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Falling Away From Me

Chapter One- "What are You?"

I suppose these feelings of inferiority were always there in the back of my mind. But at least then, I knew exactly who and what I was. A man- William the Bloody Awful Poet. A Vampire- William the Bloody, Spike. But now? Too much of a demon to be a man, too mortal to be a demon. So I had a beating heart- so what? It didn't mean anything. I can go out in the sun with my daughter, my love and her friends and family. I could walk and talk like a man, but I wasn't. Sure, I could deny and deny all I wanted it, but I knew the truth. I am nothing. The night I ran into Drac brought all of my fears and insecurities to light, and I found that I had nowhere to run from the truth anymore.

That night, I was restless (as usual) and I found myself prowling the cemeteries looking for a decent kill. Instead, I found him.

"Well, well. Gotta say, it's nice to see familiar faces every once in awhile." Spike said sarcastically as he strode up the Transylvanian vamp, decked out in his fancy cape.

"Spike. Didn't know you were in these parts." Dracula said as he viewed Spike curiously.

"Huh, bet you didn't. Of course, I didn't forget about that lil' sum you owe me. I think it's bout time you paid up. With interest of course. Preferably compounded." Spike said with a triumphant smirk. The prospect of getting money never got old to him.

"I didn't come here for that. I was looking for the Slayer." Spike arched an eyebrow before replying.

"The Slayer, eh? Well, if I were you, I'd stay far away from her. Mess with the Slayer and hers, you're liable to get killed mate."

"But once she's under my thrall, none of that will matter." He replied with a small smile.

"Oh, I think it would matter, actually. Ya see, I'm on the Slayer's side now, and I know all of your silly parlor tricks. Trust when I say you'll never get past me- ever." Spike said as he glared at him.

"Really? You and the Slayer? Well, I just knew that something was different about you now, William." He said as he slowly began to pace.

"Really, now? And what's that exactly?" Dracula eyed him again, stepping closer to Spike. He lifted his head, mouth slightly agape before snapping his complete attention on Spike again.

"Ah, you, my friend, have a heartbeat. No longer a creature of the night, I see."

"Doesn't matter. I could still kick your pansy ass with my eyes closed." Spike challenged. Drac ignored the jab and continued to look Spike over thoughtfully.

"Hmm. You have a permanently warmed body and a demon. Let me guess; no soul?" He asked rhetorically.

"What difference does that make?" Spike said, feeling the uneasiness creep over him. Dracula looked almost thoughtful before continuing.

"It's bad enough that in the demon world that vampires are considered half breeds." He said, gesturing to himself with spread hands. "But you, now, well, they must really hate you."


"Why, demons of course. You didn't really belong before, and now, you don't belong at all."

"Like I care what they bloody think. Hello? I'm out hunting demons. They don't like me, I'll just off 'em. But then again, I probably was going to anyway."

"And what of the humans? Surely, they haven't completely forgotten what you were- a killer. How you still don't have a soul. How you're still not one of them."

"I'm on their side. And they do accept me- completely." Spike said, trying to convince himself.

"Just because they pity you or tolerate you, does not mean they accept you. You are nothing to them, and nothing to the world of darkness. I guess the Slayer has a soft spot for pathetic creatures." Spike finally got fed up and the vamps comments, attempting to swing on him. Of course, Dracula dematerialized to avoid the blow. He appeared behind Spike with a slight shake of his head.

"Poor William. So lost." Spike glared angrily at him, breathing heavily.

"I mean it, if you come near the Slayer, I will personally chop off all of your appendages until your dust. Do not fuck with me, Drac. I am not in the mood." Dracula nodded his head and raised both sides of his cape with his hands.

"Fine. I will go seek my pleasures elsewhere. I hear there is... another slayer? It does not matter to me which one it is, for they are all rooted in darkness. True creatures of the night, those deadly, feminine creatures. But of course, you already know this."

"Any part of Buffy includes her friends and family as well. I think it's best if you leave Sunnydale." Dracula nodded as Spike began to turn around. Dracula's voice stopped him cold.

"But remember what I said. Don't fool yourself into thinking you belong anywhere, Spike." Before Dracula could make with the "whooshing" of his cape and transform into a bat, Spike chucked his stake at him, effectively turning him into dust.

By the time he walked over to where the vamp had just stood, he picked up the stake and staked him again as he began to rematerialize from the dust. The look of shock on his face before it crumbled into ash gave little comfort to Spike.

As Spike watched him turn into dust once again, his words flew through his mind. What he discovered was that Dracula, in spite of his nancy boy ways, was right. He didn't belong, anywhere. He was tolerated, not accepted. With head hung low and heavy heart as he trudged back home, his mind repeatedly asked him What am I? He received no answer.