I felt up his strong arms to his shoulder, to his neck. He instantly lifted me into his arms. One of his arms supported me under my knees, the other wrapped around my back. I clung tightly onto him to make it easier for him to carry me. I couldn't tell how long is had been until they stopped. John sat me down on the ground. I felt grass beneath me and thought we must be by the lake.

How do you feel Monica? Dana asked in her doctors voice.

Okay, I guess, except for the fact that I cant see anything.

And the fact that your whole body is tattooed and the clothes you're wearing aren't yours. Mulder stated.

Am I going to be like this forever now? I asked with fear present in my voice.

I don't know, but we're gonna do all we can to help you. John reassured me as he took my hand in his.

What the hell? Dana suddenly exclaimed.

What? What is it? I asked panicky.

The lake, its ... um ... glowing. Mulder told me.

Wait a minute, that's its. John take me into the lake. I urged him.

What? Why?

Just trust me. I told him. I stood up and felt him put his arms around my waist. He started leading me towards the lake, I felt my feet go in first and noticed it tingle. As more of my body went in the water, the more entire body tingled. I cupped some water in my hands and splashed the water in my eyes. A could now make out a blurry image of John in front of me. I saw the lake glowing around us. The glowing became brighter and suddenly John and I were engulfed in the blinding light. As John held me in his arms. I felt the light go through me. Me head was thrown back as the light went up, I screamed at the pain it caused me. The light went up high into the sky. Just as suddenly it had appeared, it disappeared. I leant heavily on John as I felt my energy go. I could hardly stand. I was breathing heavily. I was so tired. The last thing I noticed before I went unconscious was the sound of helicopter blades in the air.

I slowly open my eyes and see that I'm in a hospital room. I'm so tired. Why on earth am I so tired. I feel a hand holding mine. I'm to tired to turn my head and look so I just give the hand a squeeze letting whoever it is know that I'm awake. Soon I see John standing next to my bed.

Hey sleeping beauty. He places a kiss on my temple.

Is all I can get out.

You're at the hospital. Just as the light thing stopped in the lake a helicopter had seen us and come to get us. Skinner was on there saying that he had been looking for us and saw the light. We bought you straight here. He explained. That was when I remembered what happened and I couldn't stop the tears that filled my eyes.

I'm so sorry. I couldn't control it. I didn't want any of it but they did something and I couldn't stop. I'm sorry.

Hey, its okay, none of this is your fault.

But I nearly killed you.

But you didn't.

It was close.

Hey I already told you, you're forgiven. I don't blame you and neither does Mulder or Dana. He told me firmly and I nodded my head just as the hospital room door opened and I saw Mulder and Dana walk in.

Hey Monica, its about time you woke up. Dana said as she took a seat in a chair next to my bed, Mulder did the same.

Hey. So what's happened to the cultist people and everyone else on the island? I asked.

Well the cultist are dead, all of their eyes are still black and no one can find a reason for their deaths. And also the criminals we originally went there to find are also dead. They were found locked up in one of the cells, looks like they were locked up and then left to die.

Oh God. I barely whispered as she told me all of this.

You better get some sleep. The doctors said you can go home tomorrow. Dana told me. Her and Mulder gave my hand a squeeze and then left the room for the night. I took a couple of deep breathes and then looked at John.

Thank you. I said to him.

For what? He looked at me confused.

For saving my life. I told him.

You're welcome. Now I want you to get some sleep, I'll pick you up in the morning and if you want you can stay with me for a while until you're fully healed.

I'd like that.

And maybe while you're staying with me we could go to see a movie, go to dinner and maybe even dancing. John nervously suggested.

I'd love that. I told him. He lent down and placed a kiss on my cheek. He didn't pull away, he kissed his way to my mouth and our lips met. My hands wrapped around his neck as his hand caressed my cheek. He pulled back and gazed into my eyes and I couldn't help but grin at him. He had just kissed me. The man I have been dreaming about just kissed me.

You know you could stay here for the night. I don't think the doctors would mind us sharing a bed. I suggested as I moved over a little to make room for him. He smiled as he lade down next to me and pulled me towards him. I was completely on top of him, one of his hands resting on my back as the other ran gently through my hair. I buried my face in the crook of his neck and breathed in his scent. I closed my eyes and settled in for the night. Falling asleep in the warm embrace and looking forward to the future with him.