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A Kingdom Hearts Underwater Alternate Universe Shonen-ai tale

Chapter One: Meet and Greet

The soft, lazy currents of an unknown tropical sea was suddenly disturbed by the rambunctious antics of two adolescent merboys, both shooting through the azure depths, fighting over a strange round object that was not normally seen in those parts.

The two merboys are what the denizens of the sea call Dorsalbacks, on account that they all have a small dorsal fin on the back of their tails, level with their hips. Dorsalbacks are friendly, playful merfolk, swift of fin, clever and brave. Though well liked, they have a tendency to be nomadic, never staying in one place very long. They travel in small packs of four to six members, swimming long distances and stopping momentarily in cool and deep waters. However, while there are young to be raised, they habit warm tropical seas like the one they were in. They stay there till the pups reach an adolescent age and then move on, starting the cycle over again. When the pups reach adulthood, they have pups of their own and start the cycle all over again.

The two Dorsalback merboys continued to chase each other through the tranquil waters, playing with their strange toy by hitting it with their powerful tails and chasing after it, trying to get to it before the other could.

"Hey, it's my turn! You had it all day!" A cinnamon brown haired merboy frowned, eyes a deeper blue then the sea narrowing in frustration. His bottom lip came out in a slight pout that betrayed his age.

"Yeah, well who found it?" Said the merboy withholding the toy. His lighter blue eyes sparkled mischievously as he flicked his gray-blue tail to keep just out of the other Dorsalback pup's reach.

"Who actually went up and got it?" The other fumed.

"All right, all right, fine. Catch!"

The handsome merboy with the strange toy, rubbed the back of his sandy blonde head sheepishly. He swatted the round object with his powerful dolphin like tail, sending it shooting straight at the other boy. Shocked, the brunette merboy froze, shutting his deep-sea blue eyes as it shot past him, barely missing him.

"Tidus! You almost hit me!" The merboy hissed, going after the toy with a flip of his own fin, which was more blue then gray, unlike Tidus's.

"Ah, sorry about that Sora."

"You can't hit it that far, you know it always tries to go back up to the surface!" The merboy named Sora grumbled, knowing the other boy couldn't hear. He stopped short as Tidus suddenly shot past him, reaching the thing before him.

"Ha ha! Did you really think I was gonna give it up that easy?"

"Tidus, you-!"

"What 'cha gonna do about it?"

"Well, since you don't want to play fair…" Sora grinned and shot toward Tidus who tried to swim away. Sora was actually a faster swimmer then Tidus and quickly overcame him. Yet, as he reached for the toy, Tidus, being a more agile swimmer twisted away and swam off in another direction. Sora gave chase, the two spitting threats and barbs at each other, completely absorbed in their play and completely unaware that an amused pair of aqua eyes was following their every move.

"Gotcha!" Sora cried, grabbing a hold of Tidus's arm. In a last ditch attempt to keep the toy away from Sora, Tidus whacked it again with his tail, sending it hurtling into a nearby coral reef. Sora glared at a shamefaced Tidus.

"Uh, oops."

"You had better hope I can get it out of there." Sora growled, shaking his head of spiky brown hair. "This wouldn't have happened if you had only let me have my turn." Sora sighed as he heard Tidus's timid laugh. He reached into the reef, hoping that a crab or anything that would bite wasn't inside. Coming across nothing, he reached his arm in deeper.

"Looking for this?"

Sora jerked back, or rather he tried to, his hand had somehow gotten stuck in the reef. He tugged harder as another merboy slid from the reef out into the open with a lazy flip of his black and white fin. Tidus gave a quiet squeak, recognizing the merboy as a Slaptail, and they had a rather bad reputation as rule breakers and all around troublemakers. No one really conspired with the Slaptails. While they were playful like Dorsalbacks, they were overly competitive and rude, taking advantage of the fact that they were the strongest of all the merfolk. Luckily they were easy to spot with their black and white, killer whale-like tails.

"Well, well, well…" The aqua-eyed stranger said amused. "What's a couple of Dorsalback pups doing out here…with a humans toy?"

"Pup? Who're you calling a pup? You don't look much older then us!" Sora hissed, bristling at the insult and frustrated at being unable to pull his hand out.

"Sora…" Tidus said warningly, eyeing the Slaptail warily.

"Well, Sora, I bet you I am older then you." The Slaptail moved over closer to Sora, the toy tucked under is arm. He grinned as Sora suddenly redoubled his efforts to free himself. Tidus swam a little closer to help his friend, but after a glance from the Slaptail, he backed away quickly. He glanced worriedly at his friend, caught between wanting to get help and staying to protect his friend. Sora caught his dilemma, and decided to make the decision for him.

"Tidus, go get help!"



"Now, now, that really isn't all that necessary…" The Slaptail said, amused. He reached into the hole that Sora's arm was trapped in and pulled it free. "You shouldn't reach into small holes, pup. I mean, this ball couldn't have possibly have fit in there. You're not too bright, are you?"

"You shut up!" Sora hissed. "How do you know what that thing is, anyway?"

"I listen to the human pups play. I pick up on things." The Slaptail thumped the ball into Sora's chest. "I also picked up on the fact that good little Dorsalbacks don't go to the surface near shore or steal human toys."

"What do you know?!" Tidus piped up, finding his courage. "We found that just floating on the surface, far from the shore!"

"Come on, Tidus, we don't have to explain anything to him. Let's go."

"Hey, wait, I didn't mean anything by that, really." The aqua-eyed merboy swam around to stop Sora. "I was just curious, that's all."

"Why?" Sora glared distrustfully at the other merboy.

"I want to play too. I've been curious about those things. They look fun."

Sora looked at Tidus. Tidus looked back at Sora. They both looked at the Slaptail, who grinned charmingly at them both.

"Well…alright." Sora said grudgingly. "I guess it's only fair since you got my hand out, uh…"

"Name's Riku. Nice to meet you Sora, Tidus." He chuckled at them.

"What?" Tidus huffed, growing annoyed.

"Well, it's just that I'm glad you two are such a pair of rebels. No one in this area will come near me."

"Gee, I wonder why." Tidus muttered, rolling his eyes.

"Well, uh, Slaptails are…uh…" Sora said, trying to find polite words to say to his savior.

"Yeah, I know what you all think." Riku sighed. "We're not that bad. We just don't think we should live in fear. It's those Razorfins you gotta look out for."

The two merboys shivered at the name. Razorbacks will attack and eat anything, even other merfolk. They were evil and sneaky, and willing to pull the most underhanded tricks to get what they wanted. They were also the fastest swimmers in the seas, but they tired easily. Clever as they were, they were also cowards not willing to injure themselves if their prey decided to fight back. The Dorsalbacks were considered their greatest enemies. They tolerated the Slaptails, mostly because they were so strong, and anyone else was just food. With their sharp teeth and claws, it was easy to make them such.

"Don't worry…" Riku said with a strange smile. "I won't let any near you."


"So, are we playing or what? I can show you a game the humans play if you aren't scared of the surface."

"Um…" Tidus said softly, clearly nervous.

"I'm not scared. As long as it's out of sight of land." Sora countered.

"Okay, mister goody." Riku grinned, silver hair floating into his eyes as he circled Sora.

Sora rounded on Riku. "Listen, those are the rules! No merperson is allowed within sight of land! After the kidnappings-"

"Okay, Okay, I was kidding! You're a regular tiger fish aren't you?" Riku laughed. "I like that. I think I'll make you my rival."

At Sora's raised eyebrow, Riku laughed and pulled the ball away from Sora. He swam upwards a little and waved at them.

"Oi, are you coming?"

Sora swam off without hesitation, but Tidus heaved a great sigh.

"It's also against the rules to be up at the surface for a long period of time." Tidus muttered. "Sora, you're almost as bad as a Slaptail…" With another sigh, Tidus followed after his friend, to keep him out of too much trouble if anything.

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