A/N: Well, here's another batch of haiku. I've decided to do one haiku
for each episode, as a sort of parody-summary. Should be interesting, at
least. :) I'll post thirteen now and post the other thirteen later.
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Disclaimer: This show
Belongs to Bandai, Sunrise
And Sci-Fi Channel


Episode 1
Rendezvous in black
Hunters? Craft? Hitler-faced chiefs?
Who cares! BURNINATE!

Episode 2
Nothing like weddings
Where the organist lights the
Bridegroom on fire

Episode 3
Coffee and donuts:
For MichaelxRobin fans
This is their bible

Episode 4
Sayoko the Witch
Knows that paints are flammable
From experience

Episode 5
Missing: a rich witch
Single Eye? Sakaki needs
To lay off the crack

Episode 6
A classic moment:
Amon the badass fighting
Killer barbie dolls

Episode 7
Still more evidence
For why evil children are
So goddamned creepy

Episode 8
This witch kills hearts ded
Who sent Sakaki in first?
Amon, you dumbass

Episode 9
Fire vs. Fire
Somebody should break out the
Sticks and marshmallows

Episode 10
For all you who watch
Adult Swim: here is the proof
Master is not gay

Episode 11
With old lady's help,
Pokemon reject

Episode 12
Burn, Methuselah!
This episode brought to you
By the letter F

Episode 13
Inquisitor speaks:
Robin likes to burn things? Gasp!
News at eleven

Nagira: pimp or
Elvis impersonator?
Either way, good porn