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Everything Unexpected.


Green eyes collided with silver, desire warring with uncertainty, as a pale white hand caressed a sun-tanned check. A gentle chuckle was heard,

"Get your arse in here, Potter." The voice quietly commanded.

            Harry Potter stepped into the room and quietly closed the door behind him. He turned towards the other man in the room, opening his mouth to speak, when cool lips captured his in a passionate kiss. All thoughts of what he had planned on saying fled his mind as heat engulfed his body and pooled in his loins. Groaning into the others mouth, he brought his hands up around the others neck and buried them in the white blonde hair of the man before him. Pressing his lean body against the taller one, he could feel the others arousal pressing into his hip, and rubbed his own against the thigh that had positioned itself between his legs.

Draco Malfoy broke the kiss and started kissing and nibbling his way down to the sensitive spot at the base of Harry's  neck. Harry groaned loudly and tried to press even closer into Draco's embrace, whimpering slightly at the overwhelming sensation. Draco pulled back slightly to look at Harry, eyes closed, face flushed and lips swollen from his kiss. He moaned at the sight and moved in to kiss him again, slowly maneuvering the shorter man towards his bedroom, never breaking the kiss.

Once in his bedroom, Draco sat Harry down on the edge of his bed and turned back to close the door, taking his shirt off in the process. Harry's mouth went dry when he saw Draco's bare chest, he was lean and toned. A light dusting of blond hair, just a shade darker than his head, covered his chest; Harry's eyes followed the small line of hair that went down from his navel and disappeared beneath his jeans. He swallowed as his uncertainty came back and averted his green eyes. Draco saw the look on Harry's face and it made his passion cool enough that he didn't immediately pounce on his former foe; instead he walked up and pulled Harry with him until he was sitting with his back against the headboard with Harry sitting between his legs, his back against Draco's chest. A husky whisper made its way to Harry's ear,

"Have you ever..?" The question didn't require an explanation, flushing hotly Harry shook his head. A soft chuckle was heard, "Don't worry Harry, we'll go slow."

And then there was no more need for words.

The next morning, a very sated Harry woke up just as the sun began to shine through the window. Smiling, he turned towards his lover, intent on returning the pleasure he received last night, only to find the bed empty. The smile disappeared from his face, as he fought the feelings of hurt that had begun to well up in him. 'He probably just went to the bathroom,' Harry thought to himself.

"Draco? Where are you?" He called out, but his only answer was silence. Getting out of bed, and throwing on his clothes haphazardly, he checked the bathroom and the common room, both were empty. Fighting tears, he left the room and made his way to the Great Hall, keeping his eyes open for any sign of the Slytherin along the way.

Once there, Harry look immediately towards the Slytherin table, but Draco was no where to be seen. Taking a deep breath to calm himself Harry made his was to where Hermione was sitting with Ron and Neville. Harry sighed deeply as he took his seat next to Hermione, who was looking at him in concern. She knew where he had been heading to when he left Gryffindor tower last night.

"And where were you all night?" Ron asked him.

"No where important, just wanted to be by myself for a while and ended up falling sleep." Harry said, trying not to feel guilty about lying to his friend.

Just then a few seventh year Slytherins walked by on their way out, talking to each other. "Did you hear, Draco left Hogwarts his morning, said he decided that he wasn't staying for the graduation feast after all." One of them was saying to the other.

Harry felt himself trembling as tears began to well up in his eyes. Swallowing down the lump in his throat, he mumbled something about not really being hungry and got up to leave. Hermione grabbed his arm, saying she was done too and would walk with him back to Gryffindor. Once out of the Hall, she grabbed Harry by the arm and pulled him into the nearest unused classroom and wrapped her arms around him as he broke down into sobs. Leaning into her, he barely heard her comforting murmurs.


Six weeks later, Harry found himself back at Hogwarts, sitting in Madame Pomfrey's office, Hermione sitting at his side. It had taken her two weeks to convince him that he needed to come see the mediwitch, so she decided to escort him there to make sure that he actually came. The older witch came bustling into her office and sat down behind her desk and looked at him.

"Now, Mr. Potter, what can I do for you?" She asked.

"Well, Madame Pomfrey, I have been rather ill the last few weeks. I really didn't want to come and bother you on your holiday, but Hermione made me."

Madame Pomfrey huffed at him. "If you have been ill, then it is a good thing she did." She said. Harry had the grace to blush at the reprimand. "Now what are your symptoms Mr. Potter?"

"Well, I have been sick to my stomach, light headed, and lethargic."

"Sick to you stomach? Have you been vomiting, or just nauseated?"

"Vomiting, Madame."  Harry replied.

            "Alright, lets get you up on a bed and we'll take a look at you." Harry complied and moved to one of the screened in areas, removing his robe and giving it to Hermione to hold. He lay there while Madame Pomfrey bustled around him waving her wand about as she checked him over. Then she used her wand to extract a small amount of blood and put it into a vial.

            "Go ahead, Mr. Potter, and wait in my office, I'll be there in a moment, once these tests are though."

            "Yes ma'am." And he made his way back to Hermione.

            After ten minutes of tense waiting Madame Pomfrey walked back in, carrying several vials of potions. She looked at him for a moment, before handing them to Harry,

            "You are going to need these, I've written down the instructions for when to take what. And you are going to need to come back here twice a month for check ups."

            Harry gaped at her, "Why what is wrong with me?" He asked, suddenly nervous.

            "Don't worry, my dear boy, you are quite healthy, aside from being nearly six weeks pregnant."

            Beside him, he heard Hermione gasp, but he just stared at Madame Pomfrey for a moment or two as what she said sank into to his brain…and he fainted dead away.

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