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Chapter 14: Only Our Finest

Neal had watched the wedding with all of the other guests, many of whom he knew. Or, he amended, at least knew of.

He'd spied Wydlon Cavall, their former training whatever, head of the academy guy… Neal had thought hard and still didn't know what to call him. Kel would know. But then again, she was Kel.

But, he'd had know clue that either of them liked him, and wondered what he was doing there. And seeing the president was a shock. He knew that Kel and Joren did work for him, and that they talked to him. He even knew that the last time he'd insisted that they call him Jon, since he knew them so well. Even went so far as to call them friends.

Remembering that, Neal rolled his eyes. Of course, if they were friends, he would be there.

And he saw a good number of people who looked like Kel in one way or another and then a bunch of kids that looked like a bunch of mini-mindelans.

There were a lot of them. And he'd seen her mother, holding a small child in her arms. One of her sisters was holding another. He never did figure out which one was Vivian, or whatever Kel's girl's name was.

Yuki had looked beautiful, going down the isle ahead of Kel. He'd smiled at her, and she had waved. Kel hadn't looked at anyone but Joren. He'd seen her eyes widen when she saw him, and, glancing at Joren, saw that Kel had caught him into some sort of a trance.

Looking back at her, he realized she did look beautiful too. She looked so different from the Kel he knew. Of course, the Kel he knew wouldn't go and get pregnant by the guy who had tried to prove for years that women couldn't do as most men, and told her she'd never become as good as him.

And look at them, now they were getting married.

Of course, it disgusted Neal. So he sat there, under the tree, and pouted while the rest of the guest swirled around the happy couple and their child, bestowing upon them gifts and well wishes, happy smiles and laughter.

And no one but Yuki came to see him. Joren did glance at him and frown, then nudged Kel who hadn't been far from his side the whole time. When she looked over at him, she frowned too, before Yuki started dragging her somewhere. Looking back over her should, she looked worriedly at, before turning back to Yuki and disappearing into the crowd.

That night, Kel fell onto the bed, her feet tired and unwilling to get her onto her feet again. Joren laughed as she gave a dramatic sigh of relief, though the pain was real enough.

"Those shoes are killers! I don't know how anyone could wear those!" Kel cried, shooting him an accusatory glare, as if someone he was at fault for that.

Joren ignored that. "And most women don't understand how you can wear the boots you wear on duty all of the time."

Kel rolled her eyes. Leave it to Joren to point out that. Then she made a face. "How do you know?"

"Because," he told her, helping her up off the bed, "They all ask me how you can do it when you're not looking."

Kel laughed, gingerly stepping around them room and finishing her packing. Her brother was going to drive them to the nearest city - note city, not town, or group of houses - so that they could catch their plane to Carthak.

Joren grabbed the last of the things from the bathroom, returning to the bedroom to see Kel muttering over her suitcase. He stood their, watching her for a few moments before she looked up at him.

She smiled and reached a hand out for the things he had. Responding slowly, he shook himself and gave them to her. Straightening up, Kel grinned. "Done!"

Joren shook his head. This was going to be interesting.

Upon landing at the Carthak International Airport, Kel and Joren were lost. They'd never entered a city by plane (Kel had admitted it to Joren, and he had then told her the same) and had no clue where or how to go about finding this Emperor's Mage Resort.

Just as they were about to give up and ask for help, which is amazingly hard for two people who are used to being in control and always having at least one escape rout open from every place they go, a man approached them. He said his name was Timon something- neither could remember -and he was from the Emperor's Mage Resort and had a car waiting.

With relief, Kel and Joren followed him. When he said car, he'd meant limo, a very large, classy limo that earned them envious looks from hassled travelers.

On the way to the resort, Kel had questioned Timon.

"Do you always meet your guests at the terminal and escort them back?"

Timon smiled lightly. "Of course not, madam, only our finest."

Joren had raised an eyebrow at that. Kel looked astounded. "Your finest?"

Timon nodded. "A friend on Mrs Conté is a friend of ours. She is a good friend of Mr. Illinait."

Kel's face broke into a smile at that name. "Oh! Kali's fiancé!"

Joren glanced at her. Kel laughed. "Kalasin Conté, dear."

Joren rolled his eyes, but his face broke into a slight smile. The rest of the ride was made in companionable silence.

Kel could not believe this place. They'd put them up in their honeymoon sweet, leaving a chilled bottle of wine and a mini fridge full of drinks and snacks with a note that said "Everything's on us - Kaddar."

Joren had let out a loud laugh at that. "Too bad all of our stays aren't like this, eh?"

Kel had nodded, wandering around the large suite. She was amazed at the fineness of it all, and was shocked to think she was spending her honeymoon here.

Joren watched Kel move through the rooms, staying in the main one. He settled onto a couch, his now-warm eyes following the almost seductive sway of his wife's hips.

He couldn't believe, even after all that planning and the actually ceremony that she was his wife. He'd spent a good part of his life hating her and another part barely accepting her and now he was her husband.

Despite the fact that many people seemed to think he would make a bad husband, he was determined to be a good one. Even if he wasn't in love with Kel, he liked her and cared about her. He trusted her- and that was something more important than love to him. He didn't trust many people, and he thought that his wife should be one of them.

When Kel returned from her exploring, her eyes were wide. "Oh, Joren! You should see the view! And the bath… It's a Jacuzzi tub…" she smiled.

Joren laughed. "Only the best for friends of the owner's son."

Kel's nose crinkled slightly and she grinned at him. "Oh, but of course."

It was near noon, but they'd been up all night. Kel had caught a few hours of sleep on the plane, but Joren had caught just a few minutes here and there.

"Why don't you take a nap, Joren? We can go to dinner after that and then come back and relax," Kel said, noting the circles under his eyes.

Joren smiled at her concern. He'd heard her mothering her friends, and while they were on the last mission she'd even started it with him, but very subtly and never like this.

Of course, they hadn't been married then.

Standing, Joren grabbed her hand and pulled her up too. "Only if you take one with me," he told her, raising one eyebrow.

Kel laughed, "Of course!"

He moved to the bedroom, not releasing her hand. As they stripped their jackets and shoes off, Joren wondered if he'd ever been this content in his life. In the back of his mind was the nagging worry about Vivian, about not being there to protect her, but he knew that Kel's family would look out for her. Still, the feeling that he should be protecting her was flaring up inside of him like never before.

Kel sighed as she lay down, the only thing that would have made the trip any better being the presence of her daughter. But she knew that this time with Joren would be nice, especially for their new found sex life.

She knew that, in general, Joren didn't abstain from sex. But while on missions, he usually did, and if he didn't, he usually was with a hooker. She'd never understood, but he had explained to her that he didn't want to piss anyone they were supposed to be watching off or blow their cover as a couple.

After awhile, Joren could hear the even breathing of his wife, and, after moving so that his arm was around her, he too fell asleep.

The only vacation Kel had ever taken was when she was in Yamani. Her parents could never afford to take her on one, what with all of her siblings and nieces and nephews. But her friends' parents could.

She could remember that there was a beach and lots of sand and that the water was cold and looked like it went on forever. She could remember the stars on the beach, the amazing sight of millions of them, more than she'd ever seen, even back on the mainland in her home where their was barely any lights.

And that was it.

Joren had never had a vacation in his life. As a officer, he'd taken breaks. Until now, his vacation experience had been a trip to Kel's family's place, where in he was married to her because they had claimed Vivian as their own.

Okay, so Kel had put his name down and he'd pretty much just been sucked in by the girl's eyes.

But this place… He'd never seen anything like it. But he wanted to see more of it.

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