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Chapter 7: In The Night

Serenity Wheeler was in deep shit. Deeper shit then she had ever been in. She had hoped to keep working for Kaiba a secret, but it seems the plan backfired. It didn't even last a day!


"Joey! Be quiet, it's 12 midnight for crying out loud! You'll wake everyone in the neighbor hood up!" Mai yelled at him. However, she couldn't really blame him. Having your enemy at your door step isn't a very pleasurable sight, especially at this time of night.

"KEEP OUTTA DIS' MAI! REN HAS SOME EXPLAINING TO DO!" He looked towards Serenity, as she tried to hide her face in her tender hands. Kaiba simply smirked at the scene. His ignorance began to grow, as his attitude became colder towards the Wheeler family.

"Enough of this, Wheeler. Why don't you explain to your brother why you asked me for a job." He referred back to Serenity as she just stood there not knowing what to say or do.

Joey's eyes widened, as Serenity felt more and more uncomfortable. 'THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING! WHY THE FUCK DID SETO HAVE TO BRING THAT UP? I guess Joey would have found out anyway... BUT STILL! Oh my god, my head fucking hurts, and life's a fucking bitch!' (A/N: Sorry for all the swearing. Teehee. Hey she's mad!)


"Joey, I asked him to get money for mom's funeral! You weren't helping me, so I asked Kaiba!" She shouted as tears fell from her eyes, and down her cheeks.

"I would have gave ya money. She was my ma too."




"Hold on... how did ya get from your apartment to the Mansion? Surely you didn't walk..." Joey asked her, blinking a couple times. That's when Mai grew a crimson red. He looked back at her. He could see her face red, so he gave her a glare. "Mai..." He said through gridded teeth. "You knew about this whole thing didn't you?"

She nodded slowly. "Serenity wouldn't accept the money from me. I had to help somehow! So I'll admit that I was the one who gave her the rides to Kaiba's mansion."

"How could ya do that when ya knew I hated Kaiba's guts! I mean really, Mai! Your own husband!"

"Well you weren't helping, so I did!"


"Cause you were in a bad mood! And when you get in bad moods you don't do anything!"

"That's not true!"

"Yes it is!" Serenity interfered with the couple's argument.

"Serenity that's not true! I'm always there for you!"

"Correction! You USE to always be there for me! Now I feel like we've grown apart! We're so distant from each other! I don't wanna live like this anymore..."


"I know you're married and have kids now... But I don't want things to be different... I want my old big brother back." She held back a sob.

"I'm the same big brother you've always had... This just all started when ma was sick." He retorted a little softer, and with more ease.

"So your saying it's MOM'S fault?"

"I didn't say that..."



Kaiba and Mokuba watched them fight, and realized how lucky they were. In all the years of them together, they hardly fought. Kaiba was somewhat, surprised however. He had never seen Joey and Serenity fight. Ever. It amused him in away.

The siblings continued to argue. Frankly, Mai, Seto, and Mokuba had gotten tired of it.

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Mai shouted at them. "Joey you should know better, especially since YOUR SON has a fever and needs sleep! And with your mouth you'll wake him up! So shut up!" Her anger then dropped, as she glanced at Serenity. "You, Kaiba, and Mokuba can stay."

Joey's bottom jaw literally dropped. "WHAT?"

"Be quiet! If Matthew wakes up I swear-"

"But Mai! Kaiba can't stay! He's my enemy!"

"Oh Joey shut with the 'He's my enemy' crap for just one night!" Mai yelled back at her husband.

Serenity then looked at her brother desperately. "Please Joey... let us stay..."

"I don't care if YOU stay. But Kaiba-"

"Please." She continued to plead.

Joey sweat dropped. His sisters pleads were getting to him. "Alright... fine..."

"THANK YOU!" She screamed as she hugged her brother tightly.

"Gee thanks a lot Joey!" Mokuba said as he also gave Joey a hug.

"Heh.. sure..." Joey blushed.

"Don't touch that dog, Mokuba. You don't know where he's been." Kaiba smirked as coldly as ever.

Joey gave him a death glare. "Look if ya gunna stay here then don't ya dare call me a dog! Got that?"

Kaiba had yet again smirked at the blonde's fatal attempts to get him to listen. "You amuse me, Wheeler."

This time Mai sent him a glare of her own. "Hey... watch it Kaiba. This is my house too and I can kick you out just as easily as Joey can."


Mokuba then broke the fight up with a question. "So where do we sleep? I'll sleep on the couch if you want, it's so comfy." He smiled.

"Whateva..." Joey replied not looking at him.

"Yay! Hey Mai can I hold Kenji tomorrow? He's so cute!"

She smiled at the young boy. "I don't find that a problem. Of course you can."

Mokuba then walked into the living room and hopped on the couch. "GOODNIGHT GUYS!"

"Goodnight, Mokuba." They all replied.

Meanwhile Joey just gave Mai a glare.

She glanced back over at her husband. "Joey calm down... it's not like Mokuba's gunna kill our son."


Then Serenity decided to speak up before Joey and Mai could argue once again. "What about us, Mai?" She asked her sister-in-law somewhat cheerful.

"Well we have a guest room down the hall. It's right next to Kenji's room. Serenity, you and Kaiba can sleep in there-"

"MAI ARE YOU NUTS! THERES ONLY ONE BED IN DERE AND I DON'T WANT EM' TOGETHER!" Joey retorted, interrupting Mai once again.

"JOEY CALM DOWN! I'm sure we can trust them in that room alone! Right?" She turned and asked them a bit curious herself.

Serenity turned a deep scarlet, while Kaiba gave Mai a disgusted look. 'What the hell would they mean by "We can trust them, right?" that's sick. Hmm but maybe I will get somewhere with this Wheeler girl...heh heh... But what bothers me the most is that The Mutt got married and had kids before I did. That WASN'T suppose to happen. Grrr whatever, I don't care anymore. I just care about making Serenity mine.' He smirked.

Joey grinned. "What are you smirking at Money-bags?"

Kaiba snapped out of his little thoughts. "Wouldn't YOU like to know, Mutt."

"You better not be thinking about my sista in any way!"

Serenity turned even redder, while Mai just giggled.

"Why would I?" He death glared Joey. "Forget it. Come on Serenity. Let's get some sleep." Kaiba said coldly. He then walked toward the guest room.

'Did he just called my NAME and not "Wheeler"?' Serenity asked herself. She then reluctantly, followed Kaiba. "Goodnight big brother, goodnight Mai."

"Goodnight Serenity." Mai replied with a smile.

"Night sis. And remember, don't you DARE let Kaiba touch you in any way. If he tries to do anything to you, just yell alright?"

"Don't worry Joey, I'll be fine."

"I just don't want-"

"I know. I love you big brother, see you tomorrow."

"Love ya, sis."

With all that said, everyone was settled in their rooms for the night.


As they stood in front of the only bed in the room, they wondered how exactly the sleeping arrangements would work out.

"I get the bed."

"Um no, Kaiba. It's MY brother's house, and I want the bed! He probably wouldn't want you sleeping on it anyway."

"I don't care, Wheeler. The Mutt gave us this room, which means that we can do what ever we want in it."

Serenity was now officially freaked out. What did he mean by do ANYTHING they wanted?

"Well the bed is big enough for two..." She sweat dropped and let out a nervous laugh, as a blush crept across her face.

He smirked. 'She wants me.'

"Well, well, Wheeler. I see you're finally giving into your feelings towards me."

"Wha-WHAT? NO THAT'S NOT IT! I just suggested we share the bed! I mean obviously both of us need sleep... And surely we can't get it on the floor." She was now totally flustered all over. How dare he say that she had feelings for him! Though, whether it's true or not... he shouldn't say it.

"I'll think what I want- Wait... I don't think... I KNOW." He smirked at his words.

"Ugh... when will you ever stop smirking? It's getting old."

"Think what you want."

"I WILL!" Okay... now she was pissed off. All she wanted to do was find a place to stay and sleep. Not argue over pointless subjects with Seto Kaiba.

"Well I'll share the bed with you. It's not like anything will HAPPEN." He grinned, as the young girl's eyes widened.

"W-what? What do you mean?"

"Forget it. Your so slow. Sometimes your as stupid as your dumb ass brother."

"Joey isn't stupid! Geez he managed to pull up his grades and make it through collage and support his family! He even helped ME out! How can you say he's stupid!"

"He is and always will be a dirty mutt."

"Fuck off!"

"Ooo, nice girl Wheeler sweared again."

"Just shut up!"

"Make me."


"Really now? How?"


"Exactly. I should make YOU shut up sometimes."

"Oh really now? I bet you can't, Kaiba!"

"You wanna bet?"

"Try me."

"Very well." He then moved closer to Serenity and didn't take his cold, ice blue eyes off of her.

"What-what are you doing? Stay away! Don't come any closer!" She shrieked.

But before she knew it, Kaiba put his arms around her waist and lowered his head finding himself kissing her deeply.

Her eyes widened, but then slowly got heavier as she closed them, and began to return the kiss.

After around 23 seconds of kissing, Serenity realized what she was doing and quickly pushed him away. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

"...You said I had to make you shut up."

Then Serenity saw some red on his cheeks. No way... Seto Kaiba actually blushing? The end of the world has come!

"Not like THAT..." 'I need to know why he kissed me! I mean since I'm related to Joey there has to be some other reason why he did it... cause he wouldn't wanna kiss a 'Wheeler' just for annoyance.'

"Well too bad. Now lets go to bed before your dog brother wakes up. And- ...;" He stared at her coldly. "not a word to ANYONE about this."

"Uh...DUH! Like I want my brother finding out that you kissed me..."

"You kissed me back. Don't you dare deny it!"

Now she was stumped. He got her there.

"Just whatever! I'm sleeping now!" She walked over to the bed and laid down underneath the warm blankets, and rested her head on the soft pillows.

Kaiba, then did the same, only he couldn't take his eyes off her. She looked so peaceful... Like an angel.

It stayed quite for a little until Kaiba decided to break the silence. "Are you mad?"

"Shhh... I'm trying to sleep." She told him in an annoyed tone.

"I don't care. I'm asking you a question."

"I'm more shocked then mad..."

"Really?" He smirked. Oh that smirk. It was like the devil's grin.

"Yes really." Still annoyed, Serenity couldn't help but turn over and face him. They were both lying in the bed, their faces only about an inch away fromm each other.

"What if I did it again?" He said, without a second thought, pulled Serenity closer to him and kissed her passionately.

Their kiss deepened as their affections towards each other grew and grew. They kept kissing for a long time.. and well... it sorta became 'out of hand'... (A/N: I'll leave that to all of you to think of what they are doing. -.-)

They seem to have made a little too much noise... Kenji's room was right next to theirs and well... Let's just say the little guy couldn't sleep with all that noise.

"...What is Auntie Serenity doing here?" He asked himself, knowing it was his aunt because of her voice. The young boy yawned and started to climb out of his crib. (A/N: Hey he's two, usually two year olds can start to climb out if they're smart. XD.)

He finally plopped down on the floor and made his way to his parents room, wondering what his aunt was doing...


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