A/N: I'll tell you this up front: I am not the best haiku writer in the
world. I'm certainly no Basho, or even a Buson or Issa. In fact, I hear
that certain breeds of dogs write better than me. ;) Regardless, however,
they should be enough to keep you amused for a moment or two. Criticism,
as always, is vastly appreciated, as are reviews. One can never have too
many reviews, after all. ;)

--Manny PenPen

Disclaimer: WHR is not my property. If it were, I'd be getting' out mah
shotgun an' shootin' all them varmints that come trespassin'. Guess that's
Bandai an' Sunrise's an' that there fancy Sci-Fi Channel's jobs.


Young, green-eyed Robin:
A demure pyrotechnic
With red handlebars

Amon, the Hunter,
Answer: why are badasses
So goddamn sexy?

The mature Miho
With her calm head and heart, she's
The only sane one

|\/|1(|-|431 133, |-|4x0r
OMG! s0 v3ry |-|0+
4|\||) +3|-| |_|b3r 133+

Sakaki, rookie
Never mind the bad karma:

Dojima, Yuri
Too hard to haiku a name
With six syllables

Fashionable blond:
She dresses well to make up
For Sakaki's teal.

Nagira da pimp
Fo'shizzle, he should hook up
With Robin Sena

Kosaka, the chief
So fond of his cons; he likes to
Cosplay as Hitler

The guard gets no love
All he does is sit and wait
For a rendezvous

Michael stares, speechless:
Why is Amon pictured on
These "killer websites"?

Porn, porn, and more porn
Between Robin and Amon
Nagira gets rich