I'm not really sure what to think of this one... some parts of it work, but some don't and I can't figure out how to fix them. I find rhyme kind of difficult to get right, and I'm terrible at judging my own work, so I can't tell if this is any good or not.


A Shadow's Lullaby


You watch me from the edge of light

with colors in your eyes

And though I my face away

you cut through my disguise

You see me, a broken mirror,

riddle with no key,

a mask of silken silence

and a wall of mystery

I know you wonder who I am

I know you wonder why

I know you search for shadows

when the sunset paints the sky

And you, a creature of the sun,

The twilight's rainbow child

The daughter of the morning

With your eyes so bright and wild

An artist, paints and brush in hand,

a trickster with a grin,

a child sleeping softly now

'til morning comes again

And I must keep the vigil

while shadows have their reign,

yet I would hold you in my arms

and keep you safe from pain

And in the silence of the night

when all your dreams run dry

then I would sing you back to sleep,

a shadow's lullaby