Starting this chapter, I'm going to introduce "Boss Battle". When the Smashers are fighting someone tough, I'll make it into a step-by-step process of how they are going to fight the enemy.

Chapter 7

Luigi is waiting for the bus when a man walking a dog came by...

Luigi: Hello, lil' puppy.

Man: Careful, he senses fear. He likes to bully cowards.

Luigi: Well, then I have to be very, very brave until...

The dog pounces at Luigi!

Luigi: AIYEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Man: He also senses sarcasm.

Meanwhile, in outer space, inside the Space Pirate spaceship...

Pirate: Punk, Pix, and Pork failed their last mission.

Read Pokemon fanfic "Metroids and Phazon".

Punk: Sorry...

Pix: Sorry too...

Pork: zzz...

Pirate: I give you one more chance to kill the Smashers. Don't get it wrong this time.

Punk: We'll do as you say.

Pix: We'll not fail this time.

Pork: zzz...

Punk: Wake up!

Pork: Wha?!

In Fourside...

Samus: I'm so sorry...

Some guy: Watch that girl! Make sure she doesn't break anything next time!

Sapphire: Boy, he's such a loud mouth.

Samus: What were you thinking when you broke his statue?!

Sapphire: That statue reminds me of the strong guy I fought with during my karate class. I wish I could fight him again.

Mario: Let's-a go and tour Eago Building.

Eagle Building is the tallest building in all of Eagleland. It has 100 floors.

G&W: This will be my first time up there.

They went to the building.

Guide: We have a super-fast elevator that can take you to the top within seconds.

Samus: Show us.

Guide: Get ready...

The elevator zips to the 100th floor.

Mario: Mamamia! That-a was fast-a!

Sapphire: Already?!

G&W: Wow! The sight up here is spectacular!

Luigi: It's too scary to look down!

G&W: What's that in your bag, Samus?

Samus: My power suit. You'll never know when it'll come in handy.

On the 98th floor, there is a ring encircling that part. They are offering a walk around the ring. Of course, there is safety ropes tied to you to keep you from falling.

Samus: Why not try it?

Sapphire: Walking on the 98th floor! Yahoo!

Mario: Fun!

G&W: It's worth a try.

Luigi: I'll stay behind and watch.

Imagine walking on a bridge 2,986 meters above ground without fences at the side!

Luigi: Oh, I can't look...

Samus: Don't look down...

Mario: Fall and ya die.

Sapphire: This is fun!

G&W: The wind is blowing.

Guide: You'll have a hard time standing when this happens.

G&W: That means we'll most likely fall off!

Sapphire: Now that's fun! Watch me exercise!

Samus: You're one die-hard girl.

Mario: I'm starting to get-a scared...

G&W: I better get back in...

G&W slips and falls off the ring! But good thing he's tied to a rope.

G&W: Help me!!!!! I'm falling!!!!

Guide: Calm down, you're tied to a rope.

G&W: This is scary! I've wet my pants!!!!

Guard: You have pants?

Samus: I'll pull you too safety,

Mario: Where's Sapphire?

Sapphire: Yeehaw!!!!

Samus: What the hell are you doing??!!

Sapphire: Trying bungee!

Mario: Mamamia! You're gonna fall for sure!

Sapphire: Calm down, these ropes are as hard as steel.

Guide: I sense bad weather, so we better return.

Suddenly, a missile flies in and destroys the bridge connecting to the entrance!

Guide: Who did this?!

Mario: Now we can never get-a inside!

Luigi: Mario!!!!!

Samus: Step out at once!

A spaceship flies in.

Punk: We found you at last.

Pix: Hehe!

Pork: Burp...

Samus: What do you think you're doing?!

Punk: Does Ridley ring anything into your mind?

Samus: So you're Ridley's friend, right?

Punk: We're gonna kill you for destroying him!

Pix: Right!

Pork: Yeah!

Punk: You two take care of the ship, I'll handle them!

Punk jumps onto the bridge.


Leader of the Pirate Trio: PUNK

Punk opens his claws and fires energy beams, but G&W catches it with a bucket.

Samus: Luigi! Throw me the bag!

Luigi: But what if you miss it?

Samus: Just throw it!

Mario throws a fireball at Punk, but he jumps over it.

Sapphire does a flying karate kick at Punk, but he also dodges it.

Luigi throws the bag out the building and into Samus's hand. Samus puts on the power suit.

Metroid's item found music plays Power Suit obtained!

Samus fires a shot at Punk, but he deflects it.

Punk fires a spray of lasers at them.

G&W: I'll never be able to catch them all!

Sapphire: Tropius, I summon you!

Sapphire calls out her Tropius, who quickly carries the good ones onto his back and flies to safety.

Punk: Flying or not, you're still dead.

Punk fires more lasers, but keeps on missing.

Tropius fires Razor Leaf at Punk and scratches him.

Punk calls in Pix and Pork.

Punk: We'll take them using our ship!

Their spaceship fire lasers at Tropius, but he evades it.

Sapphire: Use Solar Beam!

The sunlight gives power to Tropius so he can charge up Solar Beam.

Pix: We got them this time!

They fire another laser, but before it can hit, the Solar Beam blasts forward and destroys their ship!

Pix: This can't be happening!!!!

Punk: Evacuate!

Pork: But the foods!

Before the Pirates can evacuate, Tropius whips their burning ship with his tail, sending it to fly into the blue and explode.


Sapphire: Great going, Tro!

Samus: We showed them whose boss!

Mario: Yahoo!

G&W: beep

Luigi: You're safe!

But the Pirate Trios are far from defeated...

Punk: Ouch... That was a long fall...

Pix: At least we're still alive.

Pork: sniff The foods...

Back home...

Samus: We should beware around these days, because Space Pirates are going to kill us.

Bowser: Bring it on! I fear nothing!

Luigi: Now I can't rest in peace...

Ness: Math exam is deadly enough! And now they're annoying us!

Marth: Well, let's have some peace before they do anything.

This ends "Stories of Smash". Can the Smashers protect themselves from the Space Pirates? And when will May... I mean Sapphire return home? I can sense something big in the future... The Pirates are more than dangerous... I can see it...