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Ch. 18 – Too Right

Relena awoke to the sound of knocking on her bedroom door, but the feel of a warm body next to hers was just too appealing to let go of. The knocking continued. Then, "Relena Peacecraft open this door before I break it down!"

–Shute it's Milliardo! – She sprung to her feet and shook Heero. "Get up, now!" "What?" He looked at her groggily. "Milliardo is at my door, demanding entrance, get up and hide!" She ran around the room, trying to make herself look decent enough. "Get up!" She nearly screamed but slapped her hand over her mouth. –He probably heard me. I'm dead. – Heero stood up and grabbed her by the shoulders. "I'm not hiding. I'm not going anywhere." "Ok! That's it!" The door came toppling down in front of them, and a very angry big brother stood before them.

They froze, all three with eyes wide, but Relena heard Heero whisper, "Shit."

"What in the hell is going on here!?!" Milliardo boomed, glaring at Relena in her robe and Heero in...well...nothing.

"Five minutes, Milliardo, five minutes." Relena answered in her most apologetic tone. –This does not help matters at all...–

Quatra ran into the room but turned his back as soon as he saw the scene. "Sorry...I just heard yelling..."

"Quatra Rebarba Winner! I hired you to do a job, and you let HIM in here!" Milliardo screamed as Quatra led him back out of the room.

Heero opened his mouth to say something, but Relena yelled at him, "Just shut up and get dressed!"


"You better have one hell of an explanation, Yuy." Milliardo had not taken his eyes off of them since they had walked down the stairs. –And if you don't, you can be assured your life will be over in a matter of moments. –

"Milliardo..." Relena began a little shakily. "Heero APPOLOGIZED. He realized that it would do neither one of us any good to be apart." He said nothing, but the look on his face was no less angry. "I LOVE HIM. He LOVES ME."

"He HURT you..." He growled back.

"I've forgiven him. Can't you?"







"I can't just FORGIVE him, Relena! Do you really have any idea what he's done to YOU? Your reputation? You career? Don't you care about yourself?"

"Don't you care about ME? I'm happy! I'm happy with Heero Yuy! I'm not happy with politics! I'm not happy being alone! I'm not happy with who I was! I'm happy with who I am!" She looked him dead in the eyes. "And if you can't see and accept that, maybe you're the one who should be out of my life, not Heero."

Heero was silent. Milliardo was silent. Neither knew what to make of her. She was so strong. Truly, compared to her, they were the weak ones, but they wanted to protect her. Both in their own ways. Neither wanting to give up their pride and face it, but she made them. They would have to. Heero extended his hand, praying Milliardo would do the same. –She loves you. You're her brother. Do this for her. We don't have to get along. We don't even have to speak. Just shake my hand and show her you care. –

Milliardo stared at Heero's hand as moment after moment passed, but he finally gave in and extended his own. In a hushed tone he mumbled, "Welcome to the family." And shook Heero's hand.

Relena threw her arms around her brother and whispered in his ear. "Thank you."

–This doesn't change ANYTHING, Yuy. –


"Ladies and gentlemen, I do not know what you have heard about me from the media as of late, but I am here today to put your fears at ease. I have no intentions of resigning my position as vice foreign minister, neither do I see any reason to. Yes, I did take a week's leave. Yes, I did visit Aruba, and yes, some of the rumors you have heard are true." She looked back over her shoulder into the curtains off the stage where she stood. "I would like you to meet my husband, Heero Yuy." Heero walked out onto the stage and joined her at the podium. "We wanted to be out of the media and away from the public eyes when we married, so we chose to marry in a small chapel there in Aruba. However, our plans backfired and someone leaked false information to the press."

She smiled and looked out into the sea of people and cameras before her. "Thank you all for being here! I hope this has answered a few of your questions! There is going to be a press conference held in a few moments to further explain my actions and the accusations put up against me. Thank you so much for being here today!"

They walked together off stage and to a large room inside the building. "You ready for this?"

Relena smiled and nodded.

When they entered the room all the reporters began yelling at once. "One at a time!" Heero screamed back.

"Mrs. Yuy, what about the pictures of you intoxicated?"

"They're false." –I hope they believe me. –

"They are clearly you, though!"

"It must have been touchups. I'm sorry, I can't give you an answer I don't have."

"So Mr. Yuy and yourself planned to marry in Aruba?"

"No, but we thought that since it was in fact away from public we could be left in peace there."

"But you had no intention of being married while you were there?"

"No. Not originally."

"Mrs. Yuy, was there a reason why you two suddenly decided to marry there perhaps other than press coverage?"


"There's no baby?"

Relena gasped. "Baby? Of course not!" –I didn't even hear that one–

"And there's no divorce?"

"No! Heaven's no! We are so in love." She smiled up at Heero, and he stood looking like Heero...emotionless as ever. –You know you could act happy. It might convince them. –

"I think that's all the questions you could possibly have." Heero said, turning to lead Relena away. The reporters began to yell over one another, but Heero kept leading her away. After they were out of the room, they began running like little children trying to escape a Mother's chores.

Once they were safely back inside the limo Heero turned to her and smiled. "You did really well."



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