Chapter Two: Becoming His Snake

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Last time…

As fire seemed to spread through his veins, and bones twisted and reshaped, Draco fiercely held back the scream threatening to break through his lips. A few minutes later, pain slowly fading, Draco caught a quick glimpse of his new reptilian shape—a teal Ceylonese viper. But, before he could relish in the new form, a whispered voice flooded his mind, and he felt his body lifting.


And on with the show…

As soon as the spell had left Harry lips, a serpent shot from his wand onto the floor next to his bed. He gaped at the odd looking thing. The snake was about two feet long and had a very triangular shaped head. Its belly and lower jaw were a snowy white while the skull and upper body was a strange light bluish-green color. Specks of black, dark green, and baby blue were spread around to, he figured, provide camouflage. Must be something tropical… The viper lifted its head and focused large eyes on Harry. He was astonished at the vividness of blue eyes looking, if it were possible for a reptile, very confused and disoriented.


Before Draco had time to contemplate the odd disembodied sensation, his serpentine body landed on a roughly carpeted floor.

'Carpet?' he thought. Wasn't he just outside? Coiling awkwardly, and feeling very unnerved by the sensation of the new body, he started to lift his head to survey his surroundings. Immediately his gaze landed on—what the hell? Without a thought, Draco heard words come from his own mouth, his human mind vaguely aware that he made a frantic sounding hiss, but understanding a spoken language all the same.

"Okay, before you decide to kill me, please let me talk… As you obviously know, I'm Harry Potter. Uh, you're probably wondering what's happening right now, seeing as how you have just been taken from who-knows-where and fallen on the ground in some strange human's room and all…"Harry began in Parseltongue, trying desperately to grab a hold on the situation. Draco was too dumbfounded to respond.

"Well, uhm, I spelled you here. You must know about magic and all that if you know me… I guess you want an explanation for why I brought you here, huh?"Harry paused, not knowing what to say, and obviously waiting for Draco to save him by responding.

Draco forced himself out of his stupor, and suddenly thoughts began processing rapidly. Where was he, and why was Potter here? The room was an utter disgrace. It couldn't have been more than five feet by five feet. The walls were almost completely bare, with the exception of a small red and gold Gryffindor flag and a few magic pictures pinned up next to the bed. As he looked closer to the pictures, he saw it was of Potter, Granger, and Weasley. Was this Potter's bedroom? Why wasn't he living in luxury like any other wizard as famous as he would be? And how come he could see? Didn't snakes use their sense of smell, by use of their tongues, to "see"? Maybe it had something to do with him actually being human, and—he was cut off as Harry made an uncomfortable sound.

'Yeesh, how long have I been sitting here like an idiot for?'

"Yes, yes, an explanation would be helpful right now… Oh, and no worries, I wasn't thinking about killing you… Yet." A thought had hit him. Harry was seeing a snake, not Draco Malfoy. A plan was already formulating in the Slytherin's devious mind. If he was careful, this could be a deliciously advantageous situation. He'd show Harry Potter for repeatedly rejecting the friendship Draco offered…

"Well, then, uh, Mister… Mister uhm…" A thought seemed to hit Harry, and his eyes widened comically. He waved his hands in front of his face and started speaking swiftly,"I'm guessing mister because of the, uh, the masculinity of your voice—er, hiss, that is. What if you're not a male snake? Then I've been sitting here making an idiot out of myself, and I'm really really sorry, and—" Draco interrupted, before Harry could make more of an idiot of himself than he already was, by letting out a hiss equivalent to a reptilian laugh.

"It is alright, Harry Potter. There was nothing offending by your bumbling, impulsive statements. I am a male, hence the masculine timbre of my voice. And you may call me…" he struggled desperately for a false name. Something beautiful, something intriguing, something worthy of a Malfoy… Ah-ha!

"My name… is Amadeo," his forked tongue flickered as he spoke.

Harry nodded, and smiled, grateful for having been stopped in his embarrassing rant. Suddenly his smiled faded, and he seemed to be contemplating something.

"Now that I really think about it, I can't believe I really did this. I just summoned you, Amadeo, from your home in a purely selfish desire for some company this summer. What the hell was I thinking? You had no say in this! Who am I to go off magicking things up for myself without their permission? God, I don't even remember the spell that dismisses conjured snakes!" Here he paused to take in a breath, fists clenched in anger and frustration with himself, then continued,"And even then, would it send you back home, or would it just, I dunno, kill you or something? Why don't I ever seem to think things through when it's really the most— "

Draco, at this point becoming greatly irritated at Harry's annoying non-stop babbling, did what first came to the forefront of his serpentine mind—opening his jaws wide he let out a terrifying hiss, large fangs displayed for Harry's now fearful eyes. The fangs were dripping, dripping with…

"Oh, holy fuck, you're poisonous…" Harry whispered shakily on the sharp intake of his breath. Screw the prophecy and Voldemort, it looked as if he was going to die by viper venom. He backed up, shins hitting the side of the bed. He toppled over, arms flailing around in an attempt to come across something to stop his fall. He had no such luck, and he fell back and his head hit the wall, unconsciousness turning his world black.

Draco sighed mentally as he watched Potter fall and knock his head. He wasn't worried; so Potter would have a bump on his head, but he knew the fall was nothing fatal. Harry Potter had been through much worse than this.

With nothing to do but wait for Potter to come to, Draco explored the room. The bed was atrocious. It was a little twin size with wire framing, just barely holding Potter in it, covered with nothing but an old sheet. There was a window, though small, on the far wall showing a nice view of the moon he had been looking at not even a half-hour before. A small desk with a tiny chair was situated under the window, and the staining was wearing off in places giving it an ugly, uneven coloring. A short closet stood next to the door and it was cracked open slightly. And the wood of the closet didn't match the wood of the desk! What a disgrace!

Slithering over to the wardrobe, Draco peered inside. Finally! Something he approved of! Looks like Potter had finally gotten himself a slight sense of style! Faded jeans, some sporting stylish frayed spots that parents of these days absolutely detested, tee shirts with bold lettering and amusing catch-phrases on the front, khakis, and tight looking sweaters… Altogether very preppy and very…

'American Muggle,' Draco determined. 'Potter must have paid big money to get a cross-Atlantic Portkey. Then again, no one ever said Potter didn't have money. I bet he's got stacks of gold in his family vault.'

Draco's eyes looked the room over once more, disappointed that the visual tour was already over. This had to be the most boring room he had ever been in. But, now that his curiosity had, he supposed, been temporarily satisfied, his reasonable and worrisome brain took its turn and let the troubles he was facing surface.

Draco wanted to take advantage of all this. That was the reason he became an Animagus—to better benefit himself, and there were plenty good things that he could get out of this. The Slytherin in him was cackling with glee at the prospect.

'But,' he thought, 'there are also plenty enough things to worry about, enough to rival the good. Namely the fact that staying in this form for long periods of time will eventually drain me of so much magic that my body will turn itself back human so that my magic can replenish. So, I've got one week, as the book said. One week tops. But, shit, what do I do after that?'

Nearly an entire hour Draco sat and waited for Harry to wake. The time had been well used for a span of about ten minutes while he continued to contemplate how the hell he was going to get himself out of this mess. But he had soon bored of this. Then he had tried his hardest to find a way on top of Harry's desk to snoop through the papers he could just catch a glimpse of, but his lack of height and ability to stand up made this feat impossible for him. He had managed to get to the top of the short chair by looping around its leg, but the chair was just a few scant inches too far from the desk top for Draco to reach.

Just as he was ready to bite the chair in frustration, he heard a groan coming from the bed, and his head whipped around.

Harry reached his hand up and rubbed the back of his head, eyes squinting so that his eyes were barely slits. He seemed to have forgotten the presence of a venomous snake less than a foot from his legs that were dangling off the edge of his bed. Well, Draco refused to be forgotten so easily!

Hoping to gain Harry's attention, Draco let out another great hiss. Harry's eyes opened wide, and whirled around in the direction the hiss had come from. Now realizing that Harry was without glasses, Draco got a view of his eyes, the color of new spring grass. What was with him and green-ness and grass and spring? Draco's hiss cut off immediately as he caught the fear that returned to them. Draco sighed.

"There is nothing to fear, Harry Potter. And, since you were so distressed about my opinion of this whole matter, I feel it necessary to let you know that you need not worry. I have decided to become your familiar."

Harry was… relieved, he supposed. The snake gave him the heebie-jeebies, for lack of a better word. It just seemed so, so familiar. Another sense of déjà vu, the way the snake talked. Like it was trying to sound more sophisticated and elegant than it really was? No, sophistication it seemed to have, oddly enough. No, it just sounded unnatural, like it should be spouting off venomous words—venomous as the poison in said viper's slim body.

'What the hell am I thinking? It's just a snake, for Merlin's sake! Like a snake would need to keep up a façade!'

Harry smiled at the serpent's words, though. He and Voldemort had even more in common now, it seemed.

"Well, Amadeo, for that I'm very grateful. I guess you'd like a tour around the house, then? C'mon, I'll show you," Harry dropped a hand down to the floor. Amadeo slithered over to the outstretched hand and looped around it, making his was to Harry's warm neck. Harry shuddered slightly at the odd feeling of the scales on his skin, but found it to be comforting. Another part of his body protected, whether it be protection from Voldemort's curses or Vernon Dursley's fists.

Draco decided he liked this view. He hadn't really realized how cold he was until he had touched the skin of the Golden Boy's neck. He found himself winding tighter around the golden column, but not too tight as to frighten Harry into thinking he was going to kill him.

'Ah, the joys of being a cold-blooded reptile. But one could have argued that I was, am, as cold as a snake. Show's how little they know about Draco Malfoy! And Harry'll be the one to show them the real me…'

Draco's was constantly turning, looking around the house as Harry pointed here and there, following Harry's every word and gesture. There were no lights on in any room of the house. It seemed that Harry's relatives, who he had brusquely mentioned at the passing of each one's respective room, didn't stay up past midnight, even on weekends. Seemed like quite a boring bunch…

They were now heading down the stairs, and taking a sharp right and going towards the kitchen. Harry paused briefly, halfway between the kitchen and the staircase, and turned his head. He was staring at what looked like a little storage closet built into the stairwell. Quite convenient, really, for people who didn't have room like the Malfoys did, to throw excess things into.

"And that's my old bedroom."

As Harry continued his walk to the kitchen, Draco strained his eyes to look in through the slots in the door to the little closet. Sure enough, he saw a worn cot, no blankets, and what looked like little broken toy soldiers resting on a ledge above the head of the bed.

It seemed his Muggle relatives had indeed found this cupboard very "convenient."

After the tour was over, Harry made his way up to his bedroom upstairs. Amadeo was still curled around his neck, looking as if he was ready to fall asleep. Sleep… That posed an interesting question.

"So, Amadeo, where would you, uh, like to sleep?" Harry asked. Amadeo looked puzzled at the query, but gathered himself quickly and answered.

"Well, if you wouldn't mind terribly, it would be rather nice to lie on your bed. Being cold-blooded has its obvious disadvantages, and I really do detest being cold."

Harry nodded, and gently pulled the snake off his neck and set him on the bed. He took his shirt off, and his hands trailed down to unbutton his jeans.

Draco had immediately negative effects of his cold blood as he left Harry's neck. A horrible chill passed through him at the lack of contact, but he felt his body quickly adjusting to the temperature of the room. He turned his head to look at "his human" as he had humorously begun to refer to Harry as in his mind. What he saw was Harry whipping off his tight tee shirt, and he found himself even more delighted at the sight under it. Draco's tongue flickered as Harry's abdominal muscles clenched and rippled.

"Dad… Dad, there's something I need to tell you."

Lucius's arm slid off his son's shoulders slowly, and he turned to look at him in the eye. What he found was something he hadn't seen in his son's eyes in a long time—fear. He hadn't seen that look since he was still following the likes of You-Know-Who.

"Whatever it is, you can tell me, Draco."

Draco looked to the floor once again, and Lucius used a finger to gently force his son to look at him.

"Dad, you're right. I am a 'poof.' I am gay."

And the look in Draco's eyes turned from fear to pride. And Lucius was proud, too.

'Daaamn, what have you been up to this summer, Potter?' Draco thought. Draco's admittedly voyeuristic thoughts were cut short as the long-fingered hands that had stripped off Harry's shirt were now unzipping Harry's pants. Draco's serpentine head turned away from the sight just as his eyes saw as much of the delectable treasure trail that his prude mind would allow.

'When did Potter get so goddamn hot?'

Wearing nothing but some silky black boxers, much like a pair Draco himself owned, Harry climbed into bed.

"Sleep tight, Amadeo."

The next morning Harry woke on his own, no alarm—it was Saturday, the weekend, after all. It was a bit earlier than he usually woke up though, so what was the reason? How about the object squirming under his arm? And it was hissing. Yup, Amadeo was awake, and the moving must have awoken him. He moved his arm, and Amadeo shot out from under it and onto his bare stomach.

"Good morning," Amadeo said shortly.

"G'morning, Amadeo. I trust you slept well?"

"Yes, quite well, thank you. You happen to be something of a human furnace during the night. That's all very well and good for something who craves warmth such as I."

Harry smiled, lifted Amadeo from his chest, and deposited him on the bed next to him. Stretching, he groaned appreciatively at the sensation of the muscles loosening.

"I'm going to take a quick shower. I'll be back in a bit, and then we can get on with the day, alright?" Without waiting for a response, he grabbed some clothes out of his wardrobe and headed out the door.

Watching the retreating figure, Draco decided this was going to be one interesting week.


Draco's snake name, Amadeo, was taken from Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles - it's the Vampire Armand's second name. Couldn't help using it, it's just so dang PRETTY!

Also, is this chapter long enough? I felt like it just wasn't as long as the reader in me would have liked, and I'd like some feedback as to how you feel about it. Problem - More writing, longer wait. Is it worth it?

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