Summary: People from Buffy all go to Hogwarts to help the trio (and others) fight of Voldemort! You just have to pretend that Tara hasn't died yet and things are calm now at the Hellmouth so they can come to Hogwarts.

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Chapter One

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I sighed for what must have been the fifteen-thousandth time on the airplane flight. I was getting very annoyed at several things.

First and foremost, I was trying to sleep. But no, Dawn has to read her stupid Seventeen magazine and crinkle the pages and turn them loudly, brushing them against everything in the whole freaking row so that I can't even sleep for a second!

The other thing that was utterly pissing me off was the fact that I was completely torn in how I felt at that moment. We were on our way to go help some weirdo underprivileged wizards from London or something fight of an evil dude named Volume-Warts or something ridiculously insane and fake like that. A part of me wanted to help the poor underprivileged children, but a part of me was thinking, "What the hell?! Since when did we help people like this? And if this Volwarts guy is a wizard as well, then how the hell are we going to kill him!? We fight DEMONS!" And yet another part of me was worried about the Hellmouth/Sunnydale, California. What if quadrillion vampires suddenly were sired or something and popped out of the ground and started attacking people?! Then what would happen?! Who would be there to slay them?! Not ME! Not the SLAYER! I mean, maybe you can go help Voldyshitz without me there.. I can watch over my hometown. That's where I grew upÑoh, well, no it isn't. But whatever! That's beside the point!

The point is that this is stupid and POINTLESS AND THAT THERE IS NO POINT!

"Aaaahhh! Buffy!" Dawn suddenly squealed from my right, tearing me out of the horrible thundercloud of rage that was building up inside my head.

At first I thought I'd look over and see that the person at the window seat next to Dawn had become some horrible flesh-eating killer, but luckily I was spared that horrifying image and instead saw Dawn with extremely wet pants trying to dry them off with a cocktail napkin.

"Aw, c'mon, Dawn," I moaned. "I thought you finally got over wetting your pants."

"BUFFY!" Dawn screamed, waking up the very un-flesh-eating monster man sitting to her right from a deep slumber I was extremely envious of. "You squeezed your water bottle and it spilled all over my pants, you moron! I stopped wetting my bed over ten years ago! God!"

I looked at my hand. It was as wet as Dawn's pants and the fingers were clasped tightly around a now squished water bottle.


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

"Ugh. God, Buffy, move," I snarled, standing up abruptly in my seat and sliding past her knees, deliberately letting my soaking wet legs drip onto her dry ones.

I stomped up the aisle and into the bathroom where I proceeded to use about fifty thousand paper towels to dry off my pants.

It didn't work.

Several people stared at me as I walked back up to my seat. Thanks a lot, Buffy. I thought glumly as I reached our row. First she spills water all over me, then she has to shout to the world that I'm a bed wetter?! First of all, that's not even true. And second of all, now the whole entire freaking plane is going to think I'm a teenager who still pisses her pants in the middle of the night!

God, sometimes I just hate her! It's like she thinks she can control the universe just because she's the freaking slayer. THERE ARE TWO OTHER ONES OUT THERE RIGHT NOW, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE! SHE'S NOT THE "ONE AND ONLY CHOSEN ONE" ANYMORE!

I really almost turned to her and spat that right into her fake-sleeping face, but no. I was nicer than that. I was above that. I wasn't going to stoop to her stupid level of... stupidity!

I yawned. Now that I thought about it, I was pretty tired. All that thinking and shouting in my head really wore me out. And besides, I had a lot to do tomorrow, what with helping those rich wizards fight of that demon thingy. Whatever. I personally think we should have done something more kind and generous. Why did we have to help the rich wizards? Why not underprivileged ones instead, or something?

I made a mental note to ask Giles about that once we reached his homeland of "jolly good, merry old England!" as Xander has been calling it recently.

Well, now. Rest up, ole chap, I told myself as I slipped into a sleepy delirium. Better get ready for your big day tomorrow. It'll probably be raining and there will be a big tub of tea and crumpets waiting for you...

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