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Last Chapter: After the counting Bulma grabbed her stuff and headed off towards the castle with the other kids. Towards her new life, towards her new home.

Summary: What kind of life are Bulma and all the kids walking into? Will they enjoy it? And how will planet Vegeta treat there knew slaves?

Chapter 4: New home, New neighbors. New Life.

(Planet Vegeta-sie)

Bulma saw big huge bronze doors, or maybe a rusted gold. They looked ancient and she wished she could get her hands on it to feel the texture. Bulma couldn't wait to walk threw those doors, into the castle.

But to her disappointment they led them behind the castle and in threw a side gate. One of the saiyjins told the boys to follow him while the girl's were to follow her, and he pointed to another saiyjin. Bulma kept telling herself that the saiyjin was a girl, but every time she looked at her rippling muscles her head told her other wise.

Chichi grabbed Bulma's arm, "wow can you believe this place, it's huge, and I feel like I way 300 pounds," Bulma laughed she felt the same way too. Before Bulma could say anything though, Chichi was thrown to the ground by the saiyjin that was leading them.

"You girl! No talking in line now shut up and follow me!" Chichi got up and rubbed her head, the lady didn't even have to throw her hard, Chichi would have fell to the ground like cement. Chichi looked at Bulma in confusion, 'how could that girl have heard her,' Bulma thought as she helped Chichi up, 'we're in the very back of 20 girls.' Then Bulma remembered Garza saying something about the saiyjins hearing being a thousand times better then there's.

Bulma was amazed, she wish she had hearing like that. Her thoughts were interrupted though as they entered the kitchen part of the castle. It consisted of a ceiling about 20 ft high and the room looked like it went down half a mile.

There were more then a hundred ovens, stoves, and every utensil and kitchen supply you could think of. There was more kitchen supply and food supply then there was in about 20 dozen stores.

Bulma was in aw as the Saiyjin showed everyone around. She told all the girl's were the cooks' rooms were, were the bathrooms were, were the maids' rooms were, and were the waitress' rooms were.

Each girl had a paper saying were she belonged and what duty she had. Bulma handed her paper to the Saiyjin girl, when it was Bulma's turn, and smiled as she said, "Bulma reporting for waitress duty."

It seemed as if the Saiyjin women rolled her eyes at Bulma, "Well Bulma," she said mocking Bulma's voice, "Your in room 625 with Chianti, Yumi, and Chichi." Hearing her best friends name on the list Bulma smiled and headed off to the room as fast as possible.

Now that she was in the Castle, and had her room, she was excited. She wanted to know what the room's looked like, how big they were. If the girl's had there own bathroom, with a shower. Oh Bulma couldn't wait she started to run.

Then something stopped her, a sudden kick in the butt, were her bag was. Then remember Kikirie Bulma opened her bag, "oh kiki! I'm so sorry," gasping for air Kikirie waved her hands, "few, oh it's fine I just heard everything the lady said and wanted to see for myself."

Looking around Kikirie giggled, "wow I can't wait to see what the room looks like if the hall looks this nice." Bulma laughed, the hall did look good, it had blood red marble floor, with black and dark blue diamonds and crystals over the wall. From the way the light hit the walls it made them shimmer, and dance.

Bulma smiled and then started to run towards her room again, when she felt kikirie kick her again. Then Bulma stopped, every door color was different, and some were black, some dark navy blue, and some red. Bulma's door was dark blue.

Opening the door Bulma gasped, getting a wowie from kikirie. The place was huge, and only the living room. There was dark blue rug, and a black fluffy rug with a dark blue couch, that looked like suede on top. The walls were all different shades of blue, starting from black and fading into light blue.

From were Bulma was standing she could see the kitchen right in front of her, with black tile, and white walls, then to her left was two gold doors, and to her white were two more gold doors.

Bulma heard Chichi whistling in the Kitchen and ran in to see what she was cooking. But when she walked in she noticed it wasn't chichi cooking, it was a girl with red flaming hair all the way down to her ankles, then it rapped around her legs, and her arms. Coughing uncomfortable Bulma walked closer to the girl, "umm excuse me.."

The girl didn't seem to have heard Bulma, so she tried a different way to get the girl's attention. So grabbing a dish, she dropped it on the ground, "oops," She said looking at the girl, but still she didn't even flinch.

Finally Bulma decided just to tape her on her shoulder, that probably would have been better then dropping a dumb dish on the ground, and people called Bulma a genius.

But before Bulma could do anything another girl walked in, she had red flaming hair all the way to her ankles, and it rapped around her legs and arms. 'Wow,' Bulma thought as she stared at the girl, 'she looks exactly like the other girl, like a goddess.' The girl smiled, "Thank you."

Bulma's eyes got big, "but I-I didn't say anything.." The girl smiled even bigger, "yea, I'm Telekinesis I can read minds, only to those who are pure." Bulma smiled, haha she was pure, right on, and then it hit her.

"Telekinesis, wait so you can really read minds?" The girl frowned, "aren't you Bulma?" Bulma nodded her head, "yea why?" The girl laughed, "Oh I always heard that you were a genius, maybe they were wrong."

Bulma put her hand on her hip, "well excuse me, but I am a genius, and I know what a Telekinesis is, it's just I never knew they existed." The girl bit her lip, "yea well they don't, and I just got cursed." Bulma looked confused, "why is being telekinesis a curse."

The girl sighed, "well I guess since we're going to be living together I guess I can tell you," the girl took in a deep breath, opened the fridge and pulled out a soda, "A long time ago my brother was three and he got lost in the woods.

I went looking for him and found him by the river with this old lady she looked as if she was about to attack, so I naturally freaked and pushed her in the river.

Then I noticed she was only helping my brother, teaching him how to fight. The lady got out of the river saying she was a witch and ruined the lives of naughty girls like me.

I laughed thinking this old witch was just a cook, then she put a spell on me saying that when I sacrifice something important the curse will be broken."

Bulma sat down at the table and the girl-followed suite, "but," Bulma started, "what kind of curse did she put on you?" The girl looked down as if she was ashamed, "I automatically read peoples minds, it's like I can't stop it, but only those with pure hearts. And after reading their minds I'm bonded to them, only physically, so whenever something happens to them, it happens to me."

Bulma's eyes got huge, "but what if that person you were bonded to died?" The girl laughed, "I'm basically bonded to a lot of people, anybody I pass by that's pure hearted, but if they die so do I, then I come back to life, and they're soul haunts me for the rest of my life until..."

Bulma interrupted, "until the curse is lifted, wow that's intense." The girl nodded in agreement, "but enough of that I'm Chianti."

Bulma smiled, "well you already know my name, so do you know this girl already," Bulma pointed to the girl cooking.

Chianti smiled, "yea that's my sister Yumi, and she's a very good fighter, I'd be careful not to disturb her, especially when she's meditating." Bulma looked confused, but the girl was only cooking, and Bulma did try to disturb her.

"But why is she cooking? I thought you needed to like relax your mind," Bulma asked still watching the girl as she whistled, "and why the whistling?" Chianti seemed to have smiled even though Bulma couldn't really tell.

"She was always felt comfortable when she relaxed her mind, by giving her body something to do, and instead of humming she always thought whistling sounded so soothing." Bulma giggled, "So umm how do you disturb her?" Chianti laughed, picturing Bulma trying to get Yumi's attention without touching her.

"Well with just a single tap, and if she feel's any negative energy she will attack," Bulma smiled a fake smile, "well I'll stay as positive as possible." "Oh well once she gets to know you, it's much different," Chianti closed her eye's and then the girl cooking turned over swiftly.

"Well Chianti if I knew we had visitors I wouldn't have been!" Yumi seemed to have yelled. The beauty these two girls were emitting took Bulma back, she couldn't believe it, and she never saw them on earth before.

Yumi seemed to have smiled, "ah yes well that's because we're not from earth, we're from what you would call Venus." Bulma's eye's got huge, "really? I read a long time ago that girls from Venus are like goddesses and that they have power."

Chianti slapped her head, "Yumi damn it we don't know her yet!" Bulma looked at Chianti, "I get it you wanted me to trust you, so you lied to my by pretending to tell me your story, so you'd get to know me. But in reality you don't trust me, and really you're from a secret planet, and you're really a goddess, but what are you doing here?"

Yumi laughed, "well If I could only ramble on like you I would be able to kick Chianti out," Chianti grumbled, "well you can't blame me Bulma, if anybody around here found out who we were, well they would lock us away, do tests on us and all sorts of things."

"Anyways," Yumi said placing some food on the table, "I can read minds too if your wondering how I knew what you were thinking." Bulma was shocked she didn't recognize that Yumi had read her mind, when she thought she had never seen them on earth before.

Chianti got up and grabbed a couple plates, "so Yumi why don't we wait until Chichi gets here, so we could explain ourselves to both the girls?" Yumi smiled, "whatever you wish my darling sister."

Chianti grabbed a plate, 'do you think we should tell them were telepathic as well?' Chianti thought to Yumi as they both set the table with dishes and food, 'no,' Yumi thought, 'that's too much for right now, plus we're only like that with people we've willing bonded to, and that's just me and you right now.'

(Slave's main deck)

"So you highness do you approve of the gift's?" A young lady asked waving a hand in the direction the slaves left. The king looked at the girl, she was the queen's most trusted friend. She usually loitered around the castle with the main "pets" (male slaves.)

This time however she wanted to know what was coming, and she wanted first pick before anyone took the slaves from her. Looking back towards were he last saw the slaves, "They seem decent. I believe most the girls would do well in the next coming up ceremony. I need well trained maids and waitresses to look good, and be able to serve the food."

The lady nodded, "I, Sinai will make sure of that myself. After the queen's departure, rest her soul, I have nothing better to do but wander the halls missing my dear friend." The king wanted to laugh at that, this women was a disgrace to the saiyjin race.

Hearing her name made his stomach turn. But there was no way to get rid of her; he promised his wife he would keep her around. Kind of like a motherly figure for Vegeta.

The king looked after Sinai as she walked towards the slaves' chambers, "Some kind of figure," he grunted as he left the serving deck to retreat to his main quarters.

(Bulma's Room)

Bulma, Yumi, and Chianti sat at the table. Bulma totally forgot about Kikirie, who was making her way around the kitchen checking things out. She knew she shouldn't have left the room, but she wanted to check out all the diamonds on the walls. And then it led her to the kitchen.

Chichi had gotten to the room, but refused to listen to anything before she took a shower. Now Bulma was waiting rather impatiently as her friend got dressed. "You know," Bulma yelled to the other room, "our house mates here need to tell us something very important. So if you don't mind.."

Bulma was cut off by chichi walking into the kitchen waving a hand at her to be quiet, "no I don't mind, but shut that mouth of yours before you get us in trouble." Bulma grunted and crossed her arms over her chest, "tell me what to do," she grumbled as Chianti and Yumi looked at each other rather uneasily.

"Well," Yumi said, poking Chianti in the stomach, "yea well," Chianti said glaring at Yumi. Chichi walked up to Chianti, "Well, I've met Yumi, but who are you?" Then Chichi got a closer look, "Wait, Yumi?" She said pointing to both the girls, "oh my god twins.."

"Go figure," Bulma said rolling her eyes, "that's Chianti with the one blue and one red eye, and Yumi has the one green and one yellow eye." Chichi's eyes got bigger, "wow your eyes are soo pretty."

Chianti giggled, and Yumi pushed Chichi away, "now listen we don't have time for you guy's to go gogo over us." Chichi sat down, "hn. Sorry," Chianti bit her lip, "okay since you both know now that we're goddesses from the planet Venus, I think you should know the rest."

Yumi grabbed a knife and apple, and started tarring at the skin. "Now before we say anything you have to swear on your life that you won't repeat a word," Bulma and Chichi looked at each other a little scared with the way Yumi said they had to swear.

Yumi walked up to Bulma and pointed the knife at her, "Swear it!" Bulma froze, "okay okay I swear, geeze don't have a fit." Chichi swore too and both Yumi and Chianti walked up to the girls and told them to take off there shirts.

Bulma grabbed her shirt and slapped Yumi away, "listen you sick-oh don't think that your little fake story is going to get me to strip for you." Chichi slapped Bulma on the arm, "just do it Bulma." Chichi took off her shirt, and Bulma slowly lifted it off her head.

Chianti walked up to Chichi, and Yumi went up to Bulma, and at the same time, Chianti and Yumi, took there fingers and made a star burn mark on Chichi and Bulma. Chichi winced a little but made no sound, Bulma on the other hand screamed and grabbed her chest, right above her heart, were the burn mark was.

"What was that for?!?!" Bulma screamed grabbing a cold wet washcloth and dabbing at the burn mark. Chianti took the cloth away from her, "That mark is your signature, when you swore, if you are ever to break you promise to us the mark will disappear and your whole body will burn to ashes."

Chichi bit her lip, but kept her mouth shut wanting to hear what the girls had to say. Bulma on the other hand didn't care anymore what they had to say. "Hey I didn't know this was a life a death thing," she paced around the kitchen pointing at Yumi, "I want to take this back!"

Chichi rolled her eyes, "Bulma, you can't take it back, and as long as you keep your mouth shut, nothing will happen to you." Bulma looked like she was about to cry, but instead just sat down next to chichi and slammed her head down on the tabletop.

Yumi sat down, and Chianti followed suite. "Now that that's done, lets get down to business." "Yea lets," Bulma said sarcastically and got a kick in the shin from Chichi.

Chianti stood up, "Yumi I think it'd be better if we showed them instead of just telling them, it'll have a whole new effect to it." Yumi nodded, "I agree," she looked at Chichi and Bulma, "close your eyes."

Chichi immediately closed her eyes, Bulma however kept them a peek open until she knew they weren't trying anything tricky. Then she closed them.

(Bulma and Chichi's dream sequence, from Yumi and Chianti)

There was swirl's of clouds and stars all over Bulma; the weirdest thing though is that she saw glimpses of people. Bulma saw two little red headed girls and a lady with pink hair, holding the hand of a man with orange hair; they were watching the two little girls.

Bulma figured she was getting glimpses of Yumi and Chianti's past. All the sudden the swirling stopped and she was in a schoolroom. The room was empty except for the two little girls, the pink lady and the orange man, Bulma was guessing was their parents.

The mom seemed to be crying, the dad was holding her, but his face showed no emotion. One of the girl's was holding the other girls arm, it seemed like she was trying to hide behind her sister.

The dad grabbed the little girl and threw her next to her sister. "Chianti, face your punishment like a real girl! Not some bloody coward," Chianti seemed to have yelled something in a different language.

"No!" Chianti screamed again, "I wont face this, for something I didn't do. I just wont!" The teacher seemed to have sighed in frustration, "Chianti, Yulla and Shenna said they saw you kill those unicorns, and usually that would be faceable under death. However, I have agreed to give you two punishments you wont well forget. Take them to the 'house.'"

The mother screamed and grabbed her two girls. "They never lie," she said, "I raised them right, they were just trying to help the dieing unicorns, please ma'am, please. Every time Yumi and Chianti come to school Yulla blames them for something, and you believe that little wench." There were gasps from every one but the mother went on.

"I won't have them punished, I wont! I'll go in their place." The girl with one blue one red eye grabbed her mother, "no! Mamma you'll be killed. They won't take you to the bridge house! Please take that back, me and Yumi will be okay I promise, please," the girl started to cry crystal blue tears, "please."

All this time the dad stood there staring at his wife who was on the ground pleading with the teacher to spare her daughters. He knew that if his wife were serious, they would take her life and not take the girls to the 'house.'

Yumi looked at her father, she always wanted to be like him. Chianti and Yumi usually always got in trouble for things they never did. Her mother would cry and so would Chianti, but not Yumi and not her father.

They would both stand there like stones and watch. Yumi felt nothing, and she knew her father felt the same. Once Yumi had only been blamed, her mother and Chianti didn't cry, and her father didn't just stand there.

Instead Chianti looked like she was in shock and went to mother, and mother held her. Her father on the other hand grabbed her shoulder and told her to take the punishment like a real person. He didn't say girl, and he wasn't harsh with her.

So she did, they had stripped her naked in front of the whole town. They had whipped her twenty five times. Not once did she let a tear fall, she didn't want to disappoint her father. Every time it cut through skin making her bleed blue blood.

When the whipping had started Yulla and Shenna were they're laughing. Chianti and her mother weren't there, they couldn't bare to watch, but her father was. He had stood behind Yulla and Shenna and had told the council of their dishonesty and there rude nature.

The council had believed him, for they witnessed themselves the escapade Yulla was putting on. Pretending to be in pain, and then laughing, every time Yumi was whipped she would laugh harder and harder.

When everything was over. Yumi was left alone to walk home naked and in pain. Her father walked past her, only giving her a slight nod to tell her he was proud. She spit at his heals when he wasn't looking.

Then everything hit her. Why was her father so distant, her mother so protective, and everyone on this planet so against her and her sister. She was going to get to the bottom of this no matter what.

Bulma watched as Yumi got whipped, and the girl named Yulla laughed. Bulma started to cry and screamed to be let out, but nothing happened. Then she was in a bedroom with an older Chianti and Yumi talking to there, what it looked like, dieing parents.

Their father looked like he had been shot in the stomach a couple of times, and the mother was already dead from a head wound. Bulma felt to urge to puke, but kept herself in check as she watched the scene. Then she could hear Chianti crying.

Yumi took her fathers had, "Dad, what happened?" Chianti was holding her mother and rocking back and forth crying blue tears. It seemed as if she was in a trans or something. Then Bulma remembered hearing something about "sending" the soul to the next world, so it doesn't stay on earth and haunt people.

Bulma was fascinated she knew that was what Chianti was doing for when she was done she set her mother down, "she's ready to be buried," she said then turned to her father, "please explain, why us?" Bulma could see Yumi was trying to keep her feelings in check as she watched her father die.

He grabbed Yumi's hand and asked Chianti to sit down so he could grab her hand too. Chianti did as he asked and slowly sat down next to him. Bulma, knowing she couldn't be seen or heard, walked to were they were sitting and sat next to Yumi to listen better.

"Girl's," he started, he closed his eye's as if what he was about to say pained him more then his physical wounds. "A long time ago there were people called Yeons, they were sacred and holy people. We as a family, just like every family, would go a pray to them and get there blessing."

He paused looking at each girl making sure they understood, when Yumi prodded him to go on he continued, much more slowly. Chianti grabbed his hand, and Bulma could see that she was praying he would live just long enough to tell us what he had to tell. "We went," he coughed and Yumi tried to tell him to rest, but he ignored her, "One of the sacred Yeons had been cursed a long time ago. They had found this cursed Yeon and brought her back to the good side, but they knew she wouldn't make it.

The evil side had weakened her, and she would soon die. When I brought the two of you there, when you were born. She was there, dieing. Chianti you cried for her, and Yumi you prayed. The Yeon seemed pleased that you would pray for her more then yourself. Unlike some people...."

He looked at Chianti who seemed to be having a hard time not balling into tears. Then he looked at Yumi sitting there, not one tear had fallen, and he was proud. Then he continued...

"She got out of her death bed and had introduced herself to you two as Jarza. She said that with her last breath she would bless you two with incredible powers, and at the age of 20 the powers would be at the limit. Everyone back home considered you both cursed, only some considered you special and some people would bring you gifts.

Your mother thought you special..." He paused, "The powers are still not yet known, but you'll find out sooner or later..." Then he coughed, Yumi grabbed his arm, "Dad, what did you think?" His hands slowly went limp and Yumi grabbed his shoulders, "What did you think?"

Chianti kind of just sat there in total shock, the dad opened one eye and looked at Yumi, "I always....t-thought you....." Chianti screamed as he slipped away, but Bulma could here his whisper, "loved..."

Yumi let a tear fall, just one. As her father laid on the ground. Crying Chianti grabbed her father and started rocking, in that same trans. Yumi grabbed her mother and went outside to bury her.

Many people were standing there watching the two orphan girls. They were only 18, old enough to be on their own. Once the council heard about the deaths, they decided to band the girl's from the planet.

The council always thought the girl's cursed twins, and troublesome children. They couldn't get rid of the girl's when the father and mother stood in the way. So they secretly got rid of the parents and done away with the Children.

Yumi heard of a green planet were green men lived, and it always seemed funny to her, and she wanted to go there. So her and Chianti loaded up all their belongings or what they dared to take and headed of to the planet.

On the journey there they were ambushed and sent to be slaves on planet Vegeta-sie. They couldn't say who they were or they would be killed. Chianti and Yumi didn't put up a fight. They were too weak to do anything at the time. Yumi knew they could escape when they were 20, but Chianti never believed anything that Yumi said.

All the sudden Bulma started getting dizzy and the clouds and stars were swirling around her again. She woke up and saw Yumi and Chianti sitting there watching her and Chichi. Chichi seemed to be just waking up.

Bulma felt her face to make sure she was actually here, and felt tears on her face. She looked at Chichi and saw the same thing. A red tear stained face.

Chianti walked over to the two girl's, "come rest, we'll explain everything in the morning." Chichi and Bulma complied and didn't complain, they were too shaken up to do anything.

Yumi smiled and waved, "oh and I made your bed's and laid out your stuff for you guy's while you where sleeping." Bulma gulped and crawled into bed. Chichi did the same. Bulma looked at Chianti, "I don't think I'll be able to sleep." Chianti smiled, "don't worry I'll take care of that you just close your eye's."

Bulma and Chichi didn't remember what happened next. They felt relaxed in mind, body, and soul. The last thought that went through Bulma's mind before she blacked out was, 'What happened to Kikirie........?'

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