Xiao hao milule long
Little Lost Dragon

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"Hey, there you are! I've been looking for you for the last half-hour! What the hell were you thinking?" I shouted at Wufei who was standing on a small wooden bridge that was over a river. I knew that I shouldn't have shouted, he was liable to hurt me or tell me off for disturbing the peace of this place.

That made me think, Wufei had been more at home here than I had ever seen him. Due to a few complications we had ended up staying in a Shoulin Temple or something that that ilk anyway, as a safehouse, and I had to admit that this place was somewhere special. I knew deep down that everyone of these people were trained fighters but they appeared so calm and gentle that I often forgot about it.

Still, I had other business to attend to other than peace right now and Wufei still hadn't moved. I sighed irritably and approached him, "Hey! Wu- man! Get a move on! We've got some stuff to sort out, y'know".

No response from the Chinese boy, he was ignoring me! Had to be, usually that name got him flustered up something rotten but there wasn't even a flinch in his dark eyes. I was almost standing besides him now, and he still wasn't responding to me at all. "Hey, earth to 'Fei come on, the professors want us to do summat!" I shouted again.

Still no goddamn response!

Now I was pissed, "Hoi, Chang!"

Finally a response, he turned and looked at me. But he was frowning deeply, "Shei ni?" [Who are?]. I couldn't believe this guy, he was driving me nuts just by acting in a different manner. I growled and grabbed a hold of his arm, a little roughly I'll admit but I was seriously ready to punch him, "Stop playing games with me, Chang! You're not funny, now get moving!" I pulled.

He pulled back and broke my grip.

I turned and frowned at him, okay I know I may have annoyed him but this was stupid. "Shei ni?" he asked again, this time there was a dangerous edge to his voice. Like that of a subtle knife before it stabbed you in the back.

"Wufei stop being an idiot! It's me Duo!" I snapped back and grabbed his arm again, determined to make him move. Bad mistake. Suddenly I found myself starring up at the sky, with a searing pain in my back and my arm almost ripped out of my shoulder socket. "Ow!!! Wu-man that hurt!" I whined quietly before realising that I still had a hold of his white top.

I increased my grip and somehow managed to stand up and avoid being hit by the oncoming punch from the somewhat startled Wufei. I saw an advantage and took it. Before Wufei could react and pull back his arm for another punch I took a firm grip of his shoulder and spun him around so that I was standing with his back to me. "Right, I don't know what game you're playing mate, but we're going back to the safehouse to find out what is going on" I growled at him.

"Meh, tah mah duh hwoon dahn." 1 he said in response. I'm not sure if he was being aggressive or not but I was prepared to guess he had just insulted me. "Same to you buddy" I growled and with a great amount of difficulty and pain I managed to get him finally to the safe house.

Heero glanced up at me when I literally threw Wufei in, "Took you long enough" he said monotonically as ever.

"I swear Wufei's gone insane! He didn't recognise me at all. Started blabbering on in Chinese about something! And he threw me to the ground, nearly punched me twice and I swear that he insulted me somehow!" I whined before lying on the bed that I had commandeered as mine on the first night.

"Doesn't he do that to you anyway, Duo?" asked Trowa who was sitting half- hidden in the corner. "He only threatens to! I'm serious that guy has gone completely loopy in this place!" I snarled.

"Maxwell, who are blabbering about now?" asked a voice.

"That damn Wufei...he hurt me...huh?" I sat up and starred at Wufei, standing in the doorway, "How the hell you manage that?" I shouted again.

"What are you going on about?" he asked, frowning at me in the same way that he had done earlier.

This couldn't be right, something was amiss here. There was Wufei standing in the doorway, but yet I had thrown him in here less than half-a-minuet ago. I then realised something else. Wufei was not wearing his white top, he was wearing a black sleeveless one.

"Qing bu teng ma" said a tiny voice from the corner. I turned slowly and starred fearfully at the boy in the corner. The others also looked as well, and I saw him recline in fear. "Ah...I think I know why he might not have recognised me now" I said timidly.

"Maxwell! You baka!" said Wufei before clipping me soundly around the head. "What? I'm sorry okay, I thought he was you!".

He didn't say anything but knelt down next to the figure who seemed even more determined to get away from him.

"Fahng sheen"[Don't worry] I heard him quietly say then an inaudible conversation passed between the two of them, but I knew the boy was glaring at me constantly. Finally Wufei stood up, shook his head at me and opened the door, letting the sunlight in.

The boy cowered away from it, hiding his face in his hands. I had the sudden eagerness to apologise but I guessed that he couldn't understand a word that I was saying anyway so I kept my mouth shut. All of us watched the boy, but he still did not move. Wufei sighed and took two steps towards him but suddenly there was a screech from the doorway.

Turning we all saw the Master or rightfully Mistress of this Temple. Ma Zhen was one of those women who you would never forget; she was quite small but had a fiery temper and slick black hair that was held in fiery claws of a headdress. She was currently glaring at us all, especially Wufei and could have sworn if he had been given the chance that he would have ducked out of the way.

She shouted something at him, which I could not understand and appeared to be threatening him with something. "Hey whoa! Cool off lady, whatever you're accusing him of, he didn't do anything wrong!" I shot in, stupidly.

Her anger turned abruptly to me and a sharp fist came towards my face before I could brace myself. However the blow never came and I found myself looking at the delicate fingers of the boy who I had mistaken for Wufei. Suddenly in the slithers of light that were crossing his face I realised why I had made the mistake. They were identical in every respect – but there was something more refined about him. A certain delicately that Wufei did not have.

"Bu shi...[no]" he started but Mistress Ma Zhen grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him in close. I half-wished that I could have stopped her but something made me stop. "Chang Kou Sya! Ni shi zuo shen me de?" [Chang Kou Sya! What are you?] she paused before looking around at us with deadly eyes and then back at the now named Kou Sya.

"Bu shi!" there was fright there, deep in those eyes. Some more Chinese was shouted and then Ma Zhen pushed the boy out of the room. She growled something to Wufei causing him to step back, defensively before disappearing out of the door.

Quickly Wufei closed the door and locked it. "Maxwell, next time you go looking for me, check that it is me you're bringing here!"

"Why? What was that old goat so upset about?"

"That boy was a girl!"

"Ah...I think we're in trouble"

Wufei sank to the ground, "We are in more than trouble, Maxwell. More than you can imagine".

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