Part 2: School

The rain beat a gentle staccato against the vinyl black material of the umbrella spread over them, small hands grasped the dark plastic handle holding it steady over their heads. His legs dangled over his brothers wide shoulders covered in a black knee-length coat, coarse hands held his feet in place so he didn't fall off as they ran across the slick, wet sidewalks. The unbuttoned coat and long black and white scarf flapped around his slender body showing a plain dark brown t-shirt and baggy light tan pants that covered the top of worn black sneakers that splashed up drops of water wherever they landed.

Golden hair was pressed against a light blue shirt and black shorts, blue and white sneakers bounced against his chest making Konohamaru giggle. Blue eyes glanced up mischievously as they passed the tall link fence that surrounded the boy's playground; he resisted the urge to grin, instead keeping a semi grumpy look on his face. Adjusting the small body on his shoulders he finally smiled as slender arms wrapped around his head and a small pressure on his hair.

"I'm sorry Nii-chan"

The man paused as if he was musing it over and then suddenly the boy was lifted into the air by strong arms. He was placed on the ground, still holding the umbrella, and glanced up warm brown eyes wide and serious. Naruto kneeled down on his right knee and placed a hand on the small head, tousling the wild brown hair. His blue eyes were warm but still serious as he drew the little one into a hug, not minding the rain that was soaking through his coat.

"I know Konohamaru and I do forgive you but when you don't want to go to school you cannot sneak into my room and unplug my alarm clock."

He felt the nod in his shoulder and smiled as he tried to keep in his own giggles, it was kind of ridiculous that at seven he was already copying what his Nii-san did without knowing it. No he worked very hard to keep his past discrepancies from his little brother of course now that he was getting older it wasn't that easy. Just as it wasn't that easy to hid who his parents had been and why the boy had never meet them but that was something to worry about when he was older and wasn't extremely late for school.

"Now come on, let's not get you an anymore trouble"

The boy nodded and grabbed his brother's hand dragging him towards the entrance of the large elementary school. Naruto shook his head, either that boy had a limitless supply of energy or he was becoming an old man at twenty-one. Either way he still was a parent and that fact alone was enough to give him the goose bumps, he was a parent, the most irresponsible guy of his graduating class. They would probably be shocked to see him holding down a steady job, going to college, and raising a young child.

Of course he had always been one for the unexpected...


The room was obnoxiously bright in a sterile type of way only hospitals and school office's are light, Inari sat on one of the chairs his feet dangling off the edge, his brown eyes downcast as he boredly poked the top of his hip. He sat in the typical row of five scratchy brown chairs, the floor was a non-descript black and white tile worn from years of use.

On the plain white walls were the normal brightly colored posters with their generic statements of encouragement and perseverance that were meant to inspire but really annoyed everyone who saw them. Of course all this was to keep his mind off the fact that his father was in the principals office, not extremely thrilled about being called out of a photo shoot because his son had been caught fighting during recess. Yup, he was getting grounded for life, well actually probably longer than life; infinity beyond all imagination was more like it.

He glanced up when the glass door of the outer part of the office was opened and two wet figures stumbled in, his eyes light up when he recognized the smaller one. Jumping off of the chair he raced over to him and punched him lightly in the shoulder a wide grin spread over his face.


The taller boy grinned over at him, the orange and dark blue backpack sliding to the floor as something much more important captured his attention. The two chatted loudly as they walked back to Inari's original place. Konohamaru already having assessed the situation had pretty much guessed that his friend wasn't supposed to have moved so he calmly ushered the younger boy back to his original position, his protective nature already showing through at his young age. Naruto shook his head as he bent down to pick up the forgotten bag, the ends of his scarf pooling on the floor.

Standing back up he slung the bag over his shoulder and smiled at the attractive young looking blonde who was sitting behind the desk that stopped at his chest. Placing one arm on the counter he flashed a winning smile at her, his blue eyes sparkling with a playful, teasing mood.

"Hello Tsunade"

The woman glanced up from the computer screen her pale blue eyes narrowing with a sick, strange humor that she always seemed to have when he was around. She wore a lilac knee-length skirt that showed off her slim legs and a matching jacket cut to flatter yet be appropriate enough for a middle school. A delicate gold necklace hung from her necklace resting on her collarbone and a smile spread slowly over her face. She had taken to this set of brothers the instant she had meet them and tried to look out for them as much as possible, yet that didn't mean she could have a little fun with him now and then.

"Hello Naruto, just checking in?"

He laughed nervously as the principles office door swung open and the principle came out. He was a tall man with dark haircut in an upside down bowl shape and thick, scary thick, eyebrows. But his most unnerving quality, besides the strange smile he would flash every now and then, was the disturbing green suit he would wear every single day. He was talking to someone who was apparently following him, yet his body was blocking the mysterious person.

Naruto glanced up just as Gai-sensei moved over at his light-filled blue eyes meet the most gorgeous set of dark eyes he had ever seen. Their eyes locked for the longest second and a light pink blush rose on his barely tanned skin at the intensity of the eyes. He managed to catch the whole face, perfect soft white skin and delicate features with dark hair falling over one side, he was probably the most gorgeous man he had ever set eyes upon.


Sasuke felt all plausible movement leave his body as he caught sight of the figure leaning casually against the desk. The very act of leaning had made his coat with its ridiculous white fur collar pull open on one side and take the extra material of his shirt with him. In other words it was pulling tightly against his stomach and upper chest area showing off the amazingly developed muscles that only came from hard labor, not that he was complaining.

There was an old stereotype about how all male models were gay, while he couldn't speak for the others but for him that stereotype was half true, he happened to be bi and at the moment was thanking the good lord for that little fact. (1) For it would truly be a crime to miss this glorious sight before him. If he hadn't been so good at keeping a straight face, years of runway show's having taught him many useful things, he would have probably been open-mouthed drooling.

The man practically oozed sensuality as he glanced over to the man in front of him and then over to his own eyes. It seemed all sound drifted onto deaf ears as they locked eyes, the man had the widest clearest blue eyes that he had ever had the pleasure of seeing. They captured and they hid at the same time, phantom clouds dancing in the air and that made his dark eyes smolder as the blue hit a hidden spark in his mind.


A guilty voice hit his ears and he immediately glanced over to where his son sat, next to another small boy, looking extremely apprehensive and perhaps just a little remorseful. A trained expression of anger and exasperation fell onto his face and he gave him a warning look, one that spoke volumes of how much trouble he was in.

"Inari, go get your things, you've been suspended for two days"

The boy in question winced visibly and let his hat brim fall over his eyes as he pushed himself of the chair and stood on the tile floor. The other boy managed to keep his giggles under control and smiled innocently at his friend.

"I guess this mean's that you won't be spending the night tonight"

A ghost of a smile appeared on his son's face as he walked over to the door and pulled on the brass handle.

"Oh shut up"

It was a small soft jest that made the other giggle with an insane laugh that made everyone, except strangely Gai-sensei, wince at the strangeness of the sound. The sound made the principal smile his strangest smile yet and turned their winces into cringes.

"I've known him for seven years and I'm still not used to it."

Sasuke glanced up and straight into a wide smile and blue eyes that sparkled with humor, he smiled in response.

"Which one?"

"Actually both...unfortunately"

That made Tsunade give a short bark of laughter but her eyes never left the screen and her steady typing never faltered, it was enough to make even the strongest shiver with fear and since by far they weren't, they did. In general it was a strange atmosphere in the office when a tall, silver-haired man carrying a dark red backpack with a silver dragon painted on it, walked in followed by Inari who was dragging his dark blue coat by the collar.

Sasuke glanced up at the man's face, paused, and then sighed with exasperation when he looked at his son.

"Inari, pick up your coat, put it on, and you will carry your own backpack."

The silver-haired man smiled tauntingly, well, as well as he could with his silky black scarf wrapped around the bottom half of his face, at the young boy as he plopped the bag down in front of him. Inari grumbled under his breath as his roughly pulled the puffy sleeves over his arms and grabbed the black handle, swinging it onto his back, all the while a dark look gracing his darling face.

"Kakashi, let me guess Ino threw a fit and now we have no model?"

A laugh emerged from behind the scarf as he nodded and passed a hand through his soft sheen of hair.

"Oh well a guy would have worked better than a woman in that shoot"

"But alas that is where we have a problem, we need one fast before Gaara throws a fit and quits"

"Well he is the best photographer in the country, nothing is to good for that particular company after all."

It was a sarcastic barb that he had a tendency to make whenever he was stressed and by now Kakashi and Inari knew better than to even think of laughing. The blond-haired man on the other hand let loose a string of chuckles that made Sasuke glance up with indignation and anger then suddenly his eyes went wide with inspiration.

Walking over to the man he stuck out his hand and let loose a careless yet winning smile that made most people powerless.

"Hello, Sasuke Uchiha, I don't belive we have meet"

The man's own eyes went wide as he finally stood up straight and faced the man who had given him the very abrupt introduction but nevertheless took the hand and shook it firmly a soft smile accompining it.

"Naruto Uzumaki, no we haven't"

Sasuke's smile grew a bit wider.

"Well Naruto how do you feel about modeling for Calvin Klein?"

A strangled gasp filled the air and suddenly the blond felt that the floor would make a rather nice bed.


(1) I find this extremely funny coming from a very religious background. The oxymoron!

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