Insula Mortorum
Author: Gothic Spook
Rating: PG-13 just to be safe
Category: Case file, Romance DRR, Friendship all around. Angst. Told from Reyes POV mostly!
Summery: There are criminals on the loose. A cursed island is their destination. The Agents are sent to find them. But which is more dangerous, the criminals or the island? Could this be their final destination ... forever?
Disclaimer: If you recognise it, I do not own it!
Spoilers: None really
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Dedication: To Jessie aka ATX and Johnny aka Jamhoot for the help with coming up with a summary and to Jessie's friends who helped with the name of the island and I hope you don't mind that I'm using it for the title as well. THANK YOU

Why did we agree to go with Mulder on this stupid case, its not even a god dam case, its a story, John complained.

I looked at him with a slight grin on my face. At the moment we were currently on a small plane, Mulder had found the pilot, he didn't ask any questions as long as he got paid. Mulder had come into the office this morning with a bigger grin than usual. In other words he had found something that he wanted us to investigate. John was sitting beside me, he had the window seat and I had the isle. Mulder and Scully were behind us. Fast asleep.

Well only half of its a story, the other half is an actual case.

The other half I don't mind, it's the first half that I don't like.

Well we are here to find a group of criminals, who have committed nearly every crime, murder, rape, robbery, drugs, they need to be caught.

And Mulder thinks they're on this island?

A cursed island.

Just great, he muttered under his breath.

I looked at him and saw he was frustrated. He had his jaw set into position. I had come to learn that he did that when he was irritated. I took his hand in mine and gave it a squeeze, he responded with a little pressure from his own hand. I laid my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. I listened to the sounds of the plane. Before I knew it I was fast asleep.

I woke up with John yelling my name. Turbulence, heavy turbulence. Not good. I'm not a really big fan of flying. Having bad turbulence was the last thing I really need. I looked out the window next to John and saw dark clouds. A storm. We were going to be fine. Planes get caught in storm every day. No reason to panic. At least I hope there isn't a reason to panic. I looked at John and saw he was trying not to panic. Trying to hold his fear inside. I looked back at Mulder and Scully, they were holding hands. Scully was slightly pale and Mulder had his eyes closed. His lips were moving but he wasn't speaking. I realised that he was saying a silent prayer. I turn back to face John again and I took hold of his hand, it was such a tight grip I had on his hand, I was worried that his hand would break under the pressure. But he squeezed my hand even tighter. The pilot started to say something over the intercom. I only managed bits and pieces. Something about a storm, to bad to continue and that he was going to try and land. There was silence for a few seconds, besides the howling wind, thunder and lightning. The plane started to dive towards the ground. To fast. And way to steep. I heard the pilot say some more, the only word I understood was Crash!' I closed my eyes and began to say a prayer of my own.

Monica. Monica are you all right. Come on Monica open your eyes. I could here a frantic voice repeating.

I slowly opened my eyes and saw John kneeling on the floor next to me. He let out a heavy sign when he saw me open my eyes.

John? What happened? I was confused. How did I get out of my seat?

We crashed in a forest. You were knocked out. I got you out of the seat and laid you down on the ground.

My head hurts' I told him.

Looks like something hit you over the head, that's why you were knocked out. He turned his head to the side. Dana she's awake! He yelled.

In a second I saw Dana come front of the plane, she came and sat down next to me, on the other side of John. She looked at the cut that was across my forehead. She cleaned it up the wound as best as she could and said for me to rest for a moment. And then she quickly left us and went back to where she came from.

Was anyone hurt? I asked John as he helped me sit up.

Just you, and the pilots gone, we can't find him, so we don't know if he's dead or not.

Why would he leave? Wouldn't it be better if we had stayed together? I looked around and saw Mulder looking outside, there was a storm, it was raining, thundering and lightning. Then I looked around the plane. It was a mess. Everything had fallen onto the floor and there was a few wholes in the plane.

Where are we? I had directed the question at John, but it Mulder who answered it.

Insula Mortorum.

John looked as confused as I felt.

It's Latin, it means island of death.

Well that's real comforting, John commented.

Well at least we made it to the island we meant to. Mulder tried to be positive.

At least we have a radio to call for some help. John said with a slight smile. Just then Dana came out from the front of the plane, the radio in hand, it was broken into millions of pieces, in other words. There was no way we would be reaching anyone with that. John's hope died down with that idea. Or not.

What about our cell phones? I asked, looking back and forth between the other three.

There's no signal out here, no one lives here, Mulder informed us.

Just great, John once again muttered under his breathe.

I decide it was time for me to get up off of the floor. I slowly got to my feet, I felt John's arm around my waist, ready incase I fall. I stood up and was okay on my feet, but John still didn't remove his arm, and I sure as hell wasn't going to complain or tell him to let go.

What do we do now? I wanted to know how we were going to get out of this.

Well we cant do much while there's a storm, so I think we should get some sleep until it passes, and then we'll figure something out, Mulder suggested.

Everyone agreed. After all, he was right, there wasn't much else we could do while there was a storm outside. We blocked up as much of the wholes as we could, but it didn't stop the cold from getting inside the plane. John must have noticed that I was shivering, he moved from the spot where he was laying down, and came and laid down next to me. He placed his arms around to my back and pulled me close. I looked into his eyes to try and figure out what he was thinking.

You need to keep warm, I don't want you getting sick or anything.

I just nodded as he pulled me as close as he could. If that was his excuse I wasn't going to complain in any way. His arms enveloped me and I placed my arms around to his back as well. It was then that I realised how tired I was. I felt something being placed on top of us. I only just opened my eyes and saw Dana placing a blanket over the two of us. I didn't complain it was lovely and warm. I closed my eyes again, I was exhausted, just before I was completely asleep I felt a gentle kiss be placed on my forehead.

Throughout the night my mind was plagued with dreams. Some good. Others overwhelming in there horrific nature. Sacrifices. Murders. Mass killings. Rituals of some sort. People screaming. Running away from the death. Afraid of dying themselves. As I dreamed I tried to figure it all out. Where was all this happening? Or where had it happened? What did all of it mean?