Title: A Change of Heart : The Sequel

Author: Anne-twilight

Disclaimer: I definitely don't own Naruto.

Genre: PG-13

Warning: Some words are not appropriate for 13 yrs. old and below.

Summary: Sakura had a change of heart. Since Sasuke don't like her, she given him up and put all of her attention on practicing and making herself strong. It hurts to be weak. But she doesn't know that this change might catch some unexpected attention.. NejSakSas




A lone figure watched the people she loved sadly.

Even if she wanted to go to them and comfort them, she knew it was not possible. For their lives were at stake. All of the people she considered to be her loved ones were crying.

For her.

If they only knew the real reason behind this…

Sakura closed her eyes as she reminisced her meeting with the Hokage.

"I know it was hard, Tsunade-sama." I looked at the Hokage with straight face, even though inside I am panicking. I did not know what to do now.

What am I supposed to do?

Orochimaru were going to kill her friends without second thoughts. And she knew that Orochimaru would not threat an empty promise.

He would do it for sure if she did not come…

Sakura took a deep breath and confidently said, "But to be able to deceive Orochimaru, we should deceive Konoha first..."

Tsunade looked thoughtful for a moment then she sighed tiredly.

"Ok, Sakura. You win."

Sakura did not let her sadness to be visible on her face. She was so sad but she would not show it now.

"Let's go."

Sakura looked at the crying group for the very last time then nodded her head.


The two powerful figures immediately vanished without anyone noticing.




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