Who's Sapphire? If you played Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire, you should know the female character named May. Saw her in the anime? She's cute, sweet, and lovable, right? But did you see her in the Pokemon Adventures (called Special in Japan) manga? Well, the American version stopped at vol. 7, but Japan went until vol. 17. In there, May is called Sapphire, and IS NOT sweet and lovable. Yes, she's still cute, but her personality is plain wild. She's easy to anger, strong, swift, noisy, and outgoing. She enjoys swinging from vines to vine and climbing trees, and the most notable thing about her is that she has fangs! Anyway, on with the story.


Story 1: Day of the Great Clean

One peaceful day in Onett...

Bowser: THIS IS NOT PIZZA PALACE!!!!!! (Hangs phone and marks the 812th notch)

Parry: I hate wrong calls.

Bowser: Yeah, we're friends.

In case you forgot who Parry is, read "Mary's Visit".

Peach: Shouldn't we be cleaning our house? It's been decades since we did this.

Pikachu: No wonder everything is gray and dull.

Peach: Then what are we waiting for? Let's get cleaning!

Others: ...

Peach: Hello?

Others: Fine, let's clean.

Peach: Liven up, would you?

Ding dong

Parry: Someone's at the door.

Captain Falcon (CF): Hello, a crate!

Ganondorf: What's in it?

Fox: Did anyone order anything?

Game & Watch (G&W): None of that I know.

CF: Let's open it.

The crate opens by itself!

Sapphire: TAADAAHHH!!!!!!!

Everyone: EEEEEEEKS!!!!!!

Sapphire: Surprised to see me again?

Ness: What are you doing here?

Sapphire: Read this letter.

The letter reads: Dear Smashers, I deliver my daughter May into your hands. In Hoenn, the situation is serious. May any misfortune befall me, please treat May like your own daughter. From Prof. Birch.

Sapphire: How many times must I tell dad to call me Sapphire, not May! I hate that kiddy name!

Samus: Wait, there's more.

P.S. Please remind her to wear clothes all the time.

Samus: That's one funny reminder.

Bowser: Don't tell me we have to spent these days with this Tarzan-like girl.

Mario: Cheer up. Take-a her to da room.

Peach: Well, let's start cleaning the house.

And so...

Zelda: Say, the garbage can is full of candy wrappers.

Kirby: Candies are good for you.

Zelda: They're bad for you.

Kirby: I never have digestion problem.

Yoshi: Let's clean the refrigerator.

Zelda: You're not going to eat everything inside!

Yoshi: Caught me...

Ganondorf: Let's clean the attic.

Falco: This chest is full of nostalgic things.

Luigi: I still remember my baby bottle. I could just cry. But then, why not?

Luigi runs to the kitchen and poured in some milk, then starts drinking from the bottle.

Zelda: How old are you?

Back in the attic...

Ganondorf: All right, throw out anything we don't need.

Falco: Surely we don't need this broken lamp, rusty frame, and this.

He throws them out the window.


Ganondorf: You shouldn't be throwing things like that.

In the garden...

Link: Start trimming. These grasses are 12 inches high already.

Yoshi: The fruits are ripe.

Roy: No work, no eat.

Yoshi: My saying is "Eat then work".

Pichu: He's right! No eat, no energy.

Roy: Get working before you regret.

Yoshi: What will you do?

Roy: I'll make you regret.

Yoshi: What is it?

Roy: You'll regret.

Yoshi: What?

Roy: I'm going to eat your own personal cookies.

Yoshi: YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!!!!!!

Roy: Then work.

Yoshi: I'M GOING TO SQUISH YOUR HAIR GELS!!!!! RAAAAHHHH!!!!! (Runs inside the house)

Roy: DON'T DO THAT!!!!! (Runs inside the house)

Link: Leave them alone. Pichu!!! Don't eat and get to work!

Samus is cleaning the toilet when suddenly...

Yoshi: HAIR GEL!!!!!

Samus: What's wrong with you?

Roy: Stop him!!!!!

And they messed around in the toilet. All you hear are screaming and crashing, then finally a flush.

G&W: Move it, I'm using the vacuum cleaner.

Parry: What's on TV?

TV: We are reporting to you about a new game console.

G&W: Cool!


G&W: Yikes!


G&W: Sorry! Oops...


G&W: I'm so sorry... Ack!!!!


G&W: I'm very sorry!

But he trips on a cable and the vacuum cleaner...


Mario: Mamamia! Da vacuum cleana eez sucking in Peach's skirt-a!

Fox: Get the camcorder!

Peach: NOOOO!!!!! MY SKIRT IS GONE!!!!!

Men: Panty with cherry drawings... 0o0


G&W: It's won't turn off!!!!!

Men: Let's destroy the vacuum cleaner!



Link: I heard an explosion.

Pikachu: Hey, it's Roy and Yoshi. Why are you so dirty and wet?

Roy: We fought over the hair gel, and then Samus got pissed off and flush us down the toilet...

Yoshi: We finally made it out of the sewer...


Link: Now what?

DK: Oh no! The tree has fallen!

Sapphire: Sorry... I didn't know I was that strong...

DK: This tree is old already, so it's destined to fall anyway.

Link: But the bench is smashed...

The day went on until night...

Bowser: Never use a strong vacuum cleaner.

Fox: We nearly caused fire in this house.

Popo: But we did fry the floor a bit.

Bowser: Never use fire against a mad vacuum cleaner.

Dr. Mario: According to my observations, Peach didn't faint from the explosion, but from the loss of the curtain, carpet, tablecloth, and calendar. I gave her hair-growth pills; her hair should grow back fast.

Luigi: Game should never watch TV while using the vacuum.

G&W: Parry should never open the TV in the first place.

Parry: You can't blame me. You're not doing your duties.

Ganondorf: By the way, where are my katana blades?

Falco: You mean the two long swords I saw in the attic?

Ganondorf: Yes.

Falco: (trembles) Haven't seen it.

Ganondorf: You threw all the old and useless things away, right?

Falco: Yeah...

Ganondorf: MY SWORD!!!!!! (Runs out the house)

Young Link (YL) He better get there before they gets compress and burn. Hey, I need to bring that old shield to school for show-and-tell tomorrow. I left it in the attic.

Falco: You mean the one with your initials on it?

YL: Yeah.

Falco: Then you should go get it back before it gets compress and burn.

YL: MY SHIELD!!!!! (Runs out the house)

Story finish

Next to come: Fishing