(Hello people of the Ad/MM world : ) now sadly this is a dark fic involving one character to turn evil! But I won't tell you who just yet. Yet again this another fic written chapter each by me and the heavy writer Minerva'squill : ) this first chapter is by me! And we hope u all enjoy this fic : ) )

Nothing is what it seems

"Minerva?" Arthur asked.

Minerva McGonagall opened her eyes. She saw the white plastered ceiling of her bedroom. A small candle burnt brightly. She could smell blood. She tried to sit up the pain was far too intense. She moaned and closed her eyes again letting her back hit the duvet softly. She opened her eyes again slowly.

"Ouch." She moaned again. Her Brain was thumbing violently against her skull as if it wanted to get out. It was so dark she could hardly see. She watched as the black spot's slowly disintegrated bringing her visions back.

"Where am I?" She asked more to herself then anyone else.

"You're locked in your bedroom at Grimmauld Palace with the rest of the order, the boy who lived and his two sidekicks." Snape mumbled from the corner. He sounded angry. The realization hit her like a ton of bricks.

"Albus!" She moaned, before curling up into a taut ball and sobbed dimly.

"He betrayed us Minerva. He lied to us. He's no better then Voldemort." Moddy sighed from the other side of the room.

"How could he do this? I trusted him." Harry whimpered. He sounded so lost so young.

"We all trusted him Harry dear. Just some things... some things go wrong. Nothing is what it may seem at first." Molly was weeping when she said this. She did her best to hide it, to be strong for her children. She was failing.

Minerva tried to stand up to go over and comfort Molly. But her legs were too feeble. She felt so faint so vulnerable. Her flimsy body not moving when she commanded it to. It was infuriating. She screamed in rage, she detested not having control.

"Minerva! Please control yourself if Dumbledore hears!" Molly started.

"Let him hear. I want to see his ugly face," Moddy snapped dangerously.

As if on command Albus appeared in the door way. He smiled, the smile didn't suit him. It was evil and foul.

"I see our dear Professor McGonagall is awake good, good." He smirked faintly, catching Minerva's stunning eyes with his. Holding and eating her whole. She was deathly pale, but even with the black rings under her eyes. She was still gorgeous.

"Why are you doing this Dumbledore? Why are you keeping us here?" Tonks asked her voice was little and pathetic.

"I have planned this for a long time." He spoke clearly and full of confidence. He walked into the room slowly, closing the door behind him. He went and sat down next to a temporary paralyzed McGonagall. His hand caressing her frail cheek tenderly.

"I've seen it over and over. The way those revolting mud-bloods and muggle's will take over our world. How us pure-bloods will die out. Be murdered in repulsive ways. I had to stop it, but all of you thought I had gone mad. You tried to deny me, kill me even. I put you up here, to make you come to your senses. The world is run by Muggle's and mud-bloods, it shouldn't be. It should be ruled by us, we pure-bloods. You have to understand that. I used to think we were all equal. But that was before I saw how they would turn. How the pure-bloods would die out. We need to get rid of all Mud-bloods and muggle's." His eyes shone passionately. That twinkle now replaced with something cruel.

"Albus?" Minerva managed to gasp. "What vision are you talking about? Why would Muggle's do such a thing?"

"Because they want the power only pure-bloods possess and because they can't have it. They envy us. And that envy turns to hate. Till eventually they want us dead. We have to kill them now before it's too late. There disgusting and filthy they must be destroyed!" He gripped her shoulders firmly.

"Help me my love! Help me end this madness." Did he just call me my love? Minerva asked her self all sorts of thoughts now darting through her head, before she came back to her senses.

"Albus... the only madness going on here is what you are thinking." Her voice was remorseful; Albus picked up on this rapidly. He let go of her, his wand now pointing out at Hermione who gasped slightly. Albus muttered the killing curse. The green light jumped out and imbedded it's self into Hermione's chest. Her body hit the ground noisily.

"Hermione!" Harry and Ron screamed in unison dashing over to her side.

"You bastard!" Ron screamed looking up at Dumbledore who was smiling brightly. He turned his wand then to Lupin. Shrieking the killing curse again. He then put his wand away.

"Filthy Mud-bloods." He scowled. Harry had never noticed that most of the order was made up of pure-bloods. Minerva felt herself let out an agonising sob. Dumbledore turned to her, his white teeth flashing in the dim candle light. It was disgusting just two words, just two words and two people were dead never to return. Minerva felt like screaming again, but she held it in this time. She had to be strong, for the order's sake.

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