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Well, here is it. My very first real Buffy fic. I've written a couple of Buffy one-parters, but this is my very first Buffy-fic that's longer than just one chapter. I have to admit something though. I didn't come up with the plot on my own. In fact the idea came from one of my best friends Lindsay (a.k.a smile1) and we worked it out together. So I owe her a lot. She is one of the best authors on fanfiction and she's not just a great author, but also a great friend and I wouldn't even be writing fics if it wasn't for her! So, thanks Lin for everything. You always help me with my fics whenever I need it, you give me advice, but the most important thing is that you always give an honest opinion about my fics. You point out the good things and the bad things and even though it's not always fun to hear you (or anyone) say bad things about one of my fics, it does help me lot and I really think my writing has improved, partially because of you (and partially because I'm just soooo talented of course...haha, just kiddin')! And who's a better tutor than the master of fanfics herself? :-p

This fic is kind of a Buffy/Angel crossover and you probably won't get it if you don't watch both of the shows (or used to watch both of the shows, cos Buffy is kinda over)

This fic starts somewhere in season 7 (I don't exactly remember the name of the episode, but if I'm not mistaken it's the one before End of Days or maybe it is End of Days) and Angel comes to give Buffy the amulet. We all remember that, right? Anyway, this fic starts with Angel on his way to Buffy and Buffy is fighting Caleb in the vineyard. This fic is gonna take place in Sunnydale at first, but later I'm gonna move it to L.A and in L.A the story takes place when Cordelia is pregnant.

Pairings: A lot of them actually. Not all in a romantic way though. Let's see.....well, Buffy/Angel of course. I could never write a Buffy-fic without some romance between those two. There's gonna be a little Spuffy action, but not necessarily in a romantic way. A little Angel/Cordy probably, a little Connor/Cordy maybe, but not in a romantic way. Eeeh.....Fred/Gunn.....Fred/Wesley.....You know, a little bit about their little love triangle. And that's pretty much it!


Chapter 1

Angel walked up to the vineyard. He took the amulet out of his pocket and stared at it, then he put it back into his pocket. He needed to get the amulet to Buffy. He was gonna see her again and to be honest he was a little nervous about it. He hadn't seen her in a pretty long time and he was curious about everything that was going on in her life nowadays. Did she have a new boyfriend? Not that he didn't want her to have a new boyfriend. He just wanted her to be happy and he knew that he could never be the one to make her happy. He knew that the relationship between the vampire slayer and a vampire could never work out and he had accepted that. It didn't mean that he stopped caring about her though. Maybe he even cared about her more than ever. Seeing her was never easy. He loved spending time with her, but he knew they eventually had to say goodbye again. He had reached the vineyard now and wanted to go inside when he heard a voice.


He turned around and saw Buffy standing there. The expression on her face surprised him. It was very confident and not Buffy-like. He smiled at her and walked up to her. She seemed to be very surprised and maybe even a little bit shocked. He was standing in front of her now and Buffy did a step back, like she didn't want him to be standing this close to her.

"What are you doing here?" she said and it didn't exactly make him feel welcome.

"You're not happy to see me?" he asked her. He tried to make it sound like he was kidding, but he was kinda curious about the answer, cos it really seemed as if she didn't want him here.

She recovered quickly though and a smile appeared on her face which made her expression a little bit more Buffy-like.

"Of course I'm happy to see you. Aren't I always? I'm just......surprised. What are you doing here?" This time she tried to make the 'what are you doing here' phrase sound less bitchy.

Angel noticed she was standing a little bit far away from him and she seemed to be afraid to come any closer. Why was Buffy acting so weird? Of course she was surprised to see him, but Buffy had never been this......cold to him. He decided to ignore it. With everything that was going on in Sunnydale she was probably just a little stressed out and she had a lot on her mind.

"Just wanted to see you. And I have something for you."

"Really? For me?" she said. She seemed a little bit more interested now.

Angel nodded. Buffy did a couple of steps forward and the confident expression on her face returned. She gave Angel a flirtatious look. She looked over his shoulder to the vineyard behind him and smiled. Angel looked at her, not quite sure what was going on with her.

"Why don't we go for a walk?" she suggested and started to walk in the opposite direction of the vineyard and Angel had no choice but to follow her, still wondering about her weird behaviour.


Not much later they were walking the dark, empty streets of Sunnydale together. In silence. Angel didn't know what to say to her, because he felt as if Buffy wasn't happy about his visit. She seemed distracted and somehow Angel couldn't place her body language. She seemed so confident, almost arrogant and that was something he had never seen before. Buffy was pretty confident most of the time, but she never showed it like this and he didn't think he had ever used the words Buffy and arrogance in the same sentence before.

"Is everything okay?" he asked.

She looked up at him and tried to give him a reassuring smile.

"Yeah, sure. Why wouldn't it be?"

"I don't know. You tell me"

"What do you mean?" she asked with a questioned look on her face.

Angel hesitated and looked at the girl walking next to him. Now he wasn't so sure anymore. Maybe he was just imagining things. Maybe this was just the way Buffy was, but did he idealize her in his mind. And the way she was looking at him right now wasn't that strange. Maybe it was just the things that were going on that made her a little different. He got that.

"You just seem a little distracted" he eventually said.

"Oh...well, you know me. Evil here, evil there, evil everywhere....I just can't seem to get it off my mind"

The way she said it made Angel smile. That was the Buffy he knew.

"Especially with the First Evil around. It's a real pain in the ass and I have no idea how to get rid of it" she continued.

Angel stopped walking and stood still in the middle of the street. Buffy stopped walking too and looked at him, knowing he had something important to say.

"I think I might have something for you that could solve that problem"

Buffy tried to hide the huge grin that started to form on her face. Angel reached into his pocket and took out the amulet. He hesitated for a moment and looked at it.

"I'm not exactly sure what it does...I think it gives protection to the right person, but..It needs to be worn by a champion"

"Like me?" she cautiously suggested.

"No. It could do more harm than good. I'm talking about a real champion here. Someone who's not afraid to fail and who knows how to handle an apocalypse"

"And we're pretending here that I am not the uncrowned queen of apocalypses?"

"What I mean is that....."

"I know what you mean. You're talking about yourself"

Angel didn't say anything to that. That was exactly what he meant.

"You want to fight the final battle with me" she stated.

"Together we can...." he started.

"Together we can do a whole lot of things, but fighting the final battle is not one of them" she interrupted him and she realized it came out a little bit more bitchy than she intended to.

Angel looked at her, not understanding why she reacted like this. Buffy realized she was handling this all wrong and tried to save herself.

"What I mean is, is that you and me fighting that battle is not gonna guarantee a victory. And if we go down......then the world is....doomed. I need you to stay behind and finish it if I......."

"Together we're so much stronger"

"That much power can work against us in a battle like that. And besides, with that amulet....."

"Which you're not gonna wear" Angel told her.

"There are other champions besides you and me" she told him, getting a little irritated now.

"Maybe you're right. It could work against us."

"And besides....even if we combine our powers we're not nearly as strong as them. If we win this battle it won't be because we're stronger, but because we're smarter"

Angel thought about her words. She was probably right. Everything she said made sense, but there was a little voice in his head that told him leaving would be wrong. That said that he should fight the final battle with her, but he knew there was no point in trying to convince Buffy that he shouldn't leave. She had made up her mind and it wasn't easy to make her change it. And she was probably right anyway. He needed to form a second front in L.A in case things went wrong. He wanted to take her hand and place the amulet in it, but something in Buffy's expression changed when she saw his hand. Like she started to panic. She wanted to do a few steps backward, but it was too late and Angel grabbed her hand........or didn't, cos he couldn't touch her. His hand went right through her. He looked up at her, a little confused. Then Buffy's panicked expression dissapeared and was replaced by a huge grin and when he looked into her eyes he saw nothing but pure evil.

"You're not her" he said, stating the obvious.

"No, I'm not. I'm not her at all"

Then right before Angel's eyes Buffy changed. It was like she morphed into something else and in in less than 5 seconds Buffy had dissapeared and Drusilla was standing in front of him. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. So this was it. This was the First Evil. He had talked to it. It had fooled him just like it had fooled all the others. Drusilla looked at Angel and brought her hand to her mouth, she stroked her own cheek with her perfect manicured red nails and smiled at him. Then she pointed to the ground.

"From beneath you it devours" she said.

And then without a warning, it dissapeared, leaving Angel all alone in the empty streets. He looked at the spot where The First had dissapeared, then he looked at the amulet he was still holding. For the first time he realized now what they were dealing with. This thing could mess with your head. It could make you do things you never even thought were possible. This was bad....This was really bad. He had to find Buffy. The real Buffy this time.

A/N: This fic is not just about beating the First. It goes on after that. I'm just changing a couple of things and I want to make it different from the show. And the upcoming chapters will probably be a little longer. That is if you want me to continue. So, please review and let me know what you think and if you want me to continue!

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