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Some boys kiss me, some boys hug me, I think they're ok

If they don't give me proper credit,

I just walk away


A blonde haired spirit turned teen was just getting out of the shower. He danced and bobbed his head along as the music played.


They can beg and they can plead

But they can't see the light, that's right

'Cause the boy with the cold hard cash

Is always Mr. Right'


He threw on a tight nylon-cotton blend lilac tank top and tight, black leather pants that showed off the major curves he loved so much. Men aren't usually that curvy, but this Egyptian was an exception.


Cause we are living in a material world
And I am a material girl


He hummed along as he did his make up. A little eye liner here, and a little bronzer there. He wore tons of mascara to show off his long, beautiful eyelashes.


You know that we are living in a material world
and I am a material girl


By now, he was singing along, and twirling as he shook out his long, luxurious ashe blonde locks that he only ever used the finest shampoos on. No generic or Suave shampoos for this fellow.


Some boys romance, some boys slow dance
That's all right with me
If they can't raise my interest then I
Have to let them be


He spiraled around again, spraying wisps of perfume on and waltzed out the door, still dancing to the music as he went along.

"Cause we are living in a material world, and I am the material girl!" He bellowed, as he skipped heartily down the white, spiral staircase of the new house he and his almost family had moved into.

Upon reaching the bottom step, he grabbed a slightly shorter boy and spun him around, tangoing with him to the song,

"Wah!" The look-a-like blonde yelped as he was pulled into another dance position.

"Morning Malik!" The taller blonde chirped.

"Marik let me go!" Malik cried. Marik then released him onto the cream carpet.

"As you wish un-cute Hikari." Marik said, sauntering into the kitchen. Malik shook his head. This was pretty much a daily routine in the Ishtar residence, forced to dance to Madonna with Marik. Sigh, why had he been stuck with the flamboyantly gay yami? Man, at least Yami and Bakura were normal gays… well for the most part anyways. He leapt up from the floor, and went to go greet a PMSing Isis and an overly cheery Marik in the kitchen.

Marik was twirling and pirouetting along as usual, singing Madonna at the top of his lungs, and already Isis was furious, note the Egyptian female's eye twitching.

"Marik…" She growled. He just kept singing along, making up his cereal.

"SHUT UP!" She roared, slamming down a fist. Malik jumped and meeped.

"Looks like someone forgot to take their Midol!" Marik retorted merrily, taking a bite of his Fruit Loops, ( we do NOT own those )


"Yeah sis?" He said innocently, sitting across from he rat the wooded four-seater table.

"…" She just glared. Marik figured it was because he was so well behaved and handsome. Malik could not help but snigger. Marik was so clueless.

Marik then took a hand full of Fruit Loops and threw them in Isis's face.


"….." If you thought Isis was glaring before, now she was GLARING her monster glare, glare of all glares.

"Marik…" She hissed. He grinned and waved cutely. She rose from the table and ran to get him; he was smart enough to run too.

"MARIK ISHTAR, YOU RUNT HEADED IDIOT! I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!" She screamed, picking up any object and chucking it at said boy's head.

"Wee!" Marik screeched, still ahead of Isis. Malik had thought then would have been a good time to make a quiet exit before returning to getting his luggage. You see our two warriors were to go on a road trip… across America. They were packing up their bags and getting the heck out of Domino, Japan; and everyone was scared straight. They had good reason to be, this was Malik and Marik Ishtar we are talking about the definition of trouble, especially Marik. Malik never meant to get in trouble, but when Marik is your yami it has a way of creeping up on you and attacking, like a rabid squirrel… or something. Isis just hoped the poor US could live through it. She wished he were still young enough for her to say 'no' but this was the summer before he would become a senior, so she felt obligated to at least let him have his fun. Bakura and Ryou had a bet of how long it would take before the two were thrown in jail. Bakura gave it a day. Either way, this was to be some trip.

Malik Ishtar sat quietly on his made bed, looking at his luggage set. He was thinking about his trip and pretty excited. Marik wasn't his first choice of course to take on the trip, but everyone else could not go, or had a trip of their own planned. Besides, sadly and no matter how much he truly despised and hoped it wasn't true, Marik was his Yami, and had grown to become his best friend, no matter how psycho he was.

He grabbed his luggage, and took them out to the car. Marik and Isis had finally settled down; a little. Currently the female Ishtar had Marik pinned on the kitchen floor and was threatening him with a pitchfork. Malik could not help but giggle at how much she resembled the devil, a she-devil. That's what Marik called her… just not in front of her face!

"Eh, guys.. We got to get going soon… the plan is arriving at 1:00 and we still have to stop by Yugi and co's to say our goodbyes…" Malik trailed off, twirling a strand of straight bleached hair.

Isis retreated.

"One of these days Marik… I will get you… for good." She snapped, whisking away to grab her keys. Marik had already put his stuff in the car last night.

"Oh my gosh unfashionable Hikari, think about all the clothes I can buy in America! Oh gosh, we must go to Rodeo Drive in Hollywood; must!" Marik chimed happily.

"Whatever." Malik said tiredly.

"Ready to go guys?" Isis asked, twirling her keys on her finger.


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