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Chapter 1

-Lighting The Flame-

            Hermione stepped onto the platform loaded down with her baggage.  Her arm was beginning to hurt from the trunk she was tugging.

            "Ugh." She muttered as she lowered the trunk on the floor and began to massage her aching arm.  A quick in take of breath escaped her as she looked around.  The platform was covered with students kissing their parents good bye and meeting up with friends.  Hermione quickly adjusted her studded belt around her hips and straightened her top.  Reaching down she picked up her trunk and began to walk toward the train.  Her eyes darted around as she heard feet shuffling toward her. 

"Oh!" she burst out as the impact of someone bumping into her made her slightly lose her balance.  "Watch it fucker!" 

            "Watch your mouth bitch!."

            Hermione looked up.  "Malfoy."

            Malfoy glared at her and walked away.  Hermione watched as Pansy came and draped her arms around him and Malfoys's hand drifted down grabbing her ass. 

            "Asshole." She muttered as she straightened herself up.  Grabbing her trunk again she entered the train and pulled her trunk behind her.  She walked through the train until she found an empty compartment.  Stepping side, she lifted her trunk and placed it on the rack above the seats.  She sat down and watched as people walked past the compartment.  Her eyes widened as she saw a short red head pass the compartment.

"Ginny!" Hermione called out.  The red head doubled back and stuck her head in the compartment.

"Hermione!" she said as she walked in the compartment and gave the girl a hug.  "Wow."  Ginny began, "It's been a long summer.  And it looked like it's treated you good." 

Hermione giggled.  It had been a huge summer for her.  She changed a lot.  She still looked pretty much the same, but now her hair was no longer frizzy and the sun had lightened it a little.  Before returning to school she had talked her mom into letting her dye black streaks in it.  Her body had also fully matured.  Her family had also collapsed, her parents had divorced and her mother remarried quickly to a man Hermione did not like, but who seemed to like Hermione very much.  But it was not only her looks that had been remapped, her attitude had evolved also.

"So," Hermione started "Where are Ron and Harry?"

"Oh…um they're around here some where.  They should be here in a minute." She said.  Hermione nodded.  Ginny looked around and took on the job of watching people passing through the door.  "Oh my"

Hermione took her attention away from the floor.  "What?"

            Ginny nodded toward the door.  Hermione looked and saw Malfoy walking by with his cronies.

            "What about him?" Hermione asked.

            "Damn he's looking good this year." Ginny answered.

            Hermione looked at Ginny in disgust.  "Gin.  No.  No.  He's a Slytherin and a jackass."

            "So."  Ginny said.  "He still looks great."  Hermione watched as Ginny sighed when Malfoy left out of view.  Hermione jerked forward a little bit as the train's whistle blew and the train began to move.  They sat in silence for a few minutes till two figures stood in the door way.  Hermione and Ginny glanced up.  Two very tall young men stood in the door way.  One with flaming red hair and one with messy raven hair. 

            "Harry.  Ron." Hermione said as she stood up and hugged each of them.

            "Hermione." Harry said.  "It's great to see you.  I've missed you."

            "Hey Mione" Ron said giving her a swift hug.  Pulling away Ron glanced at Ginny.  "Oh Gin, Luna was looking for you." Ginny nodded and left the compartment

            Hermione sat down patting the seat next to her signaling Harry to sit next to her.  Harry sat down next to her snaking his arm around her waist.  Hermione leaned her head down on his shoulder.  Ron sat across from them.  The three of them then proceeded to discus their summer breaks.  Hermione sat in silence for a little bit looking at Ron.  He had defiantly changed a lot over the summer.  He was defiantly more attractive, and her year long relationship with Harry was losing its spark.  Hermione let her thoughts continue for a few moments later till the compartment door slid open.  Lavender stood in the doorway.

            "Hey you guys.  Ron, baby, come on I need to talk to you, I've really missed you over the summer."  Ron stood up and waved to the two as he left the compartment with Lavender.  The compartment door slid closed and Hermione raised her eyebrows. 

            "Talk?" she said laughing quietly.  "Yeah right.  The only talking those two do is the moaning and yelling while they're fucking each other senseless."

            "Damn right with that" Harry said as he began to lift the snake his hand underneath her shirt, "speaking of talking, I really have missed out talks."

            Hermione shifted a little allowing for Harry to remove her shirt.  "Of course you have." She said as she slipped her hands to his belt.  Harry captured her mouth with his and began to kiss her feverishly.  Hermione let a moan escape as she allowed herself to lie down on the seat with Harry on top of her.  As he unzipped her pants and slid them of her legs, Hermione grabbed her wand she muttered a silencing spell and a spell to lock the door.  She quickly dropped her wand and proceeded to undo Harry's belt and taking off his pants allowing him freedom.  Harry continued to lovingly kiss her as he removed his boxers and her bikini.  Hermione looked at him as he closed his eyes and lowered himself into her.  She watched as his face filled with pleasure.  Her body rocked with his and she left like laughing at the look of ecstasy on his face.  She moaned along with him as they began to move faster.  Hermione's eyes drifted to the window and she started out of it, Harry was sweet but he was not very good when it came to matters of sex.  A few seconds later she felt it.  Harry had hit the spot and she felt herself come and he followed quickly after. 

            The then changed into the school robes and sat hugging each other for the rest of the train ride; all the while her mind continued to drift.

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