Kagome twisted a strand of her raven black hair around her forefinger. She tried to make it look as calm and natural as possible .. but nothing now can be ' calm and natural '. Is it a good thing ? Or a bad thing ? This .. I do not know.

Kagome peered up into the clear blue sky, her big brown eyes dry and bloodshot. When did she ever feel so tired ? Oh yes .. everyday. But today, she seemed extra tired. Maybe because .. everything was over. Over indeed.

Kagome closed her eyes, ignoring the screaming pain her big yellow backpack was giving to her shoulders. She leaned against the well, trying to envision everything that happened. Though it pained her .. more or less.


Kikyou shot the arrow, her eyes burning with hatred and fury for the innocent schoolgirl standing in front of her. Frozen.

" Kagome ! " a enraged voice shouted out.

A strong arm wrapped around Kagome's waist, pulling her out of her spot. Kagome squeezed her eyes shut, as she felt the wind rush out of her lungs. Gasping for air, Kagome squinted to see who it was. A big blur of red and silver blinded her eyes, as they widened immediately.

" I-Inuyasha ? B-but I thought .. "

A pair of concerning golden eyes peered down at her, his lips set in a straight line. His powerful arms squeezed her waist protectively as he flew across the clearing. " Kagome, are you alright ?! "

" I-Inuyasha ! I'm fine .. but .. " Kagome stuttered as she squirmed to wrap her arms around the hanyou. But before she could move, shock struck her. " INUYASHA ! LOOK OUT ! "

Inuyasha's face twisted in confusion as Kagome's eyes widened. " INUYASHA .. ! "

" What're you .. " Inuyasha grunted in surprise, as something sharp and pointy pinned his heart. He gasped for air, as a burning sensation shot up his chest, and all through his body.

" Inuyasha !! " Kagome shrieked, as she clutched his fire-rat kimono fiercely. " Inuyasha ! "

Inuyasha soar through the clearing, his face blotted with sudden sheen of sweat, his eyes wide. Kagome's eyes were big and round, air refusing to reach her lungs.

" I-Inuyasha .. "

Inuyasha lowered his head to Kagome, his amber eyes meeting her big brown ones. For a minute, a flash of fear crossed his orbs then .. sudden calmness. It scared Kagome, and she didn't want to know what it meant. But it was too late.

Inuyasha landed on the hard ground, and immediately, he dropped Kagome. Kagome jumped off him, and shoved her hands under him supporting his sudden fall.

" Inuyasha ! Speak to me ! Are you alright ?! Inuyasha ! " Kagome cried, as she quickly brought him down to her knees.

Inuyasha peered at her wearily. He seemed to age in the last thirty seconds, and his face was covered with a sheen of sweat. His amber orbs were half covered by his bangs and his now heavy eyelids. His hair was amiss, sprawled all over Kagome's lap, and his heart, was embedded with a purified arrow. Kikyou's arrow.

Kagome scanned his body, panicked. Then her eyes lifted onto the miko standing a mile away from them. In her hands, as a released bow, with no arrow. No arrow.

This is not it. This isn't happening .. oh Inuyasha .. Kagome mind screamed at her, as tears began to roll down her cheeks.

" K-Kagome .. " Inuyasha's raspy voice called out weakly.

Kagome quickly laid her eyes on the hanyou's face. He looked so tired. And so .. afraid ? Afraid .. of what ?

" Inuyasha, I'm here .. I'm here .. " Kagome quickly whispered, stroking his hair.

" Are you okay .. ? " He choked out, his breathing shallow.

Kagome's throat coughed out a small laugh, her eyes shining with her tears. " Yes ! Of course I am .. but you .. oh ! Inuyasha, stay awake ! I'll take the arrow out of you ! " Kagome's fingers wrapped around the arrow, but Inuyasha's hand quickly grabbed her wrist.

Kagome looked at him searchingly, her eyes scared and panicked. This was not happening. And this will never happen ! IT COULDN'T !

Inuyasha lifted his heavy eyelids at her, ignoring the burning feeling in his heart. Both physically .. and mentally. " Kagome .. I'm sorry .. "

Kagome quickly wiped her tears away from her eyes, " Sorry ?! For what ?! "

Inuyasha gave her a small smile, that sent her heart to flutter. " I-I'm sorry I can't protect you .. anymore .. "

Kagome's eyes widened dramatically, as she let herself collasp onto Inuyasha's chest. " NO ! Don't say that ! You can always protect me, Inuyasha ! "

Inuyasha lifted his trembling hand, stroking Kagome's hair slowly. " That would be k-kinda stupid, Kagome. I-I'd be dead .. how could I protect you then .. "

Kagome shot up and quickly embraced Inuyasha on her lap. " NO ! You won't be dead ! You were never dead ! You were just sealed, Inuyasha ! I can break that spell .. I really can ! " Kagome cried as tears dripped all over Inuyasha's haori. How can he say this now ? When Kagome already knew the answer, he just had to confirm it with his, his .. stupidity !

Inuyasha wrapped his arms around Kagome, even though it took all of his strength to do so. " I'm sorry, Kagome. I don't think I can see you .. again .. " Inuyasha let out a tired breath, as his face twisted in pain.

Kagome had tried to keep it in. But she couldn't. Her throat let out a cry, her hands clutching tightly onto Inuyasha's haori. " No .. don't say that .. Inuyasha .. "

Inuyasha let out a silent ' feh ', which pained Kagome's heart even more. He remained so tough .. so strong .. even though, he was on the verge of leaving Kagome, the girl who he cherished and grown to love being with. Inuyasha smirked painfully, as he continued to stroke Kagome's raven hair.

" Kagome .. " Inuyasha swallowed, as he felt a unfamiliar lump rise in his throat. " .. I just wanted to let you know .. that .. I'll always be by your side, okay ? N-never forget me .. " Inuyasha gave her another weak smirk, bringing Kagome's stomach knots and twists. " And don't you d-dare let that mangy wolf t-touch you .. I'll come b-back from the dead to h-haunt that b-b-bastard .. "

Kagome strained a small smile, as she clutched onto his haori tighter. " Inuyasha .. I'd never forget you, I can't .. "

" I'm sorry, Kagome .. " Inuyasha whispered, his voice draining its usual loudness and strength.

Kagome exploded, " There's nothing to be sorry about, Inuyasha ! I can bring you back ! I'll go to Sesshomaru, and use his Tenseiga, then .. then I'll .. "

Inuyasha brought his clawed hand up to Kagome's wet cheek, and touched it. Kagome stopped stuttering, and slowed to a whimper as she let Inuyasha speak. " That bastard ? F-forget it, Kagome .. " And for an instant, Inuyasha's eyes softened. It suddenly lost its power and its shield to hide the emotions from the world. It unleashed itself .. to Kagome. " I need you to know.. that .. you'll a-always be in my heart. You were the one .. who opened up my soul from all the grief and fear I held from the past. You saw through me, through my tough exterior, and understood me, even though I hadn't said a word. Before I met you, Kagome .. I trusted nobody. Nobody at all. I thought everybody was a s-scam .. and just wanted to use me. B-but then I realized how wrong I was .. when I met you. I know .. I treated you like trash and .. I'm really sorry. K-Kagome .. the truth is .. " Inuyasha let a weak breath out, his amber eyes barely opened. " I Love You .. "

Kagome's eyes widened. She let out a furious sob and squeezed Inuyasha in her arms as tight as she could. She cried in his arms, as an enormous amount of pain cut through her heart. She finally realized .. that Inuyasha had loved her. Her.Not Kikyou. But her. And that also made her realize .. that she loved him too. With all her heart. And beyond.

" Inuyasha, I love you too .. " Kagome whispered as she dug deeper into Inuyasha's haori. " P-please don't leave me here, please .. "

Kagome stifled another sob, as she fought the urge to cry again squeezed into her gut. She closed her eyes, wishing Inuyasha could talk to her. Comfort her. That he was going to be okay. That this was all a big joke. That this was just an ordinary arrow. That he was just testing her. That he was well. And that he really loved her. And that he would live. Beside her, forever and always.

And suddenly, something hit her .. like a ton of bricks. Inuyasha, he .. he wasn't speaking.

Kagome's eyes shot open. Quickly, she lifted her head from Inuyasha's chest. " Inuyasha, Inuyasha .. INUYASHA !! "

Kagome shook him, her eyes scanning his still face. His .. too .. still .. face. That beautiful face she loved. But .. Inuyasha .. his eyes .. were closed ? Did he hear what she said ? He had to ! He must ! She shook him violently, hoping that his relaxed brows would furrow like they always had, and he would open his eyes and tell her that he was fine.

" Inuyasha ! Wake up ! You can't leave me here .. you can't ! I love you ! I love you with every inch of my soul ! You were my first love, and my only love ! You can't just leave me here ! Don't you know that I won't be able to love anybody again, without knowing that you can't be here with me to share the joy of .. of .. loving ?! " Kagome cried, knowing she made no sense. But nothing made sense now. Not after what just happened.

" Inuyasha ! No ! Please ! Tell me you're just joking ! Wake up ! WAKE UP ! " Kagome burst into tears, with great sobs escaping her throat. She buried her face into Inuyasha's chest, letting her tears soak the material.

No .. this is not happening. This can't be happening. I love you Inuyasha ! You have to wake up .. you can't leave me .. Kagome cried as she felt her own tears drench her face. But she didn't care. Inuyasha .. had slipped away from her. From the very tip of her fingers. He was gone. And had left her. Unprotected. Scared .. and lonely.

Inuyasha, you stupid ! Kagome cried uncontrollably as she pounded Inuyasha's chest. You promised you'd keep me safe ! You promised to be my side and protect me forever ! Why did you break that promise ? I need you Inuyasha ! I need you ! You are my everything, and I told myself, if anything happened to you, I'd die ! I'd be hopeless. I need your arrogant face to bark at me, I need you to scowl and insult me, I need you to make me mad and make me sit you, I need you to tell me I'm stupid and that I have to be strong. Inuyasha .. I need you ! You, and only you ! Inuyasha .. I love you ..

Kagome sobbed in his chest, as she shook him. Can't you see that ? I love you .. and nobody else ! If you leave me like this, I would be nothing ! You hear me ? NOTHING ! I could just die right now .. and I wouldn't care ! Becasue you aren't here with me, Inuyasha ! Inuyasha !!

This was worse than Kagome's worst nightmares. This was worse than anything she could ever imagine. And it was happening too.

" I-Inuyasha, please wake up, I won't be mad at you .. please, just wake up .. "


Inuyasha had not replied her. When Kagome called his name, he did not say a word, he did not even flinch. When Kagome shook him, he did not twitch, nor did he open his eyes. When Kagome laid her ear against his chest, she heard no heartbeat, and she felt no breath being breathed on her. So Kagome embraced him. And kept on embracing him. Because she wanted to be in his arms forever. Like the way they are now. But this .. without Inuyasha with her, was all wrong. His soul .. was gone, not with him. This was not suppose to happen. Kagome wanted to be like this forever. But .. but not like this !

In her fury, Kagome had lunged at the miko who had killed Inuyasha, punched her in the face, knocking her over. She grabbed the fallen quiver and bow and shot the dead priestess with it. And she died. Just like that. But that wasn't enough. Killing Kikyou, only brought tears to her. She could torture Kikyou to her death, or do anything she wanted with her .. but whatever she did .. would not bring Inuyasha back to her.

After killing the priestess that had brought so many pain to Kagome, Kagome picked up Inuyasha's body and stumbled towards the tree they happen to be near. The Goshinboku. That stupid cursed tree .. who brought Kikyou and Inuyasha together again. That stupid cursed tree .. who brought Kikyou into killing Inuyasha again. That stupid cursed tree .. who will hold Inuyasha for another fifty years. No. Now, it will be .. for eternity.

Kagome let out a cry as she tripped and fell. Inuyasha's body fell on top of her, causing Kagome's ribs to crack loudly. Tears streamed down her face, as her fingers clawed the dirt. She ignored the pain in her ribs, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't ignore the pain in her heart.

I hate you Inuyasha. I hate you ! You had to leave me here. You had to leave me .. alone and scared. Alone and scared without you.

Kagome quickly scrambled up, afraid if she stayed still, ugly thoughts would come to her mind. She brought her hands under Inuyasha, and lifted him over her shoulder. He was ten times heavier than she was, but she was going to do it. She dragged Inuyasha and herself towards the Goshinboku, but she fell again, blinded by her own tears. This time, Kagome did not cry out.

Instead, she got up and draped Inuyasha over her shoulder again. Her face was lined with determination as she pulled Inuyasha's limp body to the tree. Just thinking of him, unmoving and soulless, brought new tears to Kagome's eyes.

Finally, Kagome reached the tree. She lifted him against it, and brought her hand near the arrow. But she stopped. Was she going to pin him back into the tree ? What if, her reincarnation someday, comes to this well and unseals him, like she did. What if that happened ?

Hesitantly, Kagome wrapped her trembling fingers around the arrow and pushed it into the tree. The arrow pinned the Goshinboku, pinning Inuyasha's body to it as well. Kagome stepped away from it, and looked at her shoes. She was afraid. So afraid to look at him again. She was afraid of the pain that will pain her heart, even more than she was already feeling.

But Kagome lifted her face to him. Slowly, her eyes came contact with the face she missed already. She dropped to her knees helpless, crying her heart out. Everything had finally sunk in. And Kagome couldn't believe it. He died this time .. because of her. If she hadn't gotten in the way, this would've never happened. She could've been pinned, not him, but her ! It wasn't fair ! Nothing is ever fair !

Kagome sniffed, as she grabbed the tree's roots and pulled herself up. She wiped her tears and embraced herself to Inuyasha's still body. She could almost hear him whisper to her, those three words she wanted to hear, from the very start. I love you, Kagome.

Tears streamed down her cheeks, as Kagome lifted her face and stared at the motionless boy in front of her. The boy she had grown to be comfortable with, to cherish, to remember, to love. Kagome ran her finger slowly across his face, as if she wanted to memorize it forever. Then, she slowly lifted herself onto her tiptoes, and laid her lips onto his.

Kagome never wanted to kiss Inuyasha. She was afraid that he'd pull away and freak out. But now that he left her, she wanted to remember him forever. And a kiss, would be it. Kagome parted her face from his, her lower lip already starting to tremble again. And for just one more time, Kagome traced her finger around Inuyasha's chiseled face, and stepped back. Further this time. Then she bent down, and traced two words onto the dirt. The others needn't to worry her after this.

Glancing up again, Kagome looked at him for one last time then turned and walked away. She whispered these final words to him, wishing he could hear her. Even though she knew that he couldn't, she still did. " I love you Inuyasha. Please don't forget me. And .. I'm sorry .. "

Kagome walked away from the Goshinboku tree, with a hanyou pinned to the tree. Her eyes were downcast, as her feet took her further and further away from the boy she wanted to live the rest of her life with, to feel safe with, to love with.

But all her dreams were shattered, now that the nightmare she hoped would never happen, came true. Nothing meant anything to her now, not even her own life. What good is her life now, without the one person who made it worthy living for. Oh, Inuyasha. She missed him. Dearly.


A pretty brunette demon slayer, followed by a monk dressed in a purple robe, who carried a small kitsune came bounding into the clearing, just minutes before Kagome had left. The demon slayer gripped onto a giant boomerang strapped onto her back and stepped into the clearing. Her eyes scanned the area, hoping to spot something. And then, she did.

Dropping her boomerang, the demon slayer gasped. Quickly, she rushed forward to the tree, with a boy pinned on it.

After seeing this, the demon slayer immediately burst into tears. Truthfully, she never liked the hanyou, but as the months gone by, then the years, she had grown to admire him. His strength and his invulnerability. Even though she wasn't as familiar to him as the others were, it grieved her deeply knowing that he was pinned to that damned tree again. But .. by who ? Sango, the demon slayer, let her moist eyes scan the area once more, before jumping at a hand on her shoulder.

Sango looked up sadly, at the monk behind her. He nodded gravely, and pointed to the ground. Sango reluctantly looked down and gasped. Two words were written down below the tree, two words that explained it all.

In a familar curvy handwriting, it spoke three syllables. Those three syllables .. meant everything.

I'm Sorry.

The little kitsune perched on the monk, Miroku's, shoulder, burst into tears. Miroku patted Shippou, but didn't utter a word. This was obvious. Their dear friend, Kagome, was gone. Just as, their ally and companion, Inuyasha had.


Kagome glanced at her feet for the hundredth time, as she shifted her weight against the Bone-Eater's Well. She hadn't realize how long she was sitting here. The sky had already turned orange, and sun was beautifully setting. Kagome peered at it, her eyes hollow and sad. Tonight, the new moon will be at task. The day, when Inuyasha would turns human.

Kagome could almost see him huffing and scowling at the thought of turning human. He always thought he was weak when he was a human, but Kagome thought he was sweet when he was, and she missed it. But now that she thought about it, she missed everything about Inuyasha. And tonight, she wouldn't even get to see him human one last time. This world, was officially against her.

Kagome stood up suddenly, trying to ignore the numbnses her legs felt. She quickly realized any pain she felt now, was nothing compared to the pain she felt for losing Inuyasha. Somebody could just shoot her right now, and she wouldn't feel it. That was absolutely nothing, compared to the pain she was feeling right now. And probably .. will forever feel it.

Kagome's eyes dropped as she slipped her hands onto her school uniform pocket. She was going to leave soon, she hoped the others didn't worry too much. She left a lot of things for them, things that could remind them of her. Her heart suddenly ached when she realized that Shippou would be losing his second mother, and Sango, another family member, and Miroku, one lady less to touch. Kagome almost had the urge to chuckle at the last one, but her heart didn't let her.

Kagome's fingers finally felt something smooth and cold, and she pulled it out. Slowly, she unwrapped her fingers, revealing a shining ball. The Shikon no Tama. Oh .. how she hated it. This was the cause to everything that happened here. If it wasn't here, then Inuyasha would still be here by her side.

But .. if it wasn't for this, I would've never met Inuyasha .. and lost him .. Kagome thought sadly. Shikon no Tama ..

Kagome emotionlessly pulled the Shikon no Tama in front of her face. And for a second, Kagome remembered the fear in Inuyasha's eyes when she held him. She didn't understand why he was afraid, but now she knew .. he was afriad .. of losing her. And this fear, this nightmare .. came true.

Tears prickled Kagome, and it surprised her she still had tears to cry on. She quickly wiped it away, remembering how much Inuyasha had hated to see her cry. Then she placed her hand over the Jewel.

" S-Shikon no Tama. " Kagome whispered, her voice cracking miserbaly. Before Kagome could continue, regert filled her heart.

I know I must make this wish .. to ease the pain for myself and everybody else. So they wouldn't have to worry about me. I'm sorry Inuyasha .. but I have to do this .. or I can never be in peace. But I will .. always, always love you.

Finally nodding in agreement, Kagome laid her brown eyes on the Shikon Jewel again. " Shikon no Tama .. " she said, this time more strongly.

Closing her eyes, Kagome told the jewel, what she wished for. I love you Inuyasha .. goodbye ..

" Shikon Jewel, I wish that .. I can go home, seal the well, and .. " Kagome squeezed her eyes shut, letting tears drip on her lap. " A-and I won't r-remember this place, anybody .. again. " Kagome let out a sob, as she let the final words come out of her. She dropped the Shikon Ball, and cried in her hands.

Kagome wished she could wish again, but she knew that the Shikon no Tama had heard her wish. And will grant it.

A sudden pink light engulfed Kagome, and Kagome felt herself being pulled down into the well. Her eyes widened, as she felt her mind lose itself. A picture of Sango, no, this young lady with brown, no, with .. fading away from her .. another picture of a monk, no, a young man, with a staff, with lecherous behavior, wait, who is he ? Oh, a small boy, wait a second, a fox, no .. I can't see what it is .. now, I see, I see, I see .. a wolf and a old lady, a priestess .. a baboon suit, a .. nothing .. I see nothing. I remember nothing .. but, I see this boy, with silver hair, and a red kimono, why can't I forget him ? What am I feeling for this boy, no .. who is he ? Who is .. Inuyasha ?

Kagome's mind finally closed in on herself, and she felt everything around her blacken. She couldn't see the sunset anymore, and her body was being pulled deeper and deeper into the well. Finally, darkness took over her, and she closed her eyes.

As Kagome felt herself fall asleep, she allowed herself to think those final thoughts before she even forgets why she was here. Painfully and sadly, Kagome let herself think of that special half-demon, with those cute doggy ears, and that red kimono he always wore.

I love you Inuyasha, forever and always. I hope, someday you and I can reunite and live, happily ever after .. Then Kagome, the strange girl from the future, that brought so many happiness and laughter to this era, disappeared into the well ..


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