Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Chapter Nine

The next day I woke up having forgotten where I was, so when I opened my eyes and saw a bed curtain, I jumped slightly under the covers. But then I remembered where I was.

I was sleeping in a dorm with a bunch of sixteen-year-olds. They were all rather annoying and talked incessantly, practically driving me to insanity. So when I woke up, I was happy to leave the dorm room. I got dressed as quickly as I could, and skipped down to the common room. The first person I saw when I got downstairs was Xander!

"Oh, thank God," I said, walking up to his chair and throwing myself onto one next to it. "I was beginning to go insane with those girls. They would not stop talking." I threw my hands up in annoyance.

"Well I'll trade because the boys seem to be scared of me," Xander told me.

"Scared of you?" I asked. "Why would they be scared of you?

"They don't talk to me," Xander explained. "That's what I mean. I lay there all night and no one said a word. What is wrong with boys?

It was kind of strange of Xander to want something like this to happen. I mean, why would he want boys to be talking to him? Why did he care?

"That's kind of strange," I replied. "You don't usually want boys to talk to you all the time. I've never thought of you as the super talking man Xander. Well actually, now that I think of it, it isn't that strange..." I decided.

Phew. I was starting to think that maybe another demon possessed Xander and made him all weird.

---------- ---------- -----------

So I wake up in a bed next to Spike having no memory of the night before. What am I supposed to think? I'll say it again, WHAT THE FUCK DOES HE EXPECT ME TO THINK? Of course I'm going to jump to conclusions! That's what you do when you wake up in the morning having no memory of the night before.

But, as if this isn't enough, the dumb blond kid strolls in and takes SPIKE's side and starts telling me I was possessed by a demon and all this crap... I mean, honestly. Do they really think I'm that stupid?

"I know you were mad at me," the boy replied. "But I didn't do anything to Dawn. She's perfectly fine now, sleeping in her own bed.

"Yes," Spike said, "her own bed in the Hospital Wing, incase you've forgotten. Buffy, you kind of knocked Dawn out when you were angry.

My eyes widened as terrible thoughts filled my mind. I did what? I punched Dawn? My own sister? Now this joke was getting way out of hand.

"No, I refuse to believe that," I responded in as calm of a voice I could muster. "I would never attack my own sister!

"Oh, just come on!" Spike cried, thoroughly annoyed. He grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the room. The stupid blond kid followed.

Spike led me through the hallways of the school and eventually into a round room lined with beds along the walls. I had no idea where we were for a minute until I saw Dawn lying on a bed.

She was sleeping, right? Just sleeping?

"Oh my God!" I whispered, rushing to her side. She was still breathing. She was alive! Please, please say she was alive and would stay alive and always be alive until I'm not alive anymore?!??!?!

Suddenly, her eyes fluttered open slowly and stared blankly at me. I gasped and hugged her as tightly as I could, so thankful for this. I don't know why, but I had thought that I was going to lose Dawn and it was somehow my fault, in a way. Like I wasn't a strong enough person to fight off that demon that attacked my body, or I hadn't taught her to dodge punches and to withstand them well enough. I just thought for a moment that I could lose her, and she means so much to me that losing her would me more than I could handle.

"Thank God," I breathed at her face, my eyes filling with tears.

"Dawn!" the blond kid said, running up to Dawn's side with Spike at his heels.

"Draco," she said weakly.

So she cares more about a rapist than she does about her own sister? Right, that makes perfect sense.

As much as that pissed me off, though, it would be hard to spoil my happiness for a while now.

---------- ---------- --------- ----------

I was so happy to see that Dawn was alive and conscious again. It was such a relief to have her back. I was reassured that I could fool around with her and piss off her sister again. Although hopefully this time she wouldn't turn purple and go crazy and practically kill Dawn again. That was a little bit more than I had intended.

All of the sudden, someone burst through the door and sprinted to the side of the bed. It was the old guy.

"Oh, Dawn!" he cried, noticing that Dawn was alive. He looked up at Buffy, Spike, and me. "Oh!- What? Is Buffy... er... normal, again?

Spike nodded and opened his mouth to explain to the old guy what he had to do.

"Turns out that Buffy needed a good Ôole fuck to bring her back to normal again," I replied with a wink.

There was silence. The old guy didn't move a wrinkled old muscle. He stared at me blankly for so many bloody moments I thought I would have to punch him like Buffy had punched Dawn to get him back to normal again. Spike stood angrily, grinding his teeth together in hatred and annoyance. I shrugged, not really thinking that I did anything particularly wrong.

"You... uh... with Buffy to get her back to normal?" Giles finally asked, taking off his glasses to clean the lenses with his shirt.

Spike swallowed and sighed, keeping his jaw firmly closed the whole time. He shifted his weight before replying.

"She had to feel happiness so I... Well, you know. And- well I thought it was a simple explanation!" Spike explained, trying to cover up his act of major man-whoreishness.

Hee, hee...

---------- ---------- --------- ---------

"Maybe we should check on Dawn," Willow suggested eagerly as we talked in the Gryffindor common room.

"Why not?" I suggested, getting up and starting toward the painting that was used as a door to enter and exit the room.

We reached the Hospital Wing quickly and discovered Giles, Spike, Buffy, and the blond kid- Draino?- inside already. Spike looked uncomfortable, Buffy looked confused, Giles looked grossed out, and Draino looked smug. Dawn looked slightly dazed.

"Hey, you guys!" I replied chipperly. "Thanks for the warm welcome. I see Dawn's back. Hey, Dawnie!" I strolled over to the side of the bed to give her a high-five. I sensed a slight smile coming from her.

Willow followed me over and hugged Dawn. "Hi." She said boringly.

"Jeez, Will," I responded. "You scored points for the creativity of the Welcoming Back of Dawn." No one laughed or even acknowledged my witty comment. "No laughs today? Okay, I'm cool. Anyway, we should talk about a more serious subject. What's got everyone looking so uncomfortable, confused, grossed out, smug, and dazed?" I asked quickly.

No one responded for a minute until Draino opened his big, ugly, pale mouth and proceeded to tell me in rather rude terms that Spike and Buffy had slept together to get Buffy back to normal.

"What?" Willow exclaimed.

"Whoa, there. Do I need a hearing check? Did I just hear you all correctly?" I inquired, very surprised and confused. Spike and Buffy? No way.

"It's true," Spike said sadly, staring at somewhere around Dawn's foot. "I know it sounds bloody disgusting, but it seemed like the simplest way to do things at the time.

"Yes, simplest, really," I replied sarcastically.

"Wha-? This- no... Not. No. Ew," Willow stammered.

Right at that moment, Tara and Anya entered the room and we had to explain the whole thing to them and then have the same reactions from them as well. And when all that was finished, a nurse woman came through the door with a floating redheaded kid I recognized as the one who called Willow "tree-girl" slowly moving along behind her. There were two kids trailing behind with panic-stricken faces. I recognized them from the night before, as well. One was a boy with black hair and one was a girl with frizzy brown hair.

Ah, a wizarding school. What can you expect?

------------- ------------- ----------------- ----------------- --------------- ----------------- -----------

A/N: Wow, can you say "shitty ending"? I'm sorry I ended it so abruptly, I just have so many other ideas for stories and I don't like to be writing a million at the same time. And this story was starting to bother me.

Anyway, you can assume that everything turned out happily in the end and everything was fine at Hogwarts.