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"Floor it Isis!" Marik screeches, as the three drive along, now on their way to say 'goodbyes' to Ryou and Bakura.

"Marik I am going as fast as the speed limit will allow." The raven haired woman replied in her serious tone. Marik rolled his lilac orbs and sunk lower into his seat.

"Can I drive then?" He asked/

"Not in another millennium." She said, peering behind her, and pulling into the white house's driveway.

Marik ran out of the car, as did Malik and ran to the front door. Marik knocked, or more banged.

"Uh, what the hell do you fruit cakes want? No solicitors aloud." Bakura sneered, narrowing his 'scary' chocolate orbs at them. Marik gave him a knowing smile and pushed through.

"Ryou?" Malik called, following Marik inside the house. Ryou rushed down the stairs only in his boxers.

"Oh! Hi guys, sorry I'm not at my best right now, I was just about to take a shower!" He announced. Marik stared at the white haired teen suspiciously as he got closer. When he was less than an arm's reach away, he pulled him close and sniffed him.

"You reek of sex!" Marik exclaimed, grinning. The teen blushed furiously.

"What are you talking about?" He said in his usual sweet voice, feigning innocence.

"You screwed Bakura didn't you?" Marik asked, glancing back and forth between the two. Ryou shook his head while Bakura nodded and smirked, then started shaking his head too when he realized Ryou could see him.

"Bakura!" Ryou screeched, bewildered.

"What? I didn't want to lie; you always say lying is bad!" He said truthfully. Bakura's lover rolled his eyes.

"Anyways, are you guys leaving now?" Ryou asked. Malik nodded.

"Yeah, Isis is waiting for us. So I guess this is good-bye for the summer!" Malik said. Ryou wrapped his arms around the blonde.

"I'm going to miss you Malik! A whole month huh? God, we've been best friends since you moved here around two years ago, it's going to be so weird with you gone! Have fun ok and don't let Marik kill anybody. Oh yes, and remember to make sure he has his Riddlin, or man, are you guys in trouble." Ryou said, pulling away slowly. Malik smiled.

"I'll remember, Isis even remember to pack extra. I'll miss you too Ryou." He said. Ryou hugged him again before retreating.

"I can't believe we are going to be blonde free for a whole month!" Bakura exclaimed, doing some sort of Egyptian victory dance.

"Bye Bakura, have fun with Ryou… just don't fuck him too much or he won't be able to walk." Marik chimed. There was no one redder than Ryou at that moment.

Bakura walked over and wrapped his arms around his teenage love, nuzzling his nose in the boy's hair.

"Bye guys." Bakura said a true, rare smile on his face. He'd never admit it, but he really would miss the two, since they were almost as evil as he was, or Marik anyways, when he didn't have his ADHD medicine.

"Bye Kura!" Marik said, taking the two boys into a bear hug.

"Come on Marik, we have to go… Isis awaits." He said, dragging his Yami along. Ryou and Bakura walked outside to the porch and waved to the two as they got into the car.

"So how long do you think it'll be before Marik takes over America?" Ryou asked, looking up to his jagged eyed Bakura.

"I give it two days, three days tops." Bakura replied nonchalantly. Ryou smiled and nuzzled his head into Bakura's smooth, tanned chest. He hoped Marik and Malik wouldn't get into too much trouble, but knew it was a pointless.

Isis was bawling, to say it in simple forms. She didn't think she'd ever cried so much… unfortunately, Malik was the titanic in this story, and was soaked in snot, boogers, and salty water.

"Oh Malik, I'm going to misss you sooo mucccchhhhhh!!" Isis whaled. Malik patted her back softly.

"I'll only be gone a month…" He trailed off.

"I swear Malik, if I see Marik on the news even once, or have some foreigner calling me about damage fees, you are sooo coming home!" She hollered. Marik tilted his head in confusion. She was acting as if she though he'd ruin the whole country. He was only one spirit turned teen… with shadow powers and a knack for trouble. Oh! And a passion for shopping, but that comes in later.

The Egyptian woman turned to Marik.

"And if one thing happens to my little brother you are a dead man." She said, making a slitting motion to her throat.

"Oh Isis, Isis, Isis, sister… no worries, I will make sure my ickle Malik has a wonderful time!" He chirped. Isis glared because she knew Marik's definition of wonderful.

"It's ok, seriously sis, I'll be ok! I'll even call you when we arrive, and even during the flight if you want!" Malik offered, trying to pull away from her.

"Ok fine… you can go now…but wait what if the plane you're on gets hijacked and is crashed into the world trade center?" She shrieked. Malik sweatdropped.

"Isis, we aren't landing in New York… we're starting in California… "He trailed off.

"Oh, all right then." She wiped her nose with the sleeve of her dress. "Go then, leave your big sister all alone for a whole month." She hugged him once again, but gently.

"Bye Malik, have fun." She then grabbed Marik by his shirt and hugged him, too.

"Marik be careful and make sure Malik doesn't get hurt. I'll miss you too, though sometimes it's hard to believe. Be careful… and stay out of trouble." She told the two. Both teens nodded.

"I love you guys." She added, letting them go. Marik smiled.

"Love you too big sissy. See you later!" He called, taking Malik's hand and leading them to the departure line for California. Malik waved once more. Isis waved back and blew a kiss.

She then started walking back to her car sniffling. She was worried like any sister-turned guardian would be; her little boy had grown up…. And that was a scary thought.

"Tickets?" The female flight attendant asked. Malik pulled it out, she checked it, and he was off.

"Ticket?" Marik handed her a ticket from the movie he had seen last week. 'Shrek 2' or something like that. She glared.

"Airplane ticket?"

"Don't get snooty." He said, pulling out the correct ticket. She nodded and let him pass.

Marik took a seat beside his light, who was starring out the window. In less than a day's time, the two would be arriving in Los Angeles. He peered up to the rainy Domino skies and sighed.

Marik pulled out a fashion magazine and flipped through it.

In less than a day……

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