H.O.Me: Trials of relation

By Xenomorph666

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Summary: On the third day HOMe goes to meet Vile with an eight-legged surprise. Is this the final chapter? Knowing my short attention span… most likely…

A.N.: See summary. I wanna start the third!

Booyah: I try to avoid having HOMe use his inner mouth, but currently Kitty, Scott, Logan, Hank and the Professor are aware it exists only Kitty doesn't mind it. As for Stitch, well if they let HOMe run around full blast I think Stitch in his true form would be little to worry about, however with what I have planned all … whoops nearly spilled the beans on the third. Oh and now your hit of HOMe…

Chapter 14

Sharing of the soul

The stench of the warehouse flooded through Kitty's nostrils waking her from her nightmares. Unfortunately it woke her to a living one, she and the others were strapped into some weird cocoons and she was to weak to phase through them. She looked to the center of the room where the being from her dream stood, his eyes though were different. He looked worried she would even go as far as to say he looked desperate. Around him were the scattered remains of the creatures that had captured her and the others.

"With out the hive connection they saw me as an enemy." His eyes locked onto hers. "I taught them better." A sadistic smile formed over his monstrous face. "Don't worry soon your precious HOMe will be here. And when I kill him you can go home. Pun intended."

Kitty started to cry, her dream was coming true and no-one could stop it. She cried for what seemed like hours until the brightest voice pierced her despair.

-HOMe is here.- The front door opened to reveal HOMe, his appearance was worrying. He had long jagged breaks down his body, they looked like scars but Kitty couldn't tell.

"Well it seems you won't be so hard to kill, not that it would have mattered even if you were perfectly healthy. Now submit." The being said.

-HOMe will fight Vile. HOMe will not leave with out fight.- HOMe's determination was crystal clear. Vile snarled at him.

"YOU WOULD DARE BREAK OUR AGGREEMENT?" Vile shouted, his voice reverberating off the walls.

-HOMe will fight. Vile will fight.-

"I'll KILL YOU!" Vile lunged forward at lightning speed.

-HOMe will free you.- HOMe was calmer than ever before as he barely dodged the blow.

"I DON'T WANT YOUR FREEDOM!" Vile reached his claw forward to pin HOMe, but HOMe had come prepared and visible thread of sticky gunk grabbed Vile's arm and pulled him back.

"Right, so this is the pleasant guy you told me about." Spider-Man appeared in a window. "Jeez, I thought Scorpion had the market on dangerous tails." He said as he dodged an attack from Vile's tail and ran to help the mutants.

"TREACHARY!" Vile screamed as he charged HOMe in a rage.

-Nothing is treachery when it is for family!- HOMe said as he leapt over Vile and landed behind him.

"YOU BETRAYED OUR DEAL!" Vile shot his tail over his shoulder in an attempt to pierce HOMe, but he failed as he moved to the side with ease.

-Let HOMe help. Let HOMe help your pain.- HOMe said.

"YOU ARE MY PAIN!" Again Vile lunged for the small xenomorph. He tried to dogde, but HOMe got caught in the shoulder by one of Vile's elbow spikes. He fell to the ground dazeds and slightly confused. He heard Vile laugh, but saw Kitty run forward to him.


When Kitty saw HOMe fall she thought instantly of her dream and somehow found the strength to phase through the cocoon. She ran for all she was worth towards HOMe, Spider-Man tried to grab her with his webbing, but she phased it through her. She ignored Vile as she came to HOMe's side and gasped in horror at the site of his peeling body.

"THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO THOSE WHO LEAVE THE HIVE MIND! IT SUSTAINS OUR FORM!" Vile roared as he took notice of Kitty's face.

She continued to ignore him as she put an arm around her friend. "It's alright HOMe, he won't hurt you. I'm here for you." She stood her friend up and began to pull him away.

Vile roared with laughter, "So you shall be with him as he DIES!" He brought his tail to a strike, and released it. His tail flew like an arrow true to it's mark and it pierced HOMe's back, sending silver flakes everywhere followed by the gushing sound of his blood spurting everywhere. Kitty closed her eyes and instinctively phased, but HOMe did not phase with her. When she opened them the world was bathed in a bright shining light.


The first sensation Vile recognized was his tail piercing the back of his enemy. The second sensation was new, a scalding feeling the back of his mind that made his chest feel hollow and empty. He screamed, but nothing came out as a the white light flew around him. Then he saw it again, HOMe's birth and he could no longer deny what he saw, for he saw it from his own eyes. He remembered.

He remembered the ship crashing on the abandoned planet, how the strange creatures kidnapped his entire family and forced them to have their young. But he had been different, for when the time for the creature in his chest came to burst through it didn't. Instead it waited for years and then when it had grown enough it simply punched through his chest, but his chest had sealed instantly afterwards and his body began to change. He felt nothing then, no fear, no compassion, no anger. Just the will of the hive. He was from then on a being with out a soul, for a servant of the hive is part of a greater consciousness. But if he had no soul where had it gone? Surely it could not have disappeared it must have gone somewhere.

The light faded then and he was then face to face with HOMe, but he could not move. Then it occurred to him where his soul had gone; it was given to the beast born from his chest. It was the reason HOMe was independent and his genetics were altered. Vile's soul had made HOMe something more than a simple servant, but in so doing it made himself a slave. The he felt something as HOMe took his head into his hands.

-HOMe will give it back now.- And then there was peace in his chest, the pain subsided and the loneliness dissipated. Vile could feel himself twist in agony despite this peace, for with the return of his soul cam the return of guilt. Anguish and grief flooded his mind as he remembered the lives he had taken. He could feel their please for mercy pound in his head, but now a new concern entered as he saw HOMe sit near Kitty, not a beast with out a soul, but a being of kindness whose own selfless actions had made his own soul.

"Is he okay?" Spider-Man asked

-HOMe give him back what he needed. Help others now.- HOMe trotted off to release Artisan from her confines.

In his mind Vile could not decide what to do. His urge to kill HOMe was still there, but if he did so he would be killing a life he had helped create. Confusion tore through his mind as he screamed in agony. He flew out the door at his highest speed and tore down the nearest sewer.


Kitty was almost scared lifeless when she heard Vile's scream. When she turned around though he was gone and the doors were swinging open.

"Is it safe to let him go?" Kitty asked.

-Vile must find self. HOMe found self and HOMe save Kitty-Queen and Brother-Vile.- He ripped through the cocoon that held the Professor. –Spider-Man-friend take Professor back?-

"Sure thing. He'll be wheelin' around that place in no time." Spider-Man said as he took the Professor.

When Spider-Man had left and the other X-Men were free, they all took a few minutes to admire HOMe's new appearance. He had changed once more, again though he had only changed in color. He was now had a very light gray body, his crimson streaks still remained although they seemed dimmed and more dull now. After they had pent the time needed to get there energy back the decided to head home and rest for an even longer period of time.

As they left Scott stayed behind to stare at the bodies of the creatures that Vile had used to aid him. "Maybe if there had been four instead of three the could have won." He looked at the bodies some more before wandering back to his friends.

Above the building in one of the corner rafters a lone dark figure watched the group leave, it's beady eyes gleamed with hatred and it's mandibles clicked in desire to feel their blood flow over it's claws.


When everyone one returned to the mansion they all split up into their own groups, and decided it was best to talk about the incident. They never bothered to see if HOMe was okay, because they all knew that for once nothing was bothering him. Some even giggled as the passed him sleeping by the fireplace like a loyal dog, of course they knew better/


While in the sewers of Bayville the distraught and confused Vile wandered the tunnels. His anguish washed over him in fine layers of grief followed by guilt and self hatred. He had just about given up on finding any form of salvation when he tumbled down a tunnel he had not seen. As he came to the end he could see a group of people, and when he spilled out he saw they were mutants. He knew they would want him dead, there was no other way anyone could want him.

"He's hurt. Looks like he tumbled down Spyke's trap. Jesus he's like that thing the X-Men have… Get Cybelle, now!" He heard a thick voice say before he drifted into unconsciousness.


AN: Well that ends this one. Look out for the adventures of Vile in the "Guardian" Series and HOMe in random happenings and the continued "HOMe" series. I hope you all enjoyed this and I wish I could have made it longer, but I ran out of filling and I use little fluff for the HOMe series. Vile does have a chance though.