" Inuyasha .. " Kagome placed a trembling hand on Inuyasha's. " We .. did .. it .. "

Inuyasha's eyes were widened as he tightened the grip on the now complete Shikon No Tama. All those months of reckless searching, serious battles and injuries, heartbreaks and happiness, their quest was finished.

Kagome gulped as she heard Sango and Miroku pick up a happy Shippou and walked away. " Guys .. ? "

" Meet you back at the hut, Kagome. " Sango called, and gave Kagome an encouraging smile. " It'll be alright, don' worry. "

The others gave Kagome a warm smile, then they walked off in a distance .. leaving Kagome and Inuyasha alone.

A sudden silence fell between the two, and they looked around nervously.

Seeing this, Kagome cleared her throat and smiled at Inuyasha, hoping to break the tension.

" Yeah, we did. Without .. killing each other. " Inuyasha spoke, trying to sound as monotone as possible, though it didn't hide the small disappointing sounding in his voice.

Kagome giggled nervously and nodded. " Yeah, except you were the only one who could kill me. " Like in a daze, she walked over to a large rock and sat down.

" Feh. " Inuyasha just as nervously said, his voice cracking. The slowly plopped down next to Kagome as well. " Um, now what ? "

Kagome gave a laugh, etched with nervousness and sadness, " You came all this way, Inuyasha to get that jewel. You can finally make your wish now. To become a full demon. "

Kagome's head automatically dropped to her chest. She knew what this meant. When Inuyasha made his wish, she will go home. Kikyou still lurked around and Inuyasha would be with her, and she would just be .. gone.

Kagome waited painfully for Inuyasha's response, and didn't realize he had been leaning over to look at her. " You okay, Kagome ? "

Kagome jumped in surprise at the gentleness in his voice and quickly looked away. She couldn't let him see the tears forming in her eyes. " Yeah. Just so happy, y-you know ? " Kagome gave another phony laugh to cover up the awkwardness between them, but it failed miserably.

Inuyasha did not response and glanced at the jewel again. It was a perfect circle as it once was, shining brightly in his claws. He could make his wish now, to become the most powerful demon around. But yet, he couldn't.

" Well, " Kagome said again, her voice shaky. " Make your wish, Inuyasha. "

Inuyasha slowly looked up at Kagome, his face curious and sad. " Why ? "

" W-what ? " Kagome asked, startled at his response. He wasn't that type to stall .. he usually just jumped right into things. What's so different about it this time ?

Inuyasha turned his head, letting his long silver hair fall into his face. " Why ? Do you .. want to leave Feudal Japan ? " Inuyasha mumbled as Kagome bit her lip.

" No, but I'll have to wouldn't I ? " Kagome smiled as brightly as she could, though it looked nothing real. " Our quest is finished right ? We got the jewel back, Naraku is destroyed, and we could all go our separate ways .. " Kagome nodded dramatically as she swayed her legs. " Happily. "

Inuyasha nodded as he looked down. Confusion took over him as did uncertainty. They finally completed the jewel, Sango, Miroku, Shippou will go off their own ways. Inuyasha can take the jewel with him, make his wish and Kagome would .. leave.

Inuyasha's heart twisted at the last thought strangely, though he didn't know why. " Aren't you staying ? " he blurted out mindlessly.

Kagome calmly turned to him, her face extremely sad, " I can't. "

" Who the hell said you can't ? " Inuyasha growled, as he stood up. " I said you can, and so you can ! "

Kagome looked at Inuyasha, her eyes apologizing. Inuyasha noticed but quickly turned away, his face angry.

" I'm sorry, Inuyasha. Our quest is complete, the well will be sealed and I .. " Kagome bit her lip, as Inuyasha growled at her.

" What the hell are you apologizing for, wench ? I don't even know why I'm even asking, " Inuyasha jerked back at Kagome, his eyes burning with anger, " Why not go home then, since you wanna so bad. Actually, you know what ? You should leave now .. 'cause I'm about to turn myself into the most powerful demon that ever walked the place of this earthand it ain't a pretty sight. So I suggest you depart before I rip you to shreds in my permanentdemon form. "

" Y-you, want me to leave ? " Kagome gasped as she stood up, her eyes wide.

Inuyasha hesitated to answer. He watched as Kagome looked at her feet. Guilt immediately took over him, but he knew what he had to do. The well will seal eventually, because their quest is finally done. Kagome would no longer see her family and friends again. This was not the real life of a teenager girl. Kagome would have to go back, and this was the only way to send her back. Painfully, Inuyasha nodded confidently. He smirked arrogantly and flashed his golden eyes at Kagome.

" That's what you want, wench. " Inuyasha quickly turned around, pretending to examine the jewel in his hands.

Kagome nodded, her eyes filled with understanding. " Yeah. I'm, um, gonna go back to the hut now, okay ? Get my stuff .. " Kagome smiled weakly as she got up.

Kagome knew she had to leave. She knew Inuyasha didn't want to hurt her anymore. She knew what he was doing. Even though she saw through Inuyasha's plan, her heart twisted at his cruel words. Tears stung her eyes, but she quickly turned and walked away before Inuyasha could see.

She didn't want to go back, she wanted to stay with Inuyasha. But she knew Inuyasha didn't want to be with her. There was always Kikyou, a better, more powerful woman out there. Inuyasha would definitely choose her over Kagome. Why wouldn't he, even she would.

As Kagome continued to walk to the hut, she stopped short in front of the Goshinboku Tree. She stepped up to it and examined it slowly. A small smile creeped upon her lips as a thought came into her head. This was when Inuyasha and I met. When he tried to kill me. Kagome chuckled and laid her hand on it.

The rough wood pricked her skin but she continued to run across it. The mark where Inuyasha was pinned was still there. Kagome leaned on it and sighed. Without thinking anymore, she skipped to Kaede's hut, where all of her friends were.

Sango, Miroku and Shippou looked up expectantly, as if to see someone more than Kagome. Kagome looked surprised but avoided their confused stares. She didn't want to wonder why they were looking at her like that. Quickly, she picked up her backpack and stood up strongly.

" I'm .. gonna go home now, you guys. " Kagome's voice began to quiver as she watched everybody stand up. " Don't forget me, okay ? "

Sango shook her head sadly. " As if, Kagome. " Sango's sad voice tried to sound cheerful, but failed miserably. She stood up and embraced her friend, her sister.

This was not how Kagome wanted to say goodbye, but it was the best for all of them. Miroku hugged her as well, and Kagome felt a hand run someplace that was no acceptable. Kagome frowned and whacked the monk on his head. Miroku stumbled back but gave Kagome a warm smile, " Just wanted to remember it before I won't be able to experience it anymore. I'll miss you, Kagome. "

Kagome instantly released her angry features and laughed. " And I too, Miroku. " She squeezed his arm and stood next to him. She stood on her tiptoes to reach his ear and whispered so low only he could hear. " Tell her someday. You won't regret it. "

Miroku instantly stiffened as Kagome's voice rang through his ear. He knew who ' her ' was and he blushed profusely.

Kagome smiled and patted a blushing Miroku on the shoulder and strolled up to the quiet kitsune in the corner. " I love you Shippou, be a good boy wherever you are. "

Immediately, Shipoou turned away from Kagome's touch. " Guess I'm gonna lose another mom, huh Kagome ? " Shippou quietly whispered. Kagome's eyes clouded over, as the thought of losing Shippou came to her mind.

" Oh no, Shippou, " Kagome smiled timidly and placed her hand on Shippou's heart. " We'll always be together. In here. I love you. " Kagome hugged Shippou, who started to cry and cling onto Kagome.

Kagome pried Shippou off and looked at her friends. " Tell the rest I love them with all my heart. Tell Kaede my thanks for her healing and wise advice. I'll always love her as my grandmother. Also tell Kouga that I'll always love him, but not that way. He's gotta go know sometime. " Kagome smiled jokingly, as her friends smiled back sadly.

" Bye guys. Don't forget me. " Kagome quickly said and rushed out the hut, hoping nobody would follow her. There. She did it.

Tears had already begun to form as Kagome ran. This was the last thing she wanted to do in this world, was to leave all her friends. As Kagome trudged quickly along the grass, she tried to cherish everything in her mind. But it pained her deeply that she was going to throw it all away.

Kagome stopped running and panted for air. Then she sat down and pulled her backpack in front of her. Looking around to see if anybody was there, she flipped the top open and reached inside a small pouch. Her fingers felt a bunch of sharp squares and Kagome pulled them out. Kagome sank lower against the boulder as she flipped through the photos. Photos she had taken in Feudal Japan. Photos that she will remember forever.

Kagome smiled at the one of Sango and her, with Miroku sneaking behind Sango in the background. Kagome smiled more when she saw the one with Shippou crying because nobody would take a picture with him. Kagome flipped through each one, smiling more and more at each memory that followed the picture.

Finally, she reached her last one. She flipped it over and gasped. It was a bright picture of herself and InuyashaStrangely, they were standing next to each other, looking at each other, all smiles. It was a rare picture and Kagome smiled sadly at it. With her finger, Kagome circled Inuyasha's face.

" I love you. " Kagome whispered, as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Kagome looked up in the sky, hoping the fresh air would stop her emotions to rise. But it just made her want to cry more.

If only I had told him I loved him in the beginning. Then he would at least know before I leave. But now, it's too late. I had my last moments with him, and it all backfired. Kagome sighed as she wiped the tears away from her face. Life sucks, I'll have to go on. Go on and leave Feudal Japan forever ... Kagome bit her lip. Quickly, she threw the photos back inside her backpack and stood up.

She swung her backpack over her shoulder and held the last photo up. The one with Inuyasha and her. She looked at it one last time then put both of her hands top edge of the photo. She closed her eyes, letting tears roll down her cheeks.

Goodbye, Inuyasha. With one last thought, Kagome tore the photo in half. Quickly, she dropped the side with Inuyasha's face onto the ground. She held the other piece in her hand and turned around. She ran. Leaving the other half lying there, not looking back once. Not noticing a figure, pick up the torn picture, its amber eyes filled with sadness and despair. Not looking back at all.


Kagome sighed as she sat at the edge of the well, reminiscing the last moments she spent in Feudal Japan . Soon she'd have to leave this place, the well sealing itself behind her. She would no longer see this memorable era ever again, no more of her friends, no more Inuyasha.

InuyashaTears pricked Kagome's eyes but she sniffed them back in. She won't cry over that ungrateful hanyou. Not now, not ever. She can't ..

Taking a deep breath, Kagome stood up and turned her body to the well. Okay, I'll just close my eyes and jump in. And forget about all the pain I had to endure in this horrible place. Stupid Feudal Japan. Yup. There was nothing good here. Never was .. Kagome took one last deep breath and closed her eyes. Goodbye ..

Suddenly, she was jerked back forcefully by a powerful arm. Kagome squealed as she felt her body being turned to the figure who pulled her. Grunting in pain, Kagome felt herself slam into the person. Looking up, Kagome gasped.


But it was not because of seeing Inuyasha here, Kagome gasped. She gasped because of Inuyasha's expression. Never had she seen him so sad, and so troubled. Other times, when he met Kikyou but was reluctant to tell Kagome, but this time, it wasn't that, Kagome knew. And Kagome didn't want to know any further. She quickly began to pull away, but Inuyasha tightened his grip on Kagome's arm. Kagome winced at the sudden pain and Inuyasha released reluctantly.

" What do you want, Inuyasha ? " Kagome asked, sounding tired as she looked away from his beautiful amber orbs. She hated looking into them. They suck her into another world .. another world she would never want to leave from.

Inuyasha looked away, his eyes hiding behind his bangs. " Don't leave. " Inuyasha's voice whispered out, hoarse and cracked.

" What ? " Kagome jerked her head at him, surprised.

Inuyasha closed his eyes, his brows furrowing. " I said, don't leave. " Inuyasha repeated, with a bit of impatience in his voice.

" But .. why ? " Kagome asked, as a smile crept upon her lips. She couldn't help it. Same old ignorance ..

Inuyasha opened his eyes and turned his head to her. " Because, " Inuyasha went up to her and put his forehead against hers. " I don't want you to. "

Kagome let out a little laugh but didn't pull away. Her anger and sadness a minute ago melted away as she spoke to him in a playful tone. " So whatever you say, I have to do eh ? "

Inuyasha didn't smile back, but frowned. Hesitantly, he pulled out a torn piece of paper from his sleeve. Kagome peered at it and her eyes widened.

It was the torn part of the picture Kagome had left back. But how ..

Inuyasha had found it. Kagome's bit her lip as Inuyasha reached inside Kagome's hand. Kagome placed her part of the picture up at the edge of her fingertips as Inuyasha moved his next to it. The two parts combined, making the picture whole again. The picture of them standing happily next to each other. The picture of them looking at each other. The picture of them.

Kagome's tears reformed as they dribbled down her face pathetically. But she didn't wipe them away. She just stared, shaking, at the picture she held in her hands. The picture they held together.

" Kagome, I don't want you to leave. " Inuyasha's gentle voice sought out to Kagome's ears. They were inches away from each other, and Kagome fought the urge to look into his eyes. " You can't just throw away everything we accomplished in our quest together. " Like us .. our relationship .. Inuyasha added silently, his heart aching.

" Why ? " Kagome asked in a mere whisper, as her own voice started to crack.

" Because, you were the only one there for me through all this. You were always there for me when I needed you. Even though I pushed you away, you were so stubborn and stayed by me, getting hurt at the same time. Nobody has ever done that, not even, " Inuyasha took a deep breath, " Kikyou. "

Kagome's face clouded over as she watch Inuyasha's expression change. Nonetheless, Inuyasha continued. " She thought I was a horrible beast when I transformed into a full youkai. She hated me with disgust. But you didn't. It looked like you thought it was totally normal and you just stood by me, no matter what. You told me everything would be okay, because you were here with me, and it did something to me that changed me. I wouldn't trust anybody in my life, and I never planned to. When you told me everything was gonna be okay, I believed it. For the first time in my life. "

Kagome's lip quivered as Inuyasha recklessly poured out his emotions. " Oh Inuyasha .. "

Inuyasha lowered his eyes to their picture they held. " Kagome, I need you in my life. I finally realized what I was lost when I chose Kikyou over you. I was such a damn fool. The truth is Kagome, I-I .. I lo .. "

" NO ! " Kagome shouted. Shut up ! Kagome jumped back away from the shocked hanyou and shook her head quickly.

Inuyasha stared at her with hurt eyes. He didn't understand what she was doing and watched as her brown eyes widening with fear and regret.

Kagome swallowed the lump that rose in her throat. She continued to back away from Inuyasha, who took a step towards her.

I know what you're going to say, Inuyasha. But I can't risk your life. Kikyou is still out there, can't you see ? She will be back to take you to hell. And I know you will go with her. My hear will break into a million pieces. I can't take it, it just hurts too much. I'm sorry Inuyasha .. this is where are path together .. ends.

" What are you doing, Kagome ? " Inuyasha's voice cracked, his face filled with frustration and remorse. His eyes widened as Kagome put her hands up in front of him, like a shield.

" Your words will soon be forgotten, Inuyasha. I can't let it happen to us. It will ruin us .. " Kagome gasped as Inuyasha grabbed her arm forcefully.

" What the hell are you talking about, Kagome ?! Nothing can ruin the thing we have here ! What the hell is your problem ?! " Inuyasha barked as Kagome grimaced at his harsh tone. Inuyasha growled and he dropped Kagome's hand forcefully. " I give up, Kagome ! You're impossible .."

" WHAT ?! I'm impossible ?! What are you talking about, Inuyasha ? I'm not the one always running off to Kikyou and then coming back, begging for my forgiveness ! I'm not the one whose always pushing everybody who wants to help you away ! I'm not you Inuyasha ! So I am definitely NOT impossible ! The only person who is impossible is you ! You don't even know howit feels to go home everytime we fight, knowing the one you love might already be in hell, DEAD! I worry my butt off about you, and you're telling me I'm impossible ? To what ? Your feelings ? You don't havefeelings Inuyasha ! The only person you care isyourself !" Kagome let out a defeated cry and bolted.

" Kagome ! " Inuyasha called, as he took a step forward. He wanted to go after her, but something inside him stopped. She loves me ? For how long ? Damn ..

Kagome continued to run painfully, knowing Inuyasha wasn't going to run after her. Tears burned her eyes as she raised her head to the sky. Her feet pounded fast and hard on the ground, as tears smothered the trail behind her. I love you, Inuyasha. But this would NEVER work out ..

Running blindly, Kagome ended up in front of the Bone Eater's Well. Slowing down to it, Kagome wiped her eyes with her sleeve. " I'm leaving. " Kagome announced shakily to no one particular around her. She took a deep breath and swung her right leg over the edge of the well. Turning to look back one more time, Kagome's eyes blurred with tears. " May you live happily with your life, Inuyasha. With Kikyou. " Kagome's voice filled with pain as she forced herself in the well.

Bright luminescent light engulfed her as her eyelids fluttered close. The well will close forever behind me. I will have no regrets.

Thought Kagome doubted every word she thought, she knew it had to be true. As the light started to fade, Kagome missed the fast figure approaching the well fast. And Kagome would never know.

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