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His hips swayed.

Left to right and back again.

His head bopped in time to the beat. His almost raven hair fell loose; falling in seemingly soft curls around his already flushed face; cascading down his back. His storm eyes hazy with the heat and with something else entirely.

His was an enigma. As I watched him move around the sweaty, bouncing bodies, it seemed as though the entire planet revolved around him. I knew for certain that my universe definitely had him at its centre. I just couldn't turn away.

He knew everyone was watching him. He knew that I was watching him. My eyes narrowed and a scowl graced my features as I watched him turn in another's grasp. His arm's slowly rose up and circled around this other's neck. I wanted to but my hands around that same neck; but for an entirely different reason. I watched as he moulded his body against this other; their bodies moving slowly, ever so slowly, in time with the thump of the music.

I wrenched my eyes away from him and finally managed to turn away from watching the dance floor; watching him and signalled the barkeep.

"Bacardi 1-5-1," I ordered.

The woman turned away from me with out word and brought me the shot. I handed over my money and downed the liquor. I resisted the urge to cringe as the alcohol burned its fierce trail down my throat. I turned back to watching him; my eyes finding him easily. Like I said before, he drew people to him. You just couldn't help yourself. It was hard to look away, and it was getting increasingly more difficult.

I slowly moved towards him. My body reacted to the thump of the beat. I made my way to him and he grinned at me. Breaking away from his dancing partners he grabbed my hands and swung me around. I could hear his childish laughter over the deafening roar of the music. He pressed himself to me and I countered; wrapping my arms around his waist. Pulling him closer, impossibly close..........to me. I could feel myself responding, rather unwillingly, to his heat; to the feel of his sweat slicked skin rubbing against my own.........slippery sensitive, totally tantalising skin. He was flush against me, his hips against mine. Slowly grinding against me..........

I gasped as I felt myself stir with life. I roughly pushed him away and after disentangling my limbs from his I rushed off the dance floor and out the door. Not bothering to get the stamp that granted me access should I come back in a few minutes. I knew that I wasn't coming back.

Not tonight.

Maybe not ever.

Never have I felt so disgusted with myself. What had I done? I had rubbed myself, shamelessly against a boy younger than me. I almost laughed out loud at that......a boy. Ha! Takao was no longer a boy. I could feel that for myself tonight. I did not know if he was yet a man and frankly I didn't care. I had done something downright despicable. I just hoped that Takao could find it in his forgiving heart to acknowledge and accept my unspoken apology. I would not admit to doing something wrong, even though I knew it in my heart. To apologize was to regret and I am a firm believer of no regrets, no worries.

But still I know that I am a great liar. I lie to myself all the time. Denial – yep that is it. He and I are very well acquainted. No regrets, no worries........who am I kidding........I'm plagued by both.

Basically my life sucks.........

I am in love with a man that I can't stand. Oh how he irritates me so. I believe he does it on purpose; there is no way that one being could be so annoying. His smiles irk me at night, when I'm in bed alone and all I can think of is him, sleeping in the bed across the way. And his eyes watch me in my dreams. That stormy hue haunts me. He smiles so often and yet I can tell that only very few reach his eyes. He loves to tease me. I know he tries to draw me out of myself but I reach this point, you know? It's a point that I am afraid to pass. Who am I kidding.....I am absolutely petrified of crossing that line. I don't know what will be on the other side. I mean, I know what I can see, but how am I too be sure that what I see is real. I'm in love with my best friend and I know for sure that he doesn't feel the same. Sure he plays around.....but that's just it. He is playing, mucking around. He loves to tease me.

I think that he thinks that this is all one big game.

Well this is life and it's real.

Life is not a game.

I slowly walked home. According to my approximations it took me about an hour, but I really wasn't counting the minutes. It was cold out. Even the smallest breeze felt like a gale as it rushed around me, cooling my heated skin. I was thankful in the way; it gave me a chance to settle down. To regain control and to suppress what ever it was that I was feeling. I slid my key into the latch and turned the handle simultaneously. I welcomed the rush of heat that greeted me at the door. I slipped of my shoes and shrugged out of my coat. I trudged down the silent hall and pushed my bedroom door open. Lost deep in thought I jumped about three feet high at the sound of my name.

"Kai," the voice chimed; drawing my name out so it sounded as it was comprised of two syllables rather than only one.

"Holy Mother of.........." I whipped around to put a name to the voice. I saw Takao leaning against the door. I heard the click shut and the snap of the key turning in the lock. I cocked an inquisitive eyebrow at the other boy. But he said nothing.

"What do you want Takao? You scared the bejesus out of me."

He giggled then and I scowled at me. "I'm so sorry Kai," he stepped away from the door and come closer. His walk was slow and took on a predatory feel. I felt my heart start to race. He stopped within arms length of me, "Can you ever forgive me?" he pleaded with me, a sly smirk marring his angelic features.

I backed away and a gasp escaped me as I realised that he had me backed against the wall. "What is it that you want Takao?"

"Why did you leave the club in such a rush Kai?" he asked suddenly serious.

I felt my face flush, "I didn't feel like dancing anymore."

"Are you sure, because I was under the distinct impression that you were having a wonderful time?"

My spine stiffened as I caught the gist of his statement. He had realised......he had felt my..........I clenched my hands into fists and fought to remain calm, "I.........I......I mean like I said, I didn't feel like dancing anymore."

I cheered momentarily on the inside as I watched his smirk fade.


"What?" I questioned.

"No. I don't believe you Hiwatari."

"What are you on about?"

"I think that you did enjoy dancing with me. I know you did."

My heart plummeted and finally came to rest in my feet. I gulped, "You........you're wrong," I stuttered.

"Nah ah. I don't think so," he said in a sing song voice.

I tried desperately to flatten myself against the wall. I have never wanted anything so much in whole entire my life as I wanted to disappear into the pastel coloured paint. He leaned closer and closer and my breath hitched in my throat. He pressed himself against me. His entire body was flush against mine. He trapped me between his arms, which he place one either side of my head. His hips began to sway, his body moving in time to a long ago rhythm. He ground himself against me. His hand started to slide down and he grasped at my hips and pulled me forward against him just as he pushed in turn against me.

I could feel it, all of the telltale signs; heated skin, flushed face, rapidly beating heart, a loss of breathing control. A basic lost of control. I bit down on my lower lip in effort to suppress the moan that was welling in the base of my throat. I felt myself stir to life and I came to my sense.


"Wha......" came the unintelligible reply.

"No, get off me," I pushed him to one side and propelled myself off the way. I stood in the centre of the room, my arms wrapped around me. I could feel myself shivering from need and desire and from something else entirely.

He leaned against the wall, his eyes closed and his lips parted. He opened this eyes very slowly as I could see the lust there; it was bubbling just below the surface. I knew know that he wanted me. But does he crave for me as I do for him? Does he love me, as I love him?

He smiled at me, but his grin widened and finally he laughed.

At me.

I don't think that I have ever been so angry in my entire life. "What's so funny?" I snapped.

"You," he replied when he settled down.

'Why is that?"

"Geez Kai, I was just having a bit of fun. I was just playing with you."

"I know!" I yelled at him then.

His jaw opened and closed in shock.

"I know ok. And that's.........that's the reason why I didn't want to dance anymore. I know that you are just playing around. I know that you are teasing me." I leapt at him then and pinned him under me against the wall. I slowly ground against him. I let him feel exactly what it was that he did to me.


"Do you think this is funny?" I bit out, "This is what you do to me ok?" I stared into his eyes and watched as the realisation dawned upon him. I let go of his wrists then and turned away. I waited for the inevitable confrontation but only silence greeted my ears. I turned around again. Takao was still in the same position I left him in.

"Look Takao, I'm sorry that I put all this on you........." I trailed off. I just didn't know what to say to make this better.

He turned his eyes on me and I think my eyes not only boggled but my jaw may have also hit the floor. I expected disgust, apprehension; a concoction of emotions, but in Takao's eyes all I could see was the same burning flame that was there a few minutes ago; the same lust that was burning brightly; for me.

"This is not a game Takao."

"I know," he whispered to me as he again stepped closer to me.

"It wasn't the alcohol, the music or the atmosphere. I want you. Me. Just me. I've always wanted you. You truly have no idea what you do to me. How you make me feel."

He against pressed himself against me, he breath ticked my throat and his lips pressed against my skin "How do I make you feel?" he whispered to me then.

"Alive. Takao you make me feel alive."


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