Rudy walked up the steps to the Burroughs Mansion and stopped in front of the door.

"Why Janis and Lord Burroughs want me to do this, I just don't get it... what's so important about meeting the heirs to the Scissorman name?" Rudy sighed before ringing the doorbell. An attractive woman with short, curly blonde hair greeted him with a charming smile as she opened the door.

"You must be Rudy," she said, "I am the lady of the house, Mary Burroughs."

"Right, I work for your dead ancestor, and he told me about your sons . . ." Rudy was cut off as he heard the sound of feet pounding down the stairs.

"He's here! Danny! Danny! Our great great great great great great great great grandpa's servant is here!"

"Servant? I am the Scissorman!"

"No, I'M Scissorman!" the boy who had been calling for his brother stepped out and brushed his messy blonde hair away from his eyes.

"You mean we," the boy's twin walked out beside him, his hair was perfect and his clothes were neat, "I apologize for my brother's behavior, he hasn't been paying attention to the lessons on our ancestry that Mother has been giving us." The one who was speaking cast a glare at the younger one. Eager to change the subject, the messier one exclaimed, "I'm Bobby! Bobby Simon Burroughs!"

"And I, I am Dan. Daniel Theodore Burroughs," the older one nodded.

"Pleased ta meetcha!" Bobby extended his gloved hand and Rudy hesitantly shook it. He wasn't at all surprised when he found blood smeared on his hand.

"Well, I'll be out for a few hours, Rudy, since you're a Scissorman yourself you should be quite used to the antics of these two . . ."

"But, I wasn't told that I'd have to baby-sit!" Rudy's face paled. He may have been psychotic, but he wasn't as psychotic as those two. He didn't feel much better when he saw the two evil grins on the children's faces.