"That's an orangutan," Grissom stated.

Brass stared at the singing, soap covered ape in the shower and replied, "Yep. Kinda big, too."

Grissom glanced over at Brass, trying not to smirk, "So you gonna do your job?"


"Sure you are. You need to secure the crime scene," Grissom responded, pitching his voice higher and higher to be heard above the orangutan singing off-key in the shower.

"That," Brass punctuated, "is why I called you."

"You should've called animal control, not me," Grissom quipped.

Sighing heavily, Brass finally turned away from the shower to fully face Grissom, who stared straight through the opening of the shower curtain at the lathered up animal.

"Yes," Brass finally replied, "but we still have a crime scene here."

"Jim, all we've got is a B and E. And I think we can narrow down who did the breaking and who did the entering."

As the two men continued to banter about the ape, Sara entered the bathroom.

"Well," she said slowly, "now I think I can say I've seen everything."

Brass chuckled, and Grissom added, "I don't know. I think I would've been more impressed if the orangutan had made a BLT prior to taking the shower."

Sara looked at Brass and Grissom, then finally said, "You obviously haven't been in the kitchen yet."

Grissom glanced at Sara and said, "Why don't you start looking for prints. I'm going to go look at the kitchen."

Sara shook her head as she dusted the toilet seat.