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Daily Dating Game

Part 8: Tenchi's Choice

Tenchi walked towards the house, having just finished his chores at the shrine for the day. "It's been pretty quiet today," he told himself. "That can't be a good thing." His mind raced as he tried to prepare himself for whatever mischief the girls were up to. "I can see it now, Ryoko and Ayeka will be fighting, Kiyone will be yelling at Mihoshi for doing something wrong. Of course Washu's probably up to something in her lab, and Sasami will be making lunch." Tenchi smiled, "Well at least everything is back to normal now."

The sight that awaited Tenchi was one he would never have expected. There were all six girls on the porch, sitting peacefully waiting for him. "Hi Tenchi," they all said in unison as they stared at him, excitement in their voices.

"Oh boy...," Tenchi mumbled under his breath. "What's going on now..." he asked as he reached them.

Everyone was silent, each waiting for someone else to speak up. It was Ayeka who finally answered. "Lord Tenchi," she began, "as you know, each of us has spent a day with you." Tenchi nodded, so far he was following what was said, but he didn't like where this was going. "What you didn't know, was that these past six days have all been part of a game. We wanted to see who you would have the most fun with, and now you must choose who is the winner..." Ayeka paused to see Tenchi's reaction.

Tenchi took a deep breath. "Why does everything always have to end with me choosing between them," Tenchi wondered.

Ryoko appeared behind Tenchi, floating there with her arms around his neck , "Tenchi darling," she cooed. "Just tell them that it's me you have the most fun with. Remember all the things we did together. We spent the whole day watching movies, playing miniature golf, and of course our romantic walk in the woods."

"You leave Tenchi alone, you...Monster!" Ayeka shouted pinching Ryoko's face as she drug her off Tenchi. Once Ryoko was out of the way, Ayeka made her plea to Tenchi, "Lord Tenchi, you know you couldn't possibly have enjoyed spending time with such an uncivilized brute as Ryoko. We had such a good time, talking about Jurai, and remember how you gave me a rose...,"Ayeka begged. Then everyone got in, arguing amongst themselves as to who he had the most fun with.

The noise was so loud, Tenchi couldn't hear himself think. He put his hands to his ears, anger starting to build. Finally it was too much to bare, "QUIET!" he shouted. All the noise stopped instantly, the girls all stared at him, Ayeka holding Ryoko's hair in her hands, as Ryoko was tugging Ayeka's lips. The others hung on the two fighters, trying to pull them apart. "Now let me get this straight, you all spent the day with me as part of some game, and now I have to decide between you all!" Everyone nodded. "That's crazy, I can't pick between you all! I had too good a time with each one of you, to say anyone is better than the other! I can't believe you would all put me through this. Ryoko! Ayeka! Sasami! Kiyone! Mihoshi! Washu!" As he said each girl's name their shoulders drooped and they looked to the ground, no one liked to have Tenchi yell at them.

Tenchi sighed calming himself down a little, "I have some work to do out in the fields. I'll be back later this evening." As he turned away Tenchi once again sighed, "I'll have an answer for you then." Tenchi realized there as only one thing that would end this argument, and that was if he did pick one of them.

"Well... I guess I should start on dinner...," Sasami said glumly.

"We'll help you Sasami," Kiyone said, "come on Mihoshi." The three girls walked inside, as if on a death march. It should have been obvious to any of them, that Tenchi would react the way he would.

"I have some work that needs taking care of in the lab," Washu said, excusing herself. Only Ryoko, Ryo-Ohki, and Ayeka remained outside. Ryoko and Ayeka continued to stare at the ground, of all the girls, Tenchi's words had gotten to them the most.

Eventually even the last two went inside, deciding to take a bath, and relax.

Ry-Ohki had made up her mind, she wanted to help Tenchi, and as it stood she was the only one he wasn't mad at. The tiny cabbit bounced off toward the fields.


Tenchi paused to wipe his brow. "Man, I can't believe this," he complained. "I could have understood Ryoko and Ayeka playing some trick like this, but the others... What makes it worst is that they all lied to me. Now I have to pick between them."

Tenchi heard a noise in the bushes behind him. "Who is it!" He shouted a little more angry than he had meant to be, but he couldn't stand that fact that anyone had the gall to spy on him. Especially after he had only a few minutes ago yelled at them all. Out of the bushes hopped Ryo-Ohki, her eyes tearing up.

"Oh, hi Ryo-Ohki," he said sounding happier as he walked toward her, "I'm sorry to yell at you, I thought you were one of the others." Tenchi knelt down, patting her on the head. "Oh... what am I going to do Ryo-Ohki." The small creature meowed softly.

"I had a good time with everyone, in a different way of course. With Washu and Kiyone, I became more comfortable around two people I wasn't sure of before. My days with Ryoko and Ayeka made me appreciate each of them all over again, and how much I truly care about them. Sasami and Mihoshi, were like hanging out with a sister. So which one do I choose Ryo-Ohki? If I choose wrong this whole thing could blow up into a disaster." Ryo-Ohki meowed understanding his plight.

"So what do I do? What...do.. I...do?" Tenchi wondered, even though he asked Ryo-Ohki, it was more a question to himself. "If only the others were more like you, Ryo-Ohki." Tenchi said, "you're such a good girl." Ryo-Ohki meowed cheerily. Tenchi looked at the sky suddenly he an idea came to him. "It's a long shot Ryo- Ohki, but it could just work."


Tenchi walked with Ryo-Ohki, carrying home a load of carrots. He smiled happily, if everything went as he had planned, all the girls would be the winner. The only trick was he had to separate the girls.


"Here he comes!" Sasami shouted stepping away from the window, "here's Tenchi."

"At last, we'll have his answer!" Ayeka said hearts in her eyes.

"I don't see why you're so excited, little princess," Ryoko declared appearing in the room with everyone else. "Tenchi's going to pick me. I mean really! What could you have possibly done with Tenchi that could have been considered fun? I heard your story at dinner, it was nice... If you want a bed time story." Ayeka turned to face her arch rival, fire in her eyes.

"Hello everyone I'm home!" Tenchi chimed as he came inside, a pile of carrots in his hands. "Here you are Sasami, I noticed we were running low on carrots in the fridge this morning, and I figured we could give them to Ryo-Ohki tonight for dinner."

"Thanks Tenchi," Sasami said taking the carrots. "Boy, you sure are lucky Ryo-Ohki, these carrots look delicious." Ryo-Ohki watched Sasami set the large carrots on the table, they were the most delicious looking carrots Ryo-Ohki had ever seen in her whole life.

"So Tenchi," Washu said, leaning against the wall by her lab, "do you have an answer?"

"Well.. I .. uh, that is..." Tenchi stammered, as the six girls leaned toward him, anticipating his answer, " can't we wait until later? I'm starving."

"No you can't wait!" Ayeka declared.

"Yeah Tenchi! Just tell Ayeka she loses and I win!" Ryoko screamed. Her tone changed from screaming to seductive, "then we can celebrate, just you and me!" Ryoko giggled, everyone, except Mihoshi and Sasami, understanding the hidden meaning in her words.

Tenchi sighed his plan was falling apart, "OK...The winner is..." Tenchi looked at each girl slowly taking a very deep breath, "this is it Tenchi my boy, " he told himself. He glanced away from them, to gather his thoughts. There on the table, eating happily was Ryo-Ohki, her paws were in the middle of one of Sasami's dishes. "Ryo-Ohki!" he shouted.

"What!" Ayeka said in utter shock, "How could you pick, that...that thing over me!"

"Congratulations Ryo-Ohki! You won!" Sasami said snatching up a confused Ryo-Ohki, holding the tiny cabbit over her head.

Ryo-Ohki couldn't understand what was going on, or what she won. All she knew was that Tenchi had yelled at her, after being so nice all day, when she had started eating. She realized it wasn't dinner time yet, but those carrots looked, and were, so good!

Tenchi looked around not truly understanding what he had done. It only took him a few seconds to figure out he had inadvertently picked Ryo-Ohki, however that time span seemed like years to him. "Well I'm sorry Ayeka, but that's who I picked."

"I didn't know Ryo-Ohki was playing!" Mihoshi said confused.

"Yeah that's right!"Ryoko replied, "you can't pick her."

Tenchi laughed this worked out better than his original plan. "Ryoko, you never told me Ryo-Ohki wasn't playing. After all I did spend yesterday with her and Sasami." Tenchi walked away, "look the game is over, let's just enjoy our dinner." Tenchi sat down and started to get a helping of food. Ayeka, Ryoko, and Washu eyed him suspiciously.


Tenchi sat on the roof, petting Ryo-Ohki, who sat happily on his lap. "Well that's the end of that," Tenchi thought looking at the star filled sky. "The Daily Dating game is over..."

"There you two are!"Sasami said coming on the roof, "Come on Ryo-Ohki, it's time for bed." Ryo-Ohki hopped away from Tenchi, scaling Sasami, to sit on her head. "Good night Tenchi!" Sasami shouted going back inside. "Don't stay outside too long, Tenchi. It's starting to cool off, and you could catch a cold."

"I won't be out too much longer Sasami. Don't worry." Tenchi replied.

As Sasami walked to her head she giggled. Tenchi had said Ryo-Ohki had won, but she knew what he was really saying. That she had won. After all Sasami had been there the whole time with Ryo-Ohki. It made Sasami blush. Tenchi picked her, "I wonder if that means we'll get married someday, when I'm all grown up?" she asked herself mentally.

Ayeka watched Sasami go into their room. "Now's my chance..." Quietly she slipped up to the roof.

Tenchi laid relaxing on the roof, oblivious to the world around him. "Excuse me Lord Tenchi!" Ayeka said. Tenchi quickly sat up.

"Oh it's you Ayeka," Tenchi held his chest, "you startled me. What is it, is something wrong?"

"I was merely wondering lord Tenchi," Ayeka started, "were you telling the truth early when you picked Ryo-Ohki, or were you merely picking her to stop an argument. I want to know the truth, I think I deserve that much."

"The truth..."Tenchi stammered, "The truth is... I would have picked you, but I didn't want to hurt the others." Tenchi lied.

"I knew it," Ayeka shouted tears of joy flowing in rivers from her eyes. "That is why I love you so Lord Tenchi, you are so considerate of others. Even those unworthy of your attention like that monster woman. But don't worry Lord Tenchi, I can keep a secret." Ayeka was beaming as she left the roof.

"Just as I suspected, no space pirate could ever compete with the first princess of Jurai!" Ayeka snickered as she made her way to bed.

"Oh man," Tenchi grumbled deciding to take a bath, "well, I only had to lie to Ayeka, and since she said she'd keep a secret, I guess it's ok for now."


Tenchi relaxed in the warm water of the bath. "This feels nice," he sighed as he drifted through the water, his eyes closed.

"Here, let me wash your back!" a voice chimed behind him.

"Oh thanks Ryoko. I..." suddenly he realized what was happening. "RYOKO!" He spun around there was a very wet, very nude, Ryoko. "What are you doing in here! I'm trying to take a bath!"

"Oh Tenchi," she said throwing her arms around him. "I just know you were lying earlier, to protect that little princess, but we're alone now. You can be honest with me."

Once again Tenchi sighed as he broke out of Ryoko's arms, "alright Ryoko, you got me. I didn't want to hurt Sasami's feelings, but I was going to say you were the winner. Just don't tell anyone ok.."

Ryoko cheered. "Oh of course not Tenchi dear. I like having that princess around, she's so amusing." While Ryoko celebrated Tenchi left quietly.

On the way to his room, Tenchi bumped into Mihoshi and then a few minutes later Kiyone, having to make the same speech to them. Each promised to keep a secret. Tenchi knew Kiyone could be trusted, and that Mihoshi would forget about the game by tomorrow morning.

Washu stopped typing in her lab. "Tenchi picked Ryo-Ohki... I can't believe it." Then Washu realized something. "Hmm... Wait a minute of course! It all makes sense now. Tenchi didn't want to start a war, so he picked Ryo-Ohki, but that was all code! I created Ryo-Ohki, and thus he was telling me subtly that I was the winner. Oh Tenchi you are one clever boy. Much too clever for girls like Ayeka and Ryoko." Washu resumed typing, her spirit lifted. "Now then, I have one more important task to attend to."

Tenchi was drifting off to sleep. "What a week. But at least its over." Suddenly he realized to his horror, he still had one week of vacation. He could only imagine what the girls had planned for him.

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