Love or Something Like It
Unperfect Wolf
Kendra-Lynne 2004
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{K/J} {Unfinished} Two partners, one infant and the whole world who doesn't know a thing.
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They glanced at each other as they walked side by side into the building. The secretary recognized them and nodded to the chairs across from her.

She buzzed the intercom. "Sir, Joren Stone and Keladry Mindelan are here to see you."

"Send them in, then," a voice replied.

The two stood with out needing to be told and moved down the hall. As they entered a room, the man behind the desk stood.

He was tall, with hazel eyes and brown hair. He reached a hand out and shook each of theirs. Then they sat.

Kel, a tall, slim girl with brown hair that hung down her back and hazel eyes, watched their boss carefully. He didn't often like it when they showed up ahead of schedule, especially when they were together.

Joren, who was even taller, had white hair that fell to his shoulders and ice blue eyes that flashed dangerously.

Their boss, head of the Allied States of the Eastern Lands Security Force (also know just plainly as the Security Force), sighed as he sat. "And why, exactly, are you here?"

Joren looked at him, and rolled his eyes. Kel spoke. "You know George, for someone who claims to be the best of the best, you really should be more perceptive."

Joren snorted and Gorge rolled his eyes. "Shouldn't you all be reporting to Miles? Isn't he your official boss?"

Joren nodded. "Yeah, he is, but he's fishing today. And he'd just send us to you, because he hates having us work for him because he never knows what we're going to do."

George Swoop nodded. His father-in-law, Miles Olau liked to know what was going on. When these two went out, they didn't report until they came back, and they never came back before their assigned date.

"So, what exactly do you want?" he asked, trying the question in a different form. He hoped it wasn't what he thought it was.

"We want a new assignment," they chorused.

George sighed. They were here for what he feared. "Well, I just got off the phone with President Contè. He wants an undercover team in Galla. I was hoping I would actually have time to relay the news of the orders to Miles before you guys showed up."

"Why's the President want a team in Galla?" Kel asked, confused as to why the President just didn't ask his cousin, the Governor of the state of Galla, for whatever he needed.

"Because there's an undergound child labor movement in Galla. They're bringing children in from all over and sending them to Galla, then on to The Roof. Because it's not a state yet, it's hard to enforce laws there. The mines all use children, and someone has to be the leader of this group," George sighed.

Joren nodded. "And the President thinks it's Governor Roger Contè."

George nodded. "Exactly."

For a few minutes, they were all silent. Finally Kel stood. "Well then. I guess we should get ready. With this week and a half we've had off, I guess we could leave in say… four days?" she glanced at Joren.

He nodded his consent. "Yeah."

George nodded as well. "Alright then. I'll see you in 21 months, four days."

Kel smiled as they left. She was glad they'd gotten bored and decided to go in four weeks before their off time officially ended. This case was one she wanted to handle.


Three days later, Kel sat in a bar with a group of her friends. They were all confused as to why Kel would ever give up time off and go back on a mission that was three months shy of two years long.

Neal, the oldest of them all, rolled his eyes. "Why do you do this? I don't think you've actually taken a full five and a half weeks off the whole time you've been an officer."

Kel nodded, taking a sip of her beer. "No, I haven't. You're right."

Merric laughed. "Well, that's our Kel four you."

Cleon, Owen, Prosper, Faleron and Roald laughed. Roald looked at her curiously. "What exactly is this mission you and Stone are going on?"

She eyed him. "One your father wanted Swoop to put some undercovers on."

Eyebrows raised. She was going on a mission from the president. Humm…

"So, Kel, tell us. What is it like having three years of Joren under your belt?" Neal asked.

Kel laughed. She had been paired up with Joren right out of training. Joren had just lost a partner in an operation, and she had needed one, graduating early from her class of officers.

Normally they went of nine month stints, or 14 month stints. This would be the longest one yet.

"Well, it's actually okay. Once he got over the fact that I was female and had a record as good as his, it was fine. When we worked, he was actually a good partner. He's smart, and he's taut me a lot of things.

"But Kel! This is Joren Stone were talking about," Cleon cried.

Kel nodded. "Yeah, and?"

"Um… He's annoying. He likes to beat people up… Um, he's annoying?" Own said.

Kel rolled her eyes. "Yeah, and he's a good officer."

"Well, if he's so good, what happened to his first partner?" asked Neal.

Joren had graduated two years ahead of them, and been partnered with a man by the name of Vincent.

Kel eyed them, then sighed. "He died while they were on the mission."

Prosper nodded. "And how did this happen?"

Kel shrugged. She knew. Oh, yeah, she knew. But she wasn't going to tell anyone anything. Vincent had been a traitor, and Joren had the wounds to prove it. He'd died, and Joren had made sure of it.

Faleron rolled his eyes. "Come on Kel, tell us!"

Kel shook her head. "I'm done talking about it, okay?"

"Yeah, she's done," a voice behind Kel said.

Kel yawned to hide her smile. Joren. He always made the best entrances.

Neal eyed the man behind his friend. "And how would you know, Stone?"

"Uh, because she said so?" Joren's tone was nasty. Kel rolled he eyes.

"Okay, boys, lets end this, shall we? Please, this bar doesn't need your blood all over the floor."

Joren laughed, "Sure, sure…" he looked down at Kel. "How'd you get here? I didn't see your bike in the parking lot."

She smiled. "Yeah, Neal gave me and Prosper a ride."

He nodded. "Well, I came in to pay my tab, then I'm heading back. We're leaving at 4:30, remember?"

"Yeah, yeah. I know. I should leave and get sleep," Kel smirked.

"Considering you're following me on your bike until Tusaine, yeah. I don't want you to hit be when you fall asleep," Joren's lips twitched into an almost smirk.

"Well then, if you'll give me a ride…" Kel raised an eyebrow.

Joren's eyes narrowed and he eyed her. Finally turning away towards the counter, he called over his shoulder. "I'll meet you by my bike in three."

Neal's eyebrows rose in surprise. "He, Joren Stone, is going to let you ride on his bike?"

Kel shrugged her shoulders. "It looks like it." She took out some bills and threw them down. "See ya guys." She hugged each of them and then walked out the door. A few seconds after her, Joren exited.

Neal watched, awe on his face. "She's getting a ride back to base with Joren Stone."

"Their partners, Neal. He's probably a lot nicer when he's alone than when he's surrounded by people," Prosper said.

The rest of the guy shrugged. "Maybe next time she comes back, she'll tell us how his old partner died."

Kel stood next to the bike for a few seconds before Joren appeared. "You ready, Kel?"

She nodded, smiling at him. "I bet their talking up a storm about us now."

Joren laughed. "Yeah, well, I've got to look out for you. You're my partner, right?" He smirked. "Plus, you're a girl. And I wouldn't trust Queenscove to get you home by 3 in the morning. I was telling the truth. I don't want you crashing into me."

Kel rolled her eyes at Joren's better than thou attitude. It was going to be a long 21 months.