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The Daily Dating Game

Chapter 01: The Girl's Plot

The Masaki House:

The warm spring weather heated the endless green valley of Okayawa, as students and parents alike prepared for a special event, a two-week vacation in the pleasant season.   Inside a small red-roof home by a crystal clear lake, an extended family of young women from exotic locations eagerly awaited the return of their own student. 

"Ah!" Ryoko screamed out in frustration as she paced frantically about the quaint living room in her finest silk red dress. "My Tenchi is coming home to me! I'm so happy."  She said almost giddily as she floated about, showing her excitement.  As the lazy space pirate rejoiced unendingly, the others continued to work on cleaning the house, making sure everything looked perfect for Tenchi's return from school.  However each person present shared Ryoko's excitement and chose to show it in her own way. 

Today marked the last day of school for Tenchi, and now he would have some time off, time that everyone had already planned out for the young man.  Of course, the two rivals, Ayeka and Ryoko, had plans beyond merely Tenchi, plans that involved the other woman.*1  Flailing her arms about enthusiastically, Ryoko 'accidentally' bumped into the proper princess, who was hard at work dusting a high shelf from a precarious perch on a rickety stool.  As soon as Ryoko bumped into her, the red-eyed princess began to wobble, and soon lost her balance falling into a heap on the floor.  

"Miss Ryoko," Ayeka screamed as she rose slowly, dusting off her kimono as she glared daggers at her foe.  Taking a deep breath, the prim and proper Jurain continued in a more civilized manner.  "We are all very excited that Lord Tenchi shall be spending so much time at home, but maybe you could do something a bit more constructive than running around like a maniac."  Ayeka's tone gradually lost its calm as she spoke, sounding a bit frayed at the end.  Ignoring the warning, Ryoko merely smiled absently as she continued to float about, snapping her fingers excitedly and dancing in the air.  "Besides," Ayeka coolly added, not in the mood to be ignored, especially by Ryoko, "Lord Tenchi does not belong to you. It is obvious to anyone that he cherishes the time he spends with me far more than the time he is tortured with your existence.  I mean really," Ayeka, commented with a superior tone, "how could anyone love a dried up old monster like yourself? "

"What do you mean by that?" the golden-eyed woman growled teleporting to appear right in front of her rival, "You're the one whose always boring Tenchi with your stupid stories about your dumb planet.  Besides even if we don't have fun talking, Tenchi always enjoys looking at me.  Of course, I can't blame him for finding you boring, I mean with so little to offer…" to accent her point, Ryoko reached forward and poked one of Ayeka's breasts, making an example of how small they were in comparison to her own.

"Fun?  You think Lord Tenchi enjoys your constant attempts to seduce him?  The very idea is flawed!  I mean, really, all you do is wreck things and make more for everyone else." Ayeka replied, her arms held tightly at her sides. Both women growled at each other, it seemed a battle was soon to be underway.  From the sidelines, Washu, Kiyone, and Mihoshi watched in anticipation. 

Just when the first blast was to be fired, Sasami casually strolled in from the kitchen, cleaning her hands on an old cloth, wearing her carrot-adorned apron.  "Oh no!" she shouted at the sight that met her eyes.  "You two aren't fighting again are you? Please stop!  You promised you wouldn't fight, and besides, Tenchi hates it when you do.  You wouldn't want to make him mad on his first day of vacation, would you? "

With twin 'humphs', Ryoko and Ayeka spun away from each other, standing back to back.  "It's not like that, Sasami.  Ayeka started the whole thing.  Her big butt caused her to fall, and she blamed me." Ryoko tattled like a little girl, "besides, she called me a dried up old monster."

"Indeed," Ayeka indignantly snapped, "You ran into me on purpose, while you were gallivanting around in those rags you call a kimono!  Besides, sister dear, Ryoko is merely jealous, as Lord Tenchi likes me the best."

"That's a lie and you know it Ayeka!" the slivery-haired woman hissed, "if you weren't always getting in the way, Tenchi and I would have more fun than he has ever had before.  I can promise you that. "

"Is that a fact?" Ayeka asked, a look of disbelief in her eyes as she glared at Ryoko.  

"Yeah!" Ryoko wittily replied.

"Oh wow, that sounds just like one of those TV dating programs," Mihoshi said excitedly, dusting the same shelf she had been through the argument.

"Mihoshi, this is real life, not one of your TV shows," Kiyone explained to her slow-witted partner. "Please try and keep your head in reality, at least for five minutes…."

Hmm, Washu thought as she rubbed her chin impishly, a desire for excitement and a clever scheme hatching in her brain. " I've got a great idea!" she shouted, causing all eyes to turn towards her instantly. "We all want to spend some time with Tenchi, right?" Pausing the diminutive genius saw each of the girl's nodding their consent, with a look that suggested that everyone though Washu must be crazy to have to ask such a thing.  "But the main problem is we all end up getting in each other's way. So..." Washu dramatically stopped, looking around to see if anyone else had come to the same theory as her.  Seeing no one had, she finished her thought. "Why don't we use Mihoshi's idea?"

"Oh, okay," Mihoshi smiled, finally moving to the next item on the shelf to dust, "I like that.  But… um… What idea did I come up with?" she asked completely oblivious to what she was saying.  

Feeling a migraine on the way, the red-haired woman merely shook her head.  How can anyone who walks in my lab so easy be so dumb…? "Your idea," Washu reiterated, "about us playing our own version of the dating game. Think about it, if each of use drew a number from a hat, then for the next five days…" stopping the green-eyed woman, choked on her words as she saw Sasami, realizing she had accidentally omitted the little girl as she was so young.  As the silence hung for barely a microsecond, Washu realized no one else had noticed her miscount, and so she quickly amended her statement.  "What I mean is six days, during which we'll all spend one with Tenchi. Then, once everyone has had a turn, we'll have him decided exactly who is the most fun to be with.  So what do you think?"

I think you've been hanging out with Mihoshi too much, Ryoko mentally broadcast to her mother.  "But, all right I'm game," she said crossing her arms over her chest in victory. "Especially since I already know my Tenchi will pick me. Wait a minute," Ryoko said realizing something was amiss, "You said five days, then six, who's the sixth girl? The only ones here are Mihoshi, Miss flat chest, Ayeka, Kiyone, you and me, Washu."

You think I spend too much time with Mihoshi!  You can't even count properly.  The red-haired mom declared in response to her daughter's concern. "The answer is simple, it's Sasami, of course.  She gets to spend a day with Tenchi too."

"What? Surely you are not suggesting Sasami date Lord Tenchi," Ayeka informed the group, "She is far too young."

"Afraid of the competition," Washu laughed looking at Ayeka with amused eyes, seeing the purple-haired Jurain become rather flustered at the fun poked at her insecurities.  "Besides, no one ever said we'd be dating Tenchi, we're just spending a day with him."  Folding her arms over her chest, sure she had won that argument, the little genius turned to the blue-haired Jurain casually. "Sasami, could you please bring us something to draw turns from?"

Smiling, Sasami gave Washu a quick head nod to show her agreement, appearing very happy that she had not been left out of the 'adults' game with Tenchi.  I may not be old enough to date, but that doesn't mean I don't want to see Tenchi.  It's so hard for me to have a moment of his time, with Mihoshi and Kiyone always crashing in the lake, Ryoko and Ayeka fighting, and Washu wanting to experiment on him.  Not to mention all my chores like cooking and cleaning….  I hope I get to go first; I really want to go shopping with Tenchi, and see the old cave where Ryoko was kept.  If it's just him and me, I'm sure we'll have a great time! 

A short time later:

Sasami returned with a bowl whose bottom was filled with a few pieces of paper, just as Ryoko and Ayeka had decided to start another yelling match.  Clearing her throat, the pink-eyed girl quickly gained their attention.  "Okay everyone," she began, ready to instruct them on the rules of the game, "I wrote numbers one to six on the pieces, so all you have to do is reach in and get one.

Ayeka, being closest, and figuring it was her duty as a princess, started to reach for a piece of paper, yet was soon reminded who shared a home with her as Ryoko easily bumped her aside.  "Why thank you princess," the lithe woman laughed in a tone of mock admiration, "how nice of you to let me draw first.  After all we all know that I'm going to be going Fir- THIRD!" Ryoko shouted out angrily as she glared at the small piece of paper in her hand.  Damn it!  I was so sure this would be the first place one!  Shoot, if I could have gone first, then Tenchi wouldn't have needed to see the others.  What I want to do will put whatever they have planned to shame.  Besides, I want to go first!

"That's too bad, Ryoko" Ayeka said teasingly, as she slowly reached into the bowl while Ryoko fumed mentally, occasionally allowing a few vulgar words to escape her mind.  "Looks like I shall be the one who gets to be with Lord Tenchi Firs- Fourth!" Looking almost like a mirror of her rival, Ayeka stood statue like beside Ryoko, each woman furious with the lot they had drawn.  Fourth!  I should be first; after all I am a princess of Jurai's royal family, not some commoner!  Not only must I suffer this disgrace, but I must also be after Ryoko.  There's no telling what she'll do to poor Lord Tenchi!  There must be some way around this….

Suddenly realizing Ayeka's plight, the golden-eyed woman pointed at the red-eyed princess, laughing as obnoxiously as she could, which was rather obnoxious.  Not one to be mocked, Ayeka turned, glaring soulfully at Ryoko.  Once again, a war was preparing to start.

"Well, my turn" Washu chimed, enjoying the show as always.  "I'm- FIFTH, but I suggested this!  I should get to go first."

Seeing that no one was pleased, Mihoshi sighed painfully as she pulled out her slip of paper.  Smiling weakly, she held in front of Washu kindly.  "Actually Washu, it looks like I'm going fifth."

"That's a two, Mihoshi… you're reading it upside down," Washu said her mouth a straight line, shoulders sagging as she rubbed her head from the strain of the bubbly woman's logic.

"Oh yeah," the dim GP officer giggled absent-mindedly, "I guess you're right.  Did I win?"

"Alright number one!" Kiyone said drawing her number from the bowl.  Sasami peered at the last piece of paper in the bowl as if she were about to cry.  

I wanted to see Tenchi sooner; he's always so busy...  Sasami complained looking down at the floor. But now I guess I'll have to wait 6 days to see him...

"Hold back those tears Sasami," Washu ordered, when she looked up from her own plight to see Sasami's reaction to Kiyone's draw. "After all, like every game, this one will have to have some rules. First, no one's day with Tenchi should do anything to affect anyone else's day.  That means Ryoko, no getting Tenchi drunk, nearly getting him killed, or blowing all his money.  You'll have to find some nice clean fun around the house."

Ryoko slowly turned her head from the staring match with Ayeka. "Are you trying to say I need to get Tenchi drunk to make him like me?  Besides, what do you mean by clean fun?"

"Well I think that's a perfect way to say it," Ayeka said, liking to hear her opponent criticized.

Washu pretended not to hear any of her daughter's rude statements, as she continued to list the rules.  "Second, no one tells Tenchi about the game. Otherwise he might spend the whole time thinking about his decision and not have any fun.  Remember, he is on vacation; we should be trying to let him enjoy it. Third, whomever Tenchi ends up picking will be the winner, there will be no fighting about it, understood," she paused looking at Ryoko and Ayeka scornfully, hearing each woman mutter a yes to the rule. "Finally, everyone must be in by eight o'clock, so we can hear about their day.  That's why you better keep it clean, Ryoko.  I don't think Sasami would want to hear about anything too kinky."

"Besides," Kiyone interjected. "I really don't want to have to explain it to Mihoshi.  It's bad enough having to have been the one to tell her about the birds and the bees."

"So does that mean I can't mention it if Tenchi and I fell down in the mud," the blue-eyed woman asked. "Or if we worked in the field, cause we could get dirty, you know."

"We'll make an exception for you," Washu droned, feeling her IQ fall just listening to Mihoshi babble.

"Eight o'clock! Why so early!" Ryoko complained, hefting her mom up, preparing to shake the life from her body.

"Well, we don't want Tenchi to be too tired the next day. Now do we, Little Ryoko," the diminutive genius grinned as he daughter nodded her agreement, setting her down roughly.  "Besides what would you want to do with Tenchi after eight o'clock at night anyway...?" Washu said, everyone, save Mihoshi, could guess what Ryoko would want to do with Tenchi late at night.  Although in her innocence, Sasami still believed that sleeping with Tenchi was merely sleeping, and she had done that many times in the past, due to her frequent nightmares.

"So… does everyone think these rules are fair?" After a few moments everyone, including Ryoko who was reluctant, agreed to play by the rules Washu had set.  Soon, everyone was back to their cleaning and getting ready for Tenchi's return.  Of course, Ryoko was not in the mood for cleaning as she screamed what she would do with Tenchi.  Looking at Ayeka sinisterly, the golden-eyed woman sank through the floor with ease.

I can't imagine what that dreadful woman is up to, but I know I won't like it. Ayeka thought as she stood back on her stool.  A sudden scream once again filled the air, as the Jurain heir fell from her place, this time onto the couch nearby.  Unsure what had happened, the red-eyed woman quickly discovered the truth as she saw the tips of Ryoko's head phase through the floorboards, and heard the rude laughter of her rival. 

Her face red, Ayeka felt as if she were about to explode, "Ryoko!" Ayeka snapped, allowing various comments about how rude and improper the space pirate was to fill the air.  

"Hi, everyone I'm home," Tenchi called, coming inside, hearing the sound of the two women fighting.  Some things never change….

"Hello, Tenchi," Sasami giggled, running up to her friend with Ryo-Ohki in tow.  "Welcome home, how was your day?" she asked she hugged Tenchi around the waist, which was all the higher she could reach. Smiling the young Jurain patted Sasami on the head, as he received the small cabbit's welcome of continuous meows.

Dusting off her hands, Washu stepped around the couch, to stand before the newcomer.  "So Tenchi," she began with a knowing look in her eyes. "Do you have any plans now that you have some time off?"

"No, not really. I just thought I would stay her and relax." He remarked knowing relaxing was something he could never do at home.  "I figure I would see what you're all up to, since I've been so busy with school, work, training, and everything else lately."

"Well that's nice," the small woman said, sounding as if she hadn't listened to a word he'd said. "Don't worry, Tenchi, I'm sure we can find plenty of things for you to do to keep you… entertained."

Seeing the grin on Washu's face, Tenchi Masaki swallowed hard.  I've got a bad feeling about this.  Something tells me I should have just stayed at school for the whole vacation….

Next time:  It's time for the game to begin, can Kiyone pull it off without any problems, or is the game doomed to fail from the start?  Be here next time for the next thrilling installment.  Chapter 02: Kiyone

(Note: that may be a while I really know very little about Kiyone. Time to do some research. The others I can do, but she will be the roughest.)

1: OK, Ryoko and Ayeka did have 'plans' about each other, but trust me you don't want to know what those were!