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"I didn't trust him the moment he walked through the door." Scott Summers, alias Cyclops, stood in the doorway of the living room. Jean stood next to him; her hand was placed on his shoulder. "And you know what, Jean? I still don't trust him and he's been here for nearly two years." He turned his head to see her facial expression, only to see her staring at the Cajun he disliked so much. "You're not helping."

The red head blinked, and then glanced over at him. "Scott, he's leaving today. You can try to be nice to him his last few hours here, can't you?"

"I haven't been 'nice' to him since he stepped foot in here." He pointed out, with an eye roll.

"That's my point." She retracted her hand from his shoulder and gave him a 'don't-question-me' look. "Please, for once, just try to be a little nice to him."

"Jean!" The younger mutants in the living room glanced behind their shoulders and stared at the couple in the doorway. "We're rivals! We're not supposed to be nice to each other."

"Well." Jubilee said coolly with a hint of sarcasm. "I can't imagine who he's talking about." She smiled at Remy LeBeau, alias Gambit and Scott's least favorite person. No, no. His least favorite human was Duncan and his least favorite mutant was Gambit!

Kitty Pryde, who was sitting on the other side of Gambit, bobbed her head while smiling. "You know he's going to miss you." When she decided to scoot over a little, to be closer to him, a bat with Lance's head flapped around in her head. She scooted over to the other side, making a weird face.

"He's going to miss ye almost as much as Wolverine will." Rahne Sinclair, a young Scottish lass who could transform into a wolf, pointed out.

Gambit, on the other hand, scratched his chin. "You girls wouldn't happen to have any boxes would you?"

Kitty nodded her head, "I do. What do you need them for?"

The Cajun smirked. "Parting gifts."

The three girls exchanged looks.


"Remember Gambit, you're always welcome here and you will always have a home here." Professor Xavier said to Gambit as he said his adieu.

"Better not let Summers hear you say that; he might throw away the 'welcome' mat."

Charles chuckled, taking it only as a joke. "Ororo will drive you to the airport."

Gambit walked down the front stairs and inhaled the damp morning air. "Prof?"



The Professor stared off with the most Grandfather-y look you can imagine.


"At least Gambit tried to make peace before he left." Jean said as Scott examined the wrapped box the Cajun had given to him before departing.

"I guess you were right." Scott chuckled, unwrapping the paper on it to open it. "I have to admit, I feel sort of bad." Wrapping paper debris dropped to the ground. Scott opened the lid to the box. "Uh oh."

Jean glanced into the box to get a good view of the present, only to see a red glowing Joker's card. Her eyes widened.



Wolverine rode back into the garage on his motorcycle. Where he usually parked the motorbike, was a wrapped box. He grunted, and then sniffed the air.

"Looks like Gumbo left a partin' gift. I ain't that stupid." He parked it away from the "present." After that, he walked over to the mini-fridge, where he kept his stock of beer and opened the door. A flaming card swayed to the ground. "Shit."



Remy smirked to himself as Ororo left the institute grounds at the light explosions in the background. He had definitely left his mark.

"There a reason why you're takin' me to the airport? I can drive myself an' last time I checked you were a weather witch, not a chauffeur."

"I'm just making sure you get there safely. Don't forget to call us when you get home."

"I'm twenty, not ten. You gonna have monthly visits too? Make sure I'm being treated like the thief I am?"

Ororo laughed lightly. "We're not going to check up on you—"

"Much?" He finished.

"No, Gambit. I mean; you are twenty years old, not ten."


Brushing his bangs out from his eyes, Remy walked through the grassy woods, knowing the bayou wasn't too far away. His heart rate seemed to increase when his house came into view. It was late at night, and right now, all he wanted to do was sleep. Suddenly, he saw a dark figure carrying something. His eyes flashed in the darkness. Someone dared to break into a thief's house? That was absurd! Dropping his duffel bag, he ran towards the figure, tackling them to the ground. To his surprise, the figure was slender; as if the person were frail as they landed hard on the ground.

"What the hell!" Came a female's disgruntled voice. That's when his red eyes met the girl's unfamiliar green ones.

"Who the hell are you?"


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