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Author's note: Omigod! It's another story that hit my head…literally too. While I was attending my cousin's wedding last week, a bouquet fell on my head and – poof! – This idea was born! I was actually thinking of making it only Joey/Mai… But then a friend – who absolutely LOVES Seto/Serenity – "persuaded" me to add her fav coupling. So, you see, updating will be a toughie. ^_^ But that doesn't mean I won't continue!

Main Characters' Age

Serenity Wheeler: Age 20 ½

Seto Kaiba: Age 22 ½

Joey Wheeler: Age 22 ½

Mai Valentine: Age 29 ½


Title: The Bridesmaid's Best Man

Author: Deena

Rated: PG13

Genre: Romance

Summary: Serenity is going to get married – to Seto Kaiba! She has invited Mai to be one of the bridesmaids…but the best man is Joey, Serenity's cute yet goofy brother. Mai is determined not to fall for Joey's charms, but when they're stranded overnight on a tiny island, things might change…



~ Plane Tickets to New York! ~

" YOU WHAT!!!!!!!"

Joey screamed into the phone, and Serenity had to put the phone away from her ear. When it was safe, she resumed her talk. " Yes, big brother. I'm going to marry Seto Kaiba."

Joey groaned. This cannot be happening to him. It was just a nightmare, and he would be waking up any moment now. " Serenity, have you gone crazy! You know how much I hate Kaiba! And he's such a snobby, stuck-up moneybags! You can't possibly marry him of all the billions of men in the world! Marry Tristan! Maybe even Duke! But Seto Kaiba?!"

Serenity sighed. She knew her brother wouldn't have taken the news very well. " Big brother, please be reasonable. Seto's a nice guy. He's sweet, kind, generous, charming, and funny."

Joey could have burst out laughing. Seto Kaiba? Sweet, kind, generous, charming and funny? Yeah, right. " When did he ask you to marry him?"

" Oh, it was during my stay here in New York. I was working for him as a part-time secretary and he asked me out," Serenity said.

" Serenity, you started working for Kaiba three days ago," Joey said.

Serenity smiled. " Yeah, I know."

" And when he popped up the big question, you said yes?"

" Now, I know what you're thinking. But Seto is the one. He's the perfect guy for me. And I know he loves me as much as I love him. I can feel it in my heart," Serenity said. Joey could just imagine her swooning right there. Ugh!

Joey sat down on a nearby couch in his apartment. Slowly. Reasonably. Trying to remain calm at the same time he was on the verge of locking his sister in a room until the urge to ruin her life went away. " So where are you planning to get married, dare I ask?" Joey demanded.

" We decided on a Caribbean wedding. It'll be so much fun. I've invited the rest of the gang, and they all agreed to come. I picked you as the best man," Serenity said excitedly.

" Have you set a date?"

" Uh…yeah. February 14. It'll be on Valentine's Day. Isn't Seto so romantic to think of that?" she gushed.

Joey rolled his eyes. His sister was definitely on Cloud 9. He checked the calendar and frowned. Okay, good. It was a year from tomorrow. A year-long engagement would allow Joey plenty of time to talk her out of getting married.

" You'll have to be here by tomorrow and – "

" What do you mean 'tomorrow'?" Joey asked. " Didn't you say – "

" I said February 14. Which is tomorrow."

There was a long and pregnant pause. Joey couldn't believe it. " TOMORROW!!!!!! Serenity Wheeler, I'm gonna – "

" Joey, be reasonable…"

" No, you be reasonable! Serenity, I know you're a smart, sensible girl. Well, you're not being sensible now! No one can fall in love in three days and marry in 24 hours! That's crazy! No, forget crazy. That's insane!" Joey raved angrily.

" Joey," Serenity said softly, " I'm going to do this. And nothing you can say will stop this wedding. Now please be happy for me and accept my decision. Please?"

" I know I'm going to regret this… But okay. I'll be the best man. But that doesn't mean I'm going to like it!" Joey warned.

Serenity smiled. " Yes, big brother. I know. I've already sent a plane ticket to New York for you. I love you."

" I love you too…" And he wondered what he had gotten himself into.

Serenity shut her cell phone and smiled surreptitiously. " Stage one is completed. Now for stage two." She dialed Mai's phone number and waited for her to answer.

Ring-ring. Ring-ring.

Mai switched off her radio and got down from the exercising machine in her apartment. She draped a towel over her shoulder and walked over to her phone, wondering who was calling her. If it was another one of her ex-boyfriends again… " Hello, Mai speaking," she said.

" Mai, it's me, Serenity."

Mai smiled. " Serenity, hi. It's been a long time. What's up?"

" Well, I'm getting married!"

Mai sat on a nearby couch and poured herself a glass of whiskey. " Oh, really? Who's the lucky man?"

" Seto Kaiba."

Mai almost dropped the glass in her hand. " Seto Kaiba?" she repeated. " You're marrying the Seto Kaiba? Wow. Lucky girl. How did you get such a fine catch?"

Serenity giggled. " It's fate, I guess. Anyway, I was hoping you'd be one of my bridesmaid."

Mai stiffened. If she became the bridesmaid, it would mean seeing Serenity. Which in turn meant her brother Joey would be there. Joey, that goofy guy with the silly grin and funny charm. Joey, whose hazel eyes melted her like butter. Joey was a danger to her peace of mind, and if she were sane at all, she would refuse the offer and shut the phone. Right now.

" Sure, why not?"

Mai's eyes rounded. Who said that? It couldn't have come out from her mouth!

" Great! The wedding is tomorrow during Valentine's Day. I've already sent the plane ticket to you. Just drive over to Paradise Bay Beach. We're going to have a Caribbean wedding, so don't forget to bring a swimsuit."

" Okay. See you tomorrow." Mai put down her phone and frowned. She was going to have to face Joey Wheeler again.