witted, amnesiatic fool who could kick my ass from dawn until dusk. Yes. I know who I am."

Nappa recoiled at the sudden explosion. His eyes softened and he looked to the ground.

"No one seems to recognize the fact that Kakarot even exists."

He stopped dead, remembering how untrue that statement had been. He snapped his eyes up to Vegeta, hoping that he wouldn't notice, and to his relief, Vegeta continued on as though he didn't notice Nappa's fear.

"Look. I could care less what everyone else thinks. I know that Kakarot is the stronger. It's just not proper for me to assume the throne when I am not the strongest Saiyan alive."

Nappa still felt uneasy about the situation, and he diverted his gaze to the ground.

"Prince Vegeta…just, trust me. You've got the royal bloodline, the strength, the prowess. He doesn't. All he's got is power, and I can tell he would go crazy if he was put in a high position like that. Ask anyone on the planet, and I swear by my honor that they'd rather see you in there then some third class freak-show."

Vegeta sighed again and shook his head thoughtfully.

"I can't just leave with you. If you didn't notice, I've sort of…settled down."

Nappa shrugged.

"Bring um with you."

Vegeta scoffed bitterly, almost as thought the fact troubled him just as much as his present situation.

"They wouldn't be happy there."

Nappa sighed and studied his fingers for a moment before replying.

"Well, you need to at least come back and do something about the government. Lord Vegeta has no power over the people anymore, and hardly any of his subjects respect him. The rebel groups are attacking Banata night and day, killing everyone, even if they are on their side."

Vegeta shot a defensive glare towards the bald warrior.

"And what the hell am I supposed to do about it? Blow the rebellious bastards to Hell and leave? It doesn't work like that."

"Well, you could impregnate a girly so the royal line is continued. Then, just stay around for a few years or something so that you can get everything set up for the next king. Then you can go back to Earth and stay there for the rest of your life. That's what they want more then anything, Sir."

Vegeta narrowed his eyes.

"You've gotta be kidding me."

Nappa deadpanned him.

"What's the problem now?"

Vegeta rumbled.

"Bulma wouldn't have it."

Nappa stared at Vegeta.

"What, does she rule you now?"

Vegeta grinned and looked at him.

"Of course she does. On Earth, the women dominate."

Nappa's eyes widened.

"Do they really?"

Vegeta nodded.

"Of course. Just look at Bulma and Chi-chi. Bold and demanding. Free spirited and willful. Most of Earth's women are like that."

Nappa's eyes were wide and he slowly blinked.

"That's scary…"

Nappa suddenly grinned a massive smile and started laughing.

"But hot as Hell. I'll have to go back with you."

He kept laughing until Vegeta leaned forward and punched Nappa in the leg.

"Oh, hush it."

Nappa chuckled softly and nodded respectfully.

"Yes Sir. Forgive me."

Vegeta sighed.

"So, you…believe that will work."

Nappa nodded and Vegeta continued.

"You think I'd be able to…work the role?"

Nappa laughed.

"It's like riding a bike, Sire. You never forget. You think you do, and you act like you do, but once you get back on the seat, you're riding like a pro again."

Vegeta looked at the ground.

"I've forgotten a lot of things."

Nappa shrugged.

"You can relearn anything you forgot."

Vegeta narrowed his eyes in thought.

"I wouldn't have to stay?"

"Not unless you didn't want too."

Vegeta narrowed his eyes.

"So…I only have to stay a few years?"

Nappa nodded.

"Max of 5, I'd gather."

Vegeta nodded curtly.

"All right. I'll go and steady things out. Once everything cools down, I'm gone and no one bothers me or the Planet Earth unless it is under extreme circumstances."

Nappa couldn't help but chuckle and nod as Vegeta continued.

"I plan to go alone, and you will escort everyone back to Earth personally."

Nappa stopped his amused chuckles and straightened up.

"But Sir! I'm your body guard, and if you return to the planet, I'll need to be there."

Never narrowed his eyes.

"Oh? Well, I am your superior and I find that your presence will be most beneficial if you accompany the Earthlings back from whence they came."

Nappa narrowed his eyes.

"But…maybe they wanna go."

Vegeta raised an eyebrow.

"Why the hell would they want to go to my home planet?"

Nappa shrugged.

"They're already this far out."

Vegeta narrowed his eyes.

"Whatever. Let's just tell them our plans and get this over with."

Nappa nodded and stood, waiting for Vegeta to rise. Vegeta stood smoothly, yet reluctantly, and walked towards the main area. He walked gracefully through the frame as Nappa followed, having to duck slightly in order to travel unharmed through the doorway. Goku looked back and smiled upon seeing Vegeta.

"Hey, Vegeta."

Vegeta sent him a mild glare and folded his arms, coming to stand before the group.

"Look. I'm going to take care of a bit of unfinished business. Nappa shall escort the lot of you back to Planet Earth."

Goku raised an eyebrow.

"You're leaving? When are you coming back?"

Vegeta shrugged absently.

"A few years."

Bulma spun around to face him completely, having only turned her head around to watch him.

"A few years!"

Vegeta glared at her.

"Yes, a few years. It's not like it's the end of the world."

"Well maybe it is for me! How do I know you'll come back?"

Vegeta darkened his glare and snarled.

"Why don't you try trusting me for once in your god-forsaken life?"

She laughed sarcastically.

"Oh yeah. Trust you. Don't make me laugh, Vegeta!"

Vegeta glared and was about to continue the little bout when Goku turned halfway in his chair.

"Hey, guys. Come on, stop fighting. Ok, if you have to leave, go ahead. But why? What's up?"

Vegeta shot Goku a nasty glare and his lips twitched in anger.

"It's none of your business. I'll deal with it and I don't want you slowing me down. I–"

"Lord Vegeta!"

A voice called out from the ships control room and all eyes turned to its source. Nappa blinked.

"What is it, Baren?"

"Get up here, both of you. It's General Jarick from Planet Vegeta. He's wondering where Lord Vegeta is and why you–"

Vegeta suddenly wailed fearfully to stop whatever else the shiper was going to say, and he quickly turned to the control room. Of course, Nappa followed, curious as to what the matter was. Bulma shot Vegeta's back a deep glare as she turned back around in her seat and folded her arms indignantly across her chest. Krillin blinked, yet quickly turned his attention to Bulma.

"Heh, so anyway. Yeah, after Vegeta scared the crap outta that poor girl, we went and got something to eat. Get this, we got 6 of everything on the menu, and we only just finished off the leftovers."

Chi-chi leaned forward.

"You've got to be kidding me."

Krillin laughed.

"Hey, if I'm lyin', I'm dyin'."

They laughed happily and Krillin waved a hand.

"But yeah. This crazy-ass chick, you shoulda seen her. Man she was freaky. Piercings everywhere, the craziest hair, purple lipstick and black clothes under a uniform shirt thing that was way too small."

Gohan looked at Krillin curiously.

"But…how is that any different from Earth?"

Krillin laughed.

"Did I say it was?"

The group laughed again, relishing in one another's company. Rick laughed and poked Krillin.

"What size?"

Krillin looked back at Rick and smirked. They had only known each other for a few minutes, but for some reason, Krillin couldn't help but love his openly perverted ways.

"Huge, I swear. At least a C."

Rick whooped and beat Krillin on the shoulder.

"Hot dog, them angsty chicks are always the hottest."

Krillin laughed.

"Yeah, but they aren't as slutty as the preps."

Rick laughed again and nodded, showing his agreement. 18 coughed and Krillin winced.

"Uh…sorry. Anyway, this fat old guy came out and acted all…weird. I think he was sucking up to Vegeta, but whatever."

Goku straightened up all of a sudden and placed his feet firmly on the ground.

"You know, I saw the strangest thing before they brought that food out."

All eyes turned to him curiously as he continued.

"I saw these people wearing clothes that looked a lot like mine."

He grabbed the orange fabric and held it out.

"They even had circles on the back with symbols on them."

18 raised an eyebrow.

"Now that you say that, I remember seeing a group of people wearing orange clothes before we were stolen by these guys."

Nappa and Vegeta walked back into the room, and Bulma instantly jumped to her feet.

"Alright Buster, spill it."

Vegeta grumbled softly.

"Look, it doesn't concern any of you, so–"

"But maybe I want to see this amazing Planet Vegeta."

Vegeta gave her a sour look.

"Why the hell would you want to do that?"

"Because! You're always so stuck on the fact that you're a Saiyan. It must be quite the place if you think so highly of yourself."

Nappa chuckled to himself as Vegeta rolled his eyes and continued speaking with Bulma.

"Oh yes. Great little planet. A wonderful place. I'm sure you'd love it there."

She nodded as-a-matter-of-factly.

"Yes, I'm sure I would too. I'm going."


She growled and threw her arms down by her sides.

"Damn it, Vegeta. I'm going."

"No you're not!"

"Why can't I go?"

"Because you're a pathetic–"

"Weak, human woman, I know. But if I can handle the almighty Saiyan Prince, I can take on the rest of the planet."

"How dare you! You don't…"

The two continued fighting in this manner as the rest of the group tuned them out. Nappa stepped towards the circle of chairs and sofas and sat down on the ground in front of Tak. She was sitting with her legs tucked up in front of her. She smiled and tapped her toe on the side of his neck and he turned his head towards Goku and the others.

"Well, I guess whenever you guys are ready to head back, we'll head off. Vegeta wants me to escort you back for whatever reason."

Krillin looked at Nappa, who suddenly snapped his head around and bit at Tak's foot. She giggled quietly as Krillin spoke.

"Do we have to go back? I mean, I want to find out why everyone was brought back to life. Plus, I'd love to see Vegeta's home planet."

Nappa looked at Krillin and shrugged as Tak started tapping her toe on his neck again.

"You'd have to ask Vegeta that whenever he and Miss Bulma stop fighting. She could probably convince him to let you guys go, but I don't – God damn it Tak, would you stop that!"

He whipped around and grabbed her foot with a playful anger sparkling in his eyes of ebony. Tak broke into laughter and hit Nappa over the head.

"You're such a stiff. I'm just playin'."

He shook her foot and shot her a glare.

"What, you trying to flirt with me? You little slut."

She pulled her foot away from him and smacked him over the head again.

"I thought you knew me better then that. I don't swing that way."

Nappa blinked and made a soft 'Oh yeah' sound when suddenly Vegeta's normally calm and collected voice exploded with only a fraction of its potential power.

"ALL RIGHT! You demanding bitch! If you want to go THAT badly, fine! I won't stop you! I mean, it's not like I know anything!"

Sam nearly jumped out of his skin at the outburst, and the rest of the people snapped their attention back to the fighting couple to see both in a very ruffled state. At Vegeta's words, Bulma leaned back and folded her arms arrogantly across her chest.

"Oh ho! Good, it's about time you let me do something I wanted to."

Vegeta rolled his eyes.

"You'll regret it."

She forced a laugh and Vegeta mockingly laughed back at her.

"Laugh all you want, Bitch. We'll see who has the last laugh."

She jeered when Vegeta snapped his attention towards Goku.

"You can just use that ship to get back. It won't take as long and the sooner you leave, the sooner you can get back home."

Goku pouted.

"But I wanna see Planet Vegeta too…"

Vegeta snarled and then growled deeply.

"Dammit, fine! I give up! Gah!"

With that, he spun around and stormed towards a nearby door. He flung open the door and walked insides, quickly slamming it behind him. Everything was quiet for a while when Nappa suddenly turned his head around and yelled.

"Uh, Prince Vegeta?"


"That's a closet."

"I KNOW! Now darkenaris fad nor, and leave me penio!"

Silence filled the air once more before Nappa turned his head back around to everyone else.

"Woah…he started talking in different languages. You're one daring bitch, you know."

Bulma was still seething when she took a deep breath and calmly walked back to her seat. She sat down and relaxed, looking at Nappa calmly. She flashed him a smile and Krillin watched her curiously.

"So…we going too?"

She nodded at her friend.

"If you guys want to."

Krillin glanced up to 18 who smiled and nodded calmly to show her decision. Krillin grinned and looked at Goku.

"So, you going?"

The taller warrior grinned and nodded.

"A'course! I mean, I might as well see it while it's still around, eh? I have to at least be grateful for it giving me my life."

Krillin laughed and looked back to Bulma, grinning sarcastically all the while.

"Wooh…here we go again."